Sell your Art Online: 20+ Sales Platforms | Olga Shevyakova | Skillshare

Sell your Art Online: 20+ Sales Platforms

Olga Shevyakova, designer | illustrator | styled photographer

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7 Videos (31m)
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    • Traditional Stocks

    • Fancy Shop Platforms

    • Printshops

    • Your Own Website

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About This Class

Nowadays our world is constantly in progress and we couldn’t imagine our live without internet. We communicate, learn, work and even find love here! And you know what? That’s a cool fact! You can start making money via online sales of your art. And it’s a great opportunity for designers, photographers, illustrators, or just drawing lovers to start making profits of what they love to do.

This class is about more than 20 services where you can sell your artwork online. You’ll get an extended glance on major selling sites, with details that you may see as pros or cons, differences between similar ones, and so on.

All this class is based on my own and my fellow designers’ experience. 

I hope it will help you to advance your artworks media coverage.


And if you aren’t a premium member here, on Skillshare, I prepared for you 25 free enrollment links . Hope you’ll enjoy this class. And if you like my class, I’d really appreciate your positive review and feedback.

And, as usual,  I'm always here to help you)






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Olga Shevyakova

designer | illustrator | styled photographer

My name is Olga, and I'm graphic designer, part-time illustrator, part-time styled photographer, full-time learner and busy mum. I like to learn something new every day, try new spheres of activity and share my knowledge with others) I really like Skillshare because here we can learn from each other and communicate with other creative people. That's so cool, isn't it?=) And I like to make some nice photos and here is my Instagram account

I love trying different tech...

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