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Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda

teacher avatar Harshit Srivastava, Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. What you will learn in this class?

    • 2. Learning- Amazon Lambda

    • 3. Exploring Amazon Web Services

    • 4. Creating an AWS account

    • 5. How lambda works internally

    • 6. Handler Function

    • 7. Event Object

    • 8. Context Object

    • 9. Callback object

    • 10. Working with Logs

    • 11. Creating Lambda function with ZIP files

    • 12. Creating a Lambda function

    • 13. Connecting with API Gateway as Trigger

    • 14. Passing Information through API Gateway

    • 15. Writing data to DynamoDB

    • 16. Reading data from DynamoDB

    • 17. AWS CLI: Installation and Configuring with IAM user credentials

    • 18. AWS CLI Reference- More Lambda command

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About This Class

This course is all about learning and mastering one of the most popular services of Amazon Cloud- AWS Lambda. It is a highly demanded skill among Cloud professionals, specially those who are working on AWS Cloud platform. With AWS Lambda, you can create a Serverless Applications in a matter for few steps. You can choose any of the programming languages available to create a Lambda application. This allows you create an added functionalities for exiting mobile, web, desktop, or an Iot Application without making any change to the source code of the existing application. This way you can develop a new functionality without risking any downtime or experimenting with the successfully running app. Push Notifications are one such examples, that can be considered a serverless application. You can create a lot more functionalities with AWS Lambda.

In this course, you will learn AWS Lambda right from the beginning, covering the following Lambda functionalities:

  • Handler function

  • Event object

  • Context object

  • Callback function

  • Working with logs, etc

After learning these tools and services, you will learn by two real life example projects on AWS Lambda. These projects will demonstrate step by step how you could develop and deploy you Lambda applications.

Project-1: Lambda function with API Gateway

  • Creating a Lambda function

  • Connecting with API Gateway as Trigger

  • Passing Information through API Gateway

Project-2: Lambda function with DynamoDB

  • Writing data to DynamoDB

  • Reading data from DynamoDB

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Harshit Srivastava

Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix


I am Self-Taught developer who had worked on various platforms using varied languages, and involved in various Projects both Open Source and Proprietary.

I have developed Web and Android Applications, chrome Extension, worked on various frameworks, fixed bugs for some projects, and explored numerous others. I think education and learning should be free and open, not be bound with restrictions like attending classes or going to college, People from all age groups, gender, faith, race, nations, etc must get equal privilege. When entire world would act this way like being a single FAMILY, we would truly realise VALUE of Knowledge and Human Life.

