Self Publishing On Amazon With Kindle Direct Publishing in 2021 | Lee Davies | Skillshare

Self Publishing On Amazon With Kindle Direct Publishing in 2021

Lee Davies

Self Publishing On Amazon With Kindle Direct Publishing in 2021

Lee Davies

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13 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Niche Keywords

    • 3. Book Design Outline

    • 4. How To Have Your Book Written

    • 5. Convert EBook To Paperback

    • 6. How To Format Your Book

    • 7. Cover Creation For $5

    • 8. How To Publish Your Book

    • 9. How To Convert to ACX

    • 10. How To Market Your Book

    • 11. How to Create A Lead Generation Site

    • 12. How To Create Bundles

    • 13. Summary

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About This Class

What Is Included In This Course?

· Learn how to self publish your own ebooks, paperback and audiobooks on Amazon & Audible

· Learn how to use your current books to create larger new books

· Learn how to hire a ghostwriter

· Learn how to create a landing page for marketing


What my past students say about me and my other courses:

"Lee ably shares a step-by-step means of becoming a profitable book publisher using Amazon KDP"

"Very helpful course, thanks Lee! Will be looking out for any follow-up courses Lee puts out to help us publishers become more profitable."

"Found it very useful as someone with almost no idea about how Kindle publishing works. The instructor is quite straightforward with not just information but also his own experiences and expertise"

"Straightforward, action-based and no BS (something hard to find in "make money online" courses these days lol)"


· Be trained by a serial entrepreneur who does this for a living!

· 2020 course!. no outdated content!

· Get a demonstration of how to create a beautiful website

This lecture is very detailed and will make you fully understand how you can create your self published book

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Lee Davies


Me & my wife have been interested in entrepreneurship and financial freedom since we were both very young and we love teaching people how to obtain the same lifestyle, our courses will teach you how to get out of the rat race and finally live the life that you and your family deserve!


