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Sell Digital Downloads with E-Commerce and Etsy

Delores Naskrent, Creative Explorer

Sell Digital Downloads with E-Commerce and Etsy

Delores Naskrent, Creative Explorer

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9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Shopify Digital Download App

    • 3. Mockups Tips and Tricks

    • 4. Organizational Spreadsheets Explained

    • 5. Writing an Effective Description

    • 6. Effective Tags

    • 7. Organizing Files for Upload

    • 8. Shopify vs Etsy

    • 9. Outro

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About This Class

Hi and thanks for checking this class out! These past few weeks have been trying times for the world and especially for small business owners, artists and artisans. During the course of creating this class, I have had to make some real and hard decisions. I will reveal these in the class because I am sure they will reflect the struggles many artists are facing right now.

Because of the isolation I have had to practice since returning from travelling, I have reviewed my “to-do” list and have zeroed in on something I have been wanting to do for awhile: to create digital downloads of loads of my art to sell online.

I am a total fan for selling digital files (I sell on Creative Market, in my Shopify Store and soon in my Etsy Shop) because of the ease of use and the availability and variety for the buyer. I, myself, have bought many digital products such as brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator, backgrounds, textured backgrounds, fonts and many add-ons like actions, fx, droplets and scripts.

Other great benefits to selling downloads of your artwork…

  • You can take your huge collection of artwork and find a new audience. Many people can't afford to buy originals of your work or even want to get prints, but they can buy a digital download and print it out themselves.
  • You can get a new following. Perhaps some of these new clients who have been exposed to your work will eventually buy an original or print of your art in the future.
  • You can create backgrounds, textures or ephemera, add-ons etc. other artists can use in their work and make money doing it!
  • It is actually very easy to do! If the idea of selling your artwork as digital download was difficult, I promise I wouldn’t share it!
  • Last, but not least, it is an alternate revenue stream. No more printing out items yourself, putting them in envelopes and mailing them, ordering online and having them sent, OR ordering canvases and giclees and hoping you sell them all. YES, of course you can keep selling your artwork the way you always have, but why not add a totally free and passive revenue stream to your art business?


The two main venues for selling on-line are opening your own e-commerce “store” and selling on established marketplaces like Etsy, Zazzle, Society 6, Red Bubble and so many more. The advantages and disadvantages of both will be reviewed in the class. I will walk you through the entire process from start to finish showing examples in both venues, while giving you plenty of information about the pros and cons I personally have experienced. We will start with saving the files correctly, creating mockups, organization and finish up with the listings. I will even give you some advice with regards to creating and using CSV files to help speed up the process for you.

My advice? Start today and make it a point to list one (or several) products each and every day! You will not regret it! Join this class and you could literally be listing and selling this week!



In this intro, I will give you an overview of the contents of this class and some heartfelt commentary on the Covid 19 situation and how it is affecting my life.

Lesson 1: The Shopify Digital Downloads App

In this lesson, I will explain the installation of the digital downloads app in Shopify and explain how to use it.

Lesson 2:  Mockups Tips and Tricks

In this lesson, I review the creation of the mockups with lots of pointers about how to speed up the process for production of the many you will need to produce.

Lesson 3: Spreadsheets Explained

This video is about spreadsheets. I will explain the advantage of using spreadsheets and a very important glitch resolution when downloading and trying to use a Shopify spreadsheet.

Lesson 4: Writing an Effective Description

In this lesson, we will review the content of your written description and I will gives you some important aspects to consider.

Lesson 5: Effective Tags

In this lesson, we will have a discussion about tags and why they are so important for helping you to be found online.

Lesson 6: Organizing Files for Uploads

To streamline the process of adding digital files, I will give you a few pointers. We will organize the files and I will demonstrate as I go through the process of adding the files to my listing.

Lesson 7: Shopify vs Etsy

In this lesson, I discuss the differences between selling platforms, and the pros and cons of each.


This last segment will wrap up all we discussed and give you a starting point and encouragement to start today!

 Concepts covered:

Concepts covered include but are not limited to digital download production, mockups, automation in photoshop, Shopify listings, Etsy listings, marketplace vs store, Shopify vs Etsy, keyword writing, metadata, writing effective tags, using CSV files for efficiency, high resolution files, passive income, revenue


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Delores Naskrent

Creative Explorer


Hello, I'm Delores.  I'm so excited to be here, teaching what I love! I was an art educator for 30 years, teaching graphic design, fine art, and theatrical design. My own education took place at college and university, in Manitoba, Canada, and has been honed through decades of graphic design experience and my work as a professional artist, which I have done for over 40 years (eeek!). In the last 15 years I have also been involved in art licensing with contracts from Russ, Artwall, Studio El, Trends, Metaverse and more.