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1. What you will learn in this class?: Hi there, welcome to this class on serverless computing with AWS Lambda. My name is worshiped on now glucose instructor for this class. This class will teach you a lot AWS Lambda, one of the most popular Cloud services. It is a highly demanded is skill among Cloud professionals, basically Solution Architects. In this class, you will learn AWS Lambda right from the beginning, covering radius Lambda functionalities such as handler function, event object, context object, callback function. Working with logs and Latch mode. You will also learn about creating lambda functions. But API Gateway, we're going to create triggers and pass information. And you will learn to read and write data on DynamoDB. So if you are curious to learn AWS Lambda and take your carrier to the next level. You start learning like now. See you in the class. 2. Learning- Amazon Lambda: Hi, friend. Welcome to Amazon Lambda Here. We're going to learn what is Amazon Lambda? Our serverless computing. Odd. In other words, function as a service. We will explore what Lambda is and how we can be complex applications based on Amazon Clammed up. Amazon Lambda run code in response to evens. Letter triggered based on certain conditions. So what is in, uh, Lambda? There's still for a theoretical understanding. Mandarins stateless. Request Dr in Court Court. Lambda functions If you are expedience programmer Order. You have learned, uh, some off the concept off java by 10 nodes or other languages. You might have come across Lambda functions in Java. Eat it. Support Lambda functions. But in 77 it does not support Lambda invite entry. It supports lambda functions. Lambda functions are statelet functions. There does not difference on objects. It are automating because it is a request Dr in court and it can work on clusters. This does not need to be processed on a single processor, so it doesn't end up too hastily. You cannot define you. Do Lewis land of functions based on either of these three languages. No DRDs Diyala and fightin the land of functions are triggered by evens that can be state. Transition from one state to another state based on other AWS services that may include kindnesses, is streaming analysis Ah, by plane, cognito and other services. You only need to pay for the requester and the computation time. You don't need to pay for an isolated tasks, all right, for hosting your entire process. When a request is made or sir, and the computation is required, you need to only pay for that certain time. Peter. With Lambda, you can focus on business logic, not on the lying. Under infra structure, you just you get focused to your court, ANA, you just improve. Your court does not care about lying infrastructure that is done by the end of Louis. On other services, that is the benefit off dysfunctional surface. For example, if we have to develop a render application of Web application in a traditional manner without using the function that serverless computing, you need to deploy everything run from the entire application on the road. But with Lambda, you just get a single task. It is automatically interrelated are getting in world integrated with other services off. That's a map for example, put push notification for If you are creating a push notification, you does not need to play it. Ah, the notification service. We didn't app that is offered app, and you don't need to worry about the app and it's cold. Similarly, this is Lambda. You just upload your court on AWS lambda, and it handled everything. AWS handles capacity is scaling schooling off her ass or other taking resources. The deployment, which is most important thing. You don't need toe manually deploy everything it has. It is foretold in it can handle various kinds or falls on its own. It has a monitoring facility on it, maintains log. It is a Web service front end and have security patching. So how this works in an even drive and compute manner. So it'll Islam the computer toe fundamental components that is, Lambda FBI, as you can see in the center and Linda Containers. So how they work with her trigger are in work function requests. When in walked function, the question is made. You can see on the left hand side off the screen when involved function is ah function request is made. It in walks a request our generous a request. Do the alarm. The FBI that clears had reused container. Ah, and process it to function. Either it resides in the land that contain there. The function that you defined. Reason alum date Yeah, Doug function process that the desert and returns it to lambda I p a. The Lambda Gender is the response code That is fasting. Every anything with that is this once. So you see that deployment, uh, is under K case off Lambda I p A. And you're cool. Reside within the land. A container informer for function. So how it works For a more example, you just need to upload airport to Ariel. Is lambda that? Could we mobile eight of the services or other influence set up your could trigger from other legal services? STP endpoint. But enough activities like in approaches and other things. Lambda runs their code on living trigger using only the country residence is needed when it is not triggered. You don't need to pay anything If it is trigger, you pay for that Researchers, you just pay for the computer time you use not for Dider time. So how does it work in a more and has minor with about application for her. You can see Lambda is integrated with other solutions. For example, a P A gateway as three storage on AWS Cloud and the foliage. And you didn't dig into a double of application support of every application. Makes a request to upload. Make a history upload request. You are the process toe I request to upload. Some contain who that is to the cloud As Terry Storage. It goes with the FBI Gateway, which in return three got the Lambda function. The Lambda Functions return after the upload. You are the link where you can upload the link is fired by the FBI. Get way so the Web application never, ever obligation then upload a model are contained. Do EST. Raise a storage, which triggers a lambda function? To identify that the file is uploaded the land of functions then upload model from history to food and request translating moves hurt after the test. Done never obligation. Check their translating his status. Whether it has been uploaded or not, it goes to the A P. A. Gateway. AP A Gateway passes their trigger on translating requests and treated the Lambda function. The Lambda function, and they're done translating in Sturgis and which is reflected back to the Web application . So this is a simple way how it could work with the bigotry as three and replication. Similarly, we can involve it, uh, lambda, with a wide range of services and applications to, uh, provide ah huge range off solutions on various scenarios. Ah, let's say some previously start about the usage of several less computing's frameworks are facilities provided by different cloud windows as you against he AWS. Lambda is far ahead from other services, almost 77% off the users off their fast function of the service or server lists. Computing pretty for AWS lambda. And there they would prefer in the futures, too. Although they would like to try some new platforms like a party opened with fiscal, they're trends over IBM Blue Mix Cloud, the Google Cloud Foundation. As your functions, there were less framework open fast and other things. But you know, this lambda is far. I heard among them so you can trust it oblivious. It is updated regularly. Let's take some examples. For example, if we are willing to build a better application, how we can do so. For example, in order whether application we need to be notified by the weather. We first need to create an ashtray bucket for front and court for whether our posted industry, for example, our web whether APP is hosted on history, the data and the could recite in the history. But they're object storage on AWS Cloud, where are application uses click stooling To get local weather information. We had a user for website or can clearly to get the information off local weather information. It passes it request to a p a gateway. As in the previous case, the A B again Get Me makes the STP A call to the endpoint after makes the rest a peer to then point which into the gym. Nesta Junior's a Lambda Lambda functions. Trigger of It is land according to retract the local weather information Captain, the dynamodb or other database, and you don't get that back to the user in a similar fashion. So this was the application of the application. Similarly, we can create an image thumbnail. High register flat is empty. Uh, we have taken a photograph. We have within upload our photograph to the s three bucket. Then when are Florida is done? Alarmed? I wouldn't. Is trigger when lam dyes trigger hours lambda Good for resizing the image based on have more vile or tablet size or come recreation distended Here we just need to write the good Do these guys the image that is the Lambda could recite within the Lambda Container works with the Lambda EPA that automatically deploys with get deployed with everything else. One of the example is analysis off streaming shows and media data. We can use kindnesses for bigger town The listeners off social media data The kindnesses Yes, the social media esteem off Laura streams loaded into kindnesses in real time The social media content from Facebook Uh, lingering tutor and release of their sites. Okay, alluded. You just need to write the logic. Ah, within the land of function Onda When the daughter digitize loaded with the kindnesses lam dyes trigger the land of function is called the Lambda Good riddance. Could that genders, Haas doctrine data and the stores agenda into the dynamodb? It may, you may define a certain hashtag drink. For example, if you want to analyze a single hashtag for example Hashtags Trump for president are there . You can fetch all the information What people are saying based on this has tagged and all the information that is analyzed where the kindnesses is kept in the dynamodb for further analysis The social media trend data immediately available for the business under the query when it is stored in the dynamodb, you can make queries on with a complex solution and analyze the Trent very easily where surgically and it has ah, very large scaling capability. So you don't not Does not fear, toe, um off is killing anything so that for no, we were in the explorer. More things later on, do a practical demonstration. Keep lording, keep moving ahead. 