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Self Resizing Lower Third in After effect

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Self Resizing Lower Third in After Effect

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About This Class


Adobe After Effect is well known for its simplicity, yeah that is true its simple to use but besides this, it has some features and functionalities that take time to learn as an example: expressions most of the After Effect user hate expressions because they don't want to write codes.

Expression is the piece of codes that help us to create things that seem impossible in AE so why I am writing about Expression because, in this class, I am going to write an expression that helps us to create Self-resizing lower thirds. It means that the lower third shape can auto resize itself according to the length of your text it's cool yeah? 

So if you are ready, let's get started:)

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: big guys retreat from Polly in motion and welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to talk about a very professional way to create cell for sizing lobsters in after . For silver sizing means that your law, Richards or your sheep, change its signs according to length off the fixed. And it's very handy when you're working in a team of Oreste or when you want to deliver this project to another user or not similar to match about aftereffect, or you don't want them to go and find different pyre, mentors and changing and thes kind of stats if you're really let's get a sorry. 2. Self Resizing Lower Third in After Effect: Okay, guys, a rhyme in after effects and I'm using after effects CC 2017 on Keep in mind that this expression that we're going to use for creating this a type of cell for sizing larger than aftereffect is available just on a perfect versions. 2005 14 on a Bath, 15 4016 in 2017. If you're using after fix CC, you want you want able to create these kind of things because we don't have that expression that we're going to use for creating thes types of lockers. If you don't know what self for sizing and our traffic means, I'm going to explain for you. It's very easy. Imagine you have this kind of larger on. Do you want peace police and these boxes? On the other hand, we can also call it that resize itself according your fixed, and it's very handy. It's came handy when you want to publish our when you want to sell your templates, or you are. If you want to give this template for other Oreste were not fame Alor or or not. Ah, very advanced in after Vic. And if if they want to customize it fix, and not just for larger Ziff if they want to customize for any other things and after, they won't do that. So with this kind of things can make their life easier for doing this things for, for, for the project and let me show you. Ah, this this'll ordered that I've created It's very clean and simple hours or that I've created. You can see that we have to, ah, plates in hand to boxes and also some fixed at us coming from above and also this text that is revealing by this box and hand. So now watch this. If I If I change this fixed to something like scale sheer now you can see that the plate is re sizing itself according to your fixed. And the cool thing is that all the animation and all the things are remain and change and you see that all the things air set up without going and and finding delay and scale it down for this kind of project. It's very easy to find to to define those properties to find those size properties. But imagine if you have some some very complex project and and most of the people who are were nearly just see your project. You're lost and it takes time to find those properties. Find those length layers and these kind of stuff. So So it's very handy for everyone. So I'm not going to talk about to match. Let's create a new composition, and this competition will be self precise to. And also I have a pre set off full HD a TV, and I've just save that preset and from rate of 30 frame per second and maybe change the duration to treat. Yeah, all the things set up. Click. OK, now we have our composition. New composition. What I'm going to do in here is go and select a rectangle and draw a very simple rectangle in hand. Me being here just this much on put it in this place, and it's cool what I'm going to doing here. It just slipped this layer and rename it a main plate and also changing Ankara pine by selecting this a pin behind and put this in him and also go to wreck tingle because we have to anchor pine on the first ankle, pine is devolved on Encore pined for two Slayer. But the second Uncle Pine is from the shape itself. Because we have. If I toggle down this properties, you can see that we have different kinds of properties be side of this transforming scale and properties on Delia Properties itself. So for this, we have to change it. Anger pined in him because we want display to coming out from here like this kind of animation. This You can see that when I change the size, you see that the ankle pine and the main pine often off the animation of our after off this shape is from this point, I'm not going to enemy this because I want to make the linking. And also I want to make all the things set up and then I can any me any me to provide father errors and Farrah things? So let's mean changing color to something like this. And also I want to create my fixed main text. And also one thing. Keep in mind that this kind of technique is not working in all phones. Probably it's work for all of the phone sensor family, but there is no guarantee that it's working on any phones that you could that you have on your found library. So keep in mind this and and notice that. So I'm using fluorescence from Muzi Law and it's three for dollar and it has a different type fees as well. So let's just the jazz discounting a little bit and also put this inhale very good. And, uh, let's create Dip Lick eight this and for for the subtext on resize it cited down on hand Put it in this place and also for this one. I'm going to change this to stop plate and go to continent on go to contents and in re tingle. I'm going to change the angry pine from to be in here in this point, so and also change the color of it. Two. White also change the fixed color to be white. All right, so now we have this kind of simple or turrets without animation. It's ecstatic battle. We will gonna create our animation as well. So let's duplicate just I just forgot to dip, create another text and, in the after effect, maybe second text and changing color to gray and put it in hand. Do we shrink down on the bed. Very good. So for this I'm going to start with this main plate, toggle down the main played and go to wreck tingle and in rectangle, we're going to use a rectangle pad. If I toggle down this, you see that we have some other size and position and round aspire emitters that you can adjust. We have. If I just break the concentration proportions toe being able to change, to change the size of it in different directions, you can see that we can still change the size of their without going to transform. On this size is the property off the shape itself, and whatever change you create, it is actually affected their shape itself. And it's not from the group, because when you create a rectangle, it's a rectangle one and in shape cantons. It is a group. It's acting as a group on this transform a parameters belonging to the group itself. Whatever group you create, you have this transform properties. But this size and position is from shape itself on. You can change