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Self-Publishing profits

teacher avatar Vincent Noot

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. How to Sell More Books

    • 2. Video 1 How to put your book on ACX

    • 3. Video 2 Upwork versus ACX producers

    • 4. Video 3 Royalty share vs pay for production

    • 5. Video 4 Explaining bundles to your producers

    • 6. Video 5 Pitfalls to avoid

    • 7. Video 6 The deal with Whispersync

    • 8. Video 7 How to increase bounties

    • 9. Video 8 Bundling on ACX

    • 10. Video 9 How to bundle the right way

    • 11. Video 10 How many bundles to create

    • 12. Video 11 Bundle descriptions

    • 13. Video 12 Pricing

    • 14. Video 13 Reasons to build a list

    • 15. Video 14 How to make a book permafree

    • 16. Video 15 The two cheapest email services

    • 17. Video 16 Creating an optin form and automated sequence

    • 18. Video 17 Sequences versus campaigns

    • 19. Video 18 How to put your optin link in your book

    • 20. Video 19 What to write about in your emails

    • 21. Video 20 How to build your review team

    • 22. Video 21 Wrap up

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About This Class

With this course, you will figure out the best way to build up potential profitable publishing business, allowing you to travel whenever and wherever you want, decide your own work schedule, make money in your sleep, and generate passive income that supports your family, lifestyle, passions, and dreams.

Do you want to make more money? Do you want a business that generates passive or residual income? Do you like the idea of working for yourself and not having to worry about going to a 9 to 5 job? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the publishing business is for you!

And don't get me wrong. I worked hard to get to this level. But the nice thing about passive income is that you put in the work at first, and after that, you can set it and forget it. I still make money from books I published 3 years ago. And that's a dream come true.

Too good to be true?

Think again. It's not.

Like I said, it will take some work. It will take some trying. But if you are determined and you play things right, you can accomplish the same and more.

Each year, Amazon pays millions of dollars in royalties to all its publishers. Are you going to take a piece of that pie?

And just to answer your immediate concerns:

No, it's not saturated.

No, it's not a scam.

Yes, it's still a good opportunity.

Yes, publishing quality books is an honest, legit business model.

And yes, many have done it and you can too!

So what are you waiting for?!

