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About This Class

This course will show you how to set up and manage your SharePoint site. It includes:

  • Changing the look
  • Adding logo
  • Adding apps
  • Adding / Changing Links to the Quick Launch Tool Bar
  • Adding / Changing Links to the Top Launch Tool Bar
  • Adding Pages
  • Editing Pages
  • Adding Apps to Pages
  • Managing Users / Groups
  • Adding Document Folders
  • Setting Document Libraries
  • Making it so Documents have to be Checked out
  • Lists and Views

Meet Your Teacher

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Thomas Fragale

Microsoft Certified Trainer - 2152801073


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1. Skillshare sharepoint: SharePoint site owner, Setting up your team site. Presented by Tom for Galley, Microsoft certified trainer. This course will show you how to set up a manager sharp or insight. It is a step by step tutorial. What you have to do is you have to get onto your own SharePoint site to file along with these examples. It includes changed the look of your site, adding you logo, adding APS, adding or changing links on the quick ones toolbar, adding. Are changing links to the toppling launched toolbar, adding pages to your site editing pages at an absolute pages, managing users and groups at in document folders setting up document libraries making sir documents have to be checked out from the libraries and list and use. Thank you for watching this video. I appreciate you again. This is Tom for Galley, and I'm a Microsoft sort of training 2. Sharepointsiteowner: I'm gonna go back to my SharePoint site here. So let's say you've become in charge of your companies or your department's SharePoint site , and now I want to show you some ways in order to help you manage that. So what we're looking at here is a team site, and now your team say, is probably a sub site of your main companies site, or it might even be a couple levels down. Let me go back to the slides for a second. Eso SharePoint is Microsoft's Web based business collaboration platform. It's a software program that allows people to share and collaborate on documents and other information, as well as communicate with other people. It could store documents, list information, calendar and many other types of documents and applications. So this kind of gives you an idea of the SharePoint people going to be locked in for their desktop or their laptop computer mobile devices. And there's many different applications that we could run through SharePoint and people would have access to those from that, the any device where they can get on the Internet. So it's a great way to collaborate in the share documents and share information about a team or a project. Now, Like I said, your company's website might be, you know, the main SharePoint site, and then that's I can have. Sub sites and their sub sites can have even more sub sites, and then each sub site can have the team documents to team calendar in contacts. So if you have a site, you're probably you don't probably have access to your main companies site. That's probably the job of your I t team, but you might have a site for your department, so that would be a sub site, maybe in a couple levels down from your company's main site. But this up site will have full functionality. Now, um, this this slide will give you a tour of the screen. So let's come back into my SharePoint and I have Ah, I just pick should be made a sub site. Now you can get a SharePoint from office 3 65 and there's other ways to get it as well. It's, Ah, Microsoft program, and it really does integrate very well with the other office 3 65 programs and I'll show you basically had to do that. So this guy over here. This is called the Quick Launch Toolbar, and I'm gonna show you how you put links in the quick lunch toolbar. Now, Sears is demo site. This is called the top Launch Toolbar. So we'll be able to change those kind of links as well. Now you're going to see some familiar concepts that you might see and other office 3 65 programs. So if I pick up Nord browse or if I put the word page, there's their tabs and that's why pick on page we get the ribbon. Now the Pentagon, where you are on your SharePoint site, you might have different tabs. There s O just like in the other office 3 65 programs. When you pick on a different tab, you'll get different lakes on the river, as you can say. All right. Now, um, come over here to the right and you should have a settings wheel. So when I pick in the settings, well, then you can get to your full site. Now, what we're looking at here is the home page for the site. But we can edit that page which will show you how to dio. We get, add multiple pages into your site. Uh, now, before, when I talked about the tasks or the calendar, there's air called APS, and you'll be able to see we can add those him pretty easily. Now. The site contents contains everything that you've added to the site so far, and I'll show you how to work with the same contents. Over here we can change the look, which means we can change the color scheme and maybe add a logo onto that. And then we also have the site settings, which is where we can do a lot of different things like