Self-Tape your Audition with the camera in your pocket | Katherine Stein | Skillshare

Self-Tape your Audition with the camera in your pocket

Katherine Stein

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6 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Position Yourself

    • Check your Aspect Ratio

    • Test Your Framing and Sound

    • The Fifth Take could be a Winner

    • Silence your Inner Critic and Send it Off


About This Class

Attention singers and actors! Watch this short class on how to optimize your Self-Tape audition. For those opportunities that excite you, but you cannot be there in person, upload a video to a streaming service and be considered for the job.

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Good simple tips for self taping your audition
This class approaches an intimidating process and makes it feel accessible and straightforward. I especially found the strategy for finding the right amount of energy for the performance very useful.
Katherine does a great job of encouraging you to just go for it. If you are a professional, she speaks to the chops you've already built. If you're not yet professional, she shows you how to just go for it. And, if you're not even in the business and have no current need for an audition tape, you see a well packaged set of instructions that get you into action. Good job Katherine.





Hello, I'm Katherine from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm an actress who wears a lot of different hats.

They say that's what you're supposed to do -- wear multiple hats. And to that, I say, "Ok. Cool."

One of my favorite areas of study at UC San Diego was Video Editing. I would stay up all night long in the editing bay with my fellows, working on a project. In recent years, it seems that video-makers and late night enthusiasts from all over the world can find eac...

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