Self-publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon KDP 1: Introduction | Brian Jackson | Skillshare

Self-publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon KDP 1: Introduction

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Why Self-publish a Kindle eBook on Amazon KDP

    • 2. An Overview of the Self-Publishing Process

    • 3. Where to Self-publish

    • 4. What this Class Series Covers


About This Class

Self-publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon KDP 1: Introduction

* * * Newly Updated * * *

This class series was updated with 23 new lessons adding 2 hours of content explaining how to fill in every Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) field while publishing your content in order to optimize your sales on Amazon. This new content takes the series well beyond simply filling in some fields on a web form by explaining how I publish books to maximize profits. Marketing your book should begin well before you publish it, but how you fill in the KDP fields to define your book's Amazon product page will determine whether your book blossoms or withers on the vine.

Want to Become a Published Author Today?

Ebook sales represent a $3+ billion dollar yearly industry waiting to be tapped by you. The Amazon Kindle eReader dominates the reading world accounting for nearly 2/3 of all eBooks sold. Isn't it time to get your piece of the pie? Isn't it time that you were published?

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Learn How to Self-publish on Amazon

In this SkillShare class series I'll teach you how to format a novel, novella, or short story using Microsoft Word and then how to publish the output of that process for sale on the Amazon website, the world's largest bookstore, right alongside the big boys in the industry (King, Grisham, ...).

View the Entire Process Over My Shoulder

I know what you're thinking... Brian, self-publishing on Amazon is so easy that anyone can do it without a training video. Well, that's true, however some of us like a little guidance along the way. I'm ready to provide that guidance via screen captures of me formatting and publishing an eBook on Amazon. We'll even spend a chapter outlining how to create a simple book cover using the online KDP interface.

In this class series you'll learn to use Word to:

  • Format you document for publication
  • Include a title page
  • Add a table of contents
  • Review and save your work

Be a Self-published Author By the End of the Day

After a few introductory slides, this series is meant to remain open while you jump back and forth between the live screen capture demonstrations and either Microsoft Word or your browser. In other words, plan on publishing your first book within a few hours of viewing this video.

In this series you'll learn to use KDP to:

  • Publish your book
  • Provide a book description to be displayed on Amazon
  • Monitor sales

But wait, there's more...

Eight Complete Classes Crammed Full of Lesson Material

The series is divided into three parts: an introduction, a section on formatting your book using Microsoft Word, and a section on using the KDP web interface to submit your book for ebook publication on Amazon. The class material is presented through slide presentations and live screen capture.

Have Something to Say to the World?

So, if you have something you'd like to share with the world and you'd like to make a buck or two along the way, check out my training class series to simplify your first KDP submission.

Best of luck with your new ebook!