3. Exploring Amazon Web Services: Hi there. Welcome to this Learning Siris on Amazon Web services, or AWS, are simply Amazon Cloud. We're going to learn all the AWS services and products on would also learn how we can deploy and develop ah washed range of applications that endures i o T Application Web application on your application are simply I storage device Or did they were housing on complex er solutions. We can wait a last strange off applications on. We will learn here with practical demonstration and would create ah sample project. Um, you need integrity. We will learn about each of the services are productive one by one in dept. So let's start. So these are some of the winders most popular renders a gender Telectronics, xpr, TCL boobies off Vodafone and all be Samson. These involve are employed the use of Amazon Web services and rely on eight of Louis Club. So AWS has a world were the rapid pace of innovation from year 2006 or 678 with simple 24 applications are Amazon elastic cloud compute easy do with elastic block storage and now it has evolved to ah huge range of services and products in multiple categories like a compute database analytics. I OD. Even it has a game engine. It has an air and we are support augmented reality and virtual reality support for innovation and development. There really is competitors in the market for AWS that includes I beams Ah, blue mix Microsoft as your and Google Cloud But AWS is ranked first among ah, all those cloud winders in various terms in themselves, market capture AWS has over 34% off the cloud share it is Ah, simple. So simple. Developers are basic developers. It is a very washed for complex or advanced developers. It has, ah, very interactive and warming on simple to deploy their applications. So these are the services. These are various services that we can, uh, use to empower application and create a huge range of applications. It has analytics, mobile development AB development enterprise have hybrid cloud management management who's it is a marketplace where we can develop and sell our Cody when to our fellow developers or any other developers, we can work in a team on who started well, process to a chain. Yeah, here we get a technical support from AWS as well as AWS also providers learning content and AWS certification is most prestigious i t certification to do. Everyone is almost everyone is seeking and aws certification If he's a little too here she related to you Cloud computing It is a very reliable and, uh ever growing platform. AWS has an infrastructure services and it has very secured in love me. So why we need a cloud. Actually, cloud is used Teoh scale ever produced. You might have an idea. What about a cloud? Computing is if you have to develop. I'm entire infrastructure. I did you host a website or a complex CLP solution? If you have to install them on a physical bare metal server in your data center right in your office, you need some stuff workers to manage them and huge amount of celery and electricity bills and networking wheels, uh, have to repair tow them. And if your data has to be skilled up, you need more racks and racks in a data center. It will be hard toe every time. Control everything for forgetting realtor. Those things we shift to do cloud Amazon host all the infrastructure networking and other parts and we have to deploy our application and get in world toe. He's the services. As you can see here, these are the few services off Amazon Web services. These are the facilities and tools that we can use from all the categories. Compute storage content, delivery date obvious networking developer tools management tool analytics, mobile services like cognitive, which is very popular these days. Enterprise applications and other applications we can employ them on we need As a developer of cloud architect or developer, we have two graphs all the key terms in world here on which we are going to do and learn each of them one by one in a vet better on is low and the sturdy piece and we are going toe master these things At the end of the course we will cover all the theoretical part Onda build a practical solution. So this image Waas Ah offer dashboard aws services dashboard That was previously every level But now it looks like this Ah arrange a product has increased as you can see in earlier image There are Onley fourth every city in the compute category is he do is he to container services elastic greenish stack and Lambda. But now it has six services. If you do light till, which is a new surveys elastic containers of is Lambda and Batch, which is a new service, another services. Similarly, there has ah increased of services in each category. Either be machine learning analytics or other things. Ah, databases and storage services. We don't see him in analytics. We get had a new service that is quicksight at in, uh, we have, ah aws deep lands the pinpoint and other services. So we will learn each of them later. So thanks for no 4. Creating an AWS account: well conference. So now we're going to create our own AWS account Amazon Web services account, which is right there for excluding all that. You don't necessarily says and deploying anything using AWS. So just search on Google or any surge India. It'll lose free to your account. I simply goto a the lewis dot amazon dot com This last free now on the top, right? Just hit the create an AWS account for 10 here you would be really director too, A link where you can create an account to simply provide all the information required first . Ah, there appear Fanny Melody does provide any Well i d ah cleared Ah chick that I am a new user then here designed the border under your name. If you are an individual, you can create an individual account. If you are a company or an organization, you can create your organization's account. It is very simple. Just ah, you enter your humility. You're grading shows your password and you type the password again. Then he declared, We're done cleared a going then your contact information is required. Your address the country. I'm just ah providing some garbage. Will you anything because I would really created an account. So this is an example for a company or organization you can select for any country. Example India. This provided this information and other informations. Address City State poster for phone number and other informations. Right here, for example, anything. And to the capture. No, just provide your payment information. The David card number or great card number. Name on your card. It is very important to step. Actually, you're not charged any amount until you select any services that are not in covered in your free account. It's provide all day in foreign missions and click the very fiber turn. Then there will be OTB one time pass for requirement for a religion. We're connected with your room. Well, phone number. We deal bank a cone when it is verified. I took an amount. Is devastated from an account, for example. ₹2 are 14 but any such a month, it will be returned back by the Amazon Literally then entered a It would be when it is really fired. You can move to further steps. Identity verification. Yeah. Here. You need to provide your phone number. I'm a while. Number along with the country code Ana eight of Louis. There you will receive a call from AWS and you need to enter the pin, which is provided to you. After completing this is Chip, you can move further. It may take some time for verification, but north much time when your identification is completed, you can move to your dashboard. You can say that whether you are a basic developed for our students, our business, anything just said it from them. I'm this selecting basic and click guarantee new. So this is our, uh have gone created and you can move toe dash or sign into their account and get your user name and password they use their name is typically Yuri milady, and bus sword. And then you're you can access your dashboard and all the AWS cirrhosis. They're right. So this is a home pitch. These are all the services, and this is their account. I hope this works. If you find any other, you can call them 5. How lambda works internally: Hi, there were learning aws lambda. And now we in the sport. We're going to explore how AWS Lambda works