This is where I say something existential or clever about my inspiration: The colours of nature and my intuition guide my art: my most generous muses are light, sunshine, and flora. My work ranges through multiple media: my co... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi there. My name is Dolores NASCAR, and thanks for being a little bit curious and clicking on this course. So wow, strange times we're living in A. These past few weeks have been really trying times for people all around the world and especially small business owners and artists like yourself. Priorities are definitely shifting for all of us. Kind of scary. I don't know about you, but some of my normal regular revenue streams have kind of dried up. Yeah, I also have to make a decision about whether or not to keep my online store operating. It's time to pay the bill, and I haven't made the decision honestly, are lots of factors that go into a decision like that and, ah, bunch of stuff has changed in my life and the life of my family. I will, uh, I'll let you know a little bit more about that later. It's kind of let's just say it's a fluid situation right now, So now it's time to start getting creative. I know the goal for all of us. Artists, of course, is first and foremost to create art, but we need to start thinking really creatively. One of the things I've had on the back burner for a while is selling my art digitally, So I thought this will be a good time to do it. When I decided to do this, I thought to myself, This would be something that would be great to do together with other artists and get them going on this journey of having art available digitally on their website or on their Etsy store. If you haven't got either of those, this class is going to give you a side by side comparison of the two and you'll get my opinions along the way. I know that all of you have tons of image files and lots that you can share and make money on to. If you've never considered selling digital products before, it may seem a little bit scary. Let's start with something you already have. That'll make it easier, and I will give you pointers along the way on how to save your digital files and have them ready for download. The whole point of my class here is to make this easy for you and therefore make it easy for your customer. We'll start with a general overview of what exactly is digital download and then how to make your digital files. And then we'll talk about the two main venues to sell your art. Your own store, like Shopify, will commerce, big Cartel and marketplaces like etc and Zazzle. I'll explain the differences between the two, and then we'll move right into the nitty gritty of how to create the actual listing. We'll do the example from both a Shopify store and on Etsy shop. I'll explain the main differences between those outlets. They also want to touch briefly on how to protect yourself when selling digital goods. Okay, so I'll see you in less than one where I'm gonna give you an overview. All right, I'll see you earlier. 2. Shopify Digital Download App: Hey, guys, welcome to lesson one. In this lesson, what I want to do is give you an overview of the Shopify digital downloads up. All right. Okay. So let's just get right into the set up of the app. So the digital downloads APP is free and it's available in the shop of I download store. You can see I have it actually downloaded already. But I will walk you through that process, click on the APP store. You're gonna search for digital downloads, and there are a few different ones available. This Shopify one is free and I've used it and it works, So why not use it? So you would click on digital downloads? You would add the app. In my case, I've already got it. It goes through all of its processing here, so you know, you've got the app installed and the next step is to go through an ad, a product. So I've got one ready to go. In the next few lessons, I'm gonna show you how to prepare the product to put in a title. You have to put in a description. Then you're gonna add a sample file or a way to show your customer what the product will look like. I like using mockups because it helps the customer to visualize what their product be used for. Then you're gonna go through an ad, your pricing, and I'm going to explain all of these other steps as we work our way through the lesson. So here, I'm gonna drop in my description, try to make it catchy, something that describes your product. I'll probably go into more detail with this. Once I am myself organized. I'm gonna actually use see SV file in the end to upload all of my products. Like just knowing that I was going to do this, I thought, Why not share this? With all of you out there just in case it's something that you could do to fill your time and to add another revenue stream to your current income, the next step would be to add my mock up image. So in four to shop, I've created this image. I've saved it as a J peg. So I did a save as, and I've saved it here as a J pig so that I can show you that little losses quickly in the upcoming lessons, I'm gonna show you how to create all of these different things, all the steps that I go through and how I create my mock ups and how you could create a walk up from scratch as well. I'm gonna go to my Assets folder in my skill share clothes here and grab that G pig that I created. Now this will be what the customer sees when they on this particular product. Let me give you a quick look at my online store, and I will show you exactly what that's like. Focuses my store of landing page. Currently, this has to be updated because obviously, my calendar Now we're into April. So Robbie doesn't need to be the main thing featured on my website about links to a bunch of different things here in my blog's my skill share classes, that sort of thing. But I want to show you the digital downloads, so I'm going to type in the word here. And here's one of my previously set up digital downloads. So let's click on that and you'll see worse. The mock up is over here. The button thio added to their cart that markup example. And then here a good look at what the digital download is gonna look like. All right, so that's what you're aiming towards. Nice description, actually like this what I've got here, I'm going to add to that description. I have just to flush it out a little bit. Give it a bit more information, and let's proceed with the steps here. You could put in your price pair to other digital downloads. I don't have any idea really What other people are charging. Let's say $5 charge tax if you are set up to collect it. And really the only thing you need to worry about down here, you can track your inventory. I mean, technically downloading you don't have a physical product, and this is important. You want to just check off? This is a physical product. If you don't check that off, you won't have the option. Thio added digital downloads in the next step, and then this is how it's going to look in search engines. So if you wanted to make any changes here, you could at it. I'm gonna hit save, and now this as it to my products that I have available. You're gonna go under this more actions tab. And that's where you gonna find the app