Sell Art Online Masterclass | Douglas Butner | Skillshare
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20 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Taking This Course

    • 3. Success Mindstate

    • 4. Types of Artwork

    • 5. Art that Sells

    • 6. Making Money Methods Part 1: Print on Demand

    • 7. Making Money Methods Part 2: Stock Photography and More

    • 8. Print on Demand Concepts

    • 9. Print on Demand Products

    • 10. Uploading Print on Demand Products

    • 11. Stock Photography Concepts

    • 12. Uploading to Stock Photography Sites

    • 13. Quality Standards and Copyright

    • 14. Mastering Metadata

    • 15. Free Promotion Tools

    • 16. Success Formula

    • 17. Optimizing Your Stores

    • 18. Keyword Research

    • 19. Resizing Images with Automator

    • 20. Congratulations!!

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About This Class


I want to help you sell your digital art, including photos, graphics and vectors. 

When I started my online T-shirt business 5+ years ago, I didn't know where to start, so I just uploaded to every POD site I could find. At the end of the day, I spent a bunch of time on useless sites, but I did find a few good merchants. The same thing with promotion. I tried many things until I finally figured out how to get lasting traffic without ads.

I want to save you the time I wasted by making you an expert on the industry in just 3 hours, with this knowledge and so much more. 

You could spend 30+ hours learning the hard way, or you can learn from my experience and get going in the right direction. 

Investing time intelligently is the main focus of this course, and pressing play is the first investment. 

We’re going to talk about the best places to sell, how to sell intelligently, and how to make uploading (arguably the hardest part of selling your art) fast, easy, and mindless.

Here’s a breakdown of the major concepts:

  • How to monetize

I will tell you all the ways I know to make money with art online, and we will talk in-depth about the biggest two ways: selling stock photography and selling your art on print on demand products. I will even give you spreadsheets comparing the different stock and print on demand options and guide you through the process of uploading your images.

  • How To Market Without Paid Advertising

We will also talk about ways to bring in steady traffic for years to come from search engines, without buying ads. These techniques have helped me sell art everyday for over 4 years.

  • How to master financial success

I will share with you something I call the success formula that breaks down your sales into three components. Then, I will give you tips to maximize your profits by improving each component. We will optimize our stores so they are attractive and communicative, give our viewers ways to connect with us long-term and learn how to create the type of art that will attract lots of sales.

Course Structure

Friends, This is a long course. Jump into exactly what you need, and come back to get the rest when you are ready. Don't worry about taking the course out of order, and don’t worry about taking the whole thing right now. 

Introduction Section

  • Taking This Course

I want you to get the most value out of this course as quickly as possible. To help you, I break down the theory and action lessons and let you know where to start if you want to jump right into selling your art or improving your sales.

  • Success Mindstate

How you think will be the determining factor in your success. In this lesson, we talk about the ways of thinking that keep you on the road of success, and how to avoid pitfalls in thinking that will limit your success.


Selling Art Online Concepts

  • Making Money Methods Part 1: Print on Demand

In this two-part lesson, we cover the many ways to make money with your art and art knowledge. In Part 1, we focus only on Print on Demand, going over the 3 ways it can work: through the printer's marketplace, through your own website, and through a 3rd party marketplace. We talk more about POD in the Print on Demand section.

  • Making Money Methods Part 2: Stock Photography and More

In Part 2, we will cover Stock Photography sites as well as more methods to make money with your art online and offline. We talk more about Stock in the Stock Photography section.

  • Types of Artwork

There are so many ways to create art in this amazing technological age. We're going to talk about some of the common types. This may inspire you to create in different ways and to expand what you create to different mediums.

  • Art That Sells

In this lesson, we talk about appealing to both the rational and emotional buyer and go over techniques to make sure the art you make will find a market.


Print on Demand

  • Print on Demand Concepts

In this lesson, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how print on demand works, from concepts and economics to printing methods.

  • Print on Demand Products

The amount and quality of print on demand products has grown exponentially in the last few years. In this lesson, we're going to look at hundreds of awesome things you can sell via print on demand. From leggings to skateboards, and everything in between.

