Set or refine your goals - a goal setting guide for business owners

Jane Tweedy, Educate & empower small business owners

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9 Videos (45m)
    • L01 Introduction to Goal Setting for Business Owners and FAQBT

    • L02 Why Set Goals At All?

    • L03 All of Life Approach to Goal Setting for Business Owners

    • L04 Review and Brainstorm Goal Ideas

    • L05 SMARTER Goals

    • L06 Creating Goal Measures Using Scales

    • L07 Is the Goal Really Set Right?

    • L08 Action Plans to Achieve Your Goals

    • L09 Summary - Goal Setting for Business Owners


About This Class

Have you set New Years Resolutions or Goals in the past only to see them fail? This is the course for you!

In this class you will learn how to set effective goals for not just your business but also your life as a whole, after all a life where you smash your business goals and your personal life is in tatters can't really be considered a success!

We'll look at All of Life, SMARTER goals, making sure your goals aren't FAKE SMART goals, and set action plans to actually get things happening!







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Jane Tweedy

Educate & empower small business owners

Hello, I'm Jane. I'm on Skillshare to both enhance my own skills and to teach others some of the vast knowledge and experience I have in relation to business and career development.

My background was corporate (investments, customer service, sales), but always had something on the side as my own business and/or through volunteering work. I dabbled in property, photography and resume writing. In 2015, I found my real calling that linked to my personal desire to help others and leave the...

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