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Setting Goals & Getting Organised

Chris Croft, International Coach

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12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction to Goals

    • 2. What Are Your Life Goals?

    • 3. Refining Goals

    • 4. SMART Goals

    • 5. Creating Security

    • 6. The Pear of Promotion

    • 7. Introduction to Systems

    • 8. The Magic of Lists

    • 9. Diary Tips

    • 10. Your Physical Environment

    • 11. Repeating Problems

    • 12. Congratulations

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About This Class

Life Mastery - Master Goal Setting and Organisation


This course is a practical programme designed to help you rocket towards your personal and career goals. If you feel like you're drifting and don't know what you truly want then this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

This course covers everything you need to do from setting goals, to being organised enough to acheive them. It looks at lots of real life examples and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results. Whether you're at the start of your career, wanting a change, feeling frazzled, or just not getting to your goals quickly enough, this course will build essential skills for your career and personal goals.

Chris Croft is an international speaker, and widely published author, who's been teaching Happiness, Time Management and Assertiveness to companies for over 20 years. He's taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for home and work.

Start building the life of your dreams today and say goodbye to stress, disorganisation and unhappiness. This course WILL change your life.... if you let it!