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Vincent Noot


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1. How to Sell More Books: 2. Video 1 How to put your book on ACX: So I'm not gonna look at how to put your book from ah Kindle or from create space on a C X . And so here's my book How to flirt and ah, here's the Kindle version. So all you have to do is go to a sex. You say add your title and then you copy this a s i N number. You search And then here it is and then you click on This is my book. I'm looking for someone to narrate and produce my audio book. Do that the agreements You have to click? Yes, agree. Whenever then you feel like the pen name. So this is the pen name. Then you click fiction or nonfiction category eso. In this case, let's say yeah, it's relationships, right? But it's not romance. So I would say nonfiction or maybe self development one of the two and then ah, you ah, click middle or female This case both language sheikhoun pick a different language if you want a different accents, even voice age. Look at that. All these options and then if you want some additional comments like the agreement or the price or something else that you won't offer or tell people about. You could put that here or here. Then you put in the script. So you just copy and paste something from your book. Look at the books. Work counts. So you could see that inward. Of course. So So if you look at the word count, it's gonna be about 9000 words. In this case, that's that's my book. You know, it could be something else. There's a royalty share or you to say, pay for production in a different video. What you should do. Oh, are of whatever commends in the pros and cons of royalty share, which is no upfront payments. It is really nice. But I'm gonna do pay for production because I'm willing to invest a little bit. And, ah, then you could pick exclusive or nonexclusive. I usually do exclusive. This is if you want to distribute it to other platforms and Amazon's platforms, you could do that to Maybe that's for some other time, but I think it is saving. Continue and then you say, post to a C X, and that's how simple it is. 3. Video 2 Upwork versus ACX producers: So sometimes you want to go through a C X and find narrators or producers through there. This is actually what I prefer, but sometimes you can go Teoh up work or maybe even 25 her dot com, and find someone to narrate your book for you there. And sometimes, as you can see, they they do it for a lower price. So that's the benefit. Sometimes with up work. The downsides are that there are requirements, and as you can see, these are the A C X submission requirements, and you can look those up Teoh and just look for 80 X submission requirements. And as you can see, it's it's pretty pretty detailed to have to be consistent, you know, include the opening and closing credits. By the way, you always have to explain that to them because sometimes they forget they don't always know these requirements. Then you have to include the retail sample and, uh, no, no longer than 120 minutes per file, the extraneous zones or something. And there's all this kind of stuff and they 192 bit rate. And sometimes, uh, I actually got up work Narrators to do a really good job, and then the only thing that wasn't good enough with the quality or two bits rates. So if that's all it is, you can either contact them and say, Hey, do that, fix it or you could do it yourself and go here, which is online audio converter dot com. And then you can just, uh, open the files so you can upload them. Here you go here 292 because that's the minimum they say converts and then converted yourself. Also, if you wanna do your own audio books and not going to go too much into that. But if you want toe, really be a cheapskates and save yourself money. And if you have, like a little bit of a room with, ah, good microphone or you think you could do a good job at it, I would advise you to go to audacity and audacity is a free program. So it's a free software. You can just download any computer, and that program can help you record your own audio books. And I've actually done that a few times, and a couple of them got rejected because quality issues, but one of them went through and there's nothing wrong with it. And it is making me money right now. So you could definitely narrate your own audio books to if you don't wanna pay somebody else. 4. Video 3 Royalty share vs pay for production: Okay, let's now talk about royalty share versus up from payments. And I am convinced that upfront payments is almost Yeah, actually, no, always better. So these air books to that published in the beginning of my publishing, you know, career if you could call it that. And so you see, this is a published on the fourth of on the ninth of April away. Yeah, it's on the oh, it's in September. So guess what? A lot of people aren't putting their books on a C X, which gives you the advantage. This is on the fourth of September. And actually so I published these books in September when, actually I was publishing since January on the other two platforms, and I didn't even know about a C X or well, I kind of heard about it, but I didn't know what to do with it, so eso. But if you look at it, this, uh, maybe it's not that mind blowing how many sales I got And I gotta admit some of these books didn't have very good keywords. And of course it didn't promote them. I didn't do anything really with them. And so, of course they didn't get a lot of cells back that, But let's say let's say you get about a dollar per cell. Okay, so are 80 cents then. Oh, are you something like that? So this would have been $89 or $80. But if I would've bailed out front ever and I would have made $160 so that's a much better return on investment. And it's just because I was so careful and I didn't have a lot of money to burn. And I thought, like, OK, I haven't experimented with this before, so I don't want to pay up funds. I didn't know what to do with this, but as you see, as you can see, these books made something for you. This is already 50 books that it could have made, but instead I made 25 this is $300 that could have made. But instead it only made of made 100 and $50. So a lot of these books most of these books need not all of them that I published 2.5 years ago are still making money, sometimes like oneself a month. It's good enough to just pay up front or a few sales per month or 10 sales promote, depending on how good it does. But if if, five years from now you still get a silver month, you know that paying up front is the best investment. And so I put these things next to each other so you could compare easily s Oh, yeah, of course. The big Pro is no payments and nobody's for loyalty, Sheriff. Another pro, maybe that the narrator is promoting it as well. But I think that's a very minor problem anyway. And the cons are You can leave a lot of money on the table if you don't invest, Uh, and you only get 20% royalties and $25 balances. It's and when you could have had 40% royalties and $50 biology's, another con is you have to take down your file if there's like a copyright infringement or something and and I'll I'll tell you about that later in a different video. But I actually had lost about $2000 over that, and that was terrible. At plus I didn't get the 40% world found, he said. Good of hand. So yeah, that was that was not a good I don't want you to make the same mistake, so it's not completely risk free. But most times it issue, especially if you're titles are original and stuff basically what it comes down to Royal. The share is short term thinking. You get quick cash, you don't have to risk any money. But if you pay for production yeah, okay, you'll have some investments. By the way, you can write off those investments on taxes, right. So you have to pay less taxes. Every time you make an upfront investment, you have to pay less taxes because it's a business expense. So that is one reason, and and, you know, the other reasons are you just get more royalties. More bounties on the files belong to you, so there's no risk there, and it's a long term approach. I mean, it just could create a higher consistent a c X income for you monthly in the long run. Okay, so that's why I advise paying upfronts 5. Video 4 Explaining bundles to your producers: okay, Just a quick notes about explaining bundle. CIA producer. So on a C X. So the narrator's the people that you speak books that they they don't always know about the bundles, you know, some of whom just come on that platform. Other ones they have this professional way of like, Look, I have such a good studio and something. Some of these guys, they're not really in the same publishing business. They don't understand that the cranking out the books and the and they're getting a return on investment. And yeah, some of them are a big perfectionist, so you have to explain it to them. You have to say to them like, Look, I will only hire you if you're committed Teoh doing all these single books and then tell him how many books. And if if you're willing to do the bundle for this and this much money, so you have toe, you know Ah, negotiate that with them. So, uh, and you have to explain that in advance because if you don't there, they're not gonna get it. Don't make an offer to anyone who doesn't understand that concept. Ask them. Hey, have you don't bundles before. Do you understand that? Do you agree with the price? Do you agree with doing that? You know you're not gonna Ah, you're not gonna flake up to me because I've personally had, like, maybe 10 2030 50 narrators flake out on me. And so I'm very careful about who I hire. Now, what you also going to do is just make a list of the the narrator's and producers that ah, that you can find. And if they're good Adam to your list, and then you can contact him again and say like, Hey, look, remember how you did this bundle in the single books. I would like you to do that again. This in this price, okay? 6. Video 5 Pitfalls to avoid: Hi. So I wanna explain some of the things that went wrong with my books and that got me pretty frustrated When when? Yeah, when I got my book back or when Xcx did improve or actually, when I have to pay a large sum of money to someone that I thought wasn't really fair. But apparently it was in the contract that sets red. So I want you to avoid these pitfalls and these mistakes that I make on and prevent that you end up making mistakes, wasting time, wasting money, etcetera. Okay, so don't think that royalty share is entirely without risk. And I'll explain to you the story that's attached to that. So I actually had Okay, Mom books and it was because everybody else will sell. Other people were putting Pokemon books out there, and I thought, OK, well, maybe Pokemon doesn't care. Maybe they just allow me to write a story about their characters. And so that's OK. Well, eventually. So money sent to me and you got to take these books off of Pokemon that trademarked. And the same thing is true for Minecraft or for, uh, what is it called Weight. Weight Watchers Weight Watchers. So don't do any of those and and sometimes a book I thought was not trademarked or a title was entirely original. And then I looked it up and they still got a complaint and adds that my books got blocked and I have to take him off. The point, though, is that on the other platforms, the books will just get blocked where you can request that they will be blocked. Uh, but on a c X, You can only do that if the book belongs to you. If you pay up front for it. Because if you're sharing royalties, then the other producer, the producer is losing the money that he or she could have made two. And so a C X made a rule that actually just blame stack kind of stuff on Lee on the publisher and completely favors the producer. So this producer does. Narrator, uh, their end of the book. He already cashed in on him because we both made money on the book. I actually X made money on the book, of course, too. But for some reason I got blamed and and it was just because I was the one who took the initiative to create titles for that book for it for a Pokemon. And so I have Teoh. I was forced to request the narrator to give consent to take the books off of a C X. Well, what this guy did was he let he read the little letters at the bottom and small text