add users and groups in these kind of Thanks. Okay, so I'm gonna go back to the home page. No eso That's what that sly was talking about. Here we have the top of the screen is called The Header. You get the other APS over here with the squares. It's called the Apple on. Sure, I talked about the ribbon. Here's your toppling, told Bar and the quick launch toolbar. And then the middle of the screen is called the page section. All right, it's good to our next slide. Eso This is kind of at the top of the screen. There's that settings wheel. You can always get to your help. Of course, with the question mark. And then where is pointing to your user need? That will be where you can change your profile for your user. If we have time today, I'll show you, Ah, show a little bit about that one. Here I was just show you the tabs. And then if I pick in the tab and the whole ribbon expands so these slides kind of give you an overview of the screen that we were just looking at on then the middle of the window is where the content would be and that's called the page section. So these slides would help. You kind of give the terminology. All right, so let's start to customize our SharePoint site. I'm gonna go back to SharePoint now. Now, this is what the teams I would look like when you first get it. So perhaps we want to change the logo over here. Perhaps you want to change the color scheme, so watch what I'll dio. I pick on the settings well and I'll pick on change. The look means change the look of your site. Now, these will be just before your site. Only you're not changing your company's main site just for for your sub site, so that you have different color schemes. You know, you could try some of this. Now let's say I'm going to go with I just go with the office style, which is fine now, once you pick on the office style that you even have different color schemes within their. So you have really lots of choices. Maybe you want to match your company colors of your group colors, that kind of thing. Now, I also wanna have a logo. So this is dropping image here, or I can pick in the word change and then I would pick a file. So let's go with the company logo who's running the webinar, and I have that on my desktop here. So you see, it would be like any kind of picture and see where I put that Put it in the pictures folder , so it really could be any kind of picture. I thought I had the picture of the company logo and you see if it's over in the downloads. All right, so, uh, otherness compliance. I Q eyes is a picture files. Let's click on that. And now I'm gonna pick on okay. And that's how that kind of became the background or the theme of the slate at this time. Eso These are all part of where we do change the look. So what I did was I picked in the settings well, and I said, Change the look Now, this time I want to go ahead and save this so you can pick different color schemes. You convict different fonts. Now the layout I like is the Seattle layout, which means you'll have the quick, large toolbar on the side. The other one doesn't have that. So I'll pick up the word, try it out that you could really see what it's gonna look like. That looks fine. You kind of see the company logos in the background. There is a watermark, and then I'll pick on Yes, keep it good now knows how I still have my my main company logo up there. So let me show you how to change that to what you want, so we'll go back to the settings well again, and I'll pick in the word site settings this time now another. The other one was called Changed. A look that's like your your color schemes and that overall find in the background. But let's go a little bit further. Sometimes during this session, I'll make my mass do that seek if I mess that way. Ah, pick on site settings Now he are. It's his title description and logo. I'm gonna click that. So here I called it a demo site. You can type in anything that you wanted to there. And then this insert logo will be the one that's going to appear over there. So once again, I'm gonna go ahead and pick a picture from my computer, and I'll use that same one Uranus and are picking. Okay. And there is that picture I want to use and I'll pick on. Okay, Good. Now it's starting to look like or let the company collars right. So a couple important choices there. When I picked in the settings well, I said, change the look and then another thing under the settings were was have picked in the words site settings. Right, Fair Then, from here, I can pick on title description and logo, and then you can. You can change those things also down here. It says the u R l need That would be the your name of the entire site. That's what you would share with people so they can get into your SharePoint or a stick and view it. All right, So those were good tips of how to customise the look and feel of your site. If you pick on the settings wheel and in sight settings, you probably have more choices. Like over here. This is where we can change the quick launch toolbar. Or that's one way to do that. It's hopping. Toolbar is over here. We're gonna add links into that, but I'm gonna show you a different way as well. All right, eso Let's go back to our home page. You could see it does have our logo now, and it does