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1. Introduction: Hi guys, my name is Lee. And today I'm going to take you guys through the process of creating an Amazon business by publishing books on their platform. So Amazon come to the tone self-publishing platform that makes it really easy for new publishers to come in, published their books. And you can make massive amounts profit. Because Amazon does a lot of the marketing themselves. They've got a massive platform, millions of people on their looking for new content. And that's why we can provide that content to those guys and make the money. So in this course, what we're gonna do is we're going to cover how to get your book written. So you don't even have to write the books. You can get a company, right and company to go straight your books. And that is the way I do my business. I personally don't write any of my books because I'm not a writer, but I am an entrepreneur. So I like to obviously find gaps in the market where I can make as much money as possible. So what we're gonna do today is we're going to format the book. We need to know how when we get our books back from the ghost writers, we need to be able to change it. Because sometimes you'll get back, you know, happy with it. So you can go in yourself and editor and then you can publish it to Amazon. When you're happy with it. Obviously, we can create uniformity and the book. So it looks like your pen name is who is writing the book. We're also going to show you how to publish the book. Go through the whole process of Amazon, of how to publish their books and also how to convert them from Amazon over to audiobook. We're also going to go through niche research. Obviously, the idea that we're going for is to create a book that is going to be purchased as much as possible. So we're going to have to look at what is selling in the market and how we can find out what the most profitable books are in those niches. And also how we can improve on the niche, to how we can basically become a competition in the niche. We're also gonna look at marketing. To be honest with your marketing, we will need to do that or its not as important at this time. Because at the moment with my books, I don't market them at all. And they still sell. Because Amazon is such a big platform, it's quite easy to get into a good nation and sell and make money because not a lot of people are doing it for this reason. We're also going to, as I say, we'll translate the books over to audible so we can maximize our profit. Yeah, so what I'll do is I'll go ahead and get started and take you guys through the process. Thanks for watching. 2. Niche Keywords: Has it gone, guy? So in this video, we're gonna take a look at how we can find profitable niches on Amazon. So what we need to do is we need to go on to Amazon's platform. Go to the categories page for Kindle. And we take a look through the categories that are available. And we need to niche down. So I'll do is I'll take you through the process. Now. There's a couple of resources that can help you at this. They do cost a little bit extra. I'm not affiliated with them at all, but I will show you them because some of them are really good and they can help you speed up the process. But I'll also show you how to do it without these tools as well. So let's take a look at the Amazon platform. So this is the Amazon bestsellers. We can know what you do is you click on the top left. You go to the Amazon Kindle e-readers, I'm box. Select that and then slack Kindle books. And I'll take you to a page similar to this. So what we need to do is we're trying to find a niche that has high, high competition and also high traffic, medium to high competition. I'll show you how to have a look at what the competition is like and how profitable the categories are. So let's have a little look. So if we go on here you can see you've got all the categories for the Amazon books. If we select health fitness and dieting, which is a, a big, comprehensive niche, you need to niche down in order to make money in this category. So if we select, say, nutrition, actually, let's have a look. Yeah, let's go with nutrition. Then you can see we've niche down and we can also Nietzche down again further. So this is what you need to do is you need to niche down in order to become a competitor for certain keywords. So let's select food allergies. So this is as far as we can go here with this subcategory. Now if you look at the, the market here, so we've got the top 100 bestsellers for these keywords, this niche food allergies. So food allergies would be a niche, but we need to niche down. So you'll notice that if we look at these books, what we wanna do is we select the first book. Now if we scroll down, you've got here is the Amazon bestsellers rank. So every, everything on Amazon is categorized by, by a bestsellers rank. It goes from 0 to the millions. So ethanol Amazon will be ranked based on its sales and performance. So 3,566 is massive. So this probably cells 100 a day, something like that. So this is a big seller. So this is going to be a really difficult market to break into. And just going for food allergies. Who slept the next best seller? 27 thousand. So that's okay. I mean, we can get into the market with let's try the next one. So what you do is you'd have an Excel document and you'd write this down if you don't have access to these two resources, which I'll show you in a moment. So as you can see, 50 thousand. So this is actually not about niche from the offset. Obviously, we'd have to do a little more research into looking at the top 556 thousand. That's good. We could run to that. We've also got 63 thousand. So what we do now as we go, okay, so this is something that we could possibly Rankin and make a little bit of money off. It's not going to be a massive market, or it's something that we can get in ourselves and make a better cash. So if we look at the length, so 248 pages, let's take a look at some of these 385 pages, 88 pages. So there's quite a mix. There's not an average length of book either. So 115 pages, that's pretty short for the number one best seller in this category. So that means that we don't have to pay as much for a ghostwriter because we can keep the book short slides really soon. So what we do now is we go ok, so this, this is a good market. Let's create a book. So what we need to go through the top of these pages and just look for keywords that people are using in this niche. So if you look at Grain Brain metabolically Surprising Truth about weak carbs and sugar. So we carbs and sugar could be a keyword in this market. Let's have a look again. Easy, unhealthy Instant Pot recipes cookbook for too. So I think instant pot is a copyright keyword. So I don't think we can use that. On Amazon. They have saying keywords which you can't use because the copyrighted. So like he couldn't come in and use master chef or you couldn't use slimming world, because slim world has the rights to those keywords. So we need to be careful with what we used for things like seawater, you can't use actually Weight Watchers or maybe because Not Weight Watchers, but you just need to be very careful. So all I do is I go through and I'd write down all the keywords that you think people will be googling. So like if they're on Amazon, where are they going to be looking for? That's basically what you need to have in your title. So if we look at Atkins diet for beginners, just go over that. So easier to follow than Quito paleo Mediterranean or low calorie diet. Now, you don't know what they're doing, but they're actually putting in all the keywords that people are looking for. So Quito paleo, Mediterranean or low calorie diet is what people are searching for. They will find this book even if they're not looking for Atkins. So that is the way they've gone about their marketing. Basically. 