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Setting Goals And Achieving Them

teacher avatar Sherique Dill, Prosperity Success Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Importance of Purpose and Vision In The Goal Setting Process

    • 3. Basic Introduction To Goal Setting

    • 4. Why You Should Set Goals

    • 5. Organizing your goals

    • 6. Categorize Your Goals

    • 7. The Goal Planning Process

    • 8. SMART Goal Examples

    • 9. The Writing Process

    • 10. Using The Power Of A Journal To When Planning Your Goals

    • 11. Part 1: Bad Habits That Affect The Goal-Setting Process

    • 12. Part 2: Bad Habits That Affect The Goal-Setting Process

    • 13. Emotional Triggers

    • 14. Emotional Triggers Cont'd

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn the skills needed to set goals.  Many people lack goal-setting skills because they lack goal-setting skills they don't achieve the goals that they desire.  In addition, there are many people that don't understand how important planning is to achieve their goals.  

With lessons such as: overcoming bad habits, goal-setting techniques, emotional triggers, planning, how to write a journal, who to share your plans with, SMART strategy, and other important strategies to setting successful goals.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Set productive goals
  • Achieve your goals
  • Speak confidently about yourself
  • Overcome bad habits 
  • Overcome your emotional triggers
  • Be a great journaler
  • Organize and plan your life
  • Write a detailed plan for your life
  • Live a purposeful life

Class Requirements:

Note pad

Target Audience: This class is targeted at the beginner's level, but all levels can benefit from this class. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sherique Dill