for adding your digital attachments. Click on that and that was interesting. So I was unable to open. It used to be upto open in safari, but now it looks like there is a conflict there. So I may have to open this up Google, Chrome or Firefox. So just hang on a second. I'll do that. Okay, Back to the same spot. So we were going through this and one of things you want to do to is give a quantity of what's available. Otherwise it's gonna show as unavailable because there are none. So I would put, I don't know, 500 or something. Doesn't matter what the amount is. You can always go in and change this on a physical products that see, And I think we're good here. I am going to click Save and now my product is available. It's in my products section here. If I was to put digitally in, it would show you which of my products are available. And remember I said something here about the quantity, and I forgot to change it on this one. So let's go in here and change the quantity to 500 safe. So that has updated. And now there are this many in stock. So you bought all the steps stoned. Now you know exactly what you have to do to add a digital product setting up your etc. Listing is very similar. The process is slightly different, but the content is pretty much the same. You start by clicking on add a listing and it takes you to this page, which is where you're going to upload your photos and enter all of your descriptive text and details. They've got some really helpful hands here, out photographing your object. In our case, we're going to be using mockups, which I'm going to explain in one of the other lessons. But one of things I really like about this is the ideas for different types of photos were gonna end up doing what you'd call a styled scene because that's what the mock up is. I like that you can offer several different pictures of your work. Let's just say images, because this is where you could have different images, like a square image or vertical Candler portrait type image, and then you just kind of scroll on down here. You're gonna add your title information about your staying descriptive text. Here. The spot is where it's important. Teoh, change it to the digital file because that makes a difference for some of the other things you're gonna put in here. Add your really good descriptive information about the product and then enter as many tags as you can. Think off and trying to be specific. Looks like you get up to 13 here. Make sure you think about different ways that certain words could be interpreted or used. Remember things like ad could be father just as much as possible. Put as much detail as you can in here. I find that here in this materials section, it's good to list that it is a digital product. You'd be surprised how many people will make the mistake and assume that they're getting some kind of physical products sent to them. Then remember to increase your quantity. Here, go for a really large amount because the next time it will get listed will be when this number runs out rather than set it at 10 and then have to be an additional 20 cents every time it's relisted to set it at a very high number. As far Askew's here, this is something that only you will see. I created rescue system for my digital images, something like this. So Dell 2020 01 for three is the artwork number D D stands for digital download, and then eight by 10 would be the proportion. The rest of it is fairly self explanatory. You won't have to worry about the shipping, since it's going to be a downloadable product, and then you can preview it, save it, has graft or publish it. I like previewing at first just to be sure and then hitting the publish button at the end. So basically the same set up as a Shopify store, and I'm sure it's very similar or other e commerce sites like, well, commerce, the Big Cartel, any of the other ones that you could think of. They probably have a very similar process, and that's pretty much it. I am going to also show you a few other things in the lessons that air coming up, and one of them is how to create a CSB file with all your products that you can import. So here would be the spot where you would import. And I have found that that's really the most efficient way for me to add new products, especially if I've got something like, you know, 100 new products to add or 30 new products to add using a C S V pile release speeds it up. If I wanted to download or export a C S V file to use as a template for producing the main CSP file, I would select it products. Even if it's just one, I would select it, go to export here and then export the CSB file. I'm going to do it for just this current page because I don't want all of my products on that list, and I'm going to export it as a CSP file. I will explain more about this because there's a few very important points that I want to tell you. Boat little glitches that I've run into with the CSC files that are created this way. But suffice it to say you would just hit this export. It is exported to products that see SV file we would find here in your downloads folder. I had done one earlier, and then this is the one that I just did. So I'll explain more in an upcoming lesson. For now, we're gonna end this lesson in the upcoming lessons. What we're gonna do is look at how to create the mockups, how to create multiple mockups and how to create the download file that will need to be attached here or the client to download. Okay, so I'll see you in the next lesson where we're going to start working on our mark ups. 3. Mockups Tips and Tricks: Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen too. So this is the lesson that we're going to work on walk ups, so I'll give you as many tips and tricks is I know. All right, let's get started. So I'm gonna go ahead and start creating my mock ups, but I want to point out a couple of things that you need to consider at this point. So for the purposes of this course, I'm just going Teoh dude, two different sizes of files by by sevens and 10 by 10. And it's really important that when you are putting together your descriptions that you're including with each of your products, that you're super clear about what the customer is going to get. So I would include this kind of information. Five by 7 300 dp I High resolution and in JPEG format, JPEG is a very common format, so it's a good idea to use either that or perhaps a pdf make use of those two types of formats. And then I would explain very clearly that each G peg file is a high resolution file, which will get clean and clear, beautiful prints if print at the same size or close, and then a caveat and large ing is not recommended and will return poor results. Also very important. And we'll go over this a little bit later when we're talking about that written description . Very important to include the fact that the customer will not be receiving a physical product, that the download is the products Now. Another thing. If you are possibly going to be using a spreadsheet, Teoh, upload your products and you may may want to. If you got even for myself, this even this amount of products, I wouldn't want to individually be uploading these into my shop. If I store, for example, I would want