internally, We're going to learn handler functions, various object and other things that you are required to build a proper server lis scripting, language scripting. So for understanding Lambda, we need to first explore for this trigger. So in this scenario, there are three types of import. Three cases We have developed a really Lambda Scripts. Um on the left hand side, the input is called trigger this third with which invokes certain times off kinds off input . They're discord, trigger. It could be Amazon history. If you get away. RT is dynamodb or any other in the service we can say trigger for their In the first case, we have their loved lounge I script that takes and input on the stores that and put value in a certain former. It do dynamodb. We can do so in second gifts. Uh, we have a website where we have various users and we want our users to upload their profile photos. As the number of users for our website is very large, that it could be millions or billions, the size off photo they upload, it could be any large and those including over cost and this place required. We need to write us every lesson script separate from the website. Back end off 100 logic. We want it to keep separate from interest groups. That's why we are using Lambda. And we want just to compress starting much. So when a user uploads any match off large size to Amazon history book A based on this profile, he does not know. Actually, what is that? Three. But he's a simply clicks upload button, which is uploaded, get uploaded to estimate based on JavaScript. And when this operation is performed, it could be satis trigger within Islam that we can say on when it is said, an image is uploaded that it'll Islam die. Script for this fight keep. They may start and stores back to history. In the next case, we have a pretty good with we could which explosives good functionality, toe, take input and perform various operations in this FBI. Get real. Uh, we may take input values like a B R. Any types of values that would be textual image, video or other kind of value using certainly script like JavaScript or C sharp descript or any other script. When that program is run and input, Ah, variable value is passed through a p a gateway that this trigger, which passed that will use to lamb dies Script Certain Lambda Handler script which may perform operations like tradition like a place we and other patients and a store back this information do any kind of retirees. Oh, are any place of require My So these were the simple case where where we can see how Lambda works, we can keep ah writing really Islam go this group and is told them. Ah, I told them in the cloud, we can write different scripts in front files we can write using zip file. Ordinarily, we can write our scripts in any programming language off for Joyce, not always have leveled like Nord RGs by 10 Java Harumi. These are level and other languages. We can write our lamb Die script which, uh, have handler. And with yourself there's so how it works internally. When the request is made, Do the aid of Louis love for land district trigger this 10 dirty our lamb die script, uh, is a stolen a container which has been called. It works in the piers. You go philosophy when the request is a number of his patrons less and there's a number of continents off saloon. When the number off requesting breezes, the AWS automatically three years more containers to handle more request. When the number of request is even larger, the number of containers get large. This elastic, it can scale up or down. When the number of his crib number of request again goes down, we can ah, it automatically produces in them little containers. It is very useful, Um, when we don't want to pay for a large number of requests, suppose in our website Our traffic is very low, a certain point of time and at a certain different point of time. It is very large we want we would like it will be optimized so that our costs and the resources consumptions goes down, so it'll move, handles it for us. When you see me for going to be, they will learn adult things later, so keep learning and keep moving. There 6. Handler Function: Now we're going to learn Handler function for Radio Lewis Lambda. So, what is handler function for AWS and land? A function hander function is the entry for him. It is called when alarmed of function is in book. It is the folks first function. Uh, Toby Children. I had a similar domain function in C C plus first on the other languages like Java. It is the folks first function which is involved. It handles the request. Our input request. It handles staying put. Uh, it uses certain objects, like called back context of the You need to provide a final name and name off the function in the Lambda configuration. For this handle function, ah, hander function is exported so that it is visible to outside trigger the function. Uh, the way it is involved. And there could be a large number off functions. Lambda functions, uh, having different handler functions as well. And handler defines what type of requests is do we faced? Each handler function is in work based on different imports. Put it down for the an image upload on Esther. It could be any went that invokes, uh, Eelam handler function. Another trigger our event would be like, Ah, ap a request a p I get way requests. It could trigger another handler function Name be so on. So how it looks like it is all the form and finally not explored it Function name So here are functioning with Handler So we write handler for exported from Shinnie and the final name could be export for example here the file in which we're writing is in Dexter Js all JavaScript file. We can write similarly in north if I can Java under the languages it has. Ah, three variables are objects, arguments, the even context and called back that helps to perform various operations, including log call back and, uh, Operation Real based on trigger. So this is how our gold may look like in the AWS Lander dashboard. We have created along the function on their here in the court In Line Editor. We have this type off person. Texcoco exports start handler. It goes to the name of the three of us. Even context called back. And you can provide callback function declaration and consoled are till August statement because, um, we will explore each of them later 7. Event Object: we have learned handler function and how Landau functions works internally. And now we're going to explore three objects one by one. Here, we're going to learn about even object that is first object for the Lambda handler function . Supported them, even talk. Jack. He went up there. It is the first object where data that is transferred from trigger to ram the function getting stood. The data is the store with even object. The data that is transferred two lambda function is is tour to even object along with 30 taels. Did a good we, uh, like, uh, if you upload any Mr West three Booker's or any files, the meta data about that file storage could be the restored. But he went up there. If you're is doing with AP against me, the EPA related information all the rest fall a p a r a doting and that getting stored in the Jason Farmer. And if you are using any do terrorists like dynamodb are Amazon rds. The data regarding the rue insertion of column exertion our abdication for any table that gets sister toe. We started with TV and object. So as you can see here this is the basic syntax for a handler function. Export that hander in question function, even context called back even context and call back all the three objects associated with the handler function there. It helps lambda perform. Okay, everything with this generated from trigger get distribute even. I suppose if you an information is passed as to an event object like this, we are using your MP a gateway for facing, uh to information Some information in the form of variables here. Yeah. This is the form of input. It is a get request from an I P assigned toe location associated with a query string with process information like name off a person location that is it close to bang Lower year 2019. This information here past to that little Islam that function on the even the objects role is to store data. It is a story in this former. It is just Jason. Former. It may look like this. It has a part. Variable The headers. They accepted the application type Jason, The park that emitters request context very well. Account already as to to be matter that is used the query string parameters like location is bang galore. It is very shortage. A compressed form off the Jason data. That is it stolen and they were adopted. It is a meta data for any file offloaded in. I was in history or other kinds of storage on it could be for any kind of trigger. This is a center for a pediatric corresponding to the previously displayed the query string we have. Ah, but there is a huge documentation about this information that is a stolen even object. Uh, these are not just a few perimeters. Um, there are a large number of parameters. This is the link for being the complete documentation about a p A gateway. We set up with Lambda Integration. So they're going to said this is the peach. This is the link here. It is the completed that led to this. If we get rid on, uh, going down doors, this is the for America off the information that is stored in Just inform it. For example, in this place and with this adjacent, the input is said to the even Param Eter off the land of function. Ask this. The masses displaced the hello statement. The input could be from proxy. But as his the method that is used to for the information the pools to get are any other the headers? The except catch as you can see here you to use his cloud friend service So it in the store the information regarding cloudfront. It uses the head Ernie imposed, a man took and far right food. It uses the cognitive identity pools for my indication thirties. Who uses this thing as well. AP I I d. It could go very long. So this is the information. Keep learning. Keep moving. We will learn all the Lambda related functions learned a component of the and the functions one by one, under the land of with solution. 