Prosperity Success Coach


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1. Introduction: Hello. Thanks for checking out my own night class. How to set goals on Achieved in off course. You know, goals are extremely well because they direct us on. They give us a sense of meaning, a sense of self fried work. You want to just live our lives as it is. We want to plan our lives on create action plans on cheap pills and this class you learn goal setting techniques. How to write your plans. You learn about meditation on mindfulness. You will learn about purpose. What is purpose on about vision? You'll also learn to share your plans with the importance of goals on about emotional treatments. Many of us don't understand how our emotional triggers affect our goal setting process. You also learn about overcoming fine. I haven't such as fair, amazing this idleness on procrastination. Also, when you take this cause, you'll be able to set productive goals achieved them. Organize your life, you'll be able to keep up. Check your story journalists. So, yes, I'm telling you about how important it is to write right your plans everyday right, your thoughts and how you're feeling and keep a record of what's going on inside of you understand the importance of purpose. I've become more ambitious. Goal. You'll be able tow. Avoid distractions. Yes, those things that distract You know those books that you should not be reading those friends that you are around, that you should not be around the type of movies that you want. All of those days at this track you and take you off course. You will learn that in this calls. You'll also be able to identify your emotional trains on overcome all of those obstacles that stop him from being your In this course I'm teaching what I know. I am teaching for streaming. These are tried. I'm moving these techniques that put together for other people. But these are techniques that I actually tried and I know that they a port I want the same until mining issue do. I'm also an awful and I am a possible by coach on Trina. So I am delighted that you are here. Welcome toe my course. I hope that you implement all the strategies in this course to boost their productive. So see you already inside. Also see 2. The Importance of Purpose and Vision In The Goal Setting Process: Welcome to purpose and vision. So in this lesson, we will be discussing the importance of knowing your life's purpose and being clear on the vision for your life. So purpose and vision plays a very important role in the goal setting process. And so I would be wrong to set a course such as goal setting and not discuss the importance of knowing which are purposes and seeing young lives vision. So what is your life's purpose? Simply put, your life's purpose is the reason for your existence on earth. It is the meaning why you are here. We all exist on Earth for a specific reason, and we need to do some self-discovery to determine what that reason is. And so this calls for a lot of time, right? Because you will have to go and search deep with in yourself to find out what it is you love doing. What it is you believe that you were actually place on this earth to do, you are going to have the final out. No one can help you with that process. It is with a new and you are the only one that has the ability to pull it out because only you know the truth of who you are. So you must go on that journey of self to find out what it is that you are placed on desert to do. And it's not easy. And it's going to take some time. It takes many years, sometimes just to discover the truth of who you are and why you are. So it's not an easy process, is going to take some time. But the key is to have patients, patients, patients, patients, and just allow yourself to grow and develop over time. And as you go and develop, you get to learn a lot about you and who you are. Some people refer to the Allies purpose as their lives mission. Because you are on a mission and you need to complete the mission for what you are Peron desert to do. So we all are solutions to problems. So if you don't know what your purposes and don't have a vision for your life. Though, goals that you will continuously set for your life are no doubt going to be meaningless. They're not gonna be valuable to you, and they are not going to bring you the success that you desire. Because there is no success. There is no true success. In the absence of purpose and vision, have you lack purpose and vision is extremely hard, and I doubt that you will be able to acquire the type of abundance and wealth that you desire. Because success is connected to knowing who you are and why you are. It is the driving force of everything. That we do, that ends up being successful. When you live a purposeful life, you will experience abundance, joy, happiness, wealth, and success. Why is it important to find your purpose? You may as well, is important to find your purpose. Because when you live a purpose for live, use that to organize your life and work towards things that are meaningful and valuable to you. No longer will you be wasting your time, wasting your money, racing your efforts on things that are not important. You will use your resources to bring you wealth and success and abundance because you have things to do, you know what you are up against, so you are not going to waste your resources any longer. That's the importance of knowing your purpose. It also births, vision. See when you know who you are and why you are. You will start to see yourself in a different light. You will see yourself as a valuable and worthy. Then you start to imagine the possibilities that life has to offer. This is amazing. This is when you start to have visions, not eyesight. So your eyesight is basically what you can see, which a physical eyes. I am not talking about eyesight. I'm talking about a glimpse of the future with your mind's eye. A person without vision is similar to a ship it out erato. What is erato? Our run is an object that determines the direction of a ship. And so basically, if a ship is on the seas sailing without a Radha ill will end up in any direction. It will not reach it's destination. So when you know your purpose in life, you will have a vision for your life. Havana vision guides you under wrecks your part in life. When you are directed by a vision, you arrive at your destination. When you operate without a vision, you will end up in any direction and you will be disappointed because you will have arrived in a destination that was an unexpected. You didn't plan to arrive at their destination, of course, because you didn't send any goals, are, you know, have a vision but then you'll be disappointed because that's not the destination that you expect the gel life to go in. Success is not measured by how much you would achieve in life. People must understand is, it's not about just big house. It's not about your fancy car. It's not about your job and how much money you have in the bank. No. Success is measured by living a meaningful and purposeful life. If you can wake up in the morning and just be happy with the way your life is going and happy with the things that you are doing, that a success. Because you are loving what you are doing. You're not missing anything. You actually enjoy life. And that's what purpose and vision is all about and helps you to enjoy life and get the best out of luck. Your vision is so vivid and powerful that it causes you to act in such a way that will bring you desired results. So setting goals as a result of having a vision. Goal, setting is the process to achieving your vision. So your vision, birds go, okay, you start to set goals and alive because you have seen the broader picture you have seen in the end. And so you start to set your goals, okay? To stay in alignment with your purpose and vision, you must stay true to the things that matter to you, such as your morals, your values, and your standards. Avoid distractions and things that are on unimportant. The side that you are going to live your best life. Make it a priority to keep your energy up with pursuing your vision. Stay passionate, allow nothing to stop you from achieving your goals. So if you feel down, if your field disappointed and discourage, pick up your plan and just read over it. I promise you that just by reading over your goals in your steps will enhance your file or rebirth, that fire or the flame that is burning in your heart, it will rekindle that fire, because the fire might be low, is not going to ever go away once you have a vision that fire is not ever going to leave you. Now sometime the flame might be low until rekindle that flame into make it strong. You have to do some things and so just keep your goals in front of you. Keep reading them, keep reminiscing on them. Keep making affirmations about your goals so that you can achieve them. So stay passionate. Do not allow your spirit of passion to leave you. Stage flow towards success means for you. And do not compare your success with other people's success. Comparing yourself to somebody else is an act of violence towards self. Do not look at other people and compare your success with them. No, all of us have our own individual goals and our own perception of what successes. And so stick to your perceptions and stay true to your perceptions. Because what is for us for you and whereas for another individual is for them, you cannot compare your success based on other people's success. So don't even try to measure it. 3. Basic Introduction To Goal Setting: Hello, welcome to my cars, how to set goals and achieve them. So this lesson is a brief introduction to this goal setting, cause. I promise you this course is a life-changing. So the objective of this lesson is to help you understand why you need to set goals. What is a goal? A question you may ask. A goal is a desired result that you envision. It is a beam or a target that you wish to accomplish in the future. Goal is a desire you are committed, are loyal to and because of your commitment and loyalty, you develop plans to manifest there. And so you know now that when setting goals, it is important to have commitment, loyalty, and devotion. They are extremely important in the goal setting process. People that said goals are goal-oriented, they are ambitious and they are organized. Setting goals is a lifestyle. It is not something that you do part-time or when you feel like doing it know is consistent. It is an habit. Ok, that's what setting codes is all about. It is something you do when you have a vision for the future. Setting goals is the highest form of self discipline. Because you need self-discipline when setting goals. Okay. It has to do with being able to control your feelings and actions and being able to do which you know, you need to do, even though you don't feel like doing it. That is what goal setting is all about. So you need discipline when you are living a life that is guided by goals. When you set goals, you are choosing your life destination. When you don't set goals, you are allowing life to send you in any direction. When you allow life to send you in any direction, you will end up and stand destinations you didn't hopeful because you don't have a vision. So with out a vision, you will perish. So here are some types of goals that you might be aware of. We are financial goals. Some people have parental goals, career goals, educational goals, held goals, nutritional goals, personal goals, family goals, Relationship goals, spiritual goals, and other things that people use to guide their lives. Some financial goals are you may have a credit card debt that you want to collect, or you may set a goal to pay your mortgage of early. Some people have financial freedom goals. So these are some examples of financial goals. Whatever your goals may be, there is a goal setting process or strategy you need to learn to achieve those goals. Setting goals is a strategic process that allows you to get what you desire. It allows you to take the desires out of your mind and those unmanifest them into reality. Because many people have, you can just open their brains up. There are so many areas of potentials and so many desires and fantasies and people just sit down and they basically day dream of the things that they want to do, the things that they wished that they could have accomplished. And there's no reason to wish that you can accomplish it, because you can. All you need to do is come up with a plan to achieve that goal. But you must know what the goal is. You must see it as a sense of value and meaning. And you must be strategic. Without goals, there was no success, wealth, abundance, riches and prosperity. The Welty, rich, unsuccessful people that you admire set goals. They have a high success rate because of their goal setting strategies. You can have the same level of success if you plan your life and set the