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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 1.0 - all about those eyeballs

    • 2. 1.1 - the five social platforms i use

    • 3. 1.2 - developing audiences in 2017

    • 4. 1.3 - promoting your courses locally

    • 5. 1.4 - the future is nearly here.

    • 6. 1.5 - the five step project

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup & thank you

    • 8. 1.7 - go premium before the 1st of jan

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About This Class


few days now until the start of a new year, fresh ideas, fresh start.

renewed energy, hit the ground running positivity overwhelms me at the start of a year, i love it. i feel the renewed sense of direction as a human being, i love it. it's a chance to go again!

these are the tools i use daily to promote my online courses, i wanted to share it with you and give you a bit of a head start for the newbie course creators to get used to these tools if not already as we make a big splash forward into a new future for ourselves in 2017.

the year of distribution of skills and services before the AI bots take over all the work! :)

in this course. . .

  • planning to make courses in 2017 but need help with remote audience?
  • top five platforms that i use for spreading out my courses
  • going where the eyeballs are, building on top of the five for 2017
  • digital to analog - places in your local area you should ‘push the free’
  • the brave new always on demand world of high speed internet

hopefully this will give you a few ideas and things to mull over the christmas period and help you shape your strategy for dominating 2017! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - all about those eyeballs: Hi, guys. Welcome back. Planning to make courses in 2017 but need help with the actual audience development. Who you gonna send this out to? You gonna promote it to top five platforms that I use right now for spreading out my courses in anything I do is a side project or a client project. Always talk about it by my social networks tell you the five platforms are used going where the eyeballs are building. On top of those five for 2017 did stool toe analog places in your local area that you should be promoting your courses, your free courses or people just wanting to learn new knowledge on the brave, new, always on demand world of high speed Internet. Minute. Quickly talk about that. 2. 1.1 - the five social platforms i use: right then. So Twitter Twitter ads are super cheap. I found that they're incredibly precise and great value. There's also lots of tools out there for Twitter that you could be using. Buffer is the one that I've been using over the years is also post corners. Well, what I really like about Twitter's tools is that they really modernized and look to the U In the experience of the interface, in terms of setting up adverts to a lot easier to Suppan advert on Twitter, that is something like Google ads. For instance, I've started to see that the ad networks are realizing that people will get Mawr involved. And do ads actually spend money if the actual tool to create ads is easier? Next one is YouTube. Just push out a show really off what the course includes, like an introduction. So and has to be a 32nd or 60 seconds show. Reel off the whole course, maybe take some of the really good sound bites of the course to get people excited about it so that they can come across either click on your free Lingle, your premium link, depending on what platform you're on Facebook groups by Neil Shearing have been hugely influential for me in 2016. Do a search for skill share, masterminds and skill share free courses. The free courses, one that you want to join is the one with over 6000 members. Neil Shearing is done a hell of a lot of work this year to really support all of the instructors on skill share, and I suggest you go and check out his courses on skill share. Obviously, join the Facebook groups So much knowledge and wisdom in there from all the different instructors. Even people who are not instructing anymore on skill share their charming in their advice, especially about 2017 with the premium minutes newsletters I'm gonna be using get reviews a lot more this year. Get reviewed dot Kotex out the pain off, putting together a newsletter If you can start keeping notes every week or every day that you're making, courses are working with a client or you have something new new skill, new talent that you've relenting that day. Taken note, put it in a notebook. By the end of the week, you can transfer that stuff across. Also the beautiful thing about get reviews, it can link into your social accounts. So if you're putting things out on Twitter on YouTube, any of these social channels may be on your block. There's a bar on the right hand side of get review way. You can just click on those options and it pulls in all of the post that you've made. So you just drag and drop them onto your newsletter. Super sweet to use. And you can be done it and made a newsletter in 10 15 minutes and send it out to a group of people Really fast. Finally, audio podcasts in direct almost way of doing this. But put in a advert sponsored in the middle of off your podcast. We could probably do that for your courses, your friends courses. I'm gonna be doing this a lot for the live stream stuff that we're gonna be doing in 2070 where we're gonna be reviewing courses on skill share on other platforms 3. 1.2 - developing audiences in 2017: live video live audio are going to be huge places for developing audiences in 2017 especially the Facebook live audio cause. It's a new feature, so it's gonna be a lot of people experimenting with that. I think that's an interesting one, because people don't always have the time to sit and watch a video. But they do have time to sit and listen to audio, maybe driving in the car commuting. Very pocus are very popular, obviously, and I think this is Facebook's way, trying to get podcasting as a native experience into their platform. So live video still gonna be big. I think it's gonna be bigger next year. We have better devices, higher quality devices, the Internet's officer getting faster, especially in the Western world, but live audio. I think we'll start to see the transition of podcasts from that niche group of listeners to a more global, regular, everyday market off people who use Facebook and don't go anywhere else on the Internet. Running costs effectively, well made short adverts in Twitter or really cost effective these days. So if you can create a little short advert for Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, you'll definitely get some value from that live video shows with groups of peers or new instructors learning skills. That's one of the shows that are be doing in 2017. Think people tune into a group of people talking about particular skill, and I think that comes about from people trusting in those instructors. Already following those instructors regular, curated, crafted output sources and spread regularly. I mentioned this in the previous slide, using something like review to create that newsletter out, making sure that you're putting regular, curated content out will do you well in 2017. Blogging and free giveaways. I mentioned it in a couple, of course, is back, gleamed a Iot, is mired tool of choice and have also been experimenting with a great tool called Push Crew , which is really powerful for websites. I found about 50 people sign up across a bunch of websites, and I'm not even blogging onto some having people fall onto those pages. Click on the yes, I'll get some more notifications, and this gives me the ability to do push notifications straight in the top right hand corner. As long as they're in the browser and most people have a browser open pretty much all the time, they're on a computer throughout the day, 4. 