Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 2 | Melanie Greenwood | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Trailer Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 2

    • 2. Choosing Selling Platform Etsy

    • 3. Choosing Your Selling Platform Shopify

    • 4. Choosing Your Selling Platform: Amazon and Handmade at Amazon

    • 5. Choosing Your Selling Platform: Other Platform Options

    • 6. Personal Website Pros and Cons

    • 7. Personal About Section

    • 8. Selling policies

    • 9. Part 2 Project

    • 10. Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 2 Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to the Sell Your Art Masterclass, Part 2 of 4!

In this 4 part course, you will learn how to sell your artwork to real customers online and marketing strategies to build awareness and a loyal following for your art business.

NOTE: This course is PART 2 of 4. This is due to the length and depth of the course content. This way you can take each part one at a time. 

In this course, you will be guided through a process to:

1. Choose your art selling platform (Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Other Platforms...etc.)

2. You will learn the pros and cons of building a personal selling website

3. You will learn how to properly set up your About section 

4. You will learn to set up your selling policies

The remainder of the content will be in part 3 and 4.

I hope you enjoy Part 2 of The Sell Your Art Masterclass course!


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