Sell More: Know Your Customers | Liz Scully | Skillshare
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9 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Why do the research?

    • Demographics

    • Ask customers directly

    • Research on social media

    • Are you the avatar?

    • Create what they want

    • Use the information

    • What next?


About This Class

Running a business? Want more customers?

The way to grow your business - whether it's online or in-person - is to know more about your customer and customers. When you've got a clear understanding of exactly who your customers are then you can speak more directly to them, tailor new products for them and find more of them.

It's easy to skip this research, but when you have a deep awareness of exactly who you're serving you're business shifts into another, more professional gear. In this course, I'll show you how to do the research that will take you beyond boring demographics (age, income, location) and into the deeper elements that lead them to buy one thing over another. 

What you'll learn in this class:

  • Exactly what questions to ask your current customers to learn more (and get honest answers)
  • Where to research online if you've not got any customers yet
  • What to do with the research you've gathered
  • Why skipping this research doesn't serve you or your customers

Spending even a little time really working out who your ideal customers are will make it easier to increase sales. When we can picture one person as our perfect avatar, that illusive ideal customer - you'll find it easier to create products they love.

Use your research to:

  • write blogs that are exactly what they want to read
  • videos that solve their problems or fascinate
  • create new products they'll fall in love with
  • discover what else they're buying and so who to collaborate with
  • set up Facebook ads

This course is suitable for makers and service providers, even if you've not actually sold anything yet.

Download the class worksheet and guide under the 'your project' tab





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Liz Scully

Business Strategist for Entrepreneurs

Business Strategist - Masterminder - Cake Connoisseur - Stationery obsessive

I worked for 20 years in film, broadcast and commercials. I had lots of success there (won an Emmy, my work was multi-Oscar nominated) and now I work with entrepreneurs helping them work less and earn more while having more fun.

I teach Marketing, Sales and how to run fabulous Mastermind groups in my company Rethink Central. (Masterminds are small coach-led groups that accelerate growth -they're ace). ...

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