have kind of the background logo as well, in the ways that I showed you. All right. Now, the next thing I want to show you is adding users or adding groups so some people will have certain permissions to your site. Maybe you want other people to be ableto be an admin. Maybe you want people to be contributors so they could add documents. And maybe some people are read only. So in this case are picking the settings well again, and I'll pick on the words site settings. Now I assume if you're watching this webinar, you're gonna have some kind of admin rights to your site, and that's what we need to get to some of these futures. So over here it says people and groups, let's go there. So there's different types of groups here, and the groups have different types of of permissions. So on owner, they could be they have full access to that site. They can do, read, write access and everything else. Ah, and then visitors means they're read only you say eso. Let's say I want to add. Some members are contributors. They can add content to that site. So if I pick up the word, members over here are cooking the word new or picking the pull down, and I'm gonna add users. Now, when you start the type in names at your company, sometimes you'll see a little check mark here, and then it would validate against your company's against your company's address book so you could just start typing in things there as well. So let's say I'm gonna added even our dressing there, and I just click on that now at your company. It'll verified that against your address book. Like I said, Ah, now you can start the type and as many people as you needed to There, each of those people will receive an email in that email. We'll have a link that will get him into your site here. I can include a personal message, all right. And so if I put on the word share at this time, actually, it's picking. Show options were going to send an email to those people, so they're gonna email. At that point, the email will have a link, and that'll bring them right to your home page of your site. And so members can add documents and can can add content. Visitors are read. Only owners are full admin people. All right, so you can certainly see how you can add your your users to those groups. Now I'm gonna pick in. There were groups right there here. You can actually manage the groups or at a new group. So let's just add a new group at this time. And let's say I wanted to call it managers thes air. The managers of your of your company, whatever you wanna call the group is fine. All right, then you have the group owner, and then, um, you can give him different permissions over here. I now request to join the group auto, except so you could decide how you're going to manage that. So I'm sending up this group, and I picked them to recreate their Now in this case, we want to give the group certain permissions. All right, so I say group settings and then you go back to that same kind of screen that we were just in. I knew problem with that, but I'm gonna go to clicking, okay. Here. Ah, that's a view group permissions. And then at this point, we can see what kind of settings that they have, right? So that's how to add a new group. And now we can add users to that group as well. So that's how you, uh, this is all on their site settings. Let's go back to the site settings again. I would pick them. The settings were and then cites sightings. Here you can do people in groups or you could do site permissions. Let's try site permissions this time. So now, in this case, this might be a message that I'm getting from Microsoft. But let's try to manage one of thes are pick on visitors. And then, from there I can change the settings and the group permissions as well. All right, so, um, that's a good information there. I'm gonna close that window and let's go back to our home page. In this case, I can pick on the home page over here. Okay? Eso remember? That's how you're gonna add users or groups to your site when people are a part of the group than the everybody in the group gets the same permissions. Next, I want to show you how to add APS, and we'll spend some time on this topic. So when you first add a team site, it comes with a documents folder, and you know that's about all it comes with. Well, there's a lot more than we can add to our site. Let's say I wanna have a shared calendar and shared tasks any of those of the apse. Now, over here, I can pick up my site contents. That's one way to get to where we want to go back the settings. Well, I can pick on site contents. So the way I learned that a long time ago is you went back to site contents to add a nap. Now you can add a nap right here from the settings. Well, either way is perfectly fine. Let's pick him at an app from the settings real. Now, these are all the things to come with a standard SharePoint site. Now, perhaps your company has has purchased additional APS or they developed in the house APS so you might have a different list that when I'm having here. But these are the ones that come with SharePoint. You can have more than one document library. That's where your story, your documents. We can have tasks, all right, so we could have a form library that's just might before data entry screens. We