fine prints that I actually hadn't read, because I thought royalty share was without risk. And he said, Well, according to a CXS policies, which I obviously think favored narrator way too much about the publisher according to their policies. You owe me $100 part book. Well, four per hour provoke or something that I just just to pay me for the money I won't be getting in the next years. And I thought, Well, I won't be getting any money, either A chef, somebody getting anyone here if you believe the book out there as your fault, and so you will should be held accountable for the fact that a trademark book is still making you money. But you know, as he quoted all these fine print things and in all these legal issues, apparently a C X says note. The producer is not at fault is only the publisher. So should I had about 20 books there that I did a royalty share with? Instead of just being able to take him down and having blocked, I had to pay this guy $2000 for him to give consent and send send an email a simple email to they see X to take these books dough. And so in my, In my opinion, it wasn't really fair because I thought, you know, I doesn't matter. You can agree with me or not whatever. So don't get that. That's the first thing. So it's not in terror entirely without risk, because if its trademark somehow or copyrighted and they will find out about that, then we'll, of course, then you say, Well, that go to copyrighted titles. Well, sometimes you think something's not copyrighted, and I've actually had a few times, and I thought this is completely original, and then it was still copyright. It somehow somebody came up with it earlier and yeah, I didn't know that. OK, so that was a mistake I made, and I paid for it big time, and, uh so that's number one. OK, the other one is Don't get a narrator on up work that doesn't know what a year she's doing . I could set in the previous video if they don't, if they haven't done books and a sex before, it's most likely that you're going to get the book back from a C exit with mistakes. And then you have to send it to the narrator on up work. And it's Zbig time consuming thing. Okay, so another thing is, make sure you have way to contact the narrator other than a C X or no, you can trust them. So, for example, if you go through a C X, which typically do lately, um, you need to make sure that you have so much of contacting them, make their email address or something, or the phone number. And of course, if you ask people immediately for the phone number, they don't want to give it. But I've had too many times that I gave the book to a narrator. He said, Oh, yeah, sure, I'll do it for you. And then after the deadline has passed, you contacted me like, Hey, you didn't meet your deadline and they just don't respond and then you contact him again a few days later. It's like, Hey, hello and low and you there, you know, and that just don't respond. And then you contact a C X and you tell them. Look, this narrator didn't meet their deadline contract should be terminated because they didn't keep their part of the contract. I mean, they didn't meet the deadline, but then a chef says, well, but you need to have their consent to could terminate the contract. And then I tell you, Yeah, but they're not responding, So how can I get consent from them? Eso So it's Yeah, it's that that is the down side of going through a C X and not up work on. That's why you always need to make sure you have good communication. And one of my next points is about that. To make sure the narrator will do bundle. Okay, get the state narrator for books you were doing going to bundle. So if you have a book about the paleo diets number one, number two, number three, make sure that you tell them like, look, I'm only gonna pay you five or $10 per bumble. But that's quick cash. And, uh, you need to just if you If you agree to this, then you can do the first book in the second. And if there do we have an agreement, like always make sure and then tell them how much you're gonna pay them for bundle. So because if you at first I had books in the same key word in the same genre, and then I bundled them on Kindle and on create space. But I couldn't put him on a C X as a bundle because they I had distributed in two different narrators. And so when I tried to put a bundle out there, Dinari there's contact me. They immediately got on alerts by 80. Except that said, somebody's trying toe bumble your book with another one. And so they contacted me and said, You know what? We have a royalty share. The book partially belongs to me, and you can't just bundle it with another book that somebody else did. So this is This is crucial, especially for royalty share, but also for a C X, if you if you get the same. Narrator It's so much easier you avoid all the hassle of buying back its It's just so much easier forget to save Narrator for the same books in the same genre. Now, if you wanna have a book about paleo diet and you want to have three in that and then you want something about, uh, that's the investing for beginners or something, then of course, you can get a different narrator for investing for beginners because it's an entirely different book. You're not gonna bundle that with paleo diet. I mean, that would not make it extents, but yeah, for the same genre, get the same. Narrator. Also, it's easier because then you can just pay him a flat fee for a bundle, and they can add the opening and closing credits with the same voice, which makes it nicer for the listeners, so it makes it that much easier. If a narrator misses the deadline, contact them a few times. If they don't respond, which typically happens, contact a C X as many times as you have have to until they terminate the contract. Because sometimes a CS will be pain in the butt about this and they'll go like, well, we need their consent. Well, we need their consent, and you keep you keep telling them. Look, I I messaged this person multiple times, and they're not responding, so please terminate. If you keep being consistent, they will eventually terminate the contract. And then I should add add never, ever higher that narrator again. And maybe they were going through a trauma or a loss, or they were moving. And maybe, you know, maybe they got some good excuse, but you can't trust him anymore. If they messed up what's or twice, you know, you just don't want to deal with that When there's so many other good narrators that would just meet the deadline. Now, if the narrator says, Look, I don't have the time. Can I just Please, could you please postpone a deadline for a week? Yeah, I I usually show mercy if you could call it that and just tell him. Yeah, sure. I'll postpone it for a week. That's no problem. I just want to make sure you do it and not just leave it and then not let me hear anything from you again. You know, because then I've aid money or, you know, I have this book that could be making money. And I'm not getting anything back because you're not responding. So that's very important. Dont pay someone up work before the files have been accepted by a sex. And you have to explain this student like look, if they don't get accepted, my book will will not go live. So I need you to meet these requirements. You will only get paid after it goes live on a C X. Okay, after it gets accepted, otherwise you're gonna pay them, and then, you know your book will get accepted. Then you're gonna ask in there, right? Oh, please make some change it. And then they're going to say, Well, what? You pay me a bit more cause it's good cause my time and you don't want that to happen. Okay, If they mess it up, If it doesn't get accepted by a c X, they need to change it. It's a simple Is that have a cover with subtitle on it, Not just the title. So I have a lot of books that got accepted that just have the title. So 90% of the time, that's no problem. But sometimes and they're really inconsistent with this. Sometimes A C X says, Well, this doesn't have the full title or full subtitle. So you need to put the stuff subtitle in there. And so then you need to start changing it. And so you either need to get my photo shop. How to create your own book covers profits or something. Course it's going to creative book cover profits and do it yourself, which will take a little bit of time, but not much. Or you need to go back to your book of her designer and making him or her change that, and that's annoying. OK, so you if you want to do it right from beginning See, I could get away with it because I do my own covers. And so it only takes me a few minutes to change it. But if you outsource triple cover, definitely make sure that the subtitle is on the a C X cover. Okay, always let them know in advance. How many books selfie narrating? So this duchess communication. So it Like I said, if you have three books for paleo diet, make sure that they know that they're gonna, you know, narrate Book 12 and three. It's OK, so these are some of the pitfalls that you need to avoid. These are some of the experiences I've had someone a lot of frustration. But now I know how to avoid them. Like I said, if you have narrators that are unresponsive and they're not doing meeting their deadlines, you'll take him out of your list. Always make a list of narrators that you like and that have that will do the bundles, and then you can just contact them again. I mean, why would you have to hire new rant narrators all the time? When when you trust and you like a few of them, Right? So put that in the Excel table, and then you will have lights off these pissed pitfalls as well. Hey, I just wanted to add something to this video because sometimes even if you're trying to do everything right, you might still break a few Amazon rules. And I've heard stories over and over again of people who got their accounts terminated, and Amazon is messed with me, too. I mean, as you can see, I still have my accounts, and then we're showing all the books here, But it doesn't matter. You know, you could take this video course a year or two from now and see, and I wouldn't have my account anymore, because it sometimes that just happens even if you try to do everything safe and smart. And so what, you want to dio just to make sure that you get something out of it? If suddenly Eircom gets blocks or terminated, Okay. You cannot just say Oh, Amazon, Please, just help me. You know, uh, I want to get my account back. It just won't happen, Okay? They're merciless, Okay? They will shut you down if they want, and then pumping it back up. I have heard stories to have people got their accounts back, but I've also heard stories of people pleading and pleading, and it won't happen. So if your account get shut down and that could happen, But I'm not, you know, don't know gives you scared or all that stuff. And like I said, I've been publishing for three years and and I still have my account. Just in case you gotta realize that these books you paid for those books. So if they're not on you computer and they're just on Amazon. When they shut you down, it's all gone. You can't do anything with them anymore. Now if they shut you down, I have the books and computer. You can either upload them on a different platform, which is not Amazon or uploaded maybe through somebody else's account on Amazon like a family member. Or I don't know, uh, or you could sell them. And I'm just telling you this. So you have a backup plan because these books are worth money, you know, they're non plagiarized, unique content, and people pay money for them. Teoh to be published or to be making money and customers pay for him. So what, you want to dio, but you want to go to your A C X accounts, and any time you have a book and you pay for it, maybe you could do that with the Royal to share to you, but I don't know. I don't know how that works, but at least the books you pay up front for Make sure you have them on your computer because if they terminate your account, all all of its gone, all that work, those narrators dead and that you paid for. It's all gone. Here's the anti inflammatory diet. So I paid for that book and ah, you know, it has a gun life yet. But even if it did this matter, the book is there. All the files of what the producer did are there. So you click on it is your book. Then you go to produce audiobook. You go to produce audiobook, click