8. Context Object: we have learned handler function for AWS Lambda function. And we have also learned the even object. And now we're going to learn in this video about the context object. So artist, context, object. It provides runtime information after Landau function like function, name, version, uh, and other informations. It provides a retail about execution in Normandy as well. Like memory limit another constants. It provides some information, some properties and mothers as well That can be used for Gooding Lambda function. I in either of the languages. Let go. Beytin Ruby. No. Yeah, I slip Java and other languages. So even doctor was, um, the earlier object that is called firstly, When? When information from her Prager has to be stored and the context object provide the runtime information like logs, it brings the log details. And then there were called back object that will we're going to learn later. So as you can see here, there are some properties and matters. Florida's context object Using this context up there, we can check function, name check, function version get involved for function, Erin as we can. We know that a single terrible Islam the function can have a various versions like version one, Version two was in 34.5, and so on. We can check dependency based on a certain version. Similarly, we get at each lambda function. Has a separate Amazon reserves name are Aaron that can be in Goa. Using context are involved. Function era methods are property. We can check memory limit in embassies. We can check you Never. This request I d begin plan LA group name a larger stream name. Similarly, there is a matter. There are religious matters. Actually. What? One of them is most useful. It is. Get room to find remaining time in milliseconds. Four time out. Ah, as you know, in land edible with everything is ah, charge on the PSC do matter. The running cost running time, uh, makes the cost the time duration for which Orlando function is to be executed and room. You will be charged based on that time. So we have to set a time out. For example, if a certain triggers then on the Lambda function would is not just pointing who didn't know given time frame then we must dominate the land of function. Ah answered the time out. If we don't set a time out and wait for in finite time or a very long time. He will be having lipid for ah unuseful problem, a new suit process. So we can we have to set the time out Toby as Louis possible, and we can get remaining time in Billy Second using the context. So this is a simple script that we right on lambda Function. It begins that export dot my handler hander function. You could write any past three object, even context and call back the context off there, um, is associated with consoled art lock. As you can say in the in the Sterling full begin set Log will use the information and in the quarterback. So when you're in this thing in dinners, success hello from Linda that waas past using the to the concert to the core callback matter, and it breaks various longer put as here we can say Time out and memory limit in shows. The lock details the memory limits like 1 28 MB function named head over LA Group named Lager stream name, remaining time and milliseconds, another information that would be useful to less. We can set configuration for this. For example, runtime the hander name the road. Uh, role in description. The context object could be used for identifying the time remaining time in milliseconds by writing it in a format controllers log I'm breakers context that your remaining time in milliseconds release it will return the time it is remaining to Iran elevating them. So this was going to stop there. We can build a huge solution using this fundamental and simple looking of obvious. They're a long ranger. Perimeters, properties and methods have level, uh, go through their documentation, and we're going to with a good solution later, we're going to learn about callback objects in next radio, so keep learning and keep moving her. 9. Callback object: we're learning about a level is Lambda we have learned handler, Handler function. Ah, even object context, object. And now we're moving ahead. Make learning about callback function of callback perimeter. So what is a callback perimeter or called back object? You can call it object because it is placed as an object in the hander function. It is a bad amended for tender and it is used as a form ship. So anything is valued. Um where were even Dr. It was the first object to get started with after a trigger. Then comes context, object. And as it proceeds the call back para meter or object is the exit point off your land of function? A callback. Bellamy terribly turned something it called back para motoring handler function is optional . It is not compulsory as even in context. If you do not sit, call back then it means callback is poured without any perimeter. A callback is generated by the lander itself when you don't pass anywhere. So ah callback Param it function has two parameters. First, pedometers again pedometer. And it could be return in two ways the first way forever. When you, uh when you were interested in passing another. This provides one panel meter, which would be an error pedometer without internal value. In the callback matter, if you want to pass a success but im a sexy belly, then you must pass in the former. We're, uh, no. Is placed it as the first perimeter, an object value. The success reserved this place as the second really will. Second argument. This is a matter to pass. These are four types off callback users off callback perimeter in ways that we can use to bring to reserve and, uh, are simply information. When you do not write explicitly any parameter or argument in the callback function, it indicates the success without any information returned to the color it does not. They don't any information. When you place no in the callback matter or function, it indicates the success. But no information is, in turn, dodo. Whether as a boat, when you place now as first order going and success as second argument or anywhere you for the success, it indicates the success with information returned to the color. The information that you pass as the second argument when you write enter in the callback matter agent against the other. Information returned to the color seduce us those index. No, a brief demonstration. Hard works as we can see here. If we don't write any callback matter, the execution reserved bring success and it does not. No values return. Then when we write another message, it throws in a domestic execution that the results are shows the failures are and prince the string that this past as an error message. Why I called back on when we said, um two arguments that its funds argument in this place that its phones are going there and bring success for this. We have created a very well and assigned values key value pairs and want to bring Dan please funds so it shows the entire good on the longest in Logar screen. Similarly, when we want to bring enter a message and as a responsible member as any variable name, it was show I studies there the field reserve, the other lock and the message is termed as object type object. So these are this is the callback para meter on A. We have learned about the three objects, the even context and call back, and now we can implement a simple solution are you must try. Give her chart to land a function, create a lambda function, Use this tree objects within the last handler mattered and write a simple lambda function for a wide range of triggers like history already. If dynamodb If you get me and so on, it is not very difficult. But the practice makes a man perfect. Here is best fit. It fits the best. So we we need to write land of functions and later they will learn different applications that we can develop. Using several is computing with AWS lambda so building keep learning and keep moving ahead . 