Self-improvement: Dream-building Workshop for Personal Success & Breakthrough | Craig Pennell | Skillshare

Self-improvement: Dream-building Workshop for Personal Success & Breakthrough

Craig Pennell, Author & Coach

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11 Videos (39m)
    • Welcome & Introduction

    • The Importance of Dreams

    • The Importance of Dreams Pt2

    • Permission to Dream

    • The Role of Desire

    • The Power of Dreams

    • Finding Your Reason

    • Building a 5-year vision Pt1

    • Building a 5-year Vision Pt2

    • Inspiration for Building Your Dreams

    • Final Workshop


About This Class

An inspirational Workshop for Dream-Building

Want to jump out of bed in the morning with purpose and direction to your life?

Then you need to be clear about your dreams and vision of your future.

Through inspirational teaching and workshops, we'll take a practical look at how dream-building and vision can unlock the drive and creativity you need to reach your dreams and life goals.

The 30 minute class will help you dare to dream again. It will inspire you to build powerful, magnetic dreams to keep you on track as you pursue your personal success.

By the end of the class you'll appreciate the importance of having a dream, the role dreams and vision play in creating personal success, and much more.





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Craig Pennell

Author & Coach

Craig is an author and entrepreneur who loves to teach through inspiration and practical application. He is passionate about self-development and living a bigger life.

In 2016, Craig wrote and self-published "Turn This Ship Around", followed by "Making Today Count" in 2017, both available on Amazon. These books form the basis of his Personal Growth program.

Craig has a number of courses available on Skillshare and Udemy, you can find out more at his websites ...

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