to create a spreadsheet to do this. And I know I'm going to do it because I've got hundreds of products that I'm going to be showing and selling as digital. And I've got very many different proportions that I have that I sell. First of all, I've been have focused on the regular five by seven greeting card portion and the square sort of proportion that I produced, but my research on Etsy showed me that a lot of people are selling greeting cards already laid out with a back so that if the customer buys, for example, a pre folded hard stock I know Avery sells a very nice one. I've purchased a couple of different brands. A lot of people are selling them like this with the back on them. I already have this artwork exist in front and back form. So it won't be too hard for me to include that to this course will probably just focus on this and the square. Now, the other thing I want to point out that is super super important. If you're going to be using a CSB file, is that this way? It's named right now. Should stay exactly the same. You change anything or if you're going to change anything, change it now. Can't change it once you have created the CSB pile. Because this is how the ill will call up the artwork that you're using and course you're gonna have these artworks as part of your listing and you're probably gonna have the mock ups so you would have a mock up a swell. We're gonna have to save those as J pegs. So these air right now all PSD file be showing you saving them out as Jay pay. And again, you're gonna want to make absolutely sure that you do not change the name of the artwork that you create because this is how the CS file would locate it. It's also just easier for you if you are doing some kind of inventory again. Inventory is something that a C. S V file is used for. When you download list A and list that shows you what you have sold, it will be in the format of CSE of All right, Okay, so let's get into the mock up and let's make the companies use this mock up here got quite a few different ones, but this is the one that I want to use for my mock up. So remember that with mall cops you will have a smart object. And I made this mock up so I will be able to include this free with your course materials. If you'd like to use it, you're most welcome to do so. I would just ask that you replace the background with some kind of another extra, and then what you do is double click on the smart object and if you see over here, what I've done is I've hold out all of my five by seven artwork, and I have it on this PSB file already. So you know it's the link file. Because up here it says, PSB I could turn off the layers that I don't want turn on the layer that I want to export. All right, So I'm gonna choose this one here for now. At this point, I hit save, and I go back to my greeting card, and you see, it just flipped into that artwork. Now, what I would do is just save this out. Save it as J Peg in my five by sevens folder, I'm going to make a new folder called Five by seven Lockups. Now, I know that the artwork that I just used was this friendship shenanigans. I wanted to have the exact same name and artwork file number, which is this first number that I use and I'm going Teoh, add five by seven here. Okay, now, when I click into that folder and I've saved it out, So now I've got a copy of this as a J peg. You can open this up Let's take a look. This is the mockups folder double click on and there's my J peg saved. And this is the flattened version. Okay, so it's not the originals, not this one. Here is my new version. Okay, So less turn that one or close that one, and then I would go through and do that for all of my cards. The other thing that I would do is the square version of that artwork. So here's my 10 by 10 and I know it doesn't really go with that greeting cards, And I probably will. When I do this for Riel, find a bunch of mockups that really work well together. But I'm going to use this one for now just to demonstrate basically the same idea. Find your smart object. Double click on your smart object. Open up your file that you're gonna be using. I'm gonna be using this artwork that's in the square proportion. Manuela do is select all and paste it here. And this is a really good example of something I normally wouldn't dio. I would make sure that I have all that artwork criticized and ready to go. So I'm going to go back and open that one up again. So this should have been the same size as the documents. So 10 by 10 by 300 Now, when I copy it and go back to document a bit and then here it is in our frame One of the cool things about this particular mock up just a little aside here that you can actually move all these different things around. You don't like one, you could just turn it off. So that's a fun thing with mock ups. If you shop around, find something that really works with your Carly Haute just so that they're all kind of similar. One of things I could do is just re color the background on this one a little bit, and that would give me a better match toothy eating card and right here at a new layer. Example the color from your other one. Sample this color here that comes up in my colors. Go back film and just make sure that this shows through the texture that they've got there . Go a little bit, but more teal on that that works a lot better for the two of them together so I would say that out. Decide whether you want to have it displayed in this proportion. Whatever you decide to dio save it, I would also save it as a J paying. And since we've already created this mock up boulder here within that, I'm gonna put a load finished. And this particular one I will obviously name the same as 10 friends shenanigans and 10 by 10. Just so all of us is clear when I'm putting together my listing. All right, so that's basically all there is to it with your mockups again. What I would have done with this mock up is to have a bunch of layers with the difference works on here. Or I would have figured out automation process I over this really extensively in one of my other courses. How to replace the artwork on a mock up. In that course, I did it test, and I ran a file of 100 different artwork. It took less than five minutes to replace the artwork on the mock up with the artwork that I wanted. If you're feeling up to the challenge of learning a new skill, that is another really excellent thing to learn is how to automate processes like making your mock ups. So check out that class. I'll leave a link in the course materials. So now that we've got our mock ups made, let's move on into the next lesson. And in that lesson, we're going Teoh review the written description that we're going to use with our product. All right. Okay. I'll see you in that next lesson. 