standards that you want. So success is not for some people and cut off to other people. Now, all of us can have success. Most people cannot have success because they don't know how to accomplish success. And success as calculated and measured. How is it calculated? Because you can pull on your way to success. Success has nothing to do with a genie in a bottle or pushing or magic button. And whatever is in your mind, it just comes into existence now. It must be calculated and measured. That's how you get success. You have the set the goal, and you have to work towards achieving that goal. 4. Why You Should Set Goals: In this lesson, we will be discussing the importance of setting goals. So the objective of this lesson is to help you understand the importance of goal setting. Some people might want to know why do I need to set goals? So you will learn that here in this section. Goals are important because they guide and direct you. They keep you focus. They give meaning to your life. They promote self pride and confidence, and they help you to organize and prioritize your life. And so goals give you a sense of direction. When you set goals, you know exactly where you want to go and which you want to do. You are not waking up every day living your life as it is. I know you have a plan for your life and that plan guides you. And it helps to keep you focused. Because every day we come across things that distracters and people that distracters, right? Ideas and environments that take us off our part and all of our cause. But when you set goals, uh, kinds and kind of keep you focus on the things that you want. You will be clay out on your goals, okay? No one will be able to distract you and take you of your cost because you are focus. You are living on purpose for life and a meaningful life. You have a vision, you saw the end of the end result for your life and you want to accomplish that end result. It promotes self pride and confidence. Of course, you will feel great, right every time you set a goal and you are able to accomplish it and check it off on annulus. It gives you a feeling that I can't even explain. It makes you feel good, you know, inner joy and happiness and inner peace. It just makes you feel confident. You can get up every day and just be happy and exuberant about life, have a zest and passion for life. This is what setting goals do. This is why it's important to set goals. And of course they helped to organize you. Okay? Some people are so this organize. They are doing this than they are doing that. And then they end up confused. See, when you don't set goals, you live a life of confusion. Setting goals gives you a starting point and a final destination to reach. So you know where you want to start on, you know, the ending, okay? You know the beginning and you know the ending. Very important when setting goals. Setting goals also helps you to define what it is that you desire. So it's a method also of self-discovery. When you set goals, you will discover some things about yourself that you didn't even know existed. See everytime you set goals, you grow and you learn, your knowledge increases. Okay? And so you go on that journey of self-discovery. You discover so many things and so much beautiful things about yourself. Because this process calls for you to think and reflect on your emotions, your feelings, and desires. Because when you start to understand yourself more, you find yourself making wiser decisions and so will increases your intelligence. Setting goals require writing. You get the opportunity to write about your thoughts, your feelings, on your ideas. This takes you on a path that is new, okay, as a pot on a journey of self love and self appreciation. One of the greatest reasons why as important to set goals is because it gives you inspiration. It gives you hope. Setting goals gives you a glimpse into the possibilities. It inspires you to aim for things you never thought it was possible for you to achieve. Okay? So it inspires you, you know, hope, desires, possibilities, imaginations. These are great qualities of the human spirit. And so they are important. Imagining and daydreaming. It keeps you alive. It gives you a glimpse into brighter days and bad days. And we need that as humans. And so that's one of the great reasons that you need to set goals because it gives you hope and aspirations. For example, if you want to build a house, what is the first thing that you do? The first thing that you must do when you want a bill a house is the getter plan. The plan for the house. This plan will show you the architecture of the building, the drawings, and basically all of the drawings and and plan and you'll be looking at is basically for the person who was going to build a house because that person has the skills and abilities to do the construction, right? But what is important for you? You're a person who wants the house, is the see the picture of what that house is going to look like when it is completed. Okay? And looking at that picture and inspires you because you can see the end result, the picture of how the house will look when it's complete. It's so vivid, okay, at broadens your imagination. And this is what drives you to achieve the goal. It makes you excited, okay? And so the picture in your mind is extremely important. And this is why goal-setting and visions are really about your mind's eye. I am not really your eyesight. It's about your mind's eye. It's about the vision that is trapped within your head. Okay? The end result of what you truly want. You hold in your hand, the possibilities of what is to come. When you set goals, you become more confident. You develop a sense of strength. You feel a sense of pride and importance. You feel purposeful. You have a better appreciation for life. You have a greater sense of value and worth. Many people are unsuccessful in life because they have no real focus and clarity of what they truly want. Haven't focus helps you to direct your time, energy, finances on effort, on specific things. You may zoom in on the areas that are important to you and avoid distractions. So of course, clarity and focus on the reasons why many people are not able to really accomplish their goals. You must be focus unclear on what you want. Setting goals help you to track your progress by looking at your results and identifying the barriers so that you can achieve those goals. So you will be able to see that things that are limiting you and putting you in a box. And you'll be able to remove those boundaries and those barriers by implementing goals and having a proper plan. When you implement daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals is easy to track your progress because you will be able to see if you accomplish the goals. You settled to do, base on your steps. 5. Organizing your goals: In this lesson, we will be discussing how to organize your goals. Many people do not accomplish their goals because they are not organ. It's goal-setting has a lot to do with how you organize yourself. It's about strategies, right? So you must be strategic when you are attempting to achieve goals. So this lesson is to help you achieve your goals through proper organizing. In this lesson, we will discuss how separating your goals into categories maximizes your chances of success in the goal-setting process. So have you ever wondered authority yourself, why am I not achieving my goals? I prepare my New Year's resolution lists every year and I can't seem to accomplish anything that I put on my list at the end of the year. What is happening, what is going on? Why can I achieve my goals? Well, you're probably not achieving your goals because you are attempting to achieve too many things. At the same time. You probably quit because you feel burned down and exhausted and you will feel burned out and exhausted. If you are doing too many things at the same time, you're probably not achieving your goals because you have no clear focus on what you really want. You are focusing on zooming in on too many things. Your resources, effort, and time are not enough to complete a goal because you have them spread out. And so basically, if you are five goals that you're trying to attack at the same time, then that means the resources that you have, you will have to use on those five goals. Whereas if you take all of your resources on your finances and money and push it into one goal. That chances of achieving that goal is extremely high because you have the proper resources you need to put into the goal. And then another reason why you might not be achieving your goals is because you are putting things on your list that isn't within your reality. Or maybe they are just not valuable to you. You don't even know why it's on your list. It doesn't give you a sense of meaning, or it doesn't give you a sense of joy and a joy and peace when you think about them, they are just not valuable. It might just be something that you want and it might not be a need or that our desire for you. So the first step towards organizing your goals is priority, right? You must know of the goals that our priority for you. So how do you prioritize your goals? Well, you must ask yourself, what goals are important to me right now. Can they way or do I need to achieve them as soon as I can because they are valuable and meaningful. Do you have the resources to achieve your goals now, or do you need more time to get yourself together? These are valuable points and questions that Dumas ask yourself or for trying to achieve a goal. Or you should answer cell is the client for the achievement of this goal, right? At this time, because time is important. And have you trying to achieve a goal and it's just the wrong time or a bad time to do it. It is going to cause you to be defeated. When trying to achieve the goals, you must take those things into consideration. Never pulled goals on your list that you don't believe you can achieve. Faith. And belief is extremely important in the goal setting process. If you know how fade and you don't believe that you can achieve something, you won't achieve it. And your subconscious mind will remind you of that. If you put inside your mind that, hey, I'm going to put this on my list. Okay. I want to purchase a new car by next year. Right. So you put that on your New Year's resolution, you know, that you don't have the resources to purchase that car, you know, you don't have it. And so you don't believe that you can get the car by next year, but you put it there anyway. So if you don't believe it, then it won't happen. Okay? Goal-setting must be backed up with belief and faith. So things that you must pay attention to when setting goals, our finances, you must make sure that you have the proper finances to pay for the goals or the funnel goals because goals cause money. I don't know any goal that you can probably try to achieve with some type of mn, okay, or currency or umvelt. So you need to take into consideration your finances and your financial goals and the depths. You must take those things into consideration. Your time. Do you have the necessary time to put into achieving the goal effort? Are you willing to do what it takes to accomplish the goal? It's not easy trying to accomplish a goal. Anything that is worthy is going to cause you something it's not free, is either going to cost you time, effort, money or something. It's a trade. So do you have the effort? Are you determined? Do you have the passion, the brain, this thing into reality? Do you have the knowledge? Some goals require knowledge. You have to know what you are doing. You have this study. The goal that you're trying to achieve, that makes sure that you have the necessary knowledge and information to achieve the goal. And never put goals on your list that has no meaning and value in your life. Okay, if it's not meaningful to you, some people put goals on Daedalus because they are trying to impress their friends or their families or someone in a relationship with them. So it's about looking good to other people or trying to impress. Though the goal really carries no sense of meaning and value to them. Do not put those type of goals on your list because you're wasting time. So how many goals on your new year's resolution list did you really achieved? You can ask yourself that question and think and reflect all of those lists that you put together year after year. How many of those are ambitious lists? How many of those things that you accomplish? You need money to achieve goals, like we said. So stay within your reality, keep your goals within your reach. Now, it is awesome to dream pay and sad far reaching goals. Because the higher you have to reach, the more you will grow. So it's good to dream big and have those trains beyond your imaginations, right? But those dreams that are made up of fantasies and illusions of wide them, because if it is not really new reality, you know that you're not going to be able to achieve it. You don't even believe that you can avoid them because you're wasting your time, because you know that they are not doable. So stay logical and stay rational. Some people set goals because it looks good on paper. All I make them look more ambitious, but in reality, they don't have what it takes to achieve those goals. So avoid these mistakes of putting these things on your list that is only going to handy you and stop you because you are wasting so much times or goals on goals that are not doable when you could be investing your time into goals that are, that are in alignment with our reality and our, and alignment which our mission in life. So do proper organizing. When you are trying to set your goals. 