50 clean eating, easy and delicious recipes, that keyword. So that's basically how we would find what will, what is selling, and how we would get into the market for this book. Now I'm going to show you a few programs that can really help you with this process. And I'll show you how, how to use a. So Kindles pi is one. As I say, I'm not affiliated with Kindles by I don't have a referral URL or anything like that. So this basically does all the work for you. So it will save you a lot of hassle of clicking on each one. Going through checking out the I think it's $47 at the moment. We're just where are we? Yeah. So they've got an offer at the moment, $47. I'll show you how it works. So I do have it installed at the moment. So if we go on this page and we click on the Kindle spy and it's hot, right? Let me just pull results. So what it does is it searches this page for all the books that are on here, up to 100. So the top 100. And then it will tell you how many pages each one is. So you don't have to click on each one. Estimated monthly sales and the reviews. So how many reviews, as you can see, this book here is massive. So the sales rank besides the top one. And these are pretty low numbers. So I'm not even sure now looking at this, that it would be a good market to get into because everything is above a 100 thousand. Basically you want a top page, Top ten, at least, where they're all under a 100 thousand and higher than say, 25 thousand. So I wouldn't pass on again to this. And as you say, the popularity is not very high and the competition is low, which is a thing which means basically day might not be a market die is selling very well. That is why there's no competition. Potential mediocre. Say, I mean, to be honest with you, I probably wouldn't use this, this category. Now if we look at the word cloud. So the word cloud basically tells you the most used keywords. So as you can see, recipes is use 26 times on this page, free 32, diets, 25. And then what you do is you would incorporate these keywords into your book title so that people will find your book when they said you. And that's basically how it works. So that's the way we look at it. As a say, best thing to do is to create an Excel document. Just before I go, there's another tool which I don't use personally. Boy, It is really good. And a lot of people that user, it's called publisher rocket. And what it does is it basically tells you how many sales each book is estimated to gap. It also has a very useful M keyword search tells you the competitive score and how many searches it's getting on our Amazon or Google or month. Which is a massive help. Because obviously we want to see how many times are keywords to be searched. Because then we can target people and get more traffic onto our book. Obviously, the more traffic converts, the more sales. And then what we do is we just make an Excel document with all the different keywords, all different subcategories go through and then we pick one that we're going to target. And then we would hire a ghost writer. So what I'll do now in the next video, I'll take you through the process of how to hire a ghostwriter and show them exactly what you're looking for. Okay, guys, thank you very much. I hope this helped. 3. Book Design Outline: As it going guys, welcome back to the lesson. So in today's lesson, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a look at creating a book design outline. Now, if you decide to use a ghostwriter, you're going to have to send them an outline of your book so that they know exactly what you are expecting. Because if you ask them to just create a generic book, let's say we found out that Vg in Quito is a profitable keyword. Then what we would need to do is we can't just say please write a book on vg and Quito. We need to take a look at what books are selling. Take a look at the reviews. And then what we do is we compile it into a web document and we send this to the ghostwriter and we say, this is what to avoid. This is what we're looking for in each chapter. And then what we do then is we're making a job very easy for the ghostwriter because we're basically explaining to them exactly what we want in each chapter. So what we'll do is we'll go through it now. I'll just create a basic template. I'll also include this with the course, with the coursework so that you can download it and use the template itself. Let, let's just go through it now and we'll have a little look. I'll explain as we go. So I've got where'd here. So what we do is we'll just create a top header as just go it size 20. And we'll just put this will be the book's name. So that's where you will have you broken. Wanna underline it. And then we'll go 16. Book outline just so they know exactly what this document is. Take the underlying off. Yeah, we'll keep that. So let's go over to the left and we'll drop it down to size 14. So what you want to include is obviously the title of the book. I'm just gonna take the bold off. You want to include, obviously the subtitle, The author. The way counts. So this is how many ways the book will contain the target audience. So this is an important one because obviously the ghostwriter needs to know the kind of people that were trying to target with this book. So we want things like age, sex. We also want a interests. And then obviously we put that in and they can adjust the book accordingly. And we also want to put in a what else do we need? Let's have a little locks. You've got webcam target audience, subtitle, author, title. Yeah, no, that's fine. But also for the top, we'd have that. And then we obviously need a summary of the book. So you'll have this section which will be the summary of the book. Let's just go with a bold amount. And we also need to basically in the summary, this will just be a description of the book, so exactly what you're looking for. So it'll be quite a few pages. Pages you'd have about a paragraph. And that would do for their summary. Then we would have an explanation of everything in the book, chapter by chapter. So obviously at the start of the book you're going to have an introduction. So we just create a quick page break. And we're going to copy this and put this over. So we go for the introduction. You're going to put in. How many words you want in