4. Organizational Spreadsheets Explained: welcome to lessen three in this lesson. I just want to show you how to wrap that CSP file and use it to help you upload multiple items. And I had a lot of trouble with Shopify not accepting my CS fee file and took a lot of investigating for me, too. Figure out and I found it somewhere very deep in help Files and forums on Shopify seems to be some kind of a glitch, with just straight downloading the CSB file and opening it in Excel, they suggest to open it in Google sheets and so Google sheets or something you can open and use online. So there's the link to the main Google Sheets page. There's three free online version, and if you are using Google Chrome, you can just click on the apse in the upper left hand corner here, and you can access sheets here. Now here you can start a new spreadsheet on untitled spreadsheet. Here's a bunch of my old ones, and here I'll give you an example of what my spreadsheets look like. So if you were to scroll through this, you would see every single one of my products. This looks very intimidating. And I think this is just my cards. Actually, See, this is just my cards, my note cards and my greeting cards. And when I first opened a file like this, I was just boggled. I did not know how to handle it. And it took a lot of research, a lot of experimenting, and I finally figured out how to create this. And I'm so glad that I did, because in the long run, it actually really saves you a lot of time. I've got several different ones, obviously covering all of my different product lines that I carry in my store. And a couple of these other ones were just kind of housekeeping things that this is where I used to work things. I used to dio kind of funny. You go back through time looking at this and how I'm gonna open up this blank and here I'm going to hit open. I'm gonna go to my own computer and go to my downloads folder where I had placed that see SV file and click on it Hit opened. It's going to upload it here is only going to have those two products. But the beauty of this is that having now opened it, it's got all of the categories that I need here. So everything that's important that needs to be on the sheet is listed here. So if you've ever used spreadsheet programs, you know that you can make adjustments to the columns. If you need to see them a little bit better, you could work right here and just use a browser version. Personally, I like exporting it into an Excel file because I find that I have a lot more control. It's just a little bit easier Teoh work with. So I'm just gonna hit download here and let's go back to that downloads folder and you can see here it has the Thought Excel SX extension, which means that this is now an Excel file. So in my excel, I'm now opening the copy that was saved through Google sheets. Believe me, you guys, this is saving you a lot of time. Just having somebody tell you this is not having to go through the agony of trying to figure out why your file won't work. So the most important things here to point out to you are the handle and the title The handle is what makes the sheet work was kind of the stuff that's going on in the background . The title is what will be seen in the Shopify app. And of course, the body text is your descriptive text that will be here Excel file. We don't need to change anything here because it has downloaded from that single product that you did create. So everything that is necessary is on here. So the most important things that you need to know our this the source of the image, the body text title and the handle. So we'll go through that a little bit more in detail after we've created the images that we're going to use. These are the images that I used for those two products that I have and this link is incredibly important to do correctly so that your downloads will work. We're gonna go through that step by standing in one of the upcoming lessons. I just want to give you an overall heads up and let you know that doing one of these files is actually easier than you would think. I will see you in the next lesson 5. Writing an Effective Description: three guys. Welcome to lesson for this lesson is gonna be all about writing an effective description. All right, let's get started. OK, so in this lesson, we're going to focus on writing the creative description that we want to add to our product . I want to reiterate how important it is that you include any question that the buyer might ask in the listing description, some individual downloads. The biggest con that I see is that people don't necessarily read all of the details that you put in. I suggest that within the description and title you put in as much information as possible , I add digital download to the title. Also within the text reinforced that more than once. So I repeat that information. What I'm going to put an ad into mine is that it's a greeting card or an art print. Then, immediately after I'm going Teoh that there's no physical product that will be shit. I also want to make it really clear that the envelopes, the frame and the props are not included that I'm going to list what is included, so we'll have four different sizes included in the file. A five by 7 10 by 10. I'll probably include another common size, like four by six for the note cards and possibly 8.5 by 11 because that's a very common size that home printers will do. Then I'm going to give the details about the file, which is that it is a J peg and that its high resolution. Personally, I think what I'll do is I'll save out all of my J pegs, also as PDFs so that I can include pdf's as well. Just in case some people are unfamiliar or unable to use or open the J peg, almost every computer will open a pdf, so that's just making it easier in the long run. Teoh not run into problems. Then I'm going Teoh, give some details on how to order and tell the customer they just need to put it in their shopping cart and place the order, and that once the payment has cleared, the download will come either under the processes and Reviews section in etc. Or as a download link in their email or whatever other means you plan to use. Those are the two that I know I'm going to use you could use any other means that is available through your commerce website. It's really that simple. I want people to know that's how it works. And this might even be another area or spot where you can explain that they will not receive an item in the mail. And I want to add that my mission is to provide a less expensive version of my original illustration and designs quality information and then the printing information soas faras the printing goes. I want them to know that if they print at home that the colors may slightly berry from how they appear on the screen because of calibration with the monitor and that really clear saturated color and fine detail is a result of using really good quality stock. I suggest that they look for something that says presentation paper or a coded stock again reiterating that this is an instant download and then suggestions for places that they might be able Teoh Teik and have their image professionally printed. I think here I'm gonna add poppy to last drive just to make it easier and give them more information. Now, another couple of things that I wanted to point out here is that you should have a refund policy. My personal refund policy is that it is nonrefundable cause there's no way that I can know whether they have printed it or not so literally. They buy the design and that's it. And then kind of terms of use. That is my copyrighted artwork that they can't reproduce it to sell. It is not something that they can, for example, print