6. Categorize Your Goals: Welcome back to organizing your goals. So to ensure the job goals are achievable, you must break them down into categories. Doing this helps you to avoid wasting time, wasting money, wasting energy. Can in this storage burned out and stressed out because it's not coming together for you. So this is the strategy when it comes to organizing your goals. So there are three categories to separate your goals. Short term, medium term, and long term. These are the three categories. So what are short term goals? Short-term goals are goals that can be accomplished in three to six months, is a very short time. It takes less money, less time, and it doesn't require that much of effort. Some examples of short-term goals are enrolling in an online course for about six weeks, implementing an emergency phone of a $1000, losing ten to 20 pounds. And of course, developing a nutritional plans to keep you on track with your diet. So medium term goals. What are medium term goals? Medium term goals are goals that can be accomplished within one to five years. So it requires a little bit more of money and effort. And some examples of medium term goals are saving up for a mortgage, starting a new business, or paying off your debt, such as your credit card or personal loan you might have or a column. Those are medium term goals. So long term goals, long-term goals usually takes between five to 15 years to achieve. These goals require a bit more finances. A lot of finances because five to 15 years is a long time that you are working on. A particular thing requires a lot of money, a lot of time, and effort, right? So what are some examples of long-term goals? You have? Paying off your mortgage, financial freedom, building generational wealth, or saving up for your children's college, fund. Those things, take time. And so this is why you must properly organize yourself so that you are not caught trying to set goals when you should not be selling them because you don't have them laid out properly. So do not try to accomplish medium term goals as short. Term goals, okay? You will have a very low success rate if you tried to switch your categories, okay? I'll go That requires at least one to five years to do. It's going to cost you a lot of headache, a lot of challenges and obstacles because you're not giving yourself the time that you need to really accomplish those goals. Do not try to accomplish long term goals as a medium term goals. Okay, so, you know, saving up for a college fund for your child to go, to go to college is extremely expensive, is going to take with these ten years to save enough funds to pay for your college tuition, the child's college division. So don't try to save that money and 5-years because it's going to cause you a lot of stress. You know, that it's not doable for you. You know, that it is a long term goal and trying to push it or stuck it into the medium term category, it is going to cause you a lot of challenges, blocks, and obstacles. So do not allow your short term goals to run over into medium term goals and long-term goals. Many people are guilty of this. You know, that it only is going to cause you about six months to say save up for emergency fund. But yet you allow it to take you five years because you are procrastinating and you not hasty decisions, you know, jumping on your decisions and you're not being a good I've been a go-getter. And so you allow small goals though to run on for so long. And so if you allow your small little six weeks in five week goals to run into one and five-year goals, then you are throwing out or eliminating your medium term goals that you can be doing because you're trying to run after the petty small goals. So we add jaws. Short-term goals be accomplished within the required time, within the time, okay. To not allow it to go over the time. Adopting this method will keep you organize, focus, and have more clarity. It will save you more time, money, and effort ever help you to be more confident when setting goals because you are pacing yourself and your stay within your reality. Also, when you adopt this method, you will be Claire of confusion in your life. You will have a sense of direction, you know where to go. You're not confuse because you have a proper plan. Short term goals are very important. They are very important because they can be achieved easily. And when you do the energize, you, inspire you and give you the fuel you need to go after your medium and long-term goals. And this is why it's important to start off with the short term goals because they give you that boost of confidence that you need. And so you'll be able to look at jam medium term goals and not see them as challenging or a big problem for you because you would have solved your or accomplish your other problems when you were trying to achieve your short-term goals. So you know how to solve your way of stuff, horrifying solutions where your problems you know, and accomplish goals are reading. And so it gives you that inspiration. You need to go on. Short-term goals, the strategy testers, right? Once your strategy works, which are short term goal process as a good basic or standard plan for your other goals. So you can use that same foundation to achieve your medium are your long-term goals. Of course, you will need a ticket because you will need more money and resources and time and knowledge to go after the bigger, heavier goals. But you can use the same foundation. You know exactly what you need to do to accomplish goals. You already know that because you deliver to short-term goals. So they are, they are the testers of the strategy. If you fail your short-term goals, then you know that you need to track your progress and your defeats, track and see what was successful and what was not and would cause you not to be successful and tweak it for when you are trying to achieve your medium on your long term goals. 7. The Goal Planning Process: In this lesson, we will be discussing the goal planning process, how to write your action plan. Benjamin Franklin said, failing to plan is planning to fail. The objective of this course is to help you develop your planning skills so that you can write a proper guideline to achieve your goals. So what is a plan? Simply put, Plan is a step-by-step guideline instructing you how to achieve your goals. If you want to turn your vision into reality, you need a plan. A good, solid plan helps you to avoid challenges and obstacles. This doesn't mean that you won't have any hiccups. But if you do, you will be prepared for what you need is an action plan. And I call it an action plan, and many others call it an action plan because setting goals is simple, you can set goals and not accomplish them. So we'll want to just set goals. We want to set them and we want to prepare an action plan so that we can exit cute. Polymer. And action plan is a checklist of the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. These steps are predetermined and have nothing to do with your feelings and emotions. So basically when you have your action plan, you are guided by these plants. You don't change your plan because you feel disappointed or discourage, or you have some particular feeling, no. You stay with your plan. You must be loyal and committed to the steps. Unless those steps that are working for you, you can tweak them and changing for Juno goal and changed them because of emotions. Things you should consider when writing your action plan. Make sure to have a well-defined description on the goal you want to achieve, right? Pacific stamps that needs to be done to achieve the goal. If you need other people to complete the task. And reference to the cell goal, include them in your action plan. Include just that the and you're dead line. This is extremely important to not leave your goals open. What resources do you need to complete the goal? Whatever resources you need, list them in your beloved. What measures will you take to evaluate how you are progressing? So what are the benefits of an action plan in Bootstrap but tivity and keeps you focus. It gives you a clear direction. It boosts motivation and commitment. You can track your progress. If you have any defeats, you can tweak your strategies. It helps you to prioritize your tasks based on the efforts you have to put in and the impact. You may feel within yourself that writing a plan is easy. Or you might even hire someone to write your plan. Whatever you plan to do, you need these important steps to be successful. So let's get into the steps to get the best out of your plan. Discuss the steps to find the end result of your goal. If you're confused of, uh, would you want to do and you are not Claire, you're setting yourself up for failure. You must be clear. And you must define the end result of your goal. If you want to be successful, realize where you are now and where you plan to be by analyzing a situation and exploring your possibilities. Run your goals through the smart criteria. So what is the smart criteria? Smart means to be specific, which is well-defined and Claire, measurable, which includes indicators to track your progress. Indicators that are measurable so you can measure your progress attainable. Make sure the job goals are within your reality. And of course, this is an issue for many people. They put goals on their list. That is not when in reality, your goals must be achievable and realistic in regards to your resources. And your resources are time, money, experienced, efforts, relevant, makes sure that your goals are important to you, are meaningful and valuable. Because when your goals are relevant, you are operating under Passion. And so you will be determined and persisting in pursuing your rules. They must be timely. Never leave your goals open. Like I mentioned earlier, makes sure they have a deadline, which is the finishing date. So you know exactly by what time you want to accomplish the goal. For example, I want to pay off my credit card by December 25th. 262020. That is a defined deadline. And so this is the deadline you are working with. Step two. Now that you have defined your goal and it is clear, what steps do you need to take? Write them down step-by-step. What are the tasks that need to be performed? What are the due dates? And if you need out for mothers, who are the persons you will be consulting. Make sure each task is defined and achievable. If they are large and complex, break them down. Step three, prioritize your tasks and make sure your deadline. Organize them in reference to their importance. Before sending deadlines. Makes sure that the deadline you choose is realistic for you and doable. So set a realistic time, so you are not collapsing in regards to your goals, okay, give yourself ample time to do what needs to be done, be realistic. Step four, set milestones. These are your many goals leading up to the big goals. Milestones give you something to look forward to and they keep you inspired for the deadline that is far away. Space out your milestones so that they're not too close of APA. And so an appropriate time would be three weeks in between. Stair five. What resources are needed to achieve your goals? Identify these resources for foyer. Begin working on your goal. You must make sure that you have the proper resources to complete them. If you do not have the proper resources, for example, the goal that you want to accomplish, we'll take $2500. You don't have 2500. So you need to come up with a strategy on how you are going to save this MAN. Maybe you will have a yard sale, sell some stuff off, you know, some things that you don't need to accumulate the money. So come up with strategies because you need to have the money before you try to attempt the Google. Step six, create a visualization for your action plan. So if you need to create a chart or a table or some picture you glue into a book, just a brain, your imagination alive, right? Or something that you can look at and share with others if you wish. That gives a clear picture of what you're trying to achieve and make sure that it is easily