on it. And as you can see, here is all the files. So you go and he downloaded. You just go there and download the opening credits, and you just download all of these files because then it opens them automatically in my system. But then you have to files. And then if anything happens just as a backup plan and I hope it will never happen to you and it clearly, it hasn't happened to me. But I don't know if it will Amazon 100% reliable. Okay, because they're in charge. So if you download these files, then you own the files. Like if they're just here, if they're just here on a C X the minute they will terminate your account the minute everything's gone, the minute they change their policy or that anything happens, all your files are gone. But if you download them, then you have them on a computer, and then you can upload them on a different website or re upload him on the same website through different accounts or something like you could do something with them. You can sell them to another publisher for cheaper or something like that. Somebody will buy him. Somebody will allow them. E. I mean, it's it's contents. So make sure that you take that precaution and that you have a backup plan just in case and that you have the files both on your computer and on a C X, so that if something happens to a C X, either to the book or to the account or something else, you still have the files and could do something with them, okay? 7. Video 6 The deal with Whispersync: Okay, so let's talk about whisper Sync. Okay, So when I asked a c x about this, you can see that eso you're booked and gets discounted for whisper sync. So if it used to be 14 95 now it's 794 49. And here, you know the vehicles goes all the way down to 1 99 and in here as well. So So you might wonder, Do I get 40% or 20% if you have a royalty share on the 6 95 or under 1 99? And so the answer is, you get it on the 1 99 It's the same thing, then here you get it on the 7 49 So you might think like, oh, well, that's not good, because I'm getting less. I'm getting paid less. You know, lower royalty means same percentage, but it's it's a lower price. So I get a lower royalty. And so, yes, that in one way you could say this is this is not beneficial. Okay, so you maybe want to change your book more than 10% and so it won't be eligible for whisper sing on the other hand. I've been browsing around on a lot of forums, and they took these starts into account. So first of all, if a customer be, uh, did not become eligible for whisper sync if he or she gets a free download of your Kindle book, so if they get it for free, they still have to pray and pay full price for the audiobook so they only get whisper sync if they buy your book and kindle at full price. So let's say that your audiobook in Whisper Sync a 6 99 and your Kindle books to 99 and you get about $2.70 percent royalty for a Kindle book, and you get about 40% royalty for for this one. Then still, you get $2 plus 2 $80 but it is $4.80 which is actually not bad. You'd rather want them in the 1st 30 days before it goes to whisper sing. So in the 1st 30 days, you get a beginner's boost for your book on audible Plus. It won't be in whisper sync yet because it takes them 30 business days, which could be a bit longer. The 30 days. So maybe 35 days or something before it goes into whisper sync. So in those 1st 30 days or 35 days or something, it is better to get organic sales because they won't be able to get it through Whisper sync . But, you know, we're talking about pennies and a few dollars here and there. It's it's not really a big deal. Um, this is something to really take into account. Getting a whisper Sing still tops no cell. And that's what they have been discussing in these forms. That they say, because a sale of full price a lot of people wouldn't have bought the book anyway if they already got the Kindle version, so just making it more attractive to give him a little bonus. And even though you don't get the same money and you get at least something for the on your book, and so they let's say, for example, somebody bought the Kindle book and they're considering buying the audiobook. But they're thinking, well, it's too expensive. But then to get the whisper sinks to deal and then they think, oh, well, maybe for that price, I'll do it, you know so maybe if it was too expensive, they wouldn't have bought the audiobook anyway because they already bought the Kindle book , and so they're not willing to spend 10 or $15 an audiobook. But if they get this whisper sync discounts that actually gives him a little bonus for buying the Kindle book already. And so you get the sales for the Kindle book and for the audiobook. I mean, who's gonna buy your book in two different platforms? That usually doesn't happen, So this is just to make it more attractive to them. So, actually, I think it's not a bad deal. It all tiu have you books and whisper sync. You just have toe. Keep in mind that whisper sync. It's not the biggest source, and it's not the one that will make you the most revenue or get you to most cells, but it does get your cells when they already bought the Kindle book, and so you might have not gotten any audible books still, but in this case, you did because they got offered book at a special discount. So that's the deal with whisper sick 8. Video 7 How to increase bounties: Okay, so let's talk about bounty. So you get $25 for a bounty if you do a royalty share and you get $50 for a bounty if you pay up front now, if you bring money people into their website, it's like a It's almost like an affiliate commission. Like, you know, when you referred somebody to our website were making money off of them. So now you get a $50 bounty, right? Unfortunately, it's not as easy Teoh get thes as it is to get people get the royalties back. How to increase bounties is actually really hard. I actually haven't increased my bounties as much as I have increased my royalties. And it's because people really just have to voluntarily sign up for all the You put a link and a picture in the book both in the beginning and in the end, at the end, at the end, something like this. You can also listen to the audio book of hired professional narratives that make the text or the story come to life. Here is the link and then you have the link, the direct link to you all your book. Ah, and I would also put a link and the picture. So this is the audiobook cover what you just do as you go to insert you took a link. Ah, insert link. You take the link from audible com and you just put it in there and you do the same with this. Well, of course you will change this text to link to my audiobook or linked to been cheating audiobook or something like that. - Hey , just wanted to add to this, and my voice sounds a little different with his microphone, but yeah, So here's the other two options that I can give you. You could go to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all the social media, And you don't think about it. If somebody buys something through your link, you can, You know, if they sign up for audible, you can get $50 they get a free trial. So, you know, sometimes it's just forget about it, or they just like it so much that they will continue with it. Another thing you could use adds Okay, So if you just do ads for an e book, then yeah, maybe you get a $2.99 ill. But if you do an ad for setting up for audible, you could get 50 bucks for it, so it might be worth it. I haven't tried it myself, but it's a suggestion. And then an email This. Of course, if you have a fan list, you can e mail them and just add a direct link to your book and and a picture and say, Hey, you can get my audiobook here And yeah, maybe you've bought my Kindle book. But you can also get my audio book. So something like that, I think again, bounties from that. I've heard of people actually using this effectively. They said they had, ah, email list of Kindle E book fans and stuff, and then they emailed them about the audiobook, and they collected bounties from it so it can work 9. Video 8 Bundling on ACX: So let's talk about bundling on a C X. You cannot bundle endlessly on a C X because on a c X there's a rule and I didn't know this before, so actually, like, made a few mistakes. With that, there's a rule that you can only put each single title in one bundle. So, for example, if if you have a book 123 and four, you can create a bundle of book one and two and book three and four. But if you do that, you can not also create a book of 12 and three or 123 and four. Do you understand what I mean? So if you create, if you put a single title in one of your bundles, you can't use that single title for another bundle. So you if you want to create a bundle, that's, Ah, book 123 and four. Then all those titles have been used, and you cannot create another bundle. For example, that would be book 23 and four or 45 and six, even like even if he but other titles in there, you can't use the same title in different bundles So even if you might get away with it a few times, I wouldn't, you know, miss around with it, because if you if they catch you, they're gonna block your books. And if you do it too many times, maybe they'll even take action on your account. So make sure you keep that rule and make sure you only put every single title in one bundle . So in the beginning, before you release your books, you have to think in advance how maney bundles do I want to create. And how long do I want thes bundles to be? And do I really want a big bundle of? Nor do I want multiple, smaller bundles. So let's say you have six books there. I want one bundle of one book one through six or two bundles of 123 and 4 to 6. Or do I want three bundles of one and 234 and five and six? You know all those decisions. You make those decisions in advance before you start publishing your books on a C X. Also, you need to have the same. Narrator. So that's another thing. If you have different narrators for its different titles of your bundle on a Sex doesn't like that and maybe you can do it. I've never done it, but maybe you can do it. But then who's going to do the opening and closing credits? So that's another thing. The opening and closing credits is the narrator or the producer introducing and telling. Okay, this was disinterest in this book, you know that. So if that's a bundle, then it's a different title. So they have to do those two. And that's why I say Always pick the same. Narrator There are state producer for the for the saying books. You plan in advance how many books can put in a certain genre or a certain niche. You know, you're gonna combine them, and that goes for royalty share and for paying up front. So if you pay up front, you could just tell them like, Look, I'll pay you for doing the bundle if you ah, if you do royalty share your home, you don't have to pay him anything extra. You could just tell them. Look, I'm gonna put these in a bundle cause you just upload that up there and you could make extra money every month, you know. So that's what you need to take into account when bundling on hdx. There is a limit. 