Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 6: CreateSpace Publishing Part 2 | Brian Jackson | Skillshare

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 6: CreateSpace Publishing Part 2

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 6: CreateSpace Publishing Part 2

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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2 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Using Cover Creator to Create Your Book Covers

    • 2. Previewing Your Book Interior Before Self-publishing on CreateSpace

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About This Class

Self-publishing CreateSpace POD Paperbacks 6: CreateSpace Publishing Part 2

In this class we continue to publish your manuscript via CreateSpace by creating a book cover and reviewing our uploaded manuscript.  We're almost done so keep on going...


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Brian Jackson



Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the past four years I've published well over 100 books in paperback and eBook formats. Oddly enough this includes eBooks on how to self-publish books and how to create professional looking book covers using the GIMP. I've also recorded and distributed a pair of audiobooks available for purchase on Amazon... See full profile

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1. Using Cover Creator to Create Your Book Covers: now, here we are, after having put together our interior, and we're not quite ready to review it yet because processing is still going on. So you can see the clock here on the interior process here. And here's our big process menu here at the top of the screen. Now we can see that we've done title information, and I ESPN we remember that and we did the interior. Just the last lecture. Now what we're going to Dio is really go into the cover, and we're going to use create spaces Cover creator to create a really nice looking cover. Now, once again, this Matt versus glossy is something that popped up since I started publishing on create space four years ago. So I always stick with glossy assuming if they come up with something new, it probably costs money. Let's go ahead to build if you want to play with it. I'm sure Matt looks really good. So let me undersell this, but I've always done glossy. I gotta admit what I do, right. Okay. Build your book cover online as opposed to pick. Excuse me. I'm sorry. It pay, um, $399 to have somebody build one for you. Ah, the option that I'm going to urge you towards is building your cover online. Let's go ahead and we'll choose that little radio button and then we'll go and will launch the cover. Creator. Here we go. This is a really fun. You're gonna like this as we wait for it to come up. What it does is it prompt you through the steps of making a cover here? In the beginning, you get to pick the template that you might like. Look at each of these I can already see on the screen the one that I'm going to use. It's something that we actually used for books that we release in early times. But rather than jump on one right away, I'm gonna show you more covers your six more. There's five pages of them, so or screens. So we're talking about 30 options here you wanted over the pink. Oh, boy. And that's just the beginning, because what you're looking at here is the layout of the text and the colors. The base place where we start. What you can do is you can replace images at any point within here. So what we're going to go for is an old favorite here of by double clicking on it, we're going to select something that I've used before and look at. Look at how good this looks is a book cover. It's coming up here. It's actually using the title from my book and the author on the main page. Now I can go to first all themes. Let's begin with themes. It's gonna prompt me through this. I shouldn't jump ahead of its prompting process. So it's asking me to select from different themes. Now the theme that I really like this is OK, what? We got solitude going right now. I really like journal because it gives it a certain Vance itude makes it look like it's hot hand written. When I select that it's going to change the text on the background to be journal style, I would assume we'll find out later when we actually get it small or large enough to read. Um, here, I'm going to assume that journalists find because I always use it and we're gonna move forward. The title of the book is bad medicine. Yep, that's good. Let's move forward subtitle We don't really have any Let's move forward. The name of the author, which comes down below is Melanie Jackson. That's good. Let's go next. Okay. And now you notice what I'm doing is I'm getting the basic components of the book together late. Later we're going to go back, and we're gonna mess around with Florence and stuff like that. So let's keep proceeding and see if we can get everything completed. Ah, the front cover image. Yes. Should definitely visit. Be visible. Use one of our images. Look at thes free images. This is needed. And this is what drew me here is to see these various free images that I can use in the background. And look, they just keep on going on. This is just one category. What is this? Well, they're different categories. Actually. I can use backgrounds. Look at this fish tank with efficient Oh has already changed on me. Look, there's so many images that it's changing while they look at it so you can pick any other image right now, we seem to have a key of image going on right here. Let's go