understandable. Step seven, the final step, track your progress. Monitor, evaluate an update. As you track your progress. Be sure to pay attention to task that brought success and the ones that failed. Keep the ones that works and replace those that didn't work. So this is your updating period. Monitor and evaluate just stems and make sure that you completed all of your steps. Sometimes you might miss one or two steps. And if you are not tracking your progress and evaluating your goals and constantly going over them, you are going to find on later that you miss some steps and that is probably why you would have fail. So you want to keep updated in regards to what's going on. 8. SMART Goal Examples: That you've got wrong, but I won't. Okay, In this lesson, I will be showing you some practical examples on how to set smart goals. Okay, So let's look at this example. So not a smart goal. I want to save more. That is not a smart goal. Why? It's not a small goal, because it's too broad. So what will we do? We will implement the smart goal. And this is a smart goal. I will save $300 per month so that I can travel to Italy on vacation next year, June. On Monday, I will visit my bank and open a new account. Just for this purpose, I will set up direct payments for this account. For upcoming painting. I will reduce my spending and splurging and set weekly budgets. So that is how you turn this broad goal of just saying, I want to say more, this is how you turn that into a smart goal. Okay, so let's look at another example. I want to lose weight. This is too Rod. Let's turn this into a smart goal. So we will say, I want to lose 20 pounds by New Year's in order to fit in my size 14 dress to my work's celebration party. I will achieve this goal by implementing a new healthy diet today, an exercising starting tomorrow evening, four times a week. I will look amazing, but I will be more healthier also. Okay, Let's look at another smart goal. I want to be wealthy. Okay? This is too broad and let's turn it into a smart goal. This is something that most people desire, wanting to be welding. But the reason why they are not well d is because they don't know how to turn this broad desire abroad goal into a smart goal where they can actually achieve it because it is achievable, but you just have to implement the right steps, right? So let's turn this into a smart goal. I want to make $1 million. Within 15 years by starting an internet based school, selling online courses all over the world, and by providing live culture and consultancy and conducting seminars, I will be financially secured. Unhappy knowing that I was able to help other people. I want to write a book. Again. Let's make it smart. I want to write a book on leadership skills that will be about a 146 pages long. And I wanted to have it completed by July 7th, 2021. I will write three pages every weekday and two pages on the weekend. I will become a published author and I will be able to share my experiences with the world. That is great and awesome. Awesome. So let's look at a smart goal breakdown. Okay, Let's go. I will lose 30 pounds in four months by performing 40 minutes of cardio for four days a week and reducing calorie intake so that I can enjoy my cools this summer in June and where my nice Susan's, I will agree and be more healthier. So let's look at the specific. In this goal, the Pacific is losing 30 pounds. Measurable. The measurable item is progress will be measured by using and a change of body weight. So that's how you measure this goal to track down whether you are being successful, attainable by increasing physical activity and decreasing calorie intake by 200 calories a day. Losing 30 pounds in four months can safely be a G. Okay, so this means that you are tracking down whether the goal is attainable and you are, and showing us that it isn't attainable by doing these things relevant. Okay, the relevancy of this goal, you will look better for the pools and have more energy to enjoy it. So this is why the goal is important to you. You want to look better for the cruise and you want to be able to pay your swimsuits. And you want to feel healthy and be healthy so that you can enjoy the crews. So that's very important to you. That's the importance of the goal. Okay? And that of course, time bound, the goal is set to be achieved in four months. So this is the time limit you are looking at. You're not leaving the goal wide open. You want to achieve this goal within four months, so you have a deadline in there. So use these examples to check out your strategies. Okay, remember to be Pacific and stay away from setting broad goals. Broad goals will break up your focus and introduce confusion in your life. So you want to make your goals as simple and easy as possible. Take away the complex out of the goal, bring it down to a good size where the, where you can achieve it and accomplish it and you can be successful. 9. The Writing Process: Welcome to the writing process. As an author and a writer, I cannot express enough. The importance of writing. The objective of this lesson is to help you understand why you need to write down your goals and how writing increases your success rate when it comes to achieving your goals. Writing is extremely important in the goal setting process. Some people believe that it's okay to set goals within their mind and they will lie on their mind to see them through. They lack well organized strategies and proper steps because there's only so much that shall mine can do. Ok. That only works if you are trying to accomplish on many goals, something that is very, very small and it doesn't take much. But if you are going after the big fish, you are going to have to learn how to write down your plans. Writing down your goals, keep you on the path when it comes to action steps, and it serves as a reminder. Thousands of thoughts run through your mind every day. Many beautiful ideas and thoughts. And many of them we forget because they fly away like a bird. And so you have to be strategic and do as much as you can to capture these thoughts before they fly away forever. You must learn how to write them down. Find a way to capture your thoughts. Writing down your goals. Keynesian vision into reality, from thought to manifestation in the physical realm. C, You can think it as much as you want. But when it comes to manifestation, writing it down and allowing yourself to see it is what makes it viable in the physical RAM or wood makes it reachable. Okay, you don't want your goals to stay stuck in your mind. Always fantasizing or daydreaming, wishing and desiring. Longing for writing down your goals forces you to commit to them by creating a plan and setting deadlines. And so there are many people in the world to the fantasizing or only wishing they could be this or wishing they could do that. Shut up, Kiara. Water. Okay. Don't fall into this category. You can accomplish your dreams. All you need to do is plan towards your dreams can become a reality. Writing down your goals helps you to track your progress. You cannot track your progress widow details and facts. Having a written plan allows you to batch and see the steps in the action plan where you can see how you succeed and how you failed. So as professionals, this is not about opinions, emotions, or feelings. This is about facts. And how do you get facts and the details and the information by looking back on what you actually did and the steps that actually follow. This is how you are going to know what it costs you to fail or become the feeded or what allowed you to succeed. So it's important to keep data writing down your goals and helps you to filter opportunities and avoid distractions. When you are seeking to complete your vision or your goals. You need to stay on the path that will take you to your destination. Some opportunities are distractions. They are pear goods, but they can take you off of your costs. When you write your list of goals, evaluate them, and these opportunities that are coming at you and trying to distract you, made sure that they are not on your goals. And if they aren't, avoid them or put them aside so that you can complete them at another time, but stay true to your priorities and the things that are most important to you. Writing down your goals also reduces a lot of stress because it helps you to manage risk better. It removes the burden of keeping things inside of your head and being afraid that you might forget on myths as they're writing down your goals also held to manage emotional impulses and reactions. And you've heard me speaking a lot about emotions and feelings. So when you write your goals down, you're not leading anymore through your emotions. When you don't have plans written down to guide you, you make bad decisions and you make bad choices due to emotional impulses. When you are on the emotions, it's not a good time to make the car, do not make the call and the emotions make sure that you are calm, cool, and collected. You are leading when a sound mind. Also, when you write down your goals and helps you to achieve goals on a bigger scale. When you separate your goals into categories, you will obviously have some medium term goals and long term goals. These are the meat of your goals. In order to achieve these tedious goals, you will definitely need a written action plan. It will be too much information to remember. You will end up making mistakes. So your medium term goals and long-term goals, they require a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of effort and education are love studying unexperienced. So definitely you need to have a written plan. You will not accomplish success if you keep it within your mind, okay, that's not going to work with THE schools. You are only human. So remember that your brain can only hold so much information in it before it crashes. You can accomplish so much more when you write down your goals. So don't overcrowd your brain if you don't have to, it makes no sense, is going to affect your health as well. Write them down. You don't need to store a bunch of memories in your brain with these things that you can write it down and go to it when you need the information. Writing your goals down, but also outlive you. Yeah, unfinished goals can be accomplished by a family if you write them down. This is why you should write your goals down in a way that they are understandable to others. If someone picks up your goals, your goal list, they understand exactly what you are trying to see. It can become generational And that way, because now your children can pick up that coalesce or that plan and they can carry out your wish. Your written goals should be easy to read. They should be simple. You don't need to pay attention to inserting words. India plan that you don't even understand or that you can't even say. That makes no sense. Make it as simple as possible. Don't use words that you will have to go and run to get a dictionary to understand exactly what you're trying to see. Make it easier to read, make it simple, make sure as well, Detail and well-defined. It's Clare and as poker's may show as organized, step-by-step and methodical, or step one, step two, step three, okay, it's easy to understand and make sure that it's exciting and vivid. Whoever picks it up, they are drawn to it. They are instantaneously passionate about it and energize when they read it, okay? Some people don't like to write down their goals because they don't want to be accountable or responsible for their failures. Riley reminds them of the veins they didn't achieve. And so they feel guilty or carry some type of belief because they find a piece of paper where they would have written down their goals five years later. I they didn't accomplish it. And so they feel guilty. This is why a lot of people don't like to write it down because they don't have the fate. They don't believe that they can accomplish it. And so this is why most of the diets, many people just leave it within their minds. They don't want to be accountable or responsible for the goals that they bring into manifestation by writing it on paper. And so too dark, the pain and suffering of feeling like a failure defeat, they avoid writing it down. And so don't make this mistake. Write your goals down, write them down. You will achieve your goals by writing them down and make sure when you write them down, place them in an area that you frequently visit so that you can keep them alive and well in your life. 10. Using The Power Of A Journal To When Planning Your Goals: Welcome to this lesson where we will be discussing the power of our journal. Now, this is one of my favorite topics because I believe in journaling, I know that it is extremely important in the success journey where accounts, the goal-setting, is going to be extremely hard for you to accomplish any level of success without writing it down, and particularly in journal. So now you know the importance of writing. Where should you write down your goals, a question, you may thus solution, write your goals down in a journal. In my journal, I said daily, weekly, and monthly goals. And I definitely suggest that you do the same to not wait for the New Year's resolution list to come out. To write your goals. You should be achieving and accomplishing goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Not said, one bay Year's Resolution and try to accomplish all of them within that year NOW. So categorizing your goals is also breaking them down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Then you go on to your yearly goals where you want to target something really big, OK, but you have to start off small and put everything in his prospective places. So how does it work? How does journaling work? For me? I can tell you that I brainstorm every day to determine what goals I would like to accomplish. So I set too many goals. Okay. Too many goals a day and that's the minimum. I tried to release, accomplish at least two small goals every day. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to be active in a goal where you have to go through the whole goal process NOW because these are small mini goals. So even if you set a goal to just listen to your thoughts and just write down feelings that as a goal, okay, so you can do things like that, just recorded thoughts, anything that happens special for you within that, then you can write it. All of these are goals, okay? And it helps to make yourself discovery, Jorn, journey more important and more meaningful. Ok, and so for me also, I set weekly goals where I Target at least one important goal. Okay, at least Singapore and go now, this is a real well-developed go. Okay? And when I get to my monthly goals, I salaries four, goes from most important to least important. So when I write my list for my monthly goals, I start off with the pains that are most important to me and then I come down to lease important, so I know that the most important goals must be accomplished first, okay? And so what I do is I put a check or my most important goals. And when I complete them all, I finished them, I go and draw a smiley face on the side of it. Because that's my code that I have accomplished that goal and symbolically and creates happiness and joy in my life. If I don't get to accomplish all of my monthly goals because sometimes things happen right time or some some things happened unexpectedly. And so you didn't anticipated it. And so it kind of changes your plans in regards to finances. You might have an emergency when a family member where you have to use the funds you had planned for that goal towards your family emergency. And so that can kind of throw you off. And so if I don't get to accomplish them, I carry them over to the next month and they are placed at the top of my list, so I make sure that they are my priorities. Okay. So what is a journal? A journal is binded book that you choose to record, your thoughts, your ideas, emotions, and feelings, concepts, actions, and experiences, and is the best way to stay focused. And all then 9s. Now, you can choose to find like a black and white book or some type of book and doesn't actually have the come from a store where it's expensive or anything like that. But start with where you are. Get some type of book. Once is a binded book where the pages are secure and binding into one eye or a pencil or pen and just start to write for me, I like professional journals because they kind of hub the pages and everything organized for you. And so it's easier to go ahead and plan, but you can get to that point. Whenever you choose to abuse dad chews at that point, you can, if not, start with what you have, okay, start with which you have. So journaling increases your success rate by far, when it comes to setting goals, you can even calculate or measure the level of success just by writing and journaling. Okay, it's amazing. Edit them. Best thing or the best gift that you can ever buy for yourself. Some people are afraid to write because they are afraid of their thoughts and feelings. They want to avoid the fruit, right? So they just want their mind start talking to them. They don't want to listen to their minds or what is going on within their minds. They don't want to write because they don't want to invest in themselves. They don't feel worthy enough as if they are worded. You know, it's too much time and too much effort to sit down and write and pay attention to feelings and thoughts as to much time for them, they would prefer the gossip and hang around friends and mean them no good and do things that are meaningless and pointless. Also the times those type of individuals are hurting and they are suffering from childhood experiences. So to avoid their hurt and pain, they hind around friends because to be alone is to listen to their thoughts of truth. And they can't bear to listen to those thoughts and throught the truth of those thoughts. Keeping a journal is also a good way to keep memories, right? So if you are a person that is activate your family, you like to take vacation and shrimps may sure. Take your journal which you and write those memories down, record those things because they are precious memory. Gary, a journal which you write down those good quotes, right down those amazing things that are said from these experienced mentors and cultures do not miss out on anything. And also you must know that this journal is going to be or can be generational, right? Venue expire. All of the knowledge, all of the experiences that you would have learned and written down, you will be able to pass on to your children so that they can have this information and succeed in life. This is why you must write. Writing. We'll make you immortal because it will surpass your life and it boom, transcend down into countless generations, right? How many of us have read books that were written centuries ago, years ago, vocalize the richest man in babylon. This book was written a long, long time ago, and it still existed. It, we can still get our hands on the copy of those old and powerful books because of the power of writing. Some other methods of keeping racket includes. Cell phone notes, no pants, a stickies, pieces of paper. Now, these are some methods that other people also use. Now cell phone nodes. How many of you take notes in your cell phone, but you actually go back to those notes in the cell phone. Probably not many of you. Ok. Because most of the times when you write things or typed these messages into your cell phone, you don't even remember to go back to them? I have captured so many no's into my cell phone and I didn't even remember that they were there until I went through my cell phone looking for something else and I saw these nodes and Cephei that's so powerful and amazing things can get lost because you're really not checking your messages and stuff into these phones. And also, because there are so many distractions on these cell phones that can also interfere with your goals and your visions and untried to stay focused and organized because you have the Facebook app on your phone, you have via Instagram, you have all of these social media things that serves the energy and stops your focus. And so instead of you writing down your thoughts and your feelings and doling, which is supposed to be doing in regards to your goals, you end up going overboard and social media, you end up on Google and just doing a bunch of idleness. So I don't recommend cell phones. Now known pads or stickies. The reason I don't recommend no pads or stickies or even pieces of papers because they can get long. But still it's not a professional book. Okay, stickies, they get lost. They they're loose pieces of paper. They're loose pieces of paper. You can write some things on it. And tomorrow you're looking for that node and you just can't find that things get lost easily. And so you want to stay away from those types of methods. You need to keep all of your memories are nodes in one book. Okay? Organizing is key when you have one book where all of that information in one book and you are going out. All you needed grab is that one book and everything is in that one book. So you don't have to go through 345 books, just define something unless that book is close and you start a new journal. Okay, for Jerome wants to have us all over the place in little pieces and can find what you want. You must keep yourself organized. Also, books have vibrational power. A draws energy from you, and it's like a magnetic pulling you into it as something about turning those pages and whole and that book within your ham, it focus you, I'm promotes concentration is also easier to look back and passed knows when you use one book. Now check off all of the goals that you've accomplished in your journal. In your journal include You're not to do lists. Now, what is a not to do list? This is a list that is telling you what you don't want to do. Okay? Anything that distracts you have, you know, that you are a person that go on a telephone for two hours and that affects your goals that are in process, then you need to put that on your list, reminding us of, hey, do not go on that phone call today because that's going to stop. You remember, you have goals that you need to be planning towards and so do not go on the phone today and talk for two hours. If you have to go there and you would be cautious, average, you'll be aware and conscious of it and you will not spent two hours on the phone. It might be you might have a weakness in social media. And so you said you going on Facebook or Instagram for a few minutes just to check so if you have any messages and just to keep up with what's happening in the world, you end up staying for 234 hours. And so all of your time that you were designated for setting your goals would have been lost. Idleness, gossiping, negativity, sometimes in my not to do list, I speak about negativity. Okay? And not allowing those negative thoughts that tried to plant seeds inside of your mind to destroy me or stopped me from what I'm trying to do. So that's on my to-do list. And so that helps me to stay positive and to stay up within my higher self. And so wherever you distractions may be, write them down so that you are cautious and aware of them and you can avoid them when you are working towards your goals. If you need any more convincing. How about letting you know that at least 90% of wealthy people, right? In their journals. I am willing to bet that they all do. Some of the richest cultures like Jim Rowan, Tim Robins, t 0.5, Purvis will tell you that they run it and they will speak to you about the importance of reading. So what does this tell you? See, when someone is successful? It's not because they are better than you or because success is only for them. No, they are successful because they know something that you don't know. They are successful because they OUT learned you. And so all you have to do to be in the game is to do with they don't study them and see what their methods are. That is keeping them to be on the top. That is allowing them to win, that is allowing them to be successful and ambitious and goal-oriented. Or you need to do is study them and follow them. Follow and test the methods, see what's happening. Okay? Because they know something that you don't know and all you have to do is know with they know. And lastly, journaling makes you act and look like a professional. Ok, you come to do business when you have your journal and makes you look professional, you're not an armature. You're not operating off a emulsions and feelings and making bad decisions. You stick to the things that you put in your journal. You stick to them no matter what, no matter how you feel, no matter what obstacles and circumstances come your way, you stick to your goal. And that is what makes you a professional. 