10. Video 9 How to bundle the right way: Okay, let's now start talking about how to bundle your books because some people outsource this. But you can totally do this by yourself easily. It's it's just, you know, a matter of copying and pasting and a little bit of formatting. And that's how simple it is. So let's say we have a book and we're just gonna open a new documents, open a new document. And ah, we're gonna take this little thing like the title of subtitle Pasted here. I'm gonna is a flirting and losing weight. That's gonna be our our two on one bundle. And then, of course, we're gonna have the authors, you know, right there. It doesn't matter. Okay, so then we want a content page. It is a contents or content. And then he said, a house, you flirt and then Vinge eating and then you do control shift, enter, Which does it gives it the next page and then what, you dio you you just paste you copy and paste the cover of the first book in there. So see that in the press on this on. So it stays in middle since so it's nicer. Then you, uh, do control shift, enter and let's let's make this a little smaller on. So yeah, there you go. Then you go to your book, then you paste it in there. They do control, shift, enter, which gives it the next page. You get the other cover. Here's our binge eating cover. Want to make it a little smaller? So it fits nicely. Then here, guilty of binge eating book, you paste it and then I only have to do is insert pages number. So you go to insert you go to page number. Long of the page. I usually do that. Do this exit out of it. Now it has page numbers. Then you might have to update the page numbers in the book because you know the pages that shows in the constant page always always remove empty pages, too. By the way, if you see those, just get rid of them. So now you just click on update Field page numbers only see no changes to page numbers. And then what you want to do is you want to select the title of the of the book and you wanna do insert, bookmark, and then you could do have been cheating. Does it really matter? Because nobody will see it that way. The page numbers so update field and page numbers only. You wanna put bookmark how to flirts, then you want to hyperlink these in certain link See? And then we're gonna No, to you. Ah, out to flirt. See, that's it right there. Your hyperlink in certain link and then connected to binge eating the bookmark. And then you dio save, and that's all it is. You copy and paste two covers you copy and paste two files. You put book marks in them so that and then you put a link in the content page to them. You can also put the page numbers of these books so you can look to something you just do tap to have tap, tap, tap and you do to page for this one. Could, uh, is Paige 32 actually, page three. Because the cover, that's where it starts. Right? So Page three, this is page 32. Page 32. 31. Okay, 31 page 31. And that's the right way to do it. Because then people can, in kindle, they can just click on this and they could take him to second the first or the second book . Or, you know, if you have Maurin one bundle the third to the fourth book or something like that, that that in just a few minutes. And, of course, if you have more books, it takes a little bit more time. But it's simple. You can bundle these books yourself. 11. Video 10 How many bundles to create: Okay, let's talk about how many bundles you should create. Because obviously you could go on a very long time and once wrote ah 100 short books in a certain market and I was actually the Minecraft market. I could tell you that, but, uh, you can imagine how many combinations that could have made meadows with those bundles. But Amazon doesn't want that. You know, I've even heard people that said like, Look, the Amazon gave me a notification that I got to money bundles so they didn't want it anymore. And so if you think about it, if I had 100 bundles, I could create a book. Wanted to book one of three Book one and four because of five all the way up to 100. Right and book 12 and 312 and 41 to 512 yuan 99 1 to 100. Um Book wanted through 50 Book 51 through 100 Book one through 49 Book one through 48 Book two through 48 E Oh, my goodness. You get you imagine? I don't know. Isn't our formula for that? This is like 10 to the 10th or something 10 times 100 times 100 times. 100. There's just something like that you can endlessly bundle if you get like 10 books out there because you can do a book. One through 10 one through 91282 through 10 3 to 10. And you could just put 100 books over there just but having 10 single books. So should you do that? And the answer is No, no, no, no, no. Because first of all, Amazon doesn't like it. Second, you cannot put all these books on a sex because there was a rule against that and a sex. It's actually very profitable. So you might. You might as well spend your time and your money on putting more but single books out there and creating. You know, more bundles with that, but don't endlessly bundle the same thing. I I actually don't recommend, and I've done that in the past, But it wasn't very effective. I have four books that it book wanted. Teoh two and 3 to 4133 and 41234123234 and 12 and four. OK, that's all the combination. So that's like 10 books and four done bundles and four single books. So I did that, but it actually kind of destroyed my pen name because you gotta realize that, you know, no matter how many books you put in the market, these are real customers that come to dams on store these aerial customers that look at it and think like, Oh, this is a good author that knows a lot about the topic. And if they see somebody in expanding the the Amazon store with all these little bundles, they're going there during the catch on, you know? And of course, some of those books still sell. But maybe, maybe it it was just a waste of time to waste money. And you gotta realize, too, if you outsource everything and don't do your own covers, then you have Teoh ask somebody to do a cover for each bundle and you have to put some time and or money into getting a few reviews for each of these bundles. And you have to put time into publishing each of these bundles like uploading the file and put in into keywords and all the kinds stuff. So no, I don't think you should endlessly bubble. How many bundles should you create? Well, that's up to you. You know, maybe my advice would be if maybe just three bundles. For example, if you have four books, do a book. 123 and four and 1234 That's it. Three bundles. Or, if you have six books, dio book one through three on four through six and book one through six and then be done just three bundles and then you have six cynical books and that that's enough, you know that. Maybe it shouldn't be more than that. So that is my advice. Some people will tell you to do every single combination in the universe out there. I don't believe in that. I've seen too many trouble, too much trouble with it, and I've seen too many customers be turned off by it. And and local. I look at the book and stay like OK, that this guy's just, you know, putting a bunch of books out there, and he doesn't even know what he's talking about. People think that kind of stuff. They see that all those all those bundle combinations. It's crazy, and I Amazon doesn't like that. It clutters their space, their server. So it just gives them more of an excuse to come after you buy blocking a book or blocking your account or something like that. So if you go too crazy about it, it's not gonna end up well in the long run. Now, don't be scared about this. Like I said, I've done it a few times and and I have a lot of bundles still, but, yeah, I just encourage you to not use every single combination. 12. Video 11 Bundle descriptions: Hey, so we're gonna talk about how do you can bundle descriptions or how you can create a description for your bundle? And of course, you can write a separate description for your bundle if he wants and completely changed the text. And you know, you could do all that. That's fine with me. Might take a bit more work, or you have to outsource it. Well, what you can do to is simply copy and paste this description. So, for example, this is a title on this up title and what you do then So you just let's say you have this. Let's say this is book two. So you copy this and this is book to okay, and then you want to create Book one into So this is gonna be the bundle book one and two and it's very simple. So let's say that, you know, this is a different title. It doesn't matter, but what you want to do is just changed the header. So, for example, you could say two books in one bundle double the value that will teach you about, and then whatever your topic is, and then you can have a little introduction, and you can change it. For example, you could type something like this. This bundle will tell. Show you this in this in this news. And then see this this 80 Melco just means that it's gonna be the next line. So if you this you can even have one space between the lines. Oh, are too. So you could put another one there, and then you just say book one and you copy? You copy this. You know the description from book One? Whom and then you could say it. See? And this is this already means that they're gonna skip to line so and then you could save book to. And then you can take the description phone book to right there. See? And they have book one and book to, and you didn't even have to rewrite anything you just copied and pasted. The description is in there with a nice little introduction, a nice header. And then, of course, you'd have a different title in a different subtitle yet. That's how simple it is to ah to create a description about your bundle 13. Video 12 Pricing: Okay, let's talk a little bit about pricing. So it's very important to price of books, right? Because if you do, you can get more money. See, we don't always know exactly how much a customer is willing to pay. And if everybody would know what's in everybody's head, then, of course, they would price it at the highest price possible. Just barely the amount that people are willing to pay. But we don't know. We don't know that. Okay, so, um, this is the best pricing strategy that people have come up with, and this works best. This is how you get the highest royalty and sets the centre. So let's take a look at it. I'll give you this document. Eso You can take a look at it yourself, feel you don't have to watch my video over and over again. It's actually very simple. Let me just explain it. Step by step. Okay, so Kindle books e books. You start every book of $2.99 because if you price it below $2.99 you don't get 70% royalty . So Amazon forces people kind of to put the books between 2 99 and 99 because they think that's the best pricing. That's what people are going to pay. And ah, and that's how they reward you with 70%. If you put price it above 99 or below 2 99 you get only 35%. So I don't recommend that because that's half, if the book sells, increased the price to 3 99 or 4 99 or, if possible, eventually. If you keep selling Price. The book at 9 99 I do have some books that are selling really well, and they're priced at 9 99 on Kindle and they still sell Ah, copy every other day or something. So it's it's definitely possible. If you have a really good selling book, then you comprise him at 99 paperbacks. I I would say the best way is to start with the thousands of wards that you have, So if you have 5000 words, price of that $5.5 or $5.80 or something like that, if you have 7000 words, then put it at 7 75 or 7 34 something the numbers behind the period don't matter as much. And that's a myth. And some people swear by a certain, like 30 something or like 99 it's admit, OK, just don't do 99 cents because that people are so tired of that. It's been outdated. Okay, so just put anything you look at Wal Mart, they place, um, they do like the 88 or like, 86 or 74 or something like that. And you know that the homearts pretty successful. So I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing. Ah, some people say used to always start higher. But if you only have a 7000 ward book, you might get customers pretty mad. If you place it, put the price of 12 or 13 or $14. It's just a little too much. Okay, uh, so I would start with this. And if it keeps selling, yeah, by all means to increase the price. But another example is 14,000 words to put it up 14 87 or 14 15. But if if it doesn't sell, then maybe customers aren't willing to pay $14 for it, so maybe you should put it in $11 or 12 or 10 you know, nine. But now don't don't do the 9 99 too much. You know that that's that's a lot of books are 99. That's certainly not the best way to go. And don't probably too high if it doesn't sell. If it doesn't sell, you have to lower the price. So to keep track of the cells and play around with it. If the book is over 20,000 words, you could say, Well, he could justify putting on $20 but I would still put a little lower, like 18 or $19. 