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12 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Today is the Day to Begin

    • 2. Use a Talking Head Video

    • 3. Look Your Best on Camera

    • 4. Put Your Unique Content on Video

    • 5. Use Video Proposals and Set Yourself Apart

    • 6. Use Video for Client Communication

    • 7. Use Video Analysis to Reach Out

    • 8. Use Video for Training

    • 9. Use Skype for Live Client Interaction

    • 10. Create Up to Date Media Pitches

    • 11. Give and Get Feedback

    • 12. Course Conclusion


About This Class

Imagine thousands of people watching your sales presentation every day, through the power of online video. You can spread your sales message, with emotion and confidence, using the force of online video. Selling through talking head video used to be reserved for Fortune 500 CEOs, US Presidents, and Hollywood celebrities. Now, thanks to low-cost video production and distribution, you can sell your products and services to a worldwide market on the web.

And you can look and sound great, confident and memorable!

You will learn how to use digital video and YouTube to communicate more effectively to your customers and prospects. Video can be the ultimate "sales" tool when it allows you to be fully responsive to customer/prospect concerns. This course will give you practical how-to tips on how to make simple, information packed videos for your website, YouTube channel, sales proposals, client communication and training tools.

Why waste one more day giving average sales presentations when you could be delivering outstanding, video-based, sales presentations?