11. Part 1: Bad Habits That Affect The Goal-Setting Process: Welcome to bad habits that affects your goal setting process. So what? Bad habits? Bad habits are consistent behaviors that are detrimental to your, well, the habits are crucial. Your habits will affect your behavior and how you behave determines your character. So habits are extremely important. You must pay attention to the type of habits that are manifested in your daily life. Your character then determines how you act. It determines how you see yourself and how others see you. So you want to develop habits that are good. When we think of habits, we automatically think about bad habits. Why is this? Well, because bad habits are much more popular and active in people's lives, it took me a good amount of time to actually become aware that there are good habits that guarantees. It took me a while to learn that because we don't often learn about good habits. We often hear about how not to do something, but then the information is not available. The good habits that the Welty and highly successful use to accomplish success. And they are the good habits, some bad habits that affect goals. So making decisions based on emotions, that is definitely a bad habit, the lack of commitment and loyalty, and not having the ability to stick to your goals, the lack of discipline, not setting schedules, not remembering your schedule, and all of these things that displays that you lack discipline, then you have the lack of planning, no clarity and focus. This is an individual that doesn't know what they want. So if you don't know what you want, anything will do. Also. If you are not clear and focus on your goals, then you will start mimic other people's goals. You will start to compare and compete with other people because you don't know what you want. You are not Claire. When it comes to your purpose and your vision, self-doubt, and no self-confidence. These extremely terrible habits because of your normal even yourself, who will believe in you. Every time you set a goal, you started doubted and you start to have the lack of confidence within yourself. These are terrible habits. And to be honest with you, it is going to be extremely odd for you to accomplish anything worthwhile without self confidence and belief in yourself. If no one believes in you, that's fine. Because once you believe in you, it doesn't even matter what the world thinks. What matters is that you believe in you and you believe that you can accomplish your vision. That's the important thing, Fair? Fair. As also a bad habit, always being fearful. And because you're fearful, you don't do the things that you want to do because you are afraid to fail. You are afraid that you will put so much effort into your goal. And then you are the feeding. And then some people are afraid of success. They once exists, but they're not sure they can handle it when it comes. So fair is also another bad habit that causes people not to go after their goals. And then of course, non-speaking wise counsel on feedback. You must have a mastermind group, someone or people that you can go to and get advice from and seek feedback, acts them, present your goal to them and asked them, what do you think about this goal? Is there anything missing? Is something that I can insert, you know, try and get some feedback, ask questions. Don't worry about the criticism. Criticism is not all bad. Once the criticism has the ability of improving you or it promotes growth and development in your life. Not putting in the effort and lack of passion or also BAD habits that will cause you to fail when setting goals. Some people, basically it comes down to them not putting in the effort. And they don't put in the effort because they don't have any passion for the goal. This is why we would have discuss here that you should not be putting goals or near lists that are not valuable and meaningful to you. There is a way to overcome these bad habits. You can overcome these bad habits. You don't have to live the rest of your life with these tormenting bad habits, these habits that consistently the NYU, others, success that you deserve. You don't have to live that way. You can fix it. As a matter of fact, it's very simple. Reverse these bad habits by implementing good habits. The same where you can develop a bad habit. You can develop and implement good habits. It's called counteracting. So basically, we're counteracting is in order to get rid of the negative, implement a positive. That's the only way. So you have to remove something by replacing it with something else. And of course, you must be consistent. Consistency is key. Consistency is key. That's what makes habit powerful because it's something that you continuously do without even knowing that you are doing. Experts say that it takes at least 18 days to break a habit or develop a new habit. I think it has to do with a choice and making the decision. Some people make the decision not to participate and destructive behavior. And they stay loyal and committed to it. And because of their loyalty and commitment, the habit disappears. So you have to make the choice and the decision. You have to be disciplined. 12. Part 2: Bad Habits That Affect The Goal-Setting Process: So how do you know when you have a habit? You know that you have a hammer, when you consistently do things, when you don't things without being conscious of it. Well, being aware that you are doing it without having to force yourself to do or persuade yourself to do it. Or you do it without other people having to tell you to do it. You do it naturally and it flows naturally. Effort listening. That's how you know that it is a habit. So here are some good habits for goal setting. Loyalty and commitment to schedules, keeping a journal, seeking feedback, self-confidence, well-developed plans, research, studying, and practicing the skills. Getting a good night's rest and health. Health-wise and reference to exercising and reference to eating well, a proper diet meal that is very important because you are what you eat and when you are healthy and you are good LG habits, then you perform better, okay? Then you operate within your higher self. And then another good habit is avoiding distractions. And so this is some healthy food here that you should be eating. We happy now, don't wait to be happy. Or some say, or I'll be happy when I have this, or I'll be happy when I do that. Now, be happy now. You have a life now. Blood flow through your veins. So be happy. Now, stop waiting for things to happen in order for you to be happy. You should be happy and grateful when you wake up in the morning and you are able to breed in God's great oxygen. One of the most important things you must master in the goal-setting process is being loyal to your schedules. Many people fall down when it comes to loyalty to their schedules. Some days you will not feel like completing the tasks listed in your action plans. I know that feeling many of us do because we are humans and we are emotional beings. Sometimes you feel up and sometimes you feel down. You don't feel the same all the time. But you must overcome those emotions and you must get job done. You must become self discipline. You must master your emotions and say, you know what, I don't feel like completing this task today, but this task is a very important step in accomplishing this goes or I have to get it done. You know, you know, that Time Waits for No One. So the more time you take to complete tasks and steps, the longer it will take for you to complete your goals or you will not meet their value. Some people are not loyal to their schedules because they don't remember them. I have had this challenges on many occasions. Not remembering something. And then when the day is over then I said, oh, I was supposed to do this today or as positive that so in order for me to stay on schedule, I set reminders. I do not rely on my mind. Like I said, thousands of thoughts are running through your mind every day to not depend on your mind to remind you of things. Use other ways and methods of remembering the things that you ought to do because these are important things. So you cannot afford to forget them. So set reminded, you can set reminders by using a telephone, your cell phone, you can use calendars, you can write little notes to yourself. There are a lot of different ways, whatever works for you, use them. Some people are not loyal to their schedules because they lack effort. They are not doing what it takes to get the job done. How can you want to achieve a goal, but you are not willing to do what it takes. You have to be willing to do what it takes. Some people don't like hard work. They don't like to put in the effort. They just want things to fall in their lab, or they are hoping for a genie in a bottle to bring them what they want. They are hoping that, that there are some magic button they can press. And whatever they wish and desire will just be manifested before them without having to do anything. It doesn't work like that. You have to put in the work. You have to do something to get something. Because the principle says that you will reap what you, so you cannot read a view didn't sell. So if you want to read, you have to, so you have to put in the work. Other people are not loyal to their schedules because they procrastinate often. Now what is procrastination? Procrastination is keep delaying, delaying the lane. You keep putting off things. No, some people put things off because a fair some people put things off because they lack self discipline. They don't have what is necessary to complete the goal and so they keep putting it off. They don't believe in themselves. They lack self confidence. There are many methods or ways why people procrastinate. But procrastination is delaying your goals and writing them down helps you to overcome this bad habit of procrastination. Okay? Because you will miss many opportunities. Because you are a procrastinator. Good luck doesn't come to those who procrastinate or who continuously put off things. Other people are not loyal to schedules because they don't set aside a particular time that when they want to work on their goals. So you must dedicate our period for the goal or the task. Okay? So if you are writing a book, then you would say that I am going to. Take two hours a day to write on my book because I need to complete this book in two months. So that means that I am acquired the spend two hours a day writing something to go towards my goal. And so you must set a particular time for your tasks and your milestones to not leave them open for you to decide when you want to do them. Some people don't know loyal to their schedules because of distractions. They put in the effort. They are willing. They do the hard work, but then they allow things that distract them. They allow friends, they allow social media costs. A pain island that come in, edges, snipe their time away from them. And before they know it, that day is gone. And so they are not able to do with things that they had planned to do. So distractions must be avoided. Okay? Many people don't set goals because of idleness. I aloneness. Like the quote says, idle hands do the devils. If you walk continuously idle, you will find yourself in mischief. So you must avoid Alice tried to be busy, invest your time into doing things that will make you a better person, that will bring you the success that you want. You have to invest in your time and stop allowing other people to consume your tie because once time is wasted and it's gone, you will never get it. But the only thing that you could never buy is time. There's only 24 hours in a day and no currency, no man, no government. Nothing on this planet can change the duration of terms. So you must be careful of what you do with your time. You must guard your time, not allow people to waste. It. Makes sure that everything that you are doing are meaningful, as valuable. And it's going to take you one step closer to your desired results. Gossiping. This is a bad habit and it will stop you from accomplishing and achieving your goals. Because you are getting into idle talk. You're getting into things that don't matter and have no ability to bring his exempts. It's wasted time is wasted, energy, gossiping is wasted. Instead of putting negative things into the universe, instead of using your time to do things that cannot even bring any kind of benefit to you. Use it to do good things. Okay? And of course we spoke about procrastination. Many people do not set their goals because they procrastinate too much. And so here is a great quote that I loved. It says great minds discuss ideas. Average one's discuss events and small minds discuss people. Okay? So instead of you trying to discuss events or try to learn something, learn about opportunities and learning a skill or ability. You are gossiping in talking about other people. That is a small mine. And so I want you to say these things out loud to yourself. Make these affirmations. An interviewer members say this with me. I will act in spite of my phase. Say that again. I will act in spite of my fears. I will act in spite of my disappointments. I will act in spite of my disappointments. I will act in spite of my discouragement. One motto, I will act in spite of my discouragement. I will act in spite of my doubt and my worries. I will add, in spite of my physical allies not being able to comprehend what is happening now is not my reality, even though I'm not successful now or not where we want to be right now. That doesn't mean that I am not going to get what I want. Not because I have never got it means that I never shell. So I will act in spite of all of those challenges being presented before me right now. I will. 13. Emotional Triggers: So in this section