Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 8: Managing Your Books | Brian Jackson | Skillshare

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 8: Managing Your Books

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 8: Managing Your Books

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Modifying a Book

    • 2. Monitoring Sales

    • 3. What's Next...

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About This Class

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 8: Managing Your Books

In this last class in the series I provide a few last words regarding publishing on CreateSpace.  Thanks for making it this far.


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Brian Jackson



Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the past four years I've published well over 100 books in paperback and eBook formats. Oddly enough this includes eBooks on how to self-publish books and how to create professional looking book covers using the GIMP. I've also recorded and distributed a pair of audiobooks available for purchase on Amazon... See full profile

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1. Modifying a Book: Welcome back in this lecture, I'm going to cover how to modify a book that you've already published. Once again, we're beginning at the Member Dashboard, our home base, which provides a list of all the books we've published. Now, in reality, this is only the top What, 10 books that we've been working on recently. If we want to view all titles, we click on View all titles down here in the lower left, and it will give us pages of books because I have about 40 or 50 books published here. So to edit any of these books, you go up and you click on the book title. So we're going to go here and let's say that we have modifications that we want to make the contents of the book. Now the problem happens is if I go to interior here to modify the interior of my book, and I want to make changes here. So I click on change. It gives me this big warning up ahead that if I change this, I'm gonna have to go through the review process again. Okay, so we're going to go ahead and we're going to proceed. It's a warning me. Yet there we go, and we're going to upload a new book. So here we go. We're gonna pick a different file, and we're going to go and actually upload the same book again. So we'll go to stop my writing Too bad medicine, and we will upload the create space dock again. So we'll go ahead and say, God do that and save now What's happening is because we modified the book contents again. It's going to go through the same process of review again, and it actually has to be submitted to, ah, create space reviewers because we're changing the interior. The book This happens if you change the interior or the cover the cover of the book, the both of those have to be reviewed. If I was changing descriptive text and so on that ends up on the website, then this process could be skipped. So we're going to go through the complete review process here rather than make you wait for it. We're going to cut and come back. Well, now we're gonna cut and come back once this is through. Okay? What I've decided to do is to advance while the cover or the interior is being loaded and notice what's happened to our a nice, pristine checklist here. We used to have all green now the interiors being loaded and it says actions required on the cover, and we even have to go through the complete set up again. So you have to go back into the cover in case the number of pages of change the spine is actually going to change size. So what it's asking you to do is to go in and launch the cover creator one more time. Here, let it figure out the spine and how wide it's got to be based on our interior. And then we go ahead and we immediately submitted again. There's no changes that we want to make the book cover. If you do, go ahead and make them. You may as well, because you're paying the price of having to go through the submission process again. So we will submit the cover unmodified well modified if it had to do something with the spine. But that was all automatic software doing that, and when we come back, we should see that the cover step is now green and checked off. The next thing we'll do is we'll submit our changes once again for review. And at that point we can step away and wait for that email saying that your changes have been accepted and that I need to accept the proof and we'll go through the proofing process again. So here we are with the cover. Oh, we're not quite done yet. We need to say complete cover. There we go and cover Has the green check on it now. Now let's go to complete set up. Unfortunately, we can't actually complete this because we're getting a warning because we haven't previewed the interior file yet. Let's go back to interior and see if it's ready for a preview. It is. You know, it's the same interior. I'm not gonna look at it again. I'm gonna skip preview. Yes, let's skip it. And interior is now checked off. Now, with everything checked off green, I can go to complete set up, which is once again let's submit this for review. So I will submit the files for review and will have to wait a day or two for the reviews to come back. I'll receive an email in my inbox, saying that the changes air accepted and that I need to except my proof and we'll be back it in production again. So this is the way that you modify an existing document. It's not a quick process. It's going to take several days to get your modifications and to create space. And then it will take several days to a week for those modifications to proper got propagate to Amazon. So be sure you get your book publication thing correct the first time. That's my best advice, anyway, this is how to modify an existing book. 2. Monitoring Sales: Welcome back. Here we are again at the member dashboard, and I figured in this lectured we'd nose around a little and look primarily at sales. Now, my wife, Melanie, whose books are being published on Create Space, was gracious enough to have me actually publishers sales numbers, at least for the first week in August. Here on the member dashboard, you can see the royalty. A statement for the number of U. S. Dollars, Great Britain, pounds and euros. Eso were it? What? Somewhere around, um, $48 or so and down below you have the list of books that are available. Now, you can get details on this report to see what you're getting per book and so on by viewing the detailed royalty report here. Okay, Now we can see exactly which books have sold, how maney copies and how much money we made for that sale. So this is the way that you monitor sales and see what what money is coming in. And you should be expecting that paycheck and wanting to see it at the end of the month. Let's go back to now. Notice we could download this report in X ls format that's Excel format. So we can actually in loaded, indoor own expelled Cells spreadsheet on our PC's or Max and generate our own reports. We'd like that way where we converge. Multiple months. We could do all kinds of things that way. Let's go back to the member dashboard. I want the other thing I wanted to show you here was how to display all your titles. Right now, we're only displaying the most recently modified titles if I click here. So if you have a lot of titles on Create Space and you're wondering where they went on the member Pidge, it's just not displaying them all, so you can get the complete list by viewing all titles. Let's see what else we got here. To tell you the truth, I haven't been very involved in the community or building things up on create space. I pretty much use it just to publish, and I use it to sell paperbacks on Amazon. Primarily, some sales come through creates base, but most of them come through Amazon. So that was a quick look. Very quick look at monitoring sales could see how many books you sold a month in a month. We sold 13 in the first week or so. So we're doing about two a day. That's what you can pretty much expect. And we've got actually quite a few books out of create space. If you're doing much better than that, congratulations. And I wish you well. 3. What's Next...: Welcome back. Here we are at the inevitable wrap of chapter. I hope that you've gotten something out of this course. I tried to take you step by step through formatting the book for publication and publication, publishing it via the create space interface and even monitoring and modifying a book after it's been published. Um, you should now be able to go off and do this on your own. And I hope you dio as faras after that. What's next? Well, you might consider publishing that book and e ah, particularly on kindle. That's where we sell most of our books. If you're interested in making money, you're probably not gonna make it on create space. But you may just make ah, some pocket change on, um, on Katie p the Kindle direct, uh, publishing website. And I offer a course on how to publish their. So if you're interested in that, go ahead and and check out that course. Um, and I have other courses on ah creating book covers and how to write a check Anyway, check out my courses of you, get a chance. The other thing that really appreciate it. If you get something out of this course. Have you enjoyed it all that you leave A review, some kind of words. This is the way that I'm kind of making my living now. So I'm hoping that Ah, you appreciate it and that you'll spread the word anyway. Thank you for taking the course. I hope that you enjoyed it. I enjoyed bringing it to you and good luck in your future publishing.