  • POD Site Reviews & Uploading

We will review and compare all of the print on demand services I recommend, and introduce a spreadsheet included in the course you can use to quickly compare the best POD services.


Stock Photography

  • Stock Photography Concepts

In this lesson, we review the concepts related to stock photography, including Microstock vs Traditional Stock, different types of licensing, releases, exclusivity, payment and more.

  • Reviewing Stock Photography Sites

We will take a look at all of the stock photography sites that I recommend, and look at the Stock Photography spreadsheet provided as part of this course where you will find ratings, rankings, commission and payment information and more.

  • Uploading to Stock Photography Sites

In this lesson, we will go over uploading to 3 of the biggest stock photography sites: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Alamy.


Success Formula, Promotion, Metadata, and more

  • Success Formula

The Success Formula breaks down how much money you will make with your online portfolio. Once we know this formula, we can improve each factor in the formula to become even more financially successful with our artwork. We can also use the formula to predict our success in a variety of situations, and decide which artwork we should be promoting first and foremost.

  • Free Promotion Tools

In this lesson. we are going to talk about techniques and tools to get you more traffic organically. We are focusing on lasting traffic here, so we will review the core technique, then how to expand it.

  • Mastering Metadata

To make our uploading easier, we will prepare a document containing a set of effective metadata, including keywords, descriptions, and title fragments we can use for each image we upload. Once we have our metadata prepared, we will simply copy and paste the data to make uploading fast, easy, and mindless.

  • Keyword Research

In this lesson, I will show you two tools you can use to find and compare keywords. This takes the guesswork out of keywords, allowing you to know exactly what will perform best.

  • Optimizing your Stores

We will create paths of least resistance to help the flow of traffic lead to more of our art. Optimizing your store will not only improve your sales, it'll also improve your chances of being noticed by the site's curators, and blog owners, and other influencers on the Internet.


Perfecting Images

  • Quality Standards and Copyright

We will talk about the quality standards set forth by stock photo sites, and go into the details of copyright. With this knowledge, all of your art will be accepted and your portfolio will stay in good standing.

  • Resizing Images with Automator

Automator is a tool you can use to quickly resize, crop, flip and change the types of your images all at once. We will go over the basics of using Automator to copy and change the size all your images at one time.



  • You Did It!


Do I need to invest money to sell my art online?

Not at all. It's possible to do everything in this course without any monetary investment other than purchasing this course. I never invested money in advertising, instead, I figured out where my traffic was coming from and developed the strategies I will share with you.

Only one of the three POD methods requires your own website, which is the only startup cost you will encounter in selling your artwork. You will need to invest time, and I will show you how to do that wisely. This three-hour course will save you many many hours and headaches when it's time to upload your whole portfolio.

Why am I qualified to teach this Masterclass?

I started my first online t-shirt business while at university for business administration and marketing. Since then, I have sold over 17,000 POD products online, plus a growing number of stock photos. In fact, I have sold something every single day for over 4 years.

To get there, I have tried just about every way to sell my art products and art online. I invested a lot of time and learned out what was and wasn't bringing me sales. Now, I want to share what I have learned to make you lasting success.

I have taught thousands of students in my 5 previous POD-related classes on Skillshare and Udemy. Here are some reviews from one of my previous courses, Start An Online T-Shirt Business at Zero Cost.

"I loved this course. The teacher knowledge of the topic is outstanding and he's delivering informations fast and clearly. This is not a course about design only, is a course on brand development and how to make the things go.. with cool tips and notes to help your business life. I'm thankful to have bought it!"- Daniele Dalla Valle

"This is what I needed right now! I was actually very impressed with the clarity of presentation of information, the scope of what is covered, and the length of each lesson. The instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand. Combined it made all of it worth my time and provided me with exactly what I wanted to know to get started." - Kelda Ytterdal

"This is the best course I have found on skillshare and Sir Douglas clearly loves what he teaches and his passion allows him to create this great course. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart." - Leo Alborzi