off and then take to a cross sale. And so 50 copies off. I've literally seen that happen. So that's something that I want to make very clear. You could actually add a license agreement that is a download. It's unlikely that people will necessarily read it or download it, but it covers you just in case and gives you legal footing if you ever want to sue anybody . So then, at this point, I'm gonna copy all this and take it into my listing and remember, had added that little descriptive text there. I'm going Teoh, but this new text below and I would double check everything. For example, here I've got in my first paragraph no printer question mark. Take it to your local state Staples Office plus for UPS store. And then I've got I'm gonna add seat below just to be sure that they read all of this information. Here's hoping. Anyways, I can take this hitting off and then go through and just format the way you see fit to take out some of these extra spaces in here. If you're using Shopify, sure, you save in the upper right hand quarter here. And actually, I'm gonna go back, copy this entire listing, and I'm going to put it into my etc listing. And this is where you would say, you don't hear at the bottom save his draft. Now. I haven't got everything else filled out here, so it's not allowing me to save at the moment. I need to put all the rest of this information in OK, so then the next task is to write those incredibly useful tags. So that's what we're gonna do in the next lesson. Little go over my pointers and industry standards for creating those meta tags, so I will see their 6. Effective Tags: Hey, guys, welcome to less than five. So in this lesson, we're just gonna touch briefly on how to create really effective tags for your artwork. Let's get started and Shopify. This is where I would enter my case of what tags to enter. So here are a bunch of tags that I've used in the past is one thing nice about shopping by ? But what is the importance of this tag? The goal for creating really good meta tags is for people to be able to find you and to find your content, the meta tags and describe your product and make you easy to find. Depending on how many you are allowed, you can enter anything that you think of that could work. Teoh have people flying what you're feeling. In this case, I would obviously add Teacher. So let's look at this list Teacher, Best teacher, teacher appreciation. Probably little download and my ads colors, maybe favorite teacher. One of things I've learned to do to help myself out in this case, it's really easy, Teoh. Just have a mental block when you're actually entering all this information in, I have actually created a spreadsheet with all of my tags on it. Now the good thing about this is if you've got something that's really repetitive, like, for example, here friendship or thinking of you special occasions you've got all of your tags here, select the mall, copy them and take them in. This particular sheet was prepared for, I think, greeting card universe, and they require Astra's between the different tags. If you want. Teoh, list them all at once. So I've done one here with a comma between each tag and you'll see that when I drop it in here and hit return, they've all come in separately here, Okay, but that's a little pointer to remember. Now I think I've hit the maximum amount of tags allowed here. Depending on the requirements of your e commerce site or your Etsy shop, you may be limited. So think carefully about these tags consist how you are going to be found in search engines . Now, if you're looking for reference, I have found tons of reference online when looking for ideas. Four meta tags so you can look it up, and you may be able to find some great ideas in some of this reference material here. This is my site on greeting card universe. And the format that they use is this. They always specify the occasion or the main category they describe. Ooh, it is four in the next egg and then the type of card. So in this case, this is a general card. You might have one that's specifically from stepdaughter or something like s. Dad, If you think of this when you are putting together your meta tags, it'll be really helpful to help you visualize a little bit better. I've opened up one of my cards here in three greeting card universe website. So here would be the key words that I would have imported from that document of mind. So I've got type of sentiment. Who? It's for a few other descriptive notes Here. Here I would changes to green, yellow, soft green. So that describes the card with words that are not necessarily going to be in thes categories that I select down here. So if I was to go into here to select the category than in this case, it was a birthday card. I go into birthday. Just keep in mind those words Birthday in his case I could choose. Dad is on here somewhere. So in this case, maybe for him, General, for him, A different thing here birthday. Think there's one that's his family. This one's hilarious for sperm donor hoat, but that's just say, that's what we're going to put it here Anyways, these are the kind of words that you should be thinking of when you're putting in your bags . Now here's another trick for finding some really cool keywords going to a site like shutter stock and type in greeting card. And take a look at some of the related keywords that are put up here. They may not be appropriate to your design, but this gives you an idea of what people add as keywords. All right, It's not a quick idea. I hope that's been helpful. Next lesson. What I'm gonna do is just review quickly how Teoh package your digital files and get them ready for upload ing and having available for customers to download. All right, so I'll see you in that next lesson 7. Organizing Files for Upload: Hey, guys, welcome to Lesson six. In this lesson, we're gonna talk about organizing your downloads and then actually attaching them to the different listings. And I'm gonna show you an example in Shopify and in etc. All right, let's get to it before we start with the up loading off the files, I want to do a little bit of housekeeping in here to make it a lot easier for myself. One of things I have not done yet is to identify the size of the file, and you'll probably notice that they let's say 8 10 here, which is the one I'm gonna be working with, has nothing identifying what the shape or size is. All right, so that's one of things I need to do. So fastest way that I've found to do this is Teoh. Rename all the files that are within the particular folder, decided what you want to name it or how you want to make the change and pick something that is in the name of the artwork that is repeated all the way down. And it's obvious to me that that's way to make. The change is to grab the file extension copy it and then go under the settings here to rename the 13 items. And instead of the dot j peg, I want to replace it with space five by seven dot j Pig. What that will dio is add that to the end of all of these somebody hit rename and you can see now that they are all listened as five by seven. For this particular set, I would do the same thing. But instead of putting five by seven here, I would put folding 10 by seven make