70 knows something like that because, ah, lot of people don't want to pay that much for a book. There are exceptions, and I have s old books, especially bundles for 2030 $40 people pay full price for that. And that is that is possible sometimes. But that's only possible for it really, really well selling ones. And so just keep that in mind. Okay, the A C X prize. You can't set the price. Okay? It sets the price according to the length of the book and the actually not the length of the book, but the length of the minutes that the narrator or the producer put into it. So sometimes you could say 10,000 words is typically one hour. Okay, but sometimes the narrator, it takes a little less time because he talks so fast or it takes a bill of more times because you talk so slow and then it's more on. So it's never exactly that. But just keep in mind that about 10,000 words is usually about one hour, and so when it's, ah, less than an hour. So if it's 0.8 hours, for example, 40 minutes, then it's 3 95 If it's 123 hours 6 95 4 to 6 14 95 jumps pretty fast, which actually should be 3 to 6 hours. Of course, 6 to 10 hours 1995 and temples are 24 95 or higher. Ah, and then, if you pay a front, you get 40% of royalties and get $50 bounties. If you do a royalty share, you get only 20% royalties and $25 bounties. But of course you didn't put any money into it, so you didn't risk anything. So that's that's the That's the benefit of royalty share. But like I said, I'd rather dio pay for production because I like taking a little bit of a risk. And, uh, you usually you make the money back the pencil, you cover au keyword and you book Teoh. And if if it's a good producer, like if if his voice is good and stuff like that. But usually making money back is definitely within the span of a year or less, sometimes even within a few months. Defense on what you paid Teoh on then this Kindle unlimited. So you got these pages read, so it shows up on your Kindle dashboard and ah, basically, it says it's 0.0 for 88 per page, So if you have 1000 pages read, you get $4.88. I know it's not a lot, but think about this, and this is what they say to around $17 million set aside every month by Amazon to pay out all these authors and that of the pages read $17 million. It just goes to show you how many people make him make a living or make money with the pages read. So So There's a huge expense for Amazon, and it's probably a lot less than what they would pay for an actual sale. Like if they somebody buys a $2.99 book. But, uh, it's still still OK money and I've heard of authors, especially a fiction. Authors were nonfiction not so much, but for fiction authors that they make most of their living off off of the pages read. And it's because for for those fiction readers, they they just like to buy a tablet and then just speed read, read, read, read. So they get the subscription for Canada LTD. Anyway, that that's a pricing, I would say Keep this, listen to this. Listen to this advice have been doing it for three years now. Uh, don't don't do your own thing unless until you start seeing changes like, for example, if you see less sales, you book, you can lower it. If you Seymour silicon, you increase the price because there's more of a demand that maybe people are more willing to pay more. So I would start with this and stick to this until maybe one of your books. He's seeing significant changes, and then you can deviate from this, Uh, so she in the next video? 14. Video 13 Reasons to build a list: Okay, I'm gonna be very up front. Very simple about this video. So there are four reasons you should build a list. And with that, I mean an email list. So first of all, you might have get potential fans. So they you know, you can email them Any time that you released a new book on, you know that you could build a relationship with them by emailing them stuff things about yourself or about your book or about the books younger. You can even recommend other books. Maybe you should do that with your Amazon affiliate leak so he could do that deal. Then also what you should do This studio. It's asked them for reviews so you can ask them like, Hey, I've got this new book. Could you please review it? It's free. It's free now, so please download it. You know it is a free copy. Please leave a review on Amazon. Then also, you could get downloads and sales. So a lot of authors they have a big email list. A few 1000 people and all they do is they released a new book. They send the book to their email list to say Hey, it's free. Click on this link. It's free free or it's 99 cents on on Amazon and ah, no. What if you make it? Might 19 cents, by the way, used to do ah Kindle countdown deal because then you could 70% for for every for every cell , of course. And so if you have an email list of subscribers and the fans, then I've heard of authors. Actually, they have, like, five or 10,000 email subscribers, and it's hard to get that, and it takes a while to build all that. But you could do it through permanently free books and through, you know, some of them place ads or something else when you have a website or blawg and they built a list of thousands of subscribers, and then all they have to do is write a new book, released a book, and then they emailed the list of subscribers and they made a few $1000 or a few $100 just like that in the day. And so that's the power of having your own list. And of course, some of them could leave reviews even if you don't ask for him someone might like. It depends on if it's fiction or nonfiction or you know how much did like it. And then, of course, if anything happens to Amazon or if you want to do anything besides Amazon, uh, you'll have your own list of potential customers. Those are your fans. Those on your list, you know they subscribe voluntarily. And even if Amazon changes the algorithm or change the whole website or even terminate your account or anything else, you still have that list and you can still send the books. Or you can upload your books with draft to digital or in some other website, or say like, Hey, it's available in Barnes Noble or something like that, or you can, you know, have your own little. I've even heard of people doing a little Shopify store and sell their books through that. You could only do that with your femaleness. Okay, I don't know how hard that is, but those are just things. If you have a list of e mails, those air, your customers and potential customers, not Amazon's, and that's the power of less 15. Video 14 How to make a book permafree: So how do you make a book permanently free on Amazon? And of course, Amazon doesn't allow that because they want the minimum price to be 99 cents. And for that you get 35% in a Kindle book. But you can actually make your book permanently free in the Amazon store. And there's a roundabout way of doing that. He cannot just price of that zero $0.0. So what you do instead is you go to draft to digital, you add a new book, any sign of foreign accounts, of course. And ah, And there you upload your book file, you view your title. You do author, you do search terms, you know. You know, you select a couple categories and then you go to the layout, you upload your book preview, you publish it different platforms, and then what happens is draft to digital will distribute it to different platforms. So it will distribute a to, for example, Barnes and Noble iTunes Ah, and a few other scores. And then it will take a few days, and I might take one or two or three days or a few days, and sometimes they will skip one or two stores, so sometimes they distribute it to all the stores. But not Barnes Noble. And sometimes, you know, a All these sites have to accept that book, but most of the time they will accept it. And so when we do that, unless you go do like a lot of books and then, you know, after a while maybe, you know, if they're bad quality, but most of the time they accept it. And then you only price your book at $0.0 in those stores. And then you go to Katie P. You go to contact us, you go to so you go to Amazon product page, and then you say price matching and then all you have to dio it's please price match. And then you say, uh, something like my book. And then the link in the title is on is $0 or 0.0 in these the bookstores online, Something like that. And then you put the Barnes Noble link. You put the iTunes link, but all these links to where your book is being found as proof that you know, they can check it for you that your book is only $0 and then, you know, you say please price match in my book and make it $0 an Amazon store as well. Now why would you want to have your book B $0? Why would you want to have it permanently free? And we're gonna talk about that a little bit and the other videos, but basically, it's because if it's permanently free, it gets downloaded factually. Somebody said 100 times more than a regular book. So, uh, of course, you don't get anything for that, but it's perfect for putting a link to your squeeze it page or your opt in page your landing page, whatever you wanna call it. So you can collect an email address and build on email lists because most of the permanently free books that I have and I only have a few of them. I get 10 to 15 downloads per day, Nona per month per day, so that's a lot of downloads so that people love freebies, right? So they you know, they go to the booking like, Oh, it's free so they don't load it, and some of them will see that link to their to your email list and sign up for your even a list, and it's basically just get more eyeballs in your book. Or if you have a Siri's of multiple books, let's, let's say half a trilogy. You make the first book permanently free. You get your name out there is an author or your pen name or whatever, and then the second book, You know it's not free. But if they want to continue reading they'll by the 2nd 1 the third book that makes sense. So that might be a reason why you want it permanently free, especially for fiction. Siri's, I would think. 16. Video 15 The two cheapest email services: Hey, I want to tell you about the two cheapest email services you can use so you can keep your costs low. And so you don't have to pay a monthly fee every time. Just the email, your list of subscribers Teoh that that are interested in your books. And I know a lot of people out there, and they recommend a Weber and the reason they recommend a Wevers because I have an affiliate link to a Weber and let me just give you a big disclaimer in this video for it. Claimer. I don't know. Ah, I do not have an affiliate link here to any of these two services. Okay, so there's nothing in it for me to tell you about this. Except for that, I want to give you the best information possible. And I don't want you to spend money if you don't have to. So some people I asked even a why you would you recommend a Weber? What's so much better about a wherever that Milton And they said, Well, it's just really good. Here's the affiliate Lincoln. They just, ah, just want to get money every month and it's I get it you know, it's it's affiliate marketing. But let me tell you that I think that milk chimp and the other one that I'm going to show you in a minute are the best ones. Mill Chimp is free for the 1st 2000 subscribers. So it says you the free plan. You know, you could get up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. So let's say you send six e mails in one month to these 2000 subscribers that gets you to 12,000 emails and month. Now it is not that simple to get 2000 subscribers. And there, I know you're not supposed to make more than one, you know, male chimp account. But it's perfectly possible if you just create another email address and do that. So I've heard of people doing it. And so they got to their 2000 subscribers. They didn't want to pay any money. So what? That is dead. They just created another account under a different email name. I don't know how possible that is, but it is by far the cheapest, especially if you're just starting. Just go for the free option, you know, So it's free, then there is sending blue and sending blue is very nice. Sending Blue says they have the best prices and I agree because they don't charge you for the number of subscribers that you have, they just charge you for how many emails per day you send. So let's say you, Ah, you have 2000 subscribers. You shouldn't a cinema. Same email in the same day because you know, then then you're going over that limits. But if you spread it out through a few days, then you can easily send them. Send a lot of people say me milk so they don't even charge by subscribers. That's completely free. And I have and accounts with this and I love it and it's a great service. So this is the one that I recommend people use. There's all their email services out there, but all of them charged immediately with a 14 day trial or something. Now this honest cheapest, it's