can have a picture library, but we have a list of links. So all of these air different APS a really popular one is tasks. Now, this would be test for the entire group or for the entire team. And then it's really easy to set up. So that's called this one group casks and are picking their create. And now if now it put us back into the site contents. As you can see, the site contest will have everything that you've added to the site or anything that anybody else has had it to the side as well. And then here is that thing that we just added that the group tasks eso. Let's say I'm gonna add a task at this time and let's say to develop this webinar I had Teoh come up with the slides and I had to get that done. That said by yesterday, So it's going to work like the task that you might see an outlook, for example, that's had another new task. And then another thing I had to do to prepare for this reservoir is a while back and had the 70 the, um, data sheet. And that was probably Dio about two weeks ago, sometime in October. Okay, so it would be another test now, right now, to get to this application to use, you would have to pick on the the home tab and then picking the words site contents. And then you see the Tasca. Well, I want to give them an easier way to get to that. So, for example, maybe I want to put a link over here in the quick launch toolbar to get to the tasks. Or maybe I wanna have Ah, lake at the top. There the Misha. Some ways to add links to your site. We're gonna First of all, you're gonna go to that application or to that page. Good. Now, let me show you a great trek. You're gonna come up here and get the address, so I'm just going to right click in the address of the website and picking their copy. Now I'm gonna go back to my home page. Good. Now look what it says. Every here. We could edit the lengths for the quick lunch toolbar. This is one that you're going to use all the time. You see how the task are right now under the recent category. Well, that only stays there for a day or two. But I want this to be a permanent part of the quick Landstuhl bar, so pick up the word at it links. Good. Now I'm gonna go ahead and add a new lake with the plus sign. So for the text, A type in group tasks. Now, look, I'm gonna go to the address and paste in what I just said. That's why I copied it. Otherwise, you have to type that in, which is a real drag. So I went up to the address bar, captured the address, and I pasted it. Ready to hear a pecan? OK, good. Let's go and save the quick loans toolbar. Now let's see if it works, I'll pick on group tasks, and now that brings me right to that application. Now, you can also add it up here to the top launch toolbar as well. For example, there are picking edit links. We'll add a new link with the plus sign type in group tasks and then once again outpaced them the address. And now it's up there as well as you can say. So you have to decide what links you would like to have when you're toppling, told bar and over here on your quick launch told by to give access Teoh different. Thanks. Now these things over here can also be websites. It doesn't have to be Ah, lake onto your SharePoint. There could be a different website. So, for example, I like to have another link. So I'm gonna go up to the company website compliance like dot com, and I'm gonna go ahead and capture the address and we'll copy that. This could be any website. Now, let's go back into our SharePoint site and I'm picking there were at home. Good. Now let's add a link for that. So picking the edit links, I'll pick an add a link so it type in compliance like you and well paced in the address. And now I have a late for that, we'll pick on safe. Let's see if that works and it brings us right to that site. All right. You should really go back to comply inside a que dot com and you see to have many, many webinars on many great topics, right? So that we should be an asset for you. Let's go back now into our SharePoint. Good. So now I'm just gonna go back here. Excellent. So the lengths can be based to your internal SharePoint site or cable links to other people , SharePoint sites or accumulates to any other website. So should you have to add things to the quick loans toolbar and also had to add things to your toppling toolbar over here. Now, here's another way you can get to this. You pick on the settings wheel and you pick on site settings again. Good. Now over here is as quick launch. Then you can change her at change the links or add links down. And then when we're time, I pick up the settings. Well, I'll pick on site settings and then over here is also the top link toolbar, and then that will give you access to that as well. From here, I can add a new one. Change the order. All right, so that's how you can add links over on the side or over at the top. That was kind of interesting, though we added that app, the tasks and now they have a quick way to get to the tasks. Now you're gonna find that you're gonna find that SharePoint interacts very well with your other office. 