sure you put the space at the very beginning, get rename and now all of the's say, folding 10 by seven. I would do the same thing with my 10 by tans. In this case, I just have the one. If I had a whole list, I would use the renaming here and here I might put something like square 10 by 10. So now I've got my artworks already to be uploaded and to the Etsy site. It's not a problem because you can actually shoes up to five files. So here you would upload and drive to your assets folder and grab all the different ones that you want now? Personally, I would find it easier if I had made a folder here. That waas specifically or that artwork. I would put all the versions of that artwork in there, and now they're all in one place. Now, this will be important for me to when I do the upload to Shopify. Because there I'm only allowed to upload one file. So I'll show you that in a minute. But for now, let's go back to the etc listing now we could go to that folder. All three of our items air here. Choose, and you'll see that all of these are added to my digital download. All right, remember that this is just what the client is downloading where you can see here in my square that somehow I didn't get that face in there a welcome back and do that. But you don't want to upload the actual mock ups in there. You just want Teoh upload the actual arch that you want them to download. So here in my shop, if I store, I'm gonna just add the artwork that we're currently working on a poppy in our descriptive text. Of course I would rewrite that first paragraph to reflect this artwork, go down and put in my prices. I would pop in my skew that I made up. Check off that. Continue selling. We're not I stock. I'm gonna set my stock as very high again unchecked this physical product here and of course, have to go through and putting all my hags and whatnot. I'm gonna hit, save. I'm gonna go back to my products here. So obviously here I didn't add my mock up in self, so that stuff I would have done Let's do that actually, real quick. So there is my two example files and let's go back to the product's list and we're going to be editing this one on Lee. If you have a whole bunch to do this would make it easy. Could just click on a whole bunch of same time. And this is where you would make sure I have this as a digital download. And then here in the more actions tab is where I would go to that app that we installed to add the digital attachment. But in this case, Shopify only allows you to select one file. Okay, so I'd have to go to where I created ach file with all of my different downloads ready. And I would right click on it or what? My control key or whichever way you do it. And I would compress that file to create a zip file for the customer to download. So this might be something you'd have to add into the instructions, how to unzip a file. And then we'll go back to upload the file, find that zip file like open, and it will attach all of them together in this sit file. Remember that all of your description is still included for the customer here. This is my listing now. And I saw in my last step there the head, Absolutely but $21 of changed that on through and made sure that all my other settings are correct. Made sure that my quantity is high and that I've taking the check mark from in front of This is a physical product. Let's take a look at this is my online store Now. I want to give it a test run. So this is the one that I was working on. It looks like everything is there I can see that both of my mark ups are there, and I'm gonna just add it to the cart, go through to the payment in my shop. If I store the digital downloads up would take my customer to this spot where they could immediately download. Let's just check out my email. Oh, I want to check this out as well. So I got the payment. Who has made two bucks, and then here in my email is the link that I could go to so I could click on that. I was the customer. It would take me here where I would hit download. Now this will download it to my computer. Let's check it out. And sure enough, I have received that download file. Aaron Square don't know about you, but I'm super excited about this. I think that will be kind of fun. And as long as I figure out some really good automation processes to create my mock ups and to create my end files, I think I could do this quite quickly. I teach a class on those processes. The last lesson is all about creating a script that will help you create all the files really quickly. The first is a really good review on the smart object and preparing the artwork files in lesson to tells you how to make a file folder of consistent artwork sizes. So this class could really help you in this process. I would strongly suggest that you check it out if you're going to be doing this for us and lots of downloads, like hundreds, this will make your process a lodge faster and easier. All right, so I'll talk to you guys in the next lesson. We're gonna wrap things up, and, uh, yeah, I'll see there. 8. Shopify vs Etsy: Hey, guys, welcome to lesson one. So, in this lesson, what I plan to do is give you an overview of this course and give you an idea of all the different factors that you have to consider. All right, let's get started. But the biggest question for you when you're starting out is whether or not to use an already established marketplace website or to create your own website or store using Shopify, squarespace, big cartel or any other of the platforms that are available. So what is the difference exactly? You're going to find a ton of information online about this. But I can tell you a couple of things from personal experience. I have my own store. This is it on my site. I have been selling home decor items, greeting cards, no cards, all of the things that I physically make or have made through a P O. D site. So that's kind of cool rate. I have all of the control over this site. I'm the person who puts all the products, and there are no rules to follow. This is my stores. So anything goes when it comes to what I want. My site to look like and what I want to have go into it. All right, so that's pretty cool. And that is definitely one of throes of having your own online shop. But I'll tell you, there are some drawbacks. First of all, there are no built in customers. So I literally have to be the one to market this site myself, to drive customers to it and to do all of the maintenance, all of the customer service, and take care of everything to do with the collecting of money, orders, all that kind of stuff. It's all me. And what's my return on that? Well, I can tell you that from my website. I make probably 1/10 of my whole monthly income, so that's a little bit. So bring, you know, when I think about all of the time that I have spent creating the site, creating all of the cell documents and spreadsheets that I need for its loading in all of my products. All of these products that are listed he had Teoh individually load. I had to create all of the mockups for, and I have to do all of the record keeping, so it's all me and is months of work to really load up your store with all of your product . Okay, so the difference between that and let's say etc is that they