SelfCAD - Browser-Based 3D Modeling/Printing (Hex Drawers). | Hamdy Mostafa | Skillshare

SelfCAD - Browser-Based 3D Modeling/Printing (Hex Drawers).

Hamdy Mostafa, Urban Designer - Architect

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11 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction

    • Workspace

    • Workspace Customization

    • Camera & Navigation

    • Design Introduction

    • Project Introduction

    • Modeling the Tube

    • Hexagon Net

    • Bars & Void Spaces Distribution

    • The Drawer & The Hand

    • Project 3D Printing


About This Class

The world is changing ..  3D modeling/printing is now easy, now you can model and print any model you want without any download, if you have a good idea to print. you can start immediately by taking this course. you don't have to wait any more.

Plus Getting access to more than 30,000 free Awesome and useful objects and ideas have been created by Genius Designers, and YOU could be one of them. and participate in publishing your ideas to the world Online

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips  

Learning the fundamentals of SelfCAD puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. SelfCAD is easy to learn, has excellent interface, Powerful tools , If you are looking for 3D modeling from Any Device, Then SelfCAD is the missing part you want.





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Hamdy Mostafa

Urban Designer - Architect

My name is Hamdy, an architect - urban designer.

i'm 23 years old and i have just graduated from Cairo university - Faculty of urban and regional planning - i have used AutoCAD and Photoshop in many urban design projects and Post Production for Architecture level projects

i have learnt Photoshop by self-Learning by watching Photoshop tutorial after 2 years of using it as a Self-Learnt Person i have decided to take a course in it - but when i went to the course i was the stronges...

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