3 65 programs. So this is what you want to show your users. You want to show them how to link up these tasks up until their regular outlooks tasks. Watch my screen. Now, um, I'm gonna pick in the word task up there, and then you have a bunch of menu choices here, but in this case, I'm gonna pick on the word list. So most of the apse are going to be kind of under the broader category of a list. Now look what it says over here. I can send that the project. I can connect outlook. I can expect Export two Excel. Let's see if we can connect this to Microsoft Outlook. Eso It's going to say, you know, this message is fine. I'll pick on open with outlook. So I do have Aleka my computer. Of course. That's part of office to 65. And notice how? Well, what's with the log? One, of course, but ah, la going really quickly here. All right. Just like you are. Okay, so now I'm on these days, Microsoft really has a, um, very secure process. Of course. Okay, so let's see what happened. I'm back in outlook now and now they're here. Have some reminders. Eso a pecan Dismissed for this, but knows what happened. If I go back to my tasks, then here is, um, the task from the SharePoint site. And there they are, those the ones, they out of them. So that's pretty helpful. We were able to make SharePoint into our outlook Watch again. I'm gonna go out to SharePoint now. So amended tasks application. This is what you can show your users. You pick on the list menu and I say connect toe outlook open outlook. And now here is one thing I was looking for the verification. Now that I'm la going, it would give me that. I'll pick on yes. And now knows how it brought over those tests right from SharePoint. Now I can actually mark that complete, so I'm gonna click on that and mark that one complete. Here, Mark. This one complete. I'm analogue there. Right? I'm in outlook now. I marked a mess complete here. Let's see if the markets complete and SharePoint now, this case, I'm just going to a refresh of the screen and those have them mark them complete here as well. So in that case, the task from Atle SharePoint just connected with outlook Let's had another application. Another application might be a calendar. So again, this will be the team counter for the entire team. This is how the ad it an application in general, you can either go to site contents effect. Let's do it that way. This the way I learned a long time ago. I pick on site contents and then here it says new and we can add on app or the other at a different page. Sub site the pick and add an app. And then let's have a team calendar good. These the ones that are built right there. Your company might have additional ones based on your needs. There's a lot that you can purchase out there on the third party market. Cut our in group calendar, okay, And those how it's in the site contents. Well, I would really like that. That to be part of the quick launch toolbar or the toppling toolbar, so you're gonna get used to doing this? I'm gonna click on that after we just made and you could see it looks just like a calendar , and at worst they can have a calendar as well. In fact, we could even think that won with that look. So I'm gonna go ahead. Look, we're gonna get the address of top, right? Click on the address and pick on copy. Now, I'll go back to the home tab of my SharePoint site. I want to add a link this time, maybe to the toppling toolbar. So pick on edit legs at a new link. Well, type and group calendar. And then, of course, I'm gonna pay. Stepped right in there. That's why I want to copy the address from the top there. This way, I don't have to type it in now. You can also verify the link right there. But I'm pretty sure this is gonna work. Nurse. Now I have a new lake on my toppling tour for the team calendar, and I'll pick on safe. You see, this way, when we give people the address, then it'll you know it'll show the home page here and they'll show the lakes that you want to have access to. So if I pick on group calendar now that there is the real calendar. So let's say we want to add a staff meeting and I'm just making this up now. So let's say every Wednesday you have a staff meeting, so I'm gonna go ahead. What you do is kind of move your mouse to that date, and then the word ad will appear. Eso we're going to say team stiff beating and you can put the location. It's gonna work a lot like an outlook counter event. In fact, we can make this a recurring event, so as a recurring event, and we're going to do that every week. So if you used the outlook, this would be pretty similar. Knows how it just put in that team staff meeting and because I made that a recurring event , it should be next month and the following month and so on. Right? You can kind of see how you would navigate through that counter so knows how it just built that counter app. I don't have to do any coding here in SharePoint. I mean, if you know coding you can do some H key male and do some different things to enhance the pages. But that's kind of ah, more advanced feature on this. Added these APS and just using the way they come out of the box. So now, of course, if I pick up my home page, we took in the group counter and then everyone have access to that. Now, watch how we can sink this up without look as well. So you might have to show the people who are gonna be using your SharePoint had toe do some of these things. So picking the calendar tab and then you know, this is different ways