Setting Up the Google Merchant Center to Create Google AdWords Shopping Ads

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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16 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Google Merchant Center

    • 2. Setting Up Your Google Merchant Center Account

    • 3. Verifying Your Website in Google Merchant Center

    • 4. Creating Acceptable Google Merchant Center Logos Using Adobe Photoshop

    • 5. Setting Up Tax in the Google Merchant Center

    • 6. Setting Up Shipping in the Google Merchant Center

    • 7. Creating Product Feed Uploads to the Google Merchant Center

    • 8. Filezilla Demo

    • 9. Linking Your Google AdWords and Other Accounts

    • 10. Interfacing Your Shopify Store With the Google Merchant Center

    • 11. Using Dynamic Remarketing to Target Previous Website Visitors2

    • 12. Integrating Google Express Buy Products on Mobile Devices

    • 13. Implementing Merchant Promotions and Special Offers

    • 14. Creating Local Storefront Local Inventory Ads

    • 15. Create Standout Shopping Ads Using Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords

    • 16. Google organic seo impacting updates 2017


About This Class


"To advertise your products on Google, you need a Merchant Center Account" - this is a direct quote from Google. 

This course teaches the student how to setup a Google Merchant Center Account, enter product information into it, verify and integrate the Merchant Center with your website, integrate it with Google AdWords and create powerful AdWords pay per click adds that will separate you from competitor adds. If you want your products to be advertised within the Google world so people can find your products and site, this is a process you must complete and implement. I will also show you within this course how to implement and integrate Google Express which will allow people to easily view, purchase and get shipped the products you have uploaded to your Merchant Center account.

Augmenting this training that will show you how to set up your Merchant Account environment, I have included three key lectures on improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that I previously published in another of my courses on the Udemy platform. These three SEO lectures will give you some great tips that will allow you to fare significantly better in having the Shopping Pages on your website rank within the Google Search Engines.  In fact, by completing these additional tasks described within these three lectures, you will be able to do your Google AdWords pay per click at reduced cost per click rates, saving you money each time someone clicks on one of your adds so do not fail to implement these additional steps.

Google does have a significant amount of textual help within its training environment that you can also refer to but it is a lot of reading and piecing together of this content that you will need to go through in order to understand it all and complete the required setup and integration tasks. What I have done is learned their system and have created these videos to provide you with more of a step by step visual and audio narrative of what you need to do to get up and running. This course you will find is easier to digest and will save you time in the learning and it will be a less frustrating experience for some. 

So if you have not as yet integrated the Google Merchant Center with your online shopping site or store, I encourage you to take this course and do so.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Best wishes, 

- Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator