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Sell Your Art Online: Making A Living Through Print On Demand

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What Is Print On Demand

    • 3. Choosing The Best Print On Demand Platform For You!

    • 4. Setting Up Your Store

    • 5. Choosing A Profitable Niche

    • 6. Managing And Growing Your Store

    • 7. Uploading Your Artwork And Adding Keywords

    • 8. Selecting And Customizing Your Products

    • 9. Using Social Media To Increase Your Sales!

    • 10. Final Tips And Good Luck!

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About This Class


Are you tired of dealing with clients when doing creative work? Or are you working part-time and want to supplement your income?

Then this is the class for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how you can sell your art online by setting up Print on Demand stores that will earn you passive income while you sleep.

You won’t need to deal with customer service, manufacturing or even shipping!

With this Class you’ll learn to:

  • Choose a Print On Demand Shop for your work
  • Choose a Profitable Niche
  • Increase your sales with practical tips
  • Market your work to reach a larger audience

Either if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to choose and set up an online store, or if you want to give a boost to your existing shop, this class will help you.

And no matter if you are already working professionally as an artist or are just getting started, by the end of this class you’ll have a print on demand store set up, ready to boost your income passively!

So let’s do this!

Join now and I’ll see you in Class!

- Patricia

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Intro: Are you tired of dealing with clients when doing creative work or are working part time and want to supplement your income with your own art? Then this is a class for you. In this class, you learn how you can sell your art online by setting a pretty on demand stores that are new passive income while you sleep. You want me to deal with customer service. Manufacturing are even shipping. My name is pretty sick. Other. I'm an artist, illustrator and online our teacher. I've been using print on demand stores for over four years, and I'm still getting passive income from artwork that after a long time ago, this is a great way toe at income to your creative business or to even go full time either refugees starting out and want to learn how to choose and set up on online store. Or, if you want to give a boost your existence shop, this class will help you. There are many print on demand shops online for you to choose, but don't worry, I'm here to make it much easier for you. Truth is actionable class. You will start by learning about the available platforms that you can use to sell their artwork with specific recommendations on where to start. I'll guide you each step of the way, and you have a shop set up at the end of this class. We will also choose a profitable niche so that you can focus on creating best selling artwork with valuable tips and examples to help you make this decision. Not only that, but you get great tips to further increase yourselves in the long run and practical advice on how you can markets your work successfully. Whether you already working professionally as an artist or are just getting started, find the end of this class. You'll have a print on demand store set up, ready to boost your income passively. So let's do this. I will see you in the next video. 2. What Is Print On Demand: hello and welcome so very quickly. I want to talk about what is print on demand. Print on demand. Online stores are stores where you don't have to shape your products yourself. You have no fees to pay. You don't need to manage customer support our production. These websites also help with some off the marking if you're artist successful, and the best part of all is that people can buy from your shops while asleep or on vacation . You can focus on Leon creating your artwork and improving as an artist. Now let's talk about what is active and passive income and their differences. Active income is when you are working directly with someone else, usually clients or a company, you must talk with them. Arrange payment options price to commission, create the product and finally delivery to your clients. Passive income, on the other hand, is the opposite. You can sell your artwork while you sleep. You don't have to fulfill orders. Talk and chase customers are even keep stock off different artwork. Everything is done by Tian. One started working with. All you have to do is creating artwork and posted up online off course, choosing the right keywords and some marketing helps, but we'll talk about that later on. Now let's talk about some of the existent print on demand platforms and shoes. Which platform is the best shirts for you, so follow me to the next video. 3. Choosing The Best Print On Demand Platform For You!: Hello and welcome back. Now there are many available print on demand stores online that you can choose from. These types of websites have shut up in popularity in the recent years, and many outers have chosen to create their shops there. So let's see some examples off popular print on demand stores. Her example. We have in print, which is mostly to sell art prints and even some phone cases. Then we have a society six, which is a lot about home decor, art, brains and a lot of marsh. Then read bubble, which, if you like to do a lot of fine arts, gaming, out work and even others, it's a good place to go. To. Public is also a really good one, where it mostly sells a parole and T shirts there's on by humans also mostly T shirts and finally need a shop that also focus on T shirts and other A Perot with NATO shop toe. You usually need to ask to be able to set up your shop there, so you need toe, request an artist invite, and then you can set up your shop. Now, I know these are a lot of stores here. But don't worry. I'll guide you through this and help you choose the best platform for you. In fact, I recommend you to just choose one platform and create your own wine store while you're watching the class. I'll do the same so that you can see the process step by step. So I'm going to split this up into two categories, and I'm going to choose the tree Online started. I recommend the most. So, for example, if you really like to create pop culture related artwork, mashups or even fan art, I recommend you to start by creating a store in either red bubble or tip public. These are the two main stores that you should really focus if you're interested in this style and on the side notes. As I said, T public is more focused on T shirts. Hence the name. So if he wants more products than that, then read. Bubble is the place for you because you have stickers. You have all kinds off apparel bags, mugs, backpacks, notebooks, a lot of stuff in here Now, on the other hand, if you prefer to work with patterns and create original artwork from landscape to fend to support reds and Beijing's or even minimalist ID arts. Then society six is a great shorts for you on society. Six. The target Thousands relives actuated products featuring color for patterns. They sell everything from art prints, home decor, furniture, Bethan bats, products. There's a lot of stuff to put your artwork in. If this is something that is interesting for you than society, six is a wonderful show Ice now speaking off target audience. Usually Society six has a wider range off ages from younger people to like forties. And even more, however, red bubble and tipple lick is targeted more for younger ages, so twenties, sometimes even before that. So this is something toe also have in account when choosing your store and the style that you're using. All right, so that's about it for now. So follow me into the next video, where we'll be creating our online store step by step. 4. Setting Up Your Store: all right, welcome back. I hope you're having fun so far and learning a lot. We've just gone through the online stores that have worked the best for me and I like the most. So it's time to create your own. I'll be doing right now with red, Bubble says. I think it's the one that is more diverse. So as you can see, there's a lot off cute styles. Fine arts. There's also patterns and very colorful and floral teams here, so I don't know. I think it's very diverse. But if you want to use another store, the process is pretty much the same in everyone off them, so you can follow this process along the way as well. So let's do this. So the first thing we want to do is come up over here to sign up. And now, as usual, we it's creating an account anywhere. You just type your email, a user name and the password that you want here. As for the email, I recommend having a business email so you have everything on the right places, so you have a personal email for your own stuff, but for your own art, for things where you want to post your art, use a business email. It's easier to keep track off everything, and everything is much more organized. First, it's totally up to you. So I'm going to type here. My email. I will create unusual name and password so you can do the same at the same time as I'm doing this. Now. Of course, if you want to receive special offers and artists news, you can take this box here. If not, just like sign off, wait for a bit. And then ago it's done. So as you can see, it didn't ask you for anything else right away. But there are some stuff that you should feel out. So you have your store more completed and also a way to receive payment from selling a product. So come up over here and we can go to account settings. And now here you can edit your profile. So, for example, if you want, you can add your first and last name. You can always leave it hidden, but you don't need to feel this either, so it's totally up to you. You can customize some settings. So, for example, if you want people to see our age on the profile or not. If people can see where you from this kind of stuff. So it's all about the privacy, then you can add a short view can be wherever you want. For example, I'm going with making cute and simple arts. For example. You can go a bit more detail, but it it's good to be something short. Then you have notifications again. This is something that it's totally up to you. I'm going to leave it as it is now. You can also customize your link. So if you want, you can come up over here and change a part of your link or your user name, even if you prefer to. And then this part is very interesting, which is that you much settings. This means that in a way you can protect your work source so that people can't just downloads or saving image and use it as their own for some reason. So, for example, when you post work in here when you upload your works, you can actually place what remarks on your images so that this way, people will be discouraged to try and save these pieces of work. You can also take here that this tunnel protection that discourage people from saving these images, and you can also hide the peanut button. And if you want to make mature content, you should take this one. If most of Iraq will be that way. However, when you're posting the work, you can also select that that work will be nsfw. So this is something to having a gun, because if you do, make sure content it should be hidden, since people from all ages are navigate, introduce website. So once you're done with all of that, you can just click save changes. Now the next thing you want to do is add a covert image. So as you can see, your actual can do this from your profile page mitt. I want to go here because it shows how big your cover image should be. So if you want to create your own cover image creating document, Desai's maybe a little bit bigger, reformed but decides will be good. And then you can save it in NJ Pick or PNG for months so we can do this right away, so I'm going to go right here on the have here, Mike, over. And it's something simple that I had. So there we go. I used the size that they told me to use it. And as you can see, it fits perfectly. And now we are missing something else. So again, account details right here. And we need to add our avatar so that people can recognize this not only for name, but from the picture as well. So again, I'm going to come over here and pick a new image. They do say here that any kind of size is good because they will resize it. So I have here my cats again. Click uploads and we'll see how it looks. There we go. It even animals a little. It's very cute. So as far as how our shop will look like we are mostly done. But now we are missing something else, and this is very important. So again, coming up here, toe avatar account details, and now it it's payment details. Now, this is important because if you don't adds anything here, you won't be receiving money from selling your artwork. I'm not going to be filling this out because this is just an account for an example. But be sure to fill this up, so your name, your address, and then you can choose how you want to be paid. It's because you can see it's mostly to put by Paul, so you should make a PayPal accounts if you don't have one and then shoes your region. Finally, you have to take the yes, I agree to the red bubble user agreement and save changes. So as you can see, this was very simple to do. If you want to take some time to make over art and your own avatar, do take your time for that. It's perfectly fine, but great shop. You already have your account set up, and now that we have our account created, I want you to post it up in the projects section. Just write your link there and hit Publish will come back and operated throughout the class . You can write why it shows the store in a small sentence if you want, and this is it. For now, it's time to choose are profitable niche so that we can start posting our artwork and start making some passive income. So follow me to the next few, and I'll see you there 5. Choosing A Profitable Niche: hi, hi and welcome back now one off. The most important steps when trying to be successful as an artist in these websites and even in general is to pick finish that works for you and stick witted. And this is basically your art style and category that you choose to create artwork about. For example, Star Wars is a very popular knish over the past few years. So is for patterns and cute she be artwork. Let me just start by saying that there are many nations that you can choose, and a lot off them can be profitable if you create good artwork, for example, that are, artists had only create portraits and sell a lot of it. Others focus on patterns or for wallpapers, T shirts and more, and have a lot of success as well. And others prefer to work with pop culture. We related artwork or even gaming. If you're not sure what we should like to be on, or if you don't know if your knishes profitable, don't worry, I'm here to guide you each step off the way. One option for you is if you're not sure what makes you want to focus on. Or if you already have a lot off artwork that you're proud off, it's just to publish that work on the platform that you've chosen. Even if it's a mix off different nations, like pop culture and patterns, you can post everything up and see what performs the best. For example, when I started, I dip into several nations. I wasn't sure what I wanted yet or what would work for me, so I tried Patterns. Factor rods also dipped into gaming and pop culture. Further down the line, I noticed that most of my cells were coming from video game related artwork like this ones , so I started grating more off. That style of art and myself have been increasing steadily since. But here's another way to choose a profitable niche on the homepage off the website that you have chosen to post your work that are always many future art that you can look at. This is usually under the future or collection sections. Now, if you're logged in into work, your account right now in red bubble, it will appear. Picks are recommended art for you. If you want to go back to the original homepage, it with. So before you can come up over here to this I button and now click few classic homepage. So as you can see, we went back to the home page. It we had before. And here are the things that we talked about. So there's collections here. There's featured artists that you can always check and see for simple. As you can see, this 1st 1 seems to be a lot about floral patterns, So this is an issue that works. They're all very beautiful as well, very colorful and saturated. And then you have a feat with featured art. And, as you can see, patterns is something that will show a lot as well as some for not and even cute, and she be styles. So basically, here you can see what has been selling the most and what's trending in the industry. This is a very good way to find opportunities and nish that you're interested and know for a fact that they are very profitable. What of caution, though? Sees thes are very popular. For example, the floral patterns. They will be harder for you to break into the niche, but it's not impossible. It might just take longer and you'll need to create more products, but it will be worth it in the long run. And always remember this. No matter what makes you choose, the best way to go about it is suggested to it and to keep a consistent portfolio of work. This way you'll become easily recognizable, and we'll be able to increase your income rapidly. So even if you tried a lot off stuff at the beginning, if you see that something is working best, then stick to that. And later on, you can start deleting the artworks that don't much your brand anymore. So we thought quite a bit about this, and right now I want you to pick one niche or a few knishes that you're interested in an update your project in the Projects section off the class. So feel free to post one or more images that made you interested and inspired in the knish , and I'll be sure to take a look at it. And this is it for now. Now that you have your profitable niche picked, let's go into more details on the best ways to grow your store. So follow me to the next video 6. Managing And Growing Your Store: hello and welcome back. So now that you have your star set up and your niche peak, let's go into more detail on how you can draw your store. We've talked before about checking. What are the popular nations in the platform you've chosen and how you can make her artwork around that. But one thing that we haven't talked about is the current trends and seasonality. Depending on the time you're checking the front page off the platform you're using, the featured items will change. For example, during summer, it's very common to see more for a limb illustrations and saturated tones. Also, when new movies from a serious released, there's usually a lot of fine arts related to those movies popping up on the stores. And this is something that you want to pay attention to if you want to grow your start. So, for example, here in Red Bubble, you can see that a lot off floral stuff is already popping up. Very saturated tones also easy concede there's the sticker cells right now, and they're focusing on the cute style, So this is something to pay. Intention to society. Six is having a sale on yoga mats. Maybe because it's the summertime is coming up and people tend to work out more. For example, there's also very interesting one here, So maybe a started meaning that it's tourists. Ah, season. So they have here a collection based on that, and then here on T Public Mother's Day is coming up, so they have here already something or a collection full off mothers say products related projects. And then there's also a collection for superheroes, for example, so there's always this special promotions or collections. So one off the best ways to keep up with the trends is to regularly see what is trending on the homepage and what collections are a painting in this platforms. So another thing to take into account is to know when the major holidays are during the year. For example, during the Mother's Day, as we can see here that ah, lot off mother related quotes and illustrations being featured in the homepage. The same happens to increase mints with lots off green and red designs like Christmas trees and Santa hats. You do need to know about this holidays in advance so that you can create your designs and be ready to have them posted by the time the holiday in question hits one my took a tract of this is to use a website like holidays calendar dot com. You can come up here to popular, and you have the most popular holidays for this year. Now, off course, you don't need to create artwork for all these holidays, but it's always a good thing to know. Most off the holidays listed here wants even appear on this websites, but the major ones will be very important. So with that says some off the major ones, that you should keep truck off our Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Father's Day and Mother's say, and some other important events, like back to school, that I always sells and featured aren't related to back to school in September or even before that. So in the summer, and almost and every passing off the season, especially spring and summer, so as summer and spring start to close up on us, we'll start seeing in his websites more saturated floral, tropical and half that warm feel products in after work around. Now, another tube to grow your store is using relevant keywords. This is something very important that I want to take some time to think about when uploading and polishing our artwork. But we'll get to that. Keywords or tax are basically the major words that people are typing in a search party to find your designs. If you already know a lot about niche, finding Q words won't be very hot. Still, one off the best ways to find cures that are currently working is to search for top, selling the signs in your niche and see what they are using. Some websites won't show you the Cubans for each design, but most will have that information available in the product page. Usually you just need to scroll down, and they will be at the bottom off the page. You don't need Teoh Copia the keywords exactly, but they will give you a good foundation off. What is being such the most? Another amazing way that you can find some keywords that it's not very well known is to use Pinterest simply start by tapping in one word from your nation, for example, have tracked your floral patterns breast center, and then it will show you some results. But the thing I want you to look at is the subjection. Is that appear right here? And these are great keywords that you can use that I related to your niche. So, for example, in this case, we can find vintage watercolor, tropical, hetero spring abstract. So these are good keywords that you can use all rights just one last time before you go. Most off this platforms have a community you can interact with. Interacting with the community is very important. So some have these on their own websites and others outside of it. For example, you can join groups on Facebook and ask for feedback on your work or even give feedback off your own. Most off these are easily found on Facebook. By tapping the name off the store, press enter and then go to groups and a bunch of groups will appear to you right away. Just don't spam your progress, since this will gets you kicked out off most groups. So just go there, interact with the community and with other people, and most of all, have fun with this. Okay, so this was a very long video, but I hope it has help you get some insights on how you can grow your store. But don't worry, it might seem very confusing, so we'll put this into practice a little bit. So in the next video, I'll show you how to upload your artwork to the store and using some off the stoops that we've just talked about, so I will see you in the next video. 7. Uploading Your Artwork And Adding Keywords: Hello and welcome back. So, like I said, we have our count mades and ready to go. So now we need to actually upload some artwork there. So if you don't have anything yet, don't worry. You can do the step later on. If she dio feel free to follow me in the process so again I'll be using red Bubble to show you how to do this. But other platforms are very similar in terms of uploading our artwork so you can follow along and still learn how to publish your designs. So, first off, your design should be safe in PNG format, so that if any true spirit see you have in your art will also look trust front in the design. This is a must, especially if you want to design for T shirts and other march. Next, you want to have your file on the pretty high resolution. Usually I upload my art at around 5000 per 5000 pixels, but you can even go higher if he wants. For example, in society six, you need to go with even larger sizes. For example, 6000 or even 7000 pixels. If you want to upload for specific, larger products that are very large products that they have, and you need to have our high resolution image. So okay, now that we have the fall ready, let's go through the coupled process. So will come up over here and you'll see that there's a section here called Works and we'll go with That's your first work. So as you can see, there's two options. This is a new one, which is, if you already have some products and it's basically the same settings as before. You can choose the 2nd 1 but we don't need is right now because we don't have anything, So we'll click upload toe all products. Now we choose our artwork. So I have here my girl drinking coffee with some rains, very a wintry style. So now we're going toe. Apply what we've learned the video before, so this is basically a cartoon or even she be character holding a coffee during the winter season. So for title, maybe we can go with something very simple, like coffee break girl. There we go. So as you can see right away we have the tags and the dogs are, as we talked about before the keywords, the way, the major words that people would type to find your work. So if you over here, you'll see it will actually explain you a little bit. What this tugs are for and they do recommend you to use around 15 relevant tags for coupled , and you also need to. As you can see, you should separate each tag with commas. So for the cured, I actually have some on my mind already, like what we've talked about. So let's put that in so we can have cartoon. She be Call C and winter season are just winter maybe. All right, so remember always to put a comma between the tags. If you don't put it, will be just a big tag. So always remember the common. So I'm going to put already one here after winter. So now we need to fill up the rest of the cured, since red bubble allows us and actually recommends to use at least 15 tax. So let's do like we talked about before. Let's find products are popular products that use the same key words that were already added to this product, So I'm going to start by search and cute. And now we need to sort this by top selling so we know what it's selling the most. Okay, so now it's all about finding some artwork that uses disk you worth and is somewhat similar to our own art. Her simple. They're scared this balloon slots ticker. So it has this Sheba style. Ah, and very colorful. It has the same kind off flow and energy so we can come up over here to the bottom. And there are quite some tags here that we can also use. For example, there's the cute see adorable, simple and even Qawy, for example. So all of these apply to our art as well. So I'm going to add this. So we had Tutsi adorable, simple and come. Why? So there we go. We already have more keywords on our work. Now we can add more. So let's this time look for coffee, for example. Right? So my girl is holding coffee, coffee, something always kind of relatable to other people. So I think it fits so again. Come, come up over here where it says most relevant and shoes stop selling. So now again, you can see things that are similar to what refused or what we have. I really liked ISS a cup of happy one again. It brings thes the happy feeling that's our work also has. So again we scroll down to the bottom and go see the all product tax. So we already have coffee, their rights. And there's some here that actually like a lot so we can add those in, for example, coffee lovers. Cappuccino, girly, happy, minimal and calm. So we can add those in, for example, coffee lovers. Cappuccino. So what did we say is, well, girlie right? We had happy to minimal home and life. So we have your 12 tree 456789 10 11 12 13 14 and 15 and 16 So we can actually take this one out. And there we go. We have our keywords with, such for popular works and see what are the Cubans that are working? And this part is done? As you can see, this is still a very simple process, so it's just takes some time. So next step is the description. Now these isn't super important, but it still counts. So let's go with something very simple. For example, it's always wonderful to take a cop fi break during the winter season, so it's very on brand with what we have right there. It illustrates perfectly our artwork, and it's short. Well, then, now we just need to choose and customize what progress we want to use our designer. So follow me to the next video. Where would do just that? 8. Selecting And Customizing Your Products: So next it's time to select a background color. If you'd like, you can leave this empty, but if already have a color in mind for your products, and you want all the products to have this color. This is where you put it, so I'm going to add a Graystone to this one. So so, as you can see when choosing a background colored over here, it will apply to most off the products right away. Now, as you can see, some of them it wants most because some off the process very specific colors, and you have to choose within the available ones. Now, finally, it's time to choose the products that we want. This designed to be part off. You can pick which you want by clicking the disabled button. As you can see, some of them were already enabled, so it just need to click this button over here to enable where you want your product to show on or your designed to show on. Now. I usually add every single product since you never know what people are looking for, and it only takes a few seconds unless there's something that you really don't like. how it looks. Then you can leave it disabled. No, After you enable everything, you'll notice that you have an edit button. So if you think this that something is off, then you can just quick. It's for example, for t shirts you can actually choose with which color you want this and end for the T shirts. You can change the size and even move it a bit. You can do it this manually. A swell, Okay. And when you can see different types and when you're done with all the changes, you can apply changes. And there you go. For example, in this one, I think its two biggest well, so I'm going to put it a bit smaller and move it a little bit. Okay, for a simple Chris, it looks a bit weird right now, but maybe if you put it smaller right here, it looks better. You can also repeat the pattern if you want, so you can have you can actually made make the patterns right here. Now, I probably wouldn't put this as address, but I'm just trying you your options here again. The same thing. You can just make it smaller. Moving the bids. It's all according to your taste and how you think the product looks the best with your artwork. And, as you can see that a lot of products that you can put your artwork in. There's all kinds off T shirts from cases tickers, dresses, pillows, prince prints for the laptop double. It's even leg in struggle. Mugs, mugs, uh, iPod cases, cars and miniskirts, bags, notebooks. I mean, there's really a lot of stuff here to choose from. So take your time to go over all this and chill your happy weight, your designs and your products, and then we come up to the next part. So once you're done, you just need to select which type of media was used for your art. So, for example, in my case, I'm going to select design and illustration and digital art. So, as you can see, you can only choose to. So I think what's applies the best to your artwork. Then, if you already have a collection, you can also added a spot off. It's as you can see, we don't have one, but think of it like a folder to put your artwork so you can divide your artwork to true themes are styles, but this isn't necessary right now, so we'll skip it. Then you can change the default view off the design on your shop, using the drop down on the left. So for now, I live it as image on Lee. Since I think it looks great, we doubts being in any products. But as you can see, there's a lot off options here. Then you can choose who can view this work. Obviously you want. We want it to be public, since we want people to bite, and then you have to choose if you have any mature contents or not in your design. So as you can see nudity or luxury, adult language, alcohol, drugs and so on is considered major content. So if you have any off that, you tick yes, if not, for example, in this case, there's nothing mature about it. So I'm going to say no. Then finally, take this less books here so that you're basically saying that you have the right to sell the products containing this artwork and you are done when this is older. Just click safe work and it's being processed. You wait for a bits and that's it. You're done. Congratulations. You've added your first product on the store. I know this might be a bit hard at the beginning and seems like that. There's a lot of stuff going on, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be much fostered in filling out all these details, and it will be quite thwarted in the long run. All right, so now that we have our art published tour store, let's talk about how you can use social media to increase your cells, so follow me to the next video. 9. Using Social Media To Increase Your Sales!: hi and welcome bag. Now you have your brackets ready to go on your online store, so you just need to have buyers. People will organically find your work if you've used good talks or keywords in your products. But if you want to grow your online store more and quicker, you should use social media to boost your earnings. Now it's very easy to get lost in tow, all the social media platforms. So here's what I want you to do. I wanted to create one social media accounts and use just that one. That's right. You don't need to have an account in every social media platform. It's much better to create an audience in one platform and then expand later on. Now, what has been working for me in terms off art and designs is to use Instagram and Pinterest , and the other option that you might want to use is also treater Any off. This can work very well, so pick your favorites and muster its try to publish regularly on that account at work in progress images, new products that you've just published and connect with other like minded people. Connecting with the community is always very important. And of course, be sure to add relevant keywords in the sports as well, because it will really help a lot. Now. Another tip that I want you to remember is to, for example, attack the store you're using in your posts when sharing in your products and using the hashtag for the store as well. For example, here in my coffee Break Girl, I can post it up on Instagram and adds an at sign followed by red bubble and the hashtag red bubble. The social account managers off the stores usually tend to pick designs and share them with their audience, which can give you a huge boost to your store. Finally, one extra tip that is very important. Make it as easy as possible for your friends to buy your work. Leave simple click here links in your posts, for example, directed to your products, and that streak is also to use, and you are l short nurse. Oh, the link isn't coterie and too long. I recommend using bickley dot com forties, not Onley. Will it shorten your link? But it also allow you to check some other analytics like how many people quick that specifically, which can be very useful. Okay, so you have your star and you're now ready to boost your online store and increase your passive income. So let's just go over some funnel tapes and a small conclusion to the class, so I'll see you there. 10. Final Tips And Good Luck!: Hello and welcome back. And I have to say, Well done. You've set up a shop and not already in the path toe. Earn passive income from your own art. Now give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. Now, I just want you to know that I'm very proud of you and that it does take time to break into these markets. So hang in there and don't give up. Really. Every effort you're making today will be worth it in the long run. And don't forget to post your project in the project section. I would love to see it. And if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the community section. I answer every comment. Oh, and if you can leave me a review and follow me, that will be great. It really helps me keep making new and upper classes for you. And you can know when I have some major announcements for you. And remember, you got this. I believe in you. I'll see you next time are in my other classes. Bye bye.