next, before we come back and configure this. Okay, the, uh, old paper element, Um, this I think, really looks cool. And it's one of the reasons that I chose this book cover, so I'm going to stick with it and go to next. OK, this is the text for the back cover. What we can do is we can select it all and delete it, then go to some source for our text and grab text. Go ahead and paste it and apply it. What it will do is it will update the text on the screen to reflect what I just grabbed. Now what I just grabbed was a bunch of coupon codes for my you Demi courses. It's not really appropriate for the back of a book, but, you know, it looks pretty good right now at an angle like this. Let's go on to the next element. And that would be by clicking on next year. There we go visible, um, about the author, you know, select all delete as's faras making invisible. I think I would say no. I'm not gonna put something about the author here. I'm not into that. And then we'll click next gets its digesting the fact that I don't want to say anything about the author, and it's coming up with the publisher logo now. I don't particularly have a publisher logo, so whatever this comes up with, I'm probably just gonna hit next anyway. So let's go ahead and hit next. The background color, I think, is really cool. I kind of like the simple pedestrian fine on the front. Although we might come back to that and finally find color. It's kind of a purple. Who would have guessed that I like it. Let's go to next. Now what we can do is we can make a second pass through all of these things that we want. We're back of the top. Do we like journal with a print type back here, or might we pick rustic or antique? I still like journal. I'm not going to be bought in off that. Okay, now we will go to the title. Welcome back. I made several modifications while you're away. I didn't particularly want to record them cause it involved me searching through text on my PC to, for instance, find actual back cover text for my book. So the point of this whole process off book cover creation is to get all of these little Globes to turn green. When that happens, you know that you finished creating your book cover and you're ready to say, Go ahead and submit the cover, which is this button in the lower right hand corner. So let's go through this process one more time to verify what's going on. I'm using journal as my theme. The title is now bad medicine. As I'm sure it drove many of you crazy to see Bad Madison in my slides for or in my screen cast for so long, I finally corrected that just for you. Okay, and we're going to go to next. The subtitle is none, and that's not visible, so I don't really care about it. I don't have a subtitle. Authors are Melanie Jackson, and it is visible. It appears along the spine, and it appears on the book cover. Next, the book cover image we imported was of a beautiful some sun sunset. This came from create spaces archives. It's one of their free images that we loaded to be on our book cover. Next, we made the, uh, old paper visible. Could you imagine picking this particular style and not including the old paper. Look at this. It looks fantastic on that cover. There's no way I would exclude that. Let's go Next, the back cover text. This is what I replaced with the actual description of bad medicine. That's right. This the actual description of bad medicine rather than junk text on the back of our book, Let's go to next about the author. I don't wanna have an about the author, so I clicked the visible box so that it is not visible and click next to move on. I did the same with the publisher logo where I said visible, not interested, clicked it and click next to move on the background color. I think this brown looks really good, especially with my sunset in the upper right. I'm going to keep it by all costs. So we'll say next. The fine color. I didn't even realize that it was actually purple and not black. I'm going to stick with the purple. I think it looks really good, so let's go next and we're done. You've just clicked through all of the book configuration options, and now it's time to say submit cover. When you click on that, it goes working for a while and we're back. Finally, Once again, you know it hits you with that man versus glossy option. This has gotta make me think that man has got to be really expensive of their asking his second time. Okay, so here we have the option of editing the cover. For some reason, it doesn't show you a preview. Quite often this happens. Maybe it's because you recover is so spectacular that it it's it's not worthy of human eyes or suddenly. Okay, we're going to go to complete cover here. And what this is going to dio is say that the uploaded the cover is complete. Now, would you like to save and move on? And you say save rather than make any changes? If you say make changes is gonna put you through the whole process again. And here we're going to continue now, notice that we are at a point at which we almost have an entire book meaning the interior and the cover. Now, we skipped the interior preview earlier. So what we're gonna dio is if we say continue here, it's going to remind us Hey here. We've got to go back to the interior and review that before we move on here. There's the morning. Thank goodness it showed up on the screen because I was describing something I thought it exists. And it says you must complete your books interior before you continue this section and you can see the clock on it and then the next section, we're going to go back to the interior to preview