1.3 - promoting your courses locally: so local places where you could be promoting kind of like your digital to analog, so your digital courses online. But in an analog environment, the local library that has an Internet connection is a good place to teach people. I've been into a library to get things printed out or to get things copied on their on their photocopy of and found lots of people sitting on the Internet in there because it's free and they can spend a couple hours at a time. I think this is a really good place to go in there, promote your services, go and do some free training courses. You might not necessarily get any monetary value out of it. You can always get those people to follow you or to engage with you with your other courses . Your other free vouchers Online advertising in local post offices often is totally free. If you just ask for the details where you can put an advert up, supermarkets will have those cards and pens. They have a lot of walk through traffic after the people have comfort until you have to get a lot of hearts on the back wall, with people selling cars and kids stuff and all kinds of stuff for sale at the back. There is no reason why you can't be advertising the link to your free courses. I would suggest you put a landing page with all of the links to your free courses and set up a dedicated You are a link for that particular place. Sponsoring around about, believe it or not, is a thing here in the UK I'm not sure what the prices, but there's a lot of traffic going around those roundabouts, and I often look up and see that little posted there with the URL is no reason why you couldn't get one of those sponsored and stick your landing page. Oral Best final power tip I think I can give you is setting your my fi device to a landing page. You are l so don't just give it a sanded name off the network called the Name Your own name or what Some funny name actually set it to a landing page. You are. L get yourself a short U R l and something that's easy to remember. Set that as you're my fight. And even if you don't use your my five device. Just have it on with the co working spaces that you go to with the library that you go to that people can see when they scan around looking for WiFi networks. This u R l It might prompt them to go and be nosy and have a look indirectly that way. 5. 1.4 - the future is nearly here.: So then Internet is getting faster every year, especially in the western world. People are getting connected all the time, especially over Christmas. Here in the UK, there's numbers around 100,000 people for the first time, or connecting onto the Internet with their fresh brand new computer or tablet or smartphone . When Internet becomes real time and there's no buffering, it will be like TV people come home, Turn the TV on, press one button it flicks to the channel. When there's no Layton, see issues. When there's no buffering on demand, real time content will win, will start to see people transition away. The one even noticed the difference between television and the Internet because it functions the same way as a TV so un demand learning people looking for How do I do this? Instead of it going off to YouTube, Amazon will start to capture some of that market so Amazon Video Direct will do well. Rahm searches. They'll start to build in a I stuff so that the AI will understand what you're asking for when you speak to your alexia, your Amazon Alexia redirect you to what's relevant and real time. So if I put up a course about training that might get seen from the bots pushing that to the surface, positioning your courses to be a 24 7 audio video library between the output that you do. This is a good way for all of those discovery services to find your content using AI bots in 2017 to search and discovered a real time request coming in and then servicing their audience with your existing content. I've nearly built 100 skill share courses that are relevant in different areas, and I'm really interested to see what happens in 2017. As I start promoting the evergreen content, the world of work for small businesses will be attention driven. You will have to bring attention to your small business to your products on their regular basis on a day to day basis. You are now capturing people's attention. The eyeballs from set top boxes on YouTube from on demand, live video people listening to live audio. You need to be in that environment for them to recognize that you have something to sell 6. 1.5 - the five step project: All right, then. Five step project. Go to your project in the bar below. Put an awesome project title in the project. Works based. Be creative to include pictures and the steps that you've talked Pick this week over image . If you don't have one, go across the moment dot pictures. Click, save sweet and you're done. 7. 1.6 - the roundup & thank you: the round of then I use these tips and we'll expand on them or in 2017 what works I'll share with you so you can do it, too. I'm really excited to share with you the results off the 31 days of the Advent calendar, because there has definitely been an increase in December. My enrollments has gone through the roof. My actual premium enrollments double. I'm really excited to share what I've learned from doing daily videos as well daily courses as well. What works? What has been watched, what hasn't been watched on what I'll be able to take away from those 31 videos and kind of stripped down to maybe 10 videos that I need to do in better quality to move forward in 2017. Get more viewership to actually engage Maurin those, and actually drill down step by step in screen casts. Promotion on autopilot will be a way to do it effectively. 2017. The clients commit to you instead of the other way around. Spent far too much time in the last couple of years chasing down clients. Now I've actually gone the opposite way, and I'm making content on certain areas, which is getting people out there aware of what skills that I have, and then in turn, it turns into jobs. And then those clients are coming back for regular work. What methods are you using that work well for you? I'm really interested with some of the big skill share teachers. I know some of them relevant skill share courses to do with topics when skill share is changing and they do very well. But also, I know some people do community Facebook pages, which drive a lot of traffic to their courses because they built that space that become the pier of that space. If you're willing to share those that advice on a livestream, I'm gonna be doing that in 2017 would love to have you as a speakers. A guest on that do message me at Phil Campbell on Twitter and thanks for watching New Year's Eve is just around the corner. Let's make it an awesome start to 2017. Thanks for watching today. Thanks for subscribing. Thanks for supporting Advent calendar in 2016. In December. It's been a long slog, but it's been really worth it, and I thank you for your attention. I speak to you soon 8. 1.7 - go premium before the 1st of jan: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.