to look at your calendar and then look what it says. Connect, Teoh. Outlook Export two Excel. So SharePoint really does work very, very well with your different office 3 65 applications. It's really designed to do that. So become connected outlook when I opened out of 2016. So here I am, an outlook, and it's going to say head, you want to connect? This will say yes there. And now look what happened here is my counter and outlook, my personal calendar. And then here is the team calendar, right? And then if I go ahead and go to next week here, eso we'll go to next week, then there's how about teams staff meeting. It's gonna be in there, and that's gonna be in there every single every single week. So let's say I need tohave. I'm gonna go back to today now. So I've been outlook right? I pick on today and now eso let's say for next week we'll go Teoh this week over here, along with the team staff meeting. Let's say we have to have a a Ah, manager A manager meeting. So I want to put im in outlook. Right. So I'll come over here and how did sometime? And I'll make a new appointment in outlook, but I'm gonna share. That's gonna up late the SharePoint counter as well. I s will pick on saving close. Show them by my count. You know, here's the demo counter, But if I go back to SharePoint and we go back, Teoh today's calendar, then there is that manager meeting so you can see how SharePoint and Outlook shared the tasks and they could share that calendar. Let's go back to our home page. And now we have that with a test app and the counter app. There's many more APS that you can add to your SharePoint. So just remember you can pick in the settings wheel and added that there You can also pick on the site contents. The site contest will have everything you've had it. And then from here, I can pick on new and ended up that way as well. And that's all the absentee have. I mean, we have counter discussion board, you know, all these great application. They would all kind of work in a similar way. And on the next page, we have a survey and use different ones as well. I want to spend some time on what we call the document library. This is gonna be really important. This is where all your the users of your SharePoint site were upload their documents. So let's go back into our home page will go back over here, and then I see home and that openness to our home site. Good. Now you should have a document library. If not, you would just go back to add an app. And one of them would be a document library, but it should come with it. Let's go to the documents right now. It's empty. Now people can upload documents into this or they can down there documents to this. I'm gonna upload some documents so I'll pick on upload up there and then I'm gonna upload files. And then you were Just pick some files from your computer. This is what you would showed to use isas. Well, eso in this case, if I pick on the best top should have a photo that's called Class Files. And I'm just going to get a few of these. These are all excel files, but it could take just about any kind of file. You see if you have any other ones. Um, here I have a power point. OK, good. So I'll pick up okay or open. And now it's gonna upload this into your documents folder. As you can say now, people would be ableto upload those and down with this now, another way to do it is these days you can drag files into here. For example, watch, I'm gonna go down to my Windows Explorer screen at the bottom, and then I just kind of move this over here, and then I'll pick up a file and just drag it into the SharePoint Document library. And that's another way you can upload your documents. As you can say Now, some people like to have a different document folder for your word documents. Maybe another one for a power point in another one for excel. You can do it that way. Or sometimes people toe put all the documents in one big document library. Now the document live. We can also have folders so you could build a structure here. Uh, most people would upload documents, as you can say, or we could actually make a new document right from here, and that would start to open up word or Excel or PowerPoint. But I would imagine that already have some documents taken up late. Now, I want to show you that right now when you first have the SharePoint site. The document folder does not require you to check out the document, for example. But it took in the document over here. If somebody would just click on that file name, then it'll open up that talking here. I have Excel online. And if I wanted to edit that document I like actually here is its read only. But if I want to edit that, I'll pick on Edit workbook and I'll say open in excel and I'll pick on Continue Now it's gonna open up the actual Excel program. And now I can actually say Edit the workbook. And now it could make changes to that file. So I'll change that the 2000 for example. And at this point, I'm going to see that. And it didn't really ask me to check out the document. So let me show you how you're gonna make your document library so that people have to check out the documents before they can Enitem. That could be really important. Because you usually you only want one person in that file at a time. So we're