it and accept it. 2. Previewing Your Book Interior Before Self-publishing on CreateSpace: Welcome back in this lecture, we've just completed creating our book cover, using the online book cover Creator interface on Create Space. But before we can progress, what we really must do is go back to our interior. Remember, we skipped reviewing the interior so that we could go ahead and work on her book cover. Well, now it's actually time to go back there again. And here's the page after it's actually processed our book and we're going to go ahead and click on Launch Interior Reviewer Now, what this will do is it will actually eventually show us a copy of what the book is going to look like when it's printed online. We want to review this and make sure that there aren't any possible heirs because the only other option is to actually purchase a physical copy of the book and review it that way. Here we are finally ready to review the books interior and will click get started to begin . Here's our cover page, which I thinks looks rather nice. We have ah ah bold title by Melanie Jackson and the graphic on the cover on the copyright page. We have reduced fonts on the text We have the header which shows bad medicine by Melanie Jackson and we have the footer which shows the page number on the next page We have the table of contents on so on. So what? You should dio here's an embedded image You should go through and review every page. Now one of the things you're viewing four is to make sure that your page fifths within this dashed outline. This is the area in which it is the danger zone as faras cropping your pages and fitting it all together and stuff like that, you need to have all the a printed content fit inside of these. Now you followed the formatting options. You're going to just barely fit inside. And you're gonna be ableto page through this from beginning to end, which I recommend you dio and make sure that everything fits Looks nice, all your graphics or snug within the dash lines and that everything looks fine before printing. If you follow this and use this online pre viewer, you won't need to purchase. Ah, hard copy of a proof on I I I recommend that you do this instead of doing that so Once you're done, you close the interior reviewer and it returns to the previous web page where we started it . End, we say and click. Skip the interior pre viewer. Yeah, you didn't have any things to save, so you go ahead and click on it. And what that does ignore. And what that does is it checks it off with a green check mark, and now you're ready to approve the cover. Now, we already created the cover so instant launching the cover of PV or ever anything like that, we're going to go ahead and save what we have so far, we'll edit the cover again. Because apparently something as a result of us bringing in the interior required us toe edit again. Maybe it actually has to figure out the width of the spine or something like that is interesting. So we'll go ahead and will submit the cover after going into the Interior creator again. Problem. Your cover design is not yet ready for use. Please make you sure. You Oh, and then you have to try again. I've run into this with the cover creator in Create space before, and it's good that you're seeing it now because what you end up having to dio is it gives you this bogus error. It's a bug in create space. I haven't submitted yet. I know I'm Lizzy, but you come back, it throws you back in here again. You submitted a second time and it actually approves it the second time. So if you ever run into that weird bug, something about I don't accept the cover just submitted a second time and create space will accept it. So here it's working on loading my cover. And once it comes back, we'll actually have the cover step done, and it will be able to move ahead with the rest of the formatting of our document. And here we are, back again. Finally, it's asking us one last time. Can you tell that they're actually making money off this? That Would you like Matt or a glossy finish? OK, are we done with our book cover? Yes, we are. Let's complete the cover will finally click on that, and at last we get the green check. Mark Uncover now What it's actually asking us is it's gotten the interior files. It's gotten the book cover. That's pretty much the entirety of the book. The rest of the stuff that we're gonna add has to do with the descriptions that Amazon or create space will display to try and sell the book. But we pretty much created the book at this point. So it's asking us, Would you like to continue? Yes, we would. And what we're continuing to is reviewing that we have bad medicine by author Melanie Jackson. With this I ESPN at six by nine. With this interior document loaded, we're gonna have that glossy, not Matt cover. And we're going to use this. Pdf 20 the cover creator. Actually, we used to create our cover, and it's saying all of the stuff if you don't agree with it, go ahead and at it. You can't edit the I S p N because once its assigned its assigned forever and finally we say go ahead and submit files for review in the next chapter, we're gonna work on submitting your books for sale via various channels. In the Meanwhile, it's asking us to say Continue here now if we continue, our book is going to go forward for review by the Create Space Review staff and they're going to tell us that it's OK, so we'll say, continue. And then the next lecture will continue with channels, pricing and all of the rest of the screens that you get prompted with to produce a finished manuscript.