10. Working with Logs: Hello and welcome back. Now we're going to learn about locks with it of Islam now, so let's start. So lock, Sir, Very Locksley were very vital role in the, uh hosting a cloud application. It could be either front and back and under no obligation or any kind of application. You go with AWS lambda Are any other environment you were? Ah. Sometimes need to look through logs, so water locks for those who don't know. Ah, locks are editor statements, that letter or any kind of statement that maintains a history of events that occurred to the throughout the running off the program. When the program is ready, it may ah, regarding certain evens it in the log and maintains a long history. For example, a log in a sovereign government could be called as a person who is law who has log into the system using certain credentials the user name and password Onda. What person was locked in into the session when the server has crashed? This is quite a little different here. We need to generate certain even, for example, a certain section off our code. They're not run sufficiently your efficiently within a given time frame or any other customs we could print. Certain statements are that that could be our statement all some information within the law that is not displayed to the end user but its level to the developer. But anyone who is ah within the testing team or develop printing they could ah go through the logs and read water. May had occurred on day. They could fix them later. So this was the log. And in AWS there is a service dedicated to lock that if aws cloudwatch cloudwatch automatically maintains our generous that clock details We're weekend kick are seawater. The locks have level. So on AWS we we just simply need to create log a statement We will learn later in this video uh that we can generate using AWS lambda function and that could be visible within the aws cloudwatch with full retail. Here comes the to think within the cloudwatch. The first thing is law group name and the other thing is log extreme name As you can see here, a lot group consists off different, different longest dreams. It would be ah class for you can say a group is a group of persons sitting in a certain class and this thing with a single person in that group, there could be various extremes based on different Clark. Lambda functions are, uh, based on time constant and group is the combine form of death. We can obviously create multiple groups and multiple streams. I loved the function fuses dis cloudwatch. Uh, we can identify law group name and log extreme names using certain court. As you can see her context dot locked a group name. Now it will print or display law group name on. Similarly, we can display with a context art log. Extreme name. The extremely of luck in Lambda North urges, Look, can we return using Conferred Outlook and Solar Teen for concerted Born comes for daughter , you can print concerned outlook toe. You can write concert or log in Lambda Function to provide any information the statement are using. Ah dot info. Not one. Could we? An alert and dot error is better. It may look similar a similar, but ours certainly different based on the have you so how it could be read him. This is a simple lambda function code. As you can see here, we have previously written on learned about 100 function, even context and call back there we used considered log statement. So this is that same thing, consoled ourselves you can use, concerned or not concerned are painful concerned Arteta Another so that to print the ah, our response are our information or error under long that is visible to the first. So this is the way that began right? When we run that land of function any longer function This is the execution result that is , sprinter just below the cord cutting interface. Um and here it is that, uh, I think that is a printed executed. And here is a blue color link called logs within the brackets. Allergies? By clicking on this thing, something like this would appear on your screen. This is a cloud would watch service speech here We have different extremes off later that we have learned different longest dreams classified under a single group, you can create log ah la group or log extreme right here You can search for any stream or any group right Here it is. Ah, based on time stamp or even our time. No one in this teams are gender. Dude, Mike looking on any one of them. You were to get their streams. So putting on anyone and the latest one based on the current time stamp, Uh, we see the locks statement that we have passed through the land of function there to run, um, within the console or longer statement. Lambda is working fine. We have written acting and the demonstrated cold, and it is displayed in the cloudwatch. The interfere. So for AWS may differ from time to time, but the overall concept would remain the same. The cloudwatch, the land of function, everything. The options and the tools. It will not change, but look, it would be operated. So this was a simple demonstration off creation. Off logs look good. We useful but not compensating. It is an optional. If you want to generate locks, it does not. I difficulty the cloudwatch can be simply monitor are tempered. Uh, you can use this service through our with integration off others revisions as well. We will learn a letter services and options. Do you create a land of functions so keep learning. Keep moving ahead 11. Creating Lambda function with ZIP files: friends were learning. Aws Lambda functions Andi Ah, Here we are going to learn another matter to write Lambda functions. We have learned, um, that we can write Lambda function right on the inland editor provided on AWS Cloud. But there's another matter that is, we can write Lambda functions right in our computer. The PC tablet are his smartphone on. You can create a zip file, undoubtedly upload on AWS that doubt on here. There you can deploy it. So how we can do this? We're going to learn neck in this video. So on aws Ah, Lambda Service Portal dashboard. You can find these options where you had it, right? The court, the land of function called you get to the options you can write code on inland Editor. Um, that means right on your dashboard Onley. You can upload a CIF file from your PC containing lamb descript in. Ah, Any language off supporter? Like fightin, No doubt. Ideas Java kind of the languages. And there's 1/3 matter that is upload a file from Amazon history. You can upload your granting text, fights our program files, and definitely up. Ah, use that file from s three bucket with Lambda function code uploading why a Zippo are s story is useful when you have a lot of Lambda scripts like you. Above 100 fighters are more than 100 flies or ah ah, a large number of friends that makes it handy to manage. Otherwise, you have to write these time each script on the editor where to have, ah, less number of transcripts you can go with in landed. So this is a simple lamb record that you can write and simply create. For example, this is not a script, So save it with and finally dark, Yes, jealous it really useful and create a zip file and you can upload it all right from here This is option. If you select upload as if I the option changes from Indiana deter more. Do the upload button and you can upload fires up to 10. Emphasize if the size is more than 10 MB uploaded first to ask to revoke it. Then, from there, you can choose for to upload with from history we have created the file name abs or after Chip and simply applauded. It will be a floor then the next to ah thing you have to do is to create a rule for handler function using I am I. D. You can choose from existing role, create a neural from template, create a custom road. So this was ah, three mattered. We have learned that three metres. Ah, the way we can write Lambda functions using a landed later is if God, uh, from history working so you could scale your application development from up to one file few thousands of files maybe. 12. Creating a Lambda function: so French. Welcome back. Now we're going to create a project with serverless application. Were we would integrate FBI gateway to produce, query, scream and run remote. So we're less application. So on The first step is to create a lambda function, move to Lambda Service and just create a function we are interested in creating a function from scratch. Cried the name. We have an option for blueprints and serverless application repository. The blueprints come with ready made good. Where you can have a pre configure template. Just write a name for a new application. I'm providing a name. My simple and a demo. 123 You're gonna write any name provider in time, for example? No. Create a rule, create a rule from existing templates and provide name folderol this time providing any random Nate role. This role would be generated by I am identity and access management. Ah, and we need basic simple micro service permission for this to run. Just copy this rule name for for the future difference just hit the create function. But there this land of function would be created. I'm just hoping it Oh, no, not bad. So this is Ah Lambda function on base. Here we have Amazon Cloudwatch locks and Amazon Dynamodb automatically connected. And this is the inland editor where we would write our code. I've already return it earlier and or gored works the similar way we have learned, Handler, Even socket and call back Matters Colbert Object story on here. We have defined it very well. That mean and Max the minimum value and maximum value on here we are industry in generating a number that could be a random number between 0 to 10 the whole number Then we would like to bring the error O r that response. Using the callback matter and display a number we can work in a strict more are without his check mode. Take other configurations. We do not need to configure anything. It is ah configured by us earlier when we created Lambda Function and you can set time out for three seconds or four seconds or anything, whatever you like and just hit the saber, then it will be saved. And then we can we could test it and later we would create Ah, maybe I get before so hit the test. Burton create anyone name for example, provide