free, and especially if you're starting out and in this on look, it's $25 a month for 40,000 emails. So you know, the the time you get to that point, it let me know goes really so and it stays cheap. Look, even if you go to 120,000 emails per month, So let's say you send four emails and you got 30,000 subscribers in your list. It's only $66 per month, which is really not that much for that many. But you're not gonna get there that fast. I mean, who has that many subscribers, Right, So? So this is definitely, in my opinion, the best one. There's mill jampp and there's send in blue. 17. Video 16 Creating an optin form and automated sequence: So we're gonna talk about how you can create an opt in form and an automated sequence. So that means that you create an often page or a landing page or a squeeze page. What if you want to call it, which means that it's just one single website page, and to which people can go and fill out their email address and get in return what they what they signed up for. And there's like I said before, there's several different Softwares you can use. There's no middle champers, however. Ah, there's there's a market hero. There's other ones, but I usually use send in blue, especially since it's cheap. It's free and it's simple. So you log in and so this is my wife's account. I'm just gonna show you what I did not actually creating it on the spot, but you can easily do this too, so you log in. Then you go to a P I and forms. So it's right there. And so we're in sending blue dot com, by the way, you go to forms, manage your forms. Then you go Teoh editor form or creates a new subscription for, but we're gonna edit one right now cause it's easier that way. And it's really simple because you can change the colors over here against change of fonts . And here you want to add, uh, capture, which is really simple because people could just click like I'm not a robot and then, you know, send me the book. And so this allows people toe to fill out their email address and to get this free book in return. And that's how simple it is. So you could put a picture of your book right there, and what I would recommend is not asking for their name or some other data is just asked for the human lattice. That's all you need. So just ask for uniters. Of course you can add. You know, other things here, that of field. You know, you if you want to say at a field, you could doom or attributes like name, first name as a mess, that kind of stuff. So you can add all those and this is so simple, like I won't even have to explain this, Okay? It shouldn't be a big deal. And then when you feel all of this stuff out, then it gets sent to their email address. But of course, you have to ah, to attach to file whatever I commend, what you do there is to go, Teoh. It is to just included in your first email, and we're going to set up on email automation. So here, we're gonna go here, and I'm gonna show you what I did, How simple it is. So here's three different streams that we have has three different automation streams and it's called a workflow here, so whatever you wanna call it doesn't matter. And so these are two steps that people go through. So first of all, you know, they fill out the form, then they wait for one seconds. You know, we don't have to wait and let him wait any longer. Then you send them the first email. Then you let them wait for one day. They sent him another email, and so you can keep sending them email so you could set this all up. You can automate all this. And so once somebody signs up for your newsletter or for your, you know, to get the free book as a gift, all you have to dio it's well you don't have to do anything anymore. You only have to set this up once. You can change these. Let's Ah, so you just gonna have to attach the forum and then, you know, you could create a new form and it's actually really simple. It shows itself here, you know, you could change the time you can change it There. The email, you have to go to email templates. And so So this one's called potential distributors of one. Okay, to go to potential distributors one and then you can edit that my gift to you see, and then what I dio to help them get the book, it's still send them to a Google form. And as you can see, I chose because this is really important to know, too. They allow you in this software to, ah, create all these little boxes and pictures and too little headlines and all that kind of stuff, and that's all very fancy. But that kind of stuff gets you kicked out of Google or Gmail or Hotmail or something, and it gets put in conversations and actually the best way to do email marketing. I've learned this from several experts is to just keep it simple and boring and ugly and and just text just high and business in the sniffs. And there's this and maybe a link in it, and that's that's it. And don't don't become too fancy because it will decrease the rates off them, ending up in their inbox, and so they will open them less. And so they will click on yourself less. And so that's that's a big deal. So here, uh, let's see. And it's at its email content. Okay, so this link is this book that you can get for free and ah, and how did I do that? Well, then you just go to G mill and you add the book, and then you take the link and you say share and then you get the link. So So this is a book. They get for free so you could download it. She's taken. You can look at it. So what you need to do is go to Google drive so you go to your Google dry. If you want to do it that way, there's other ways to do it, too, and then you upload to file as a Pdf file. So if you have a book and you write it, you could you could just look up hokum hurt to pdf. And there's several Softwares that are free. And you know, if you want to use them a lot, you have to pay for it. But you can use them to convert your word file to pdf. Then you upload it to Google Drive, and then it appears over here. And then if you click on it and then you go to these little dots on the side, then you could say share, see, and then it gives you this unique link and then you copy the link, and that's the link that you put in your email and you tell them. Click on this link and then you can get the free book so that leads them to the pdf file. And so you said, this is the first email you tell them about. You know, your your free book. You tell them about yourself and stuff like that, and then the other emails you consent, um, other stuff. So that's how simple it is. You could set up a sequence like that and have it all automated 18. Video 17 Sequences versus campaigns: Okay, let's talk a little bit about sequences versus campaign. So the automation feature this one is those streams. It's it's that workflow that if they opt into your page, they leave their email address. They automatically get one email every day for a few days. But if you keep that up before for every day, they might get bothered by it. So I would advise to Minniti email them once or twice a week and then just give him a little update of him. We'll talk about what you want to email them later. But anyway, once they they've gone through the initial sequence, no. Maybe you shouldn't automate everything anymore because you know some of the information that you want to give them, or some of the things about yourself for the fun fact or more up to date. Like you could say, like Oh, it's it's about today, you know, this day, you know. Ah, February March March 2nd. No, this is this happened or something like that. Okay, so then you want to create a campaign and campaign to basically needs that you send it to everybody that you have in your list or if you wanna uncheck some of them. I want to send it only to a segment. A group of people. You could just create a new campaign and you can write an email and it will just boom send it to all your contacts. And so as you can see, 86 context so 86 people would receive my email, and that's it. 19. Video 18 How to put your optin link in your book: Okay, let's not talk about how to put your opt in link in your book, because if you have a book, especially if it's permanently free book, you want all these people that open your book and read it. You want them to see a picture where they can click, and then it sends them to that page where they could fill out their email address, get their free gift or their free bulk, or the free articles or something that you promised them, which I I would just, you know, create a free book or cinema free book about the topic related to it. Sometimes fiction all there say, You know, you make the first book permanently free in the Siri's. And then you sent them the second book as a gift and can still put that second book on Amazon as as being for purchase, because some people will buy it anyway. But you can promise them like Look, you get the whole second book for free, and that will trigger people to come to your list anyway. So what you got to do is go to sending blue or you could do it. A male chimp to It's really simple or any other other auto responders. Some people have lied pages, but, you know, that's a monthly fee to. So I always try to avoid that. I'm sharing with you the cheapest things out there. Okay? And if you want to upgrade to something better, if you don't like this one, you know that that's your own choice. You go to forms and you go to manage your forms and you go to share form. And then here is the link. See my center blue love a little block. And if you copy and paste this, you get your right to that opt in page. See, this is where they could fill out their email address. Now, we're gonna have to play her around a little bit with the because this looks a little bit ugly this way. But okay, don't worry about that. Okay, So then here's the form. You take that lanky copy it and then when you go to your book, you should have a picture like this. OK? So you could create that and photo shop. You can go in fiber all calm, and let somebody else do that for you and give them instructions. You can Ah, no. Figure out some other free software online that you can use, but yeah, just just to make this and the picture of your book, it's that simple. Actually, you don't even have to do this. You just need to. You can put the cover here. You could put the text right here in word and then as long as they can click on the link. And so here it says click hair to get this e book for free. And so then you go to insert, you go to Link Insert link, of course, 16 file or Web page, but Lincoln and that will lead them to that page where they can often. And so then people will opt in, fill out three monitors. They'll automatically get that first email after one second. You have to, I would say in your email something like Check your spam box if you haven't received this and then they could click on the link, which leads them to the Google doc. And there they can download or reads the Pdf book that you made for them. It's that simple. And what I would do is put a link or put the same picture in the back of the book to not in the middle because then it's going to bother them. You know that they're going like, oh, you know, just disguises spamming us with this free book and he wants really wants or evil address. Don't do that, but ah, yeah, I would do it twice, just in the beginning and once in the back. Like to remind them like a get my free eBook and give me your email address and that will get him on your email list. 20. Video 19 What to write about in your emails: Okay, What should you write about in your emails? And a lot of people do this wrong, and I hear them. I hear about it all the time. People think, Oh, this person is in my email list. Now, I'm just gonna know. I'm just gonna sell to him. Sell, sell, sell, sell. I'm just gonna send him another book in another book that I have another Get this on Amazon . You know what? If you do that, then people are gonna disappear. They're gonna get your free book, and the next time you're gonna try to sell to them the next day, they're gonna be gone. So what I advise you to do is to just very to keep it casual and to write to them as if they are a friend. Don't. For example, people said in the subject line don't use a capital letter because a lot of people nowadays they don't. You got the letter and their sentence like I mean, I do I'm like that grammatically correct. But