have a built in fan base already. So you can open a store and you have access to the millions of customers that shop etc. Every year they market, they promote. They handle all the Loggins, all the payments, the file delivery. So, honestly, if I wanted to give you some really frank advice if you're starting out absolutely new into this, I would suggest you start with something like an Etsy shop. Zazzle is another place where I do a lot of selling and I have started to focus a lot more of my energy here and why This is why check out the earnings I had and this was mainly in November and December of this year. Actually, 90% of it Waas in December and wow, look at this figure here. So in December, look at the dates here and you can see that I made a pile of money just from Zazzle website . So that is definitely something to keep in mind. My store has all of my latest products. I have collections. I can offer so many different products and literally upload one artwork that can be used for all of these Different item and the customer comes in and orders it. I have absolutely nothing to do with it. The order is placed the order sent to the customer. And all I have to do is pull out that money that I have made in the middle of the next month. So if I had to recommend or if I had to over again, I probably wouldn't even open my own shop. If I store, I'm gonna keep it going because I do have sales through there. And I'm hoping that with some of this down time, I can do a lot more promoting and hopefully build up that fan base that I eat in order to actually make it successful. So that being said, if you are already very popular on social media, if you have products that you sell like crazy or have people wanting to buy from you, then perhaps your own personal store would be a good idea. I know of artists who are super successful that way, and have really great stores, so it is something that you definitely have to think through for yourself and decide whether it's worth it. The other thing that I should point out is that Shopify store does cost every month to run . I don't exactly recall how much I'm paying per month. I think it's about $30 a month to keep the store operating. But you know that something that you need Teoh think about is whether or not you want to spend money every month to keep the store open and plus the upkeep on it. Just remember that you can't spread yourself too thin because your main goal is to create the artwork, right? So good luck with that decision. In the next lesson, we're going to take a look at some of the other ins and outs. See you there 9. Outro: great. I'm so happy that you've made it to the end, so I think you know the ins and outs of what you have to do, right. So most seller start with very simple and very inexpensive products. That's probably a really good starting point for you to test the market and see how your product will dio. It's also a good way to get a hang for how Teoh actually set up that listing and upload your digital files. Once you get the hang of it, then upload a whole bunch of files. Maybe experiment with doing a CSB file to make it easier, both etc. And Shopify will accept a CSP file to upload your products once you have a bunch of listings than maybe try out selling bundles of your product to see if that increases your sales at all. Don't forget to promote how easy it is to use and how inexpensive it is for the customer. What you want is repeat traffic, right? You want to get them back there into your store, buying again and again, and if you feel so inclined, maybe produce a short video that shows how your product is used make sure you include helpful instructions as well, and go back through all of your old work and see what you can sell and just beef up that store as much as you can in the next few weeks. If you're curious about digital downloads and wondering whether or not it is a good idea where you're going to make money at it, is it something that really sells? Check out this site called Craft Count. You can go to the daily top sellers and check out how they rank and how many sales they've made. And then you go to actually check out the hot sellers by summary is really cool. Look at this 1 965,000 sales. Wow! And check out the top sellers by country just to see the competition. I just had to do this. I want to check and see in Canada who is super popular, and you can see from these listings that there are some very high sellers now. If you go by category here, you can check and see digital art and the rankings for some of the different companies that are providing digital art online through their Etsy shop. So it's cool to compare and look at these statistics because I think this tells you that it is definitely worth it to consider. If you're looking for more information about the whole process of using a CSB file, please print out the attached files. I've got some additional instructions there, and some resource is for you. So I guess you're kind of wondering what my big decision is, right? Well, things have changed in my family here. My daughter, who lives only about a mile away from me. Her two day cares that she's been using have both closed 11 gal had a baby and has five kids at home. They're all now at home. She's having to try to deal with ah ah, whole family and teaching and taking care of two babies. She's got a three month old and the 15 month old Yeah, and so that day care has closed, and the alternate day care of my daughter has been working with has also told her that she is going to close up at the end of next week. So the big change in my life is that we're gonna have this cute little two year old Ah, part of our lives every day. So yeah, I just I'm just not gonna have the time to keep my store open. There's also the cost consider. And right now, with my income a little bit, let's just say limited. I am going to take that $500 bill that I have looming over me right now and just put it aside. So, yeah, I think I'm gonna focus on my Etsy shop. And that is gonna be where I'm going to load up on my digital download. So watch for that. If you don't mind and maybe check it out. Pass ons links if you can. To your friends and family. And please, If you are gonna post here, I will. I will do the same for you. I would love Teoh. Help support my students and other artists who are trying to make it through this particular difficult time. Okay. I wish you good luck and good help. Be careful and stay safe. If you're interested, please check out my other classes here. I've got lots of great ideas for you to sell your products very remotely and not have to work one on one with customers. I also urge you to learn something you possibly like. Automation To help streamline the creation of multiple files. If you feel so inclined, check out my stores and if you post anything, could you hash? Tag me, Delores, NASCAR And as you'll share dot com, I really would appreciate a review and some feedback that always helps and any questions you have. Please post them here. You know that if you have a question, chances are someone else has the exact same question, and so it helps everybody out. So I leave you with this little project to Dio and look, I'll see you next time go by.