Selling on Etsy: How to create a successful online shop | Bonnie Lecat | Skillshare

Selling on Etsy: How to create a successful online shop

Bonnie Lecat, artist, designer

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8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. About the Class

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Sell a Product That People Will Buy

    • 4. Price Your Product for Profit

    • 5. Package and Ship Like a Pro

    • 6. Create An Amazing Product Listing

    • 7. Brand Your Shop

    • 8. Final Thoughts/Next Steps

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About This Class


About this class:

Are you thinking of opening an Etsy shop, but don't know where to begin?


Are you struggling to make sales in your existing shop?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, this class is for you!

Join artist Bonnie Lecat as she explains 5 important elements of a successful Etsy shop along with advice, links, and resources that helped her make thousands of sales and earn revenue exceeding well over six figures on Etsy.

Selling on Etsy isn’t easy! Don’t waste your time creating a shop without first knowing what works and what doesn't.

Lessons include advice, examples, and information that will teach you:

  • How to determine if your product will sell,
  • A simple formula to help you price your products so that you are sure to make a profit,
  • How to package, wrap, and ship your products like a pro,
  • How to create an effective product listing, and
  • How to get your shop noticed by creating a memorable brand and shop personality.

At the end of this class, students will have the information they need to start setting up their online stores for success!

This class includes a BONUS downloadable guide with over 30 links and resources to help you become a successful Etsy seller!

Click enroll and start making money on Etsy today!






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Bonnie Lecat

artist, designer


I'm Bonnie Lecat. I'm an artist, teacher, lifelong learner, and former accordion player. Most of the time you can find me sitting in my studio in the northern suburbs of Chicago listening to music and painting, sketching, or designing. I love all things creative and have been fortunate to have had many interesting jobs as a professional artist. I've designed album covers, sales displays, toys ...

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