a lot of people don't because it's a message to your friend today. Like, look quickly type up, or like, put it in their phone or something. like that and so they don't care. So don't do that to make it look like it's from a friend. Make it just plain text. And then what you want to do to is send them links to articles that might be interested in . So, for example, if they're interested in fantasy, Okay, so your fancy fancy readers send them links to other books that you that you recommend. You don't have to be your books, but you could send immolation. Lee linked another book that is free and say, Hey, look, this book is free. You give him a lot of free stuff, give him a much valuable information and entertainment and free stuff. It's possible cinema linked to another book, that street. You could make that an Amazon affiliate link if you want. Just have to sign up for the Amazon Associates programme, which is really simple to dio. And then, you know you might make an extra five or 10 or $20 a month extra, just completely passively with through affiliate links. But, yeah, centam stuff that they're interested in set him to a YouTube video that you think it's cool , you know, look up something about the topic. For example, if they're interested in the paleo diet, here we go again with the paleo diet he send them to, ah, click bank products. But not the first, you know, not of First. You gotta wait a few days. You gonna warm them up? They have to trust you have to like you. They have to get a lot of free stuff and you have to keep them happy. So when I would do is send them Teoh articles about the paleo diet. I was trying to videos about the paleo diet. I would write something up about the paleo diet that you discovered yourself. Ask them questions that actually, that's a very good one. If you a lot of people they use like surveymonkey or something they use software is to do like, little surveys and and then you are like a pole and ah, if you ask them questions like, Hey, what would you like me to do for you? What kind of things would you like to see? Because I have articles. I have news. I have ah, videos, and I have also some products that I can, you know, show you if you're interested. But what would you like to see in this email newsletter? And if you ask them that and ask him that with and try to triggers on the interaction, that's the best way to establish a relationship with those people. And it doesn't matter if you have a pen name, and if they don't know the exact person behind the behind the email as long as day. As long as they like what you send them So you don't have to lie about. You know, I'm really interested in paleo diet when you just outsource the book and you're not, you know you don't care about it at all. You know, I have to do that. You could just say, like, Look, this is a newsletter about paleo diet. You're going to get information about it. You can again fun facts, You know, I'm going to send you to some videos. We show you some cool stuff that I'm that I'm kind of interested in. You know, that kind of stuff? You could do that then, and if you do that consistently after four or five, or six. Or seven or maybe even 10 e mails, you could say, Look, now there's something for still go here and buy it in Amazon store. Go here. And by this, you know, affiliate products or something like that. That's what you gotta dio don't sell to them immediately. Send them stuff that they would be interested in, and then you're going to keep him happy. 21. Video 20 How to build your review team: to get MAWR reviews without swapping or without doing anything to pay for it or something is to have on often page a picture just like the one that I showed you in a few videos before this one. You have a picture to like, Just get your free book. Okay, so that's people who just want free stuff. OK, so that's one email list, but you can set up another email list with another sequence with, you know, in sending blue or in some other email marketing software. You could set that up for another list of people who are interested in getting your book before it's published, and some people really are. I mean, some people that you like, they'll get their hands on anything you know, if it's new or if it's and they want to give their honest opinion about it so you can have another picture like the one that I showed you with. Click here to get your free book and to be part of my review team. And then maybe underneath you just explain something like if you are part of my review team , this means that I will send you books before I send them to anyone else. You'll be the 1st 1 to see this book. I will ask you for corrections and will asking for feedback, and I will look at it and improve it. And then I'll put the book out there and I'll release it. The only thing I ask you in return is if you can leave a review on Amazon as soon as the book is to release. So then you send them the release dates, you send them toe, You know, for example, you're gonna publish a book on the 10th of March. So, a week before that, you sent them. You sent that review team? You sent him an email, you say, Hey. Ah, The books will be released on the 10th of March. Here's the copy. There's a pdf copy. Please tell me what you think of it. Please let me know if I need to correct anything. Please leave a review on the 10th of March, But don't just email them once. Email them a few times. So you email them two or three days later like, Hey, did you get my copy of my free eBook? And you know, here's the file and and then the day before and the day on it and maybe the day after it. You keep emailing them. So you, for example, he emailed in two days ahead of time. You say, Hey, remember, it's gonna be released on the 10th of March and then on the 10th of March, like, Okay, it's released. Now it's free. Please. You can download it. Please leave a review. You already know what's in the book. So please leave on honest review because, you know, you already looked at the file before I published it. And then the next day you can email those who didn't. You can ask him that again. You could just look up the ones enlist. You can say like, Hey, could you please review my book? I sent you to pdf file. Please just leave review on Amazon. That will great. It really helped me, and I would really appreciate it. And if you keep doing this, if you keep posting a review, you will always get more free books for me. You'll get a free PDF file before it's published. You won't have to pay anything on Amazon. It's all free, and people will do that. That's that's a good exchange. I mean, people will say like, Oh, you know, I'm getting all my books about that topic for free, and all I have to dio is leave a review, So that's a bit way to build your street team. I know I'm not like typing it all out and showing it all, but I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions about it, just let me know. It's actually a pretty simple concept, right? I mean, you just have to put another picture that says be part of my review team and then since briefly explain what it means and that they'll get free books in advance before they're published and that all you want is, ah, a review on Amazon. And yes, there will still be people who sign up for the review team, and they just won't leave a review and you're asking him for it and you're sending these emails, and that's always how it goes. You know, that's always People will never all take action. It's just our ghost. You know, people are passive, and maybe it's not worth it to them. Or maybe they just signed up and then they forgot about it. They don't care, but that's OK, because you are going to get some people on your team that will review your book. And every time you publish another book in that same category or niche, you know you could send it in advance to that review team and they'll review it. And so you're gonna get reviews basically for, well, not for free, because you're putting some work into it. But you're not paying for them. And it's Ah, it's all according to Amazon's policies. It's okay to do that. So, uh, yeah, that's a legit Wendy to get reviews. It's actually one of the ways people have said is one of the better ways to get review so 22. Video 21 Wrap up: Hey, I want to thank you again for buying my video course. I want to thank you for sticking through it to all the way to the end to listen well, Video 40 in which we're wrapping it up. So okay, let's let's go through this a little bit. And of course I'm giving you something. I'm getting me all these pdf files and all that stuff just to get you started. Basically, what you need to do is start pumping out the books you need to self published books. You need to keep your costs low. You need to find the best quality. Writers need quality books out there that are not too short, but they don't have to be very long either. They don't have to be 300 pages, either. Well, then you need to upload them on three different platforms. Katie p dot Amazon com Uh oh. And you can put your paperbacks on there, too, you know, But that's your choice. Or if you want to put your paperbacks and create space dot com, you could do that to you have to sign up for an account there or you could do and then of course, when I really recommend you to, due to its upload your books on a c x dot com and need to do a royalty share or pay a producer all products, and you got to figure that out all a little bit. But once you do every time your rights or outsource a book, you have three streams of income and some books. No some books or maybe only making $5 a month. Some books will make your $50 a month. I have books like that, and some books you go like, OK, that's an absolute waste of time, a waste of money that's not selling anything. And sometimes you get like one of these books. I once had a book that sold over $10,000 in one month, and that was a bundle. And, yeah, things like that can happen. So if you find the right keywords, the right categories to write markets to go after you produce high quality books, you will create a passive income, you know, creates three passive income streams, and I Nope. Amazon is not always easy to work with because sometimes they have all these little rules, and you know they're done just this big giant company, and you can't really talk back to them. But it's still the best thing I've ever done. I've made more money publishing than any other job I've ever had before. Actually have made more money publishing than all the jobs combined that I had before, so I really encourage you. Teoh. Start this journey and give it a try and not give up too easily. Don't give up. Don't expect thousands of dollars coming in within a couple months. You know that that can happen, and it happens to some. But if you want to do with Long Term Gang, you'll play it safe. You'll play it the right way and you'll you'll just focus on high quality and high volume and good stuff. And and things will come, you know. Ah, a few years from now, you'll you'll be set for life, you know, maybe not for life, but you'll be set. You'll have say, And if you if you keep a cost of your life savings, you can you can buy any things that could go on vacations like we've done. I mean, we went to Thailand last month, was awesome. And, ah, while I was there, I still made money with my publishing business, and that's that's crazy. That's amazing. You could do this anywhere in the world. You could do it with a computer and WiFi and and that's the dream. You know that that's all you need. You need to put in your time and your money, but, ah, it gives you that flexibility. And maybe if you get to a certain few 1000 per month that that's good enough, you can quit your job and start doing it. And then once you're sick of this, maybe you can start a different business and leave this in the background running and still make passive income with this. Or you could try to skillet up to a certain point. Uh, yeah, that's all up to you. So thank you for watching. Thank you for getting my video course. If you have any questions, just know I do do consulting, so it's pretty expensive, but I got a few neat little tricks that can increase your revenue like crazy. But you can also ask basic questions in Facebook group and to other people And yeah, that's it. Thank you. And ah, good luck.