people speak about emotional trillions. I am deeply connected to this topic. I am passionate about this topic because I realized that there are many persons who don't even understand the whole don't even know what an emotional trigger is. They don't even know why they act a big they are. They don't realize that this can be controlled. Okay. And so I wanted to put this into this cause because it's extremely important and is one of the basis or reasons why people have some of these bad habits. I myself, personally, I would have acted in certain bees or I would have noticed that I act a certain B But I have encountered a certain situation. And so I was like, Hey, what is happening here? What is going on? Why am I acting the way I am acting okay? And so I had to go back into my pas. Think and brainstorm are trying to connect the dots. I try to see what is happening here on. I would have researched this because I wanted to know more about this one of the know about , you know, emotionalism and I would have discovered this great topic. And so I needed to share this with you. Okay. It can be controlled. You don't have to be on control or ah, person that is driven here on there. You can stand firm and steadfast. Okay, So what is an emotional trigger? An emotional trigger is on vents that occurs that provoke a certain reaction from you. It could be a person. Ah, place reading an article smelling of frequents that you remember while being assaulted or anything that connects you to your past experiences of drama, all of us experienced something in our past that triggers a certain reaction from us is just that some people are better than others when it comes to Hundley. Yeah, emotions. You want to be able to control these trailers because if you don't, you will be an emotional wreck. Our people will be ableto push your buttons and control you. This is a sign of weakness. When people see a B points on, then know that they can manipulate you. They will use it against you. And of course, you must not allow people to see a weakness and know what your weak points are. You must not you must be able to control your weakness, be able to mask it and turn it into Australia. But do not allow people to know what your B points out, because they will use it against you. And so I just want to point out that happiness is also an emotional trigger. And so emotional trigger is not all. About 90% of it connects you with past trauma on body experiences. But there are some things that can happen. There are some things that people can see that there are some things are articles that you might read or you might be in a particular and fire month that causes you to feel happy or sense of joy. Okay on. So that's an emotional trigger. So it's not all about okay? It is not all about. So you can feel happy you could connect with Ah, Pa suspense. Probably when you were a child and your parents said something to you. What? They did something on. When you experience that same thing from somebody else, it reminds you of it. And so it makes you feel good. It makes you feel love, okay? And so that is also an emotional trigger. Sorry. Emotional triggers are rejection, disapproval, feeling unloved, disrespected disloyalty or lack of trauma such as being raped, abused or violently attacked, killed and seem fair north being valuable, trust unappreciated, unrecognized on looniness. To make a more precedent, you may be emotionally trickling If someone criticizes our judges. You someone ignores you. Someone is unavailable than you need them. Someone is too busy. I don't have the time for you. Someone not apparent to be happy or glad to see you. Someone coming onto you sexually in a needy Be someone trying to control you. Someone being needy are trying to smother you. So again, emotional triggers are those super reactive places inside you that are activated by other people's behaviors. Comments, all pains, rent triggered. You maybe joy yourself emotionally on feel hurt, Saad or angry or respond in aggressively that you will probably regret later, after you are removed from the situation. I know for me personally, I probably will become the drawer. I will withdraw myself from the situation before I get angry or for until a state of depression, I will withdraw myself. Okay, because I don't want to do something. I just think old my situations. I don't like to get myself in a place where I will regret my decision later. I think it is one of the most popular emotional triggers. People only get angry and express their anger when they connect with something that remind them of peen or travel or something like that. Many people are drenched in debt because of the emotional triggers. For example, you may find yourself spending money obsessively on not be able to control your spending. Some people are triggered to spend money when they connect with their childhood. These when their parents didn't have the money, and as a result, they go up or to avoid these painful events from recurring on fitness of black. They spend because it makes him feel as if they have no lap, and it makes them feel bearable themselves. Having their own money puts them in a place of control on. They don't have to hear the word No, if they wanted something. Okay, so this and is an example off. Ah, financial trigger. Okay, it's It's Taiji emotion, but is financial on so many percents? Many people find themselves in depth because of emotional triggers it triggers them financially, courses them to spend on being irresponsible with money. And so these things you must search deep and try to figure out what your problem. Maybe. And so we will continue this section in the next election. So please stay tuned on. Don't go any where. 14. Emotional Triggers Cont'd: okay. And so we are continuing with emotional triggers. So let me give you an example. Let's say a woman was raped when she was a child. Obviously, this is a painful ultra Monnet experience. She can be sitting down on a death on here, conversation on the radio of the women that are raped un immediately. She starts to cry uncontrollably. Co workers are there. They heard the same conversation, but it didn't evoke a certain reaction from them. It didn't even bother them. Why? Because they didn't experience this trauma. She did. And so this is one of the ways that you can tell that someone is being affected by an emotional trigger because out of the blue they would start to cry. Or they would talk in a strange way, a way that they don't normally act because of something that they would have recently just heard or a comment. Or suddenly they were read or something. They just obviously changed. I'm get until Azuma, where they are different from how they normally act. Quality would start to cry. I'm just for no reason out of the blue to use for no reason until them it maybe they don't know why they're crying, you know, because most many persons like I would have said they don't understand what emotional triggers are. So when you on your journey to success, you must be conscious of these things that will hinder you. You will not be able to control what other people do on their actions, but you will be able to control your actions on how you deal with your situations. So the key is not to try on control. Other people on get angry with other people when they would have to things or say things that will cost you to feel angry Assad or the course you don't withdraw yourself. The key is not to become angry with them on mine, but then, because you will never be able to control how other people think you will never be able to control other people's actions. The key is the master yourself, the kids, the master, what you do under control, how you act, you must remember that. So this is not about controlling other people. It is about controlling yourself. What is the height of self discipline and so you must hear from your emotional triggers And in order to heal from your emotional triggers, you can first identify what they are. You cannot fix things that you don't know exists. So you must brainstorm. You must meditate. Despicable meditation. This is why it's important to meditate. Because all these things will come into existence but in your mind. And you will become aware and conscious of what is happening with you. Okay, so identified what's happening internally. Keep a journal and write down your feelings. Know your limits on what you can handle. Okay, I know what you can handle. If you know that being around a particular person is gonna cost you toe aka Certain Be Why put yourself in that position. Why stay around the prison? Why be around that person if they are going to cost you? Teoh oxidant be if you know that every time you around a certain individual you get angry and you say things and you become me. Then you know that you need to stay away from these individuals. Stay away from these type of people that braille out negativity. Okay, so know your limits. Know what you can handle what you cannot handle. Then you must avoid. Okay, a challenge yourself. Come up with alternatives to help control your emotions. Some people try to avoid their triggers. Now you do not want to avoid your triggers. This is not healthy. It is not good. You must tried to final. What? Your trigger is a hell from it. Okay. Which habits relates more to you when you try to avoid an emotional trigger? For example, do you get angry? Do you feel Saad? Do you feel needy? Do you shut down and withdraw yourself from people? Ok, Do you fit in with the crowd and become a crowd pleaser? Do you blame other people? Do you get addicted to four drugs? Sex, porn alone The shopping That's any of these things, some fermented to you. Then you find yourself trying to avoid emotional triggers because you will. These things will become existed in your life because any time you are trying to run away from a situation, you will find yourself getting deeper until another situational addicted to something else . Because you're trying to escape the pain you're tried to escape in and you cannot escape penal trauma by getting deeply embedded into another body. Have it Okay, So don't avoid your triggers. It will become harmful and cost you a lot of p in. Dealing with these past traumas is extremely painful. On many times, we don't want to remember it, but ah, violence from Costa Pinto Kobe to help me with my triggers. I started writing memories down for my child. I saw that many of my negative emotions derived from what I experienced when I was a child . Feelings of rejection, disapproval feeling lonely, to name a few, writing these things down. Help me so much because now I was aware of them on I could now come up with some solutions . I was no longer frustrated because I knew now what things triggered me. Reading some of my feelings was painful, but I had to be all this with myself. And so I want you to understand that yes, when you write down and young memories and all of these parts experiences, especially when you go back as far as you can into your child, let me tell you, it's gonna hurt, okay? Because many of many things will be revealed to you that you didn't even know what they're . All of these deep courts and sort of the Escondida. And so reading them and going over them, it can hurt you. I know. But you cannot avoid them. You must heal from these trillions. Okay? Honesty. Heels. Be patient. Be kind and compassionate, which yourself Do not criticize yourself. Do not feel bad for yourself, okay? No. Just be honest. Be honest on. Everything will flow and everything will fall in line. Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. You are not bad Austrians. You are special on unique most people when they get an emotional trigger they were spawned a longer like we said earlier. Harmful? I love costs you many regrets ever closed a lot of doors for you if you can't control it. People that lack self control are uncivilized people. Yes, people may say things that upset you, but it will be wise to team those feelings to avoid making regretful mistakes. So never allow people to the tape. Your actions. Okay, I said that is the end of this election. It was certainly a pleasure speaking to you about emotional triggers. And I hope from this section you would have taken your notes and it would have blast you on . I hope that you were able to cool back in two young pass and brainstorm. And think about some events that might occur to you that is actually affecting you today as an adult. Okay. 15 or 20 years later, he was still having the CME reaction from a particular trickle. Okay, I hold that this was ableto help you identify with something and that you were able to find some relief on that. You will be able to heal from your situation because the most hi everyone just call each and everyone of us to be a piece. And so I want you to be a piece. I want you to find happiness. Enjoy on contentment. Stay tuned for the next section.