Set Creative Goals - first steps to success | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

Set Creative Goals - first steps to success

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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11 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Goals Introduction

    • 2. Why Set Goals ?

    • 3. Your Vision Exercise

    • 4. Feeling the Fear

    • 5. Writing Out Your Goals

    • 6. Making a Goals Book

    • 7. Making a Goals Video

    • 8. My Final Thoughts

    • 9. BONUS 1 - Create a Video with Apps

    • 10. BONUS 2 - General Update and why affirmations matter

    • 11. BONUS 3 - Affirmations that Have Helped Me

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About This Class

There is a clear link between those who set goals and those who succeed, because they have a clear direction for their chosen destination. Thinking about what you want for your ultimate creative life will give you direction and help you make better choices based on your priorities.

Whether its attracting dream clients, becoming your own boss or creating art in a lofty studio, these can be achieved if you decide they are worthy goals for you. Everyone will want different goals, but first step is to define them. By setting clear targets you can see the progress you're making ( even if its little steps) and take pride in moving in the right direction. 

I only returned to the creative field 3 years ago after a absence of 8 years. If I had not thought of and then written out my goals I do not think I would have the sort of success (my version of it) I enjoy today. You may achieve some of your goals in a few months, some will take longer but just have a creative goal to work towards is in itself significant.

The world needs your talent, and for you to reach your potential creatively so lets truly be ourselves and pursue what matters to us. What goals would bring your passions alive?