anything. This is our even template. Hello, Word. No big in everyone. You can attach it. Be a gateway from here as a trigger data. 13. Connecting with API Gateway as Trigger: friends. We are now going toe. Either trigger the A p a gateway as a trigger and we need to configure it as ah below. Ah, you can clear it anyway. Api I provide a name. For example, Every city dash 123 uh, dash. So far you can provide any name. Add a diplomat estate, for example Production pr OD on. Keep it open as a security feature we don't want I use her toe log in using I am credentials and ah, we want do give our use of flexibility to write query string directly No, you are all so hit the save button and this would we see it so deceived You could always ready later trigger And it is showing some details we need toe this Goto this you are elder invoke You are all one. Just copy this domain Sortun and Kristen Any new tab? It can't be saying stuff about it because we don't read. Didn't How would you find any permission yet when we are executing it is showing our foot internally. But it is and not working with credit string and the output issuing showing nine. And this is the time is sure seven, This is random function. It would have a value between 0 to 10. This is one insulin. So our Lambda quote is working a pre a gateway has been integrated and we now need to go to a P a gate Where is moved to service are you or moved toe ap I get very directly. You could type there if you could not find it. Ah, just move to history when I choose from the below the services So we need toe. We can also create an A p I directly like from here are we can configure the existing epi A . For example, I'm creating a new FBI directly from a p a gateway. This provide any name. For example, This is a name for the a p a gateway, ABC, the FBI Ever it could be regional livery description thing. I had decorated the Everton. It has been created in the region and now we we can access the resources from Mary stages authorize er gate get rid his father's models. This is policy and now just moved to create resource from actions provide a name, for example number in the create resource were 10. This is a choir to create Eric Resource for, uh, providing a get request to a poster crest with the FBI Gateway. That is the role for a pregnant with. Now we need to create a matter. For example. I'm interested in creating get request. So So let the get and we hit the Czech border. So it has been created the guest and get request. Uh, we need to 30 integration Dive lambda on in a particular region, for example. Here. Oregon region, US West region. Just select a region from here from Landau and ah, we need to provide Ah Lambda function name here. So our Lambda functions name is my simple Amber demo. 123 on the region is us West. It does Hayward. Then it is Ah, adding a permission with this AP a gateway. His death using get request. It is being setting up. And this is all said. So as you can see here, there, Daggett, I'm appears. It is the client that mattered. Request The request is made from the client. It goes toe integration request and it is processed with Lambda and integrated this fonts and the building reflector back to claim This is the detail you can configure your weerapat part parameters. A query. String perimeters s too deeply. Headers, body mapping, templates. Anything from here? No, it is provided. So we're not interested in configuring these things. Ah, just moved elections and hit the deploy. FBI Burton. So we need to deploy it. Um, select period. I stayed for new stage. We're not cleared any state yet. This provided name fraud production for prediction on hit the play button. The A P a gateway is now connected with the other Lambda function. And we to invoke this u r l the particular getting well. This is the girl and we way. We need to just copy this thing on opening a new tab. So alarmed. A function is running, as you can see. Here it is printing a number random number from zero to then ah, I gain their days long. Five. Any number in between 14. Passing Information through API Gateway: it is again showing, ah, random number. Let's do mitt a bit so it would be visible on the cutting number seven. I'm writing a query scream for providing, ah, random number Inch and the question mark meaning quest to 10 and Mexico's 200. So it will modify the range. From what example? 0 to 10. It was, ah, earlier range. We could modify the strange from 10 200 or 1000 or anything, whatever you would like using the query string. So this is a detail from the production and everything. No method is defined here. Just hit it. This tiny water moved to number and this is the get request company detail S So this is the Bagram US court may seem integration request moved to indignation. Request. We no need to. I didn't in line perimeter. Ah, it's going down there. Part pedometer credits. Drink that. I'm your data Just moved toe body mapping templates. We need to add a mapping template. It would be for type application. Jason, Jason, wait application and we could allow modification of discredit string. It won't work until we said this template. So this is a way off. Citing the template. Yes. Provide anything. Uh, in the bracket, we would write the mean value and the Maxwell you This is the perimeter. We need toe defined it value so it could take input from the You are our dollar input dart perimeters, clams in this thing and redeploy this April they state the production estate and they deployed. And we need to just refresh does that you are ill. That we have opened earlier for our questioning. Ana, This time we need to We could modify our history in parameter values. Eso let the range with would be between Temin 100. And, uh, this is our land a function we need to modify this thing to take values past that value into in teacher so at bars, in even Darkman using even object that we have learned our near the input is provided to the event off there. I never did get assigned the value to the minimum and maximum. Um, many of us save it. I know Just refreshed our to our in to do better. So it issuing, uh or drink 100 to refresh again. Restraint 30 a gain 76 again referred 36. It is between the range of 10 200 14 86 it is again in the range. 70. So what do you want? So it's working. 15. Writing data to DynamoDB: friends. We have learned how to deploy a p a gateway with aws lambda. And here now we're going to create a serverless application with AWS Lambda on dynamodb. So first we need to create a lambda function move to Lambda from the service panel on. Just need to We need to create a lambda function here. We are going to a creator Lambda function that good? Um right. An information our table in right and information create Ah, rule ah into a table that exist within the dynamodb. So with lambda function were writing on information on dynamodb or information would die miss them. So just create a lambda function provider as earlier crew where the name roll name runtime in warmer Ah, select a rule select policy template as earlier. So the name is an animal role. When does a major simple micro service permission is enough? More than enough that we need just keeping this Berlin safe. It did create function, Burton. And our function has been created. It could take some time. Eso it has been created our land a function. And here we are industry and providing lambda function and at the trigger ask dynamodb in the later part. So what we're going to right here? I have written it earlier. We simply need to create a connection on a connection toe dynamodb using AWS sdk. We can also do this from come early. So we need We require aws sdk that we have declared in a question on We have created a connection the way aws dynamodb in the U West region Verify the region where you are creating your application. The region for dynamodb the as well as land of function must be the same. The I am does not need any vision. I just provide them and their function. I know the table name no need and the para meters to write the data back to the database. Not very well. So this for that role, we need to simply save this first 16. Reading data from DynamoDB: we have created Lambda Function. I know we're going to create, um, the dynamodb. Instance and greater table moved to service. Um, go to date every section and select dynamodb. Um, I'm opening in new death. So this is our dynamodb home page. I floating. We need to create a table in the clear time important. Provide the name for the table and table name must be the same that we have provided in our lambda function. The table name are provided its user angry. So just write the same table name in this case, sensitive Onda provide a partition key Primary key story. Um um, selecting is out of date and for the number in the create Britain and our table is being created. Uh, So there's lording they will being created. And when it is created, it will show they start is too active. So it is being active. Ah, the air in the table Name is user entry. The primary key for this is dead number. You could add a sortie. The table status is active. It is located in this you rest region. And this is Amazon. This horse name, which is required for for the difference. So when we would render our a script, it will show our information in the items winning. It will add a new entry right here. So when we run our lambda function, it will show nothing as the output as, uh, this figure Execution desert with succeed, and