Sell Using Your Words: 2020 Copywriting Mini Masterclass | Eric John Campbell | Skillshare

Sell Using Your Words: 2020 Copywriting Mini Masterclass

Eric John Campbell, Author

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19 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Module Overview: Customer Development is Your Unfair Advantage

    • 2. Have So Many “WOW" Moments By Listening to Your Target Audience

    • 3. Watch Your Copy Coach: Run a Customer Interview Call

    • 4. Mini Mission: Practice Your Interviewing Skills With a Friend

    • 5. Listen to Thousands of People From Your Target Audience Using The “Online Observer” Technique

    • 6. Watch Your Copy Coach: Use the “Online Observer” technique to learn about a target audience

    • 7. Mini Mission: Choose an audience you want to learn more about & use the “Online Observer“ technique

    • 8. How to Take Your Copywriting Skills to a Higher Level

    • 9. Module Overview: Blow Your Readers Away With How Concise Your Content Is

    • 10. Everything You Need to Know About Customer Avatars

    • 11. Watch Your Copy Coach: Create a Customer Avatar

    • 12. Mini Mission: Create a Customer Avatar

    • 13. Find Your Big Idea

    • 14. Find the Feeling Your Reader Desires Most

    • 15. Find the One Action You Want Your Reader to Take

    • 16. Watch Your Copy Coach: Create a 1-Sentence Copywriting Cheat Code

    • 17. Mini Mission: Create 1-Sentence Copywriting Cheat Code

    • 18. Course Conclusion & Where to Go to Learn More

    • 19. Bonus: Book A Personalized One-on-One Session

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About This Class

Attempting to learn copywriting through reading blog posts on several websites is frustrating. There is too much information out there. 

It’s incredibly hard finding out where to start and what to prioritize. It can make you think that copywriting is complicated. Especially if you don’t have any formal training in marketing or copywriting.

You may already own lots of courses and books on copywriting. But honestly after a while, even though the information is important to you.. reading can bore the hell out of you. Reading definitely bores me. 

If You’re a Full-Time Freelance Writer...

Being nervous about your skills as a full-time freelance writer causes you to put the brakes on. You’ll subconsciously avoid new projects or sabotage current ones out of the fear that you’re not good enough yet.

This lack of confidence prevents you from becoming a successful full-time freelance writer and receiving all of the financial freedom that comes with that.

If You’re Self-Employed And Building a Business...

Not having the right language to communicate how incredible your product is will make the difference between huge success and going out of business. 

Being able to sell using your words is the most important skill any business owner can have. I became obsessed with copywriting for this very reason! For small business owners, copywriting is your superpower.

This Course is Designed to Teach You Copywriting Foundations

Before you write any piece of copy there are 2 things that you need to do in order to make your copy 10X as effective. The thing is most people don’t take the time to do this. I’d say 90% of the copy written out there didn’t start with this foundation. 

If you do these 2 things your copy will be insanely more effective. Whether you’re writing copy for your own business or as a freelance copywriter, doing these things will increase your bottom line.

Thing #1 - Customer Development

Listen to your target market! You can do this either in a 1-on-1 interview or by browsing the online marketplaces where these people hang out. Inside of this Mini-Course I will walk you through me doing both of those things & teach you how to do it as well, step-by-step. 

Thing #2 - Focus Your Message

All of us are overloaded & bombarded with information on a daily basis. People in your target market are no different. To make your copy fun & easy to read it’s important to get clear on what you’re trying to communicate before you start to write.

In this course you will learn about the following:

-How to create a Customer Avatar

-How to come up with your Big Idea

-How to become clear on the one feeling your reader desires most

-How to become clear on the 1 action step you want your reader to take by the end of reading your copy

This course is filled with mini-missions for you to complete, videos of me showing you step-by-step how to complete those steps, real world examples, and PDF cheat sheets. 

Looking forward to seeing you inside the course!

-Eric John Campbell