Sell Gift Cards Online: How To Sell Starbucks Cards On eBay | Jewel Tolentino And Auret Esselen | Skillshare

Sell Gift Cards Online: How To Sell Starbucks Cards On eBay

Jewel Tolentino And Auret Esselen

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15 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Income Proof How I made over $2000 selling Starbucks gift cards on ebay

    • Understanding Your Buyers Why would anyone buy empty gift cards!

    • Where to get your gift cards for FREE 3 ways

    • How to properly clean and take pictures of your cards

    • How to properly title your eBay listing so you can be found in the search

    • Creating your listing description My personal proven template

    • Deciding what to price your gift cards

    • LIVE DEMO - From Start to Finish - How to list your gift card on eBay

    • What happens when you make a sale Packaging & Shipping your gift cards

    • Sell Gift Cards Online Facebook Groups

    • Sell Gift Cards Online Craigslist

    • Don’t stop at Starbucks gift cards

    • The Secret Rare Cards that are worth 400%+ more profits [UNVEILED]

    • Pay off your next vacation Do this while travelling!

    • Using OPT Other People’s Travels


About This Class

Did you know that you can sell Starbucks Gift Cards with a zero dollar balance on ebay?

Might sound too good to be true (I definitely thought so in the beginning!) but I've managed to pocket over $2000 using the steps you will learn in this course, and I am grateful to be able to teach this method to you.

No experience required.

In this course, we will teach you the exact steps to sell gift cards on eBay and potentially return 1000%+ in profits.

Here are some things you will learn:

    • How you can earn 1000%+ return with collectible gift cards
  • Where to get your gift cards for FREE: 3 ways
  • How to properly prepare your gift cards for sale and avoid refunds
  • How to create an attractive ebay listing that SELLS
  • How to use Facebook and Craigslist for selling even more cards
  • 4 Ninja Hacks that will multiply your income from selling gift cards online

Please Note: we are teaching you the simple strategy we followed to make profits selling gift cards on eBay. We cannot guarantee you'll get the same results, as individual results depend on your mindset while learning this material and the actions you take to implement what you've learned.

I look forward to teaching you these strategies inside the course!

Your instructor,






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