Setting up short links for your business | Rich Peterson | Skillshare

Setting up short links for your business

Rich Peterson, (30k+ students)

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Short Share Link Part 1

    • 2. Short Share Link Part 2

    • 3. Short Share Link Part 3

    • 4. Short Share Link Part 4


About This Class

You may have heard of services that enable you to shorten your links like Bitly. The premise of these services is that they take a long (say 80 character) website link and provide you with a short link that, when clicked, redirects to your long link.

An example might be taking a link like

and changing it to .

The end page is the same but the link looks nicer.

Short links are useful for sharing links:

- on social media

- to document signing

- to specific website pages

- that include affiliate links or tracking information

In this course, we look at setting up a custom short link (in this case, and connecting the short link to Bitly. You can then copy/paste long links into Bitly and auto-create a short link to share.

Note: You'll need to purchase the short link domain ($45 if using .to domains) and sign up for a free Bitly account during the course.