some round the roundness in here on all some position. So for self, for sizing, we're going to use an expression called source direct at time expression. And it's a new expression. As I mentioned, it's available on a perfect versions 2014 on a bath on later versions, and it help pass to change properties Ophelia, according to wit and haIf of another Ah Lian, not just hiding with bad other properties as well. So I'm going to apply source erect a time expression to the size off this plate. So for creating expression, hold out and click in size. So let me create some room in hand and delete this one the default one on Choose Pickwick Tool and choose your fixed. In this case, we have to select our main fix. And we want this plate. We want sight of this played to change according to a leant on according to haIf and with off, uh, this text. So once you just pick whipped this takes just put a dog and type source wrecked at a time. Rick, the time dar with so Doctor Wait and see me, Colin and we have to define it in a variable. This is it's a x variable. Whatever name you like. You conferred as a variable. So if you don't know what is a variable, so don't think about it because it's belonging to programming and and it's belong to, ah, programming language. Variable variables are acting as a temporary name are as a place for for on property for example, all of this properties belonging to this x variable. When we need this property, we don't need to just type all of the's ah, characters and all of these things. We just have to call it with this variable lean we have to use X and all of those properties are using in our expression or never Softwares are anything else. And now we don't want to talk about these kind of things too much. We just want to create self resigning larger. It's with this expression. So So now we have our way. So for height, we can also do that about in this case, we don't want this play too. Ah change its height as well because all of the things are in one axis and all of the things or in with. So what I mean is, if I go to my example, it gives me the precious. Contain an expression er, because be didn't complete expression. So we just ignore this on. Sorry if I change this. You see that all of the thing is happening in with have any changing in high because we don't need that because of that, we have to. I just used it with. And if you want to change the height of further did a plate as well, you can just create another variable on type all over things. Copy all of the things in here on chained This too pie. You would you would probably change the height of the plates still, but in here, we don't need that. So once we were than down these kind of things, we have to ride this expression X exists representing this available in hand and comma on type value if you have the height as well, if you have wine has well, you can type. Why in a state of this value and instead of this one as well. So just put a semi colon and now it change itself, according to this text. But we need to add some more expression to the position as well, because it's not working fine. So now what? I'm going to do in here is go to position and in position just old Ault and click and delete this and choose pick, whip and choosed it size and for size we have two divided by two. Now the anchor point will be remained Ah, in one pine in here, into the left off the plate so we can have a very nice resizing. So I'm just choosing their behind tool and put this in here in this pint and change the position of it and resize it and you can resize it as well. It z there was no any problem. So now we have that if I change the text, you see that it will change itself. And if I'm going to enemy this just go to transform, break, tingle and break this one and we have we just want to Now you see the watchers. If I change the scale, we see that it's not working Very ville because of her ankle pine is enhanced. So we have to change the anchor pine by selecting pin behind and change it Angkor pine and hand. Now we have this enemy of the scale. Such a just put this 20 and create a key frame. Go maybe one second and make this 100 change it to Eazy E's. Yes, it's scared, but we need a little bit smoothness. Just go to a graph editor and choose aided Valley graph and in added value, arrive to change this graph to make it more interesting. You see that? So now let's do that for this. Ah, sap played as well. So what I'm going to do in here is go to a rectangle and go to size and copied these kind of things thes kind of expressions and tuggle ap this and go to some played in Rick Tingle or a tingle path in size. Just break the concentrate, concentrate in proportions. I can't pronounce it. Berryville, hold Ault and Click and central V data. And the main thing that we have to change is to ah in here because we want this plate to resize itself according to distinct snot mystics that the main fixed according to the second eggs. So for this I have to delete this completa and to speak whip on pick whip this sick and fixed in hand. Now just go to position and create another expression on pick, whip the size and divided by two and change the position of this, this one to be in here. Let me just position and also change Ankara pine to be in here and free size. It's just skillet app now. If I change this, you can see that it's working. So we'll just create that lets Annie made this and for animation and just using Dip Lick, eat this main fixed, mean pleat and use it as a mad Alfa Matt for main fixing here and in Maine. Fixed. Go to track matter and choose Alphen Very or Alfa. Madam, do you see that? And just now, revealing when this blade is just enemy any meat itself. And also I'm doing this for this sap late as well. Go to Rectangle and Anne, Meet this and break fists and create a key frame. Going ham and 218 now has a very nice animation, but we want to make it a little bit smoother and also go to graph editor. Um, make tell it a bit smoker very nice and Elsa to it so and also list implicated and use it as a mad for second fixed as an Alfa Matt. Now it's nice and we can also enemy. That takes a swell, for example, this kind of animation to coming from a bath. And you see that there is a cat out because we used this box has a mad as a health Um, Alfa Matt. And because of that, if you change all of things, it will cut out in these areas very nice. And also just make it Allah tip. It is smoother. It's not cool, it's in value graph. Let's change it to speak rough. Very nice. Now you see that we can create these kind of things. So we have just created this large earth and its self self for sizing. And also we can create a knoll object and link all of these layers to one Noel object on weaken. Simply change their position of it. That was from self resizing, larger in athletic. So I hope you guys enjoy from this class and I'm sorry to talk about expression very deeply . He and and use most of the programming language terrorists because there is no way to create these kind of things. Ah, without expressions are or where using expression expressions are very, very important in after effects if you're advance in after effects. And if you want to become a master and a professional user of After Vic, you must have, ah, familiarity with expressions that that help has to create things that we can't do manually . And also don't forget to check out other polygon motion classes on a scale shooters. There's a lot of classes about our perfect about different kinds of projects about U. N UX design about everything and creative skills. So my name is it shaved on See you guys next time.