you can move to love. And this is the time is temporary. That is, um, selected that is abducted in a table. The land of function Arthur. Time is time in the table. This value 15 to $645 time with them. 17. AWS CLI: Installation and Configuring with IAM user credentials: So friends. We have learned about AWS and dashboard on it's interface video services, and now we're willing to learn about AWS commercial and interface. The command line interface for Amazon Web services is very useful when you like to. When it would like to run. Remote commands are far. You're scaling a project when you have less number of projects. Less files with you you can directly configure or upload are performed. Various operations, rightly from the dashboard. When, when. But when number of resources and files increased drastically two hundreds or thousands, you may need to manage simply using see like Come on that interferes that works remotely. From your PR personal computer PC, you can automate various processes using various commons. So here we are going to learn how we can install AWS Eli and work remotely. The steps in willful this process is we need to first install AWS cli. Then we need to create user in Amazon identity and access, My nice man. Then we need to configure AWS Steel I using credentials for I am So let's to go to first stuff. Download and install AWS. Eli moved were searching in this type. Ah down Lord Aws here like the first horse again, Lee moved to first or signaling Here we can download our it'll us, Eli for Windows 30 64 bit on her Do it are for Mac and line X Berta for Mackin Lennox. We need ah, fighting and peep toe be preinstalled. They told at these to do's on da Then you can install it a bluesy alive. So I'm a windows user on my computer 64 were So I would like to click your hair a z I have already downloaded and installed this. Ah, yeah, I would not go with it. You goto downloader on it is a simple process. Not really difficult when it is installed. Just just hear the next. Next next butter on degree it will be installed. Very simply. Just move toe command from our terminal in line X Onda simply type eight of the west when it is install. Things may look like this. It was help entered commands that can we run here? So this was simple. There is no separate command that interferes for a team with it gets embedded on your operating system commonly inability our landing gear in a simple next we will learn to create. I am create users and, uh, installed country with accrediting shares. There's log into your AWS account and moved to the desk work. We have logging moved to the service panel and from service moved to security, identity and complex category and hit the I am working here we can create. Ah, this is a dashboard for identity and access management. Here we can manage. Everything just moved to users on the left hand side of your dashboard. Uh, we need to hit the idea, sir Burton, and create a new user. Just provide a name for the user, for example at yes, that's, you know Louis better for me. Ah, provide access type program. I think access as we need to work on with this a p i c l i n s t k. It's ah, create a group and we need to create a group and provide the permission for your resource. For example, if you are creating this account for Lambda, you could ah provide the permission for Lambda. Just write Lambda on DA Select the particular role that you would need for this thing. You can also select multiple options. I would select a level of Islam that Alexis for right now on provide a group name. If you don't provide influence, you enter is providing name. I reported a similar name. I think you there You're growing anything. Create the group. The group is being created. It is here. You can see it as policy and full details by going to this link. So this is the permissions. The Amazon resource name. They are in on the services for very little blue services like cloud formation and a doting You can see here I've guys ended entities, policy versions, access, advisors and other things. Next we need to You can copy permissions from here Our intends. But I don't need to write. Do this right here. Ah, more or worse. Don words of the page on hit the next burden review. I had to create what use Over time the user will be created. So this is the user. This is the access key. I d and secret access key. We were need this thing. You need to keep the secret for configuration. It is important. I will later delete this thing so you could not you with it. It moved to your command line interface. Uh, provide right. It'll this command to check that it is working or not. It is working that produce on my adjustment this type of aws country for configuration So this may show of various options for which you can use for can pick but for configuration willing to type configuration not conflict for the mystic can move over and read with this statement that are printed type in the US this place configuration computer Sorry. You're this configure You could ask you Access key i d This is access key 80 appropriate from here. Enter provide a secret access key. It is unique for I am user Tuesday before region have no region selected. You can check it from your dashboard right here. Just move to a vote on the bus. Were And here you can see global I am does not require any region to be selected, so just type none. I know any, uh and it is okay. You're aws commercial and its gun figure. If you want to reconfigure it, you can configure it 18. AWS CLI Reference- More Lambda command: his friends. We have learned about AWS command line interface In the previous video we have installed it always command interface on configured using identity and access management from it of Louis Services. Ana, here we are diving, diving deeper into aws Common riff rest all available commands for ah Amazon Com Earlier interface for every services. So just type on Google. You don't feel like a one difference are any everything. So this is the piece document, please. And that opens up move toe table of contents. And here you can see all the services off Amazon Cloud Um, displayed in blue color. Ah, be Maybe I get May, uh you know orders killing cloud nine Cloudfront cloud Third Cloud Trail Cloudwatch Uh, just open it. New whatever the same time you will get the full reference for each service. Comment. Come on. Defense for the Eastern Dynamodb elastic beanstalk. Even fire horse Glacier, New green years and really services because it has a huge range of services and it is difficult to remember all the components 40 services, so it is always being updated on. We don't need to remember anything Just moved to a documentation on here you get? So these have the command for Ah cloudwatch be little arm describe alone began select any Come on Onda read the synopsis How it does it again. So the anything we just not includes in its quite a record is compulsory and rest all the fields that are including describe record are optional. You could add up the white optional theories are Do not provide options, please. This is the list for command for AWS Lambda for several less computing. We cannot permission creatively ass create even source mapping, create function d literally us the lead function and perform various operations remotely. If we have a huge range off Lambda Services, we would prefer the commercial and interface with the normal the way more so. This is the center for creating a function using AWS Lambda on command line interface. So this is ah, mandatory field of to provide function, name on within values. We need to provide the name of the function that we're defining a run thing. We have to provide runtime for the language interface. For example, in order for country, um, rules, I am really the handler function that is the main function for Lambda and all the future rocks. Now you can read all the documentation. Onda bitterly understand what you, uh, category are refers to just moving into detail How it is. Ah, reader. Completely. So this is, uh, that fish. Ah, here. The first thing we need to write the AWS. Come on, that is the first. Come on, then. We need to write the name of the service that we are using. For example, here we are using the London or rest. So we need to write Lambda if you're using cloudwatch arm a while, huh? Are any of their service we need to write the service name, then the action, the particular command Particular commander, for example, create function. They're willing to provide function Name runtime, role handler, Time out, zip file and region as. Ah, Linda. Somebody said that basically stated region less at the weekend if you want to leave that. But this part, you'd just do not write anything. Uh, we could type it on command line interface using the very own ceiling more of the operating system, like Windows Command prompt or like next year. Just type that aws the line to check whether it is working or not? We have a dentist. In the previous video we have configured evening I am rules. So it is working. It always come under is being accepted and then we can write. Ah, this year w is Lambda cleared function action. So it must ask us to provide a the configuration vice because I'll be richer that configuration side are you? Yeah. So it may ask you to provide a configurations so we can consider using AWS country as earlier radio. And then we can write anything here. You could save those files a range here, our upload on history bucket.