going to close that of excel now. Now let's get back to SharePoint. All right, I'm back in SharePoint now. I will go back to this window. All right? So I'm in my documents from library the way it is right now. They don't have to check out the documents. Let me show you how to set it up. So they do have to check out the files. Once you're in your documents library, you're gonna come over here and pick in the settings well again. And then the library itself has its own settings. So you pick on library settings. Good. Now you're going to come over here and you pick on version ing settings. All right. Now, it says require content approval. Usually, I would say no there because otherwise you'll have to approve each document or another. Admin will have to approve each document. Now some companies want that to a car, But in my case, I'm going to say No. Now on the screen. Let's say we can have different versions of the document and I'll show you how to go back to the previous version. So I want to create the major versions. That means every time somebody makes a change, that document will be version one or version two or version three and so on. Now, if you have the minor revisions like 1.1 and 1.2, then you might want to do this. One depends on how your company does that. Is each document a major release, or do you have the minor revisions? So I'll just pick measure? Now here's the important choice. Do they want you to goto it says required documents to be checked out before they can be edited. I'm gonna say yes now. So the screen had two major futures. It turns on the version ing so I could go back to a previous version if I need Teoh. And here we can also make a set of documents have to be checked out from that document folder. We're gonna click. OK, All right. So what I did was in the settings. Well, I picked on library settings and then you pick on version ING settings. Let's see if it worked. I'm gonna go back to the documents library over here. Now I'm going to try to get a document. Were just click on the name of it. Right now it's going to open up in Excel online. Now, at this time, I want to say, Edit the workbook. You could add it online, or let's bring it to the full version of Excel and we'll pick on Excel. Now, here's this document. Every now Look now, before I can edit it, I have to check it out. That wasn't there before. I just turned that on. So you make sure you tell your people about this. This is the way to have to get it now, so I'll pick and check out only one person can have it checked out at a time. Now, let me show you something back in SharePoint for a second. All right, So now look at these documents, everybody. Let me refresh this. Here's how you can tell if somebody has something checked on checked out. This is really, really subtle, but the documents that are checked out we'll have this little green arrow next to it. So if I move in mass there, it'll tell me who hasn't checked out. See, in that that is May. So these ones are not checked out. But when you see that little green arrow right there, that's how you can tell who has checked out. Now, in a minute, I'll show you how you can change the screen so that the name of the check out would be right over here. But that's that's a continuous process. You see how the doctors checked out. Now, look, let's go back to excel, and it's going to be this one, so I'm gonna make a change here. So here's his January and February to be changed that to November and December, all right, and then I'll type in $600 there and so I'm just making some basic changes. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and save this document the normal way. Now, I still have a checked out so nobody really can get this document until I check it back in again. So I'll check it back in under the file menu. Now, this is where you can add a comment. So I'll say, um, changed the muff names to November and December. So now if I wanted to make more changes to that document, I have to check it back in again. Right now, this is actually read only copy of the document. So I go back to ah, SharePoint now knows how that document is not checked out anymore. You don't see that You don't see that? Check my the little green arrow anymore. Now let's talk about let's say somebody has to go back to a previous version of the document. Here's how you can do that. This is all stuff that you have to know as the site admin or the state owner. So we're going to go to this document the picture on the three dots to the right, and that'll give you some additional choices now we're gonna come over here and we'll say version history. Now, here's that comment I just added in there. Let's say somebody said, Well, listen, we really need to go back to the previous version. So look what I'll dio. You're gonna hover ever on the modified time. If I pick in the word restore, then it will make that one the current document. All right, so picking. Okay, now it actually tells me that I have to check it out in order to even do that. So why don't we do that? So here's how you can check it out right from here. I'm gonna click on that. The three dots again. I'm picking the word more, and then I pick in the world, check out. So now I have the document checked out again.