your introduction. So if you've got aware count of, let's say 10 thousand or 15 thousand. You want them to know exactly how much you want to put into the introduction. So for where count will just take off the bolt. So let's say we will give a around 2.5 thousand s. I was asked to so that they know it's not exactly the amount of luck unfold, but roughly. And then what you do is you poor description of introduction. So this is what you want to be in the introduction to your explained to them exactly what kind of information they need. Then we'd also Paul, key key information to cover. This would be basically like a bullet point. So you'd have like, explain what work will cover. And then basically just go 123. C, love like more information here. And Vg in Quito. And then keywords that, you know, the keywords basically that you wanted to in the introduction. So we'll just copy this. And then we go into a page break. So instead of introduction here, you'd have chapter and then you'd have like maybe a bit more in chapter one. And then you'll have description of chapter one. And basically, you go through each chapter, how many chapters you want in your book? Yeah, you can have like two on each page just to make it more streamlined. And then you go on Chapter two, obviously it fill all this information out. And then at the end you'd have conclusion. Maybe 2 thousand words. And then yeah, obviously, again, key information that you want covered in the book. It gives bring that up. Yep. And then not to be honest with you, that's pretty much it. So you just you want the toe choices to know exactly what you're looking for in each book. You don't want them to just be guessing. So the more information that you can put in your book outline, the better your book will be. And obviously the good thing about having an outline is when he presents the book for you to review, you can go over it and say, well, in chapter one, I wanted this, has he covered this in chapter one? And then you can basically take it off. And then when you're sending your reiteration, because sometimes you will get a book that needs changing. In fact, a lot of the time. And what I normally do is I'll revert to my outline and I'll get the book that are being presented. And I'll go go through it and just mark areas where they've missed or areas that need tweaking. And then you can send that back in the outline as well and just say this is the new outline that you haven't included. And obviously then we would get an a more streamlined booked out is basically exactly what we asked for. But that's pretty much it, guys. So our seat speak to you guys in the next video. Thanks very much for watching. 4. How To Have Your Book Written: Welcome back guys. So in this video we're gonna take a look at what companies we can use to write our books. So because we're doing this as a business, we're not going to be right in the books ourselves. I mean, you can't do that is an option and you certainly can write your own book if you have that skill. But obviously if you're right in the books, you're not going to have much time to put into the former and developing marketing, advertising. Or basically all the other aspects of the business is where you want to come in. And yeah, you wanna be in charge of Bohr the writing. I think it's a lot better to have someone write the books. And then obviously you'll get them done a lot faster. So you'll have different people right in each book. And then you can put them together and formatted and publish it yourself. So we'll take a look at the companies that you can use. There's a few options. I'll go through. The ones that I use. I have had personal experience with. So the first one is called eraser I'll put some of the information with an attachment to this course. So with the rights of solutions, they have quite a few options for you. They normally have three tiers, so they have bronze, silver, and gold. Let's go in and have a little look. Yeah, so bronze and silver. So normally with eraser solutions that really good. But they can get sold out pretty quick. It looks like at the moment they're OK. You can order. So what you wanna do is if you go to services, obviously, you pay more for the silver. You usually get a more experienced writer. So if you click on this one, the bronze one. Now you can select what kind of book you want to do. So you've got eBooks, technical e-books, and language e-books. So an eBook is just like your standard friction. So just there's no M It's not a self-help or Cookbook, which is what your technical books are. So click on technical book. It's normally a little bit more expensive than an e-book. So if we click on eBook, where come 50 thousand, you pay $750. If you go and technical, 50 thousand you pay $900. So you do pay a bit more language e-books or a new option that they've added. So you can choose to like teach in Spanish or teaching japanese. You pay quite a lot because obviously it's a very specialized writer that you need who can speak that language. So let's go with e-book rain because after all what we normally do, the title. So this is, to be honest with you, this isn't really that important because this is not what will be published on your Kindle account. This is your suit that the writer knows what you're looking for. So for writing, let's just go for a title. You wanna put Lake, the title of your book. I normally go with keywords so that they know what I'm looking for. So I'll go with like, how to ride a bike. This is just an example. By four. To ride a bike. Yeah. Let's go with that and then subtitle. This will be you don't really need a subtitle to be honest with you because you're going to put that in later on. So I would just ignore the subtitle for now or that you put your pen name or your name to the matter. Project description. Everything that you want your writer to know about has to go in here. It's really important because if you don't put the the product description correct, you may get it back and you know, happy with it. And obviously, if you're not happy with it and you have to return a you're going to be waiting three weeks again for the reiteration. It's not worth it. So what I do is I create an actual web document which has a breakdown of everything that I want in my book. And I give that to the writer as an attachment here. I'm gonna go through that with you as well because it's so important about so many times where it actually creates a book. I'll fill in description here. And the book I get back won't have much what exactly what I'm looking for. Habit all missed out. So it's really important that the description and the document, like an overview document, is filled out. Pictures, I will put 0 because It's a bit sketchy with pictures with Amazon. Because if they're not sure that it's copyright, you won't get a document which says you have commercial relates all these pictures. I wouldn't do it because you don't know where the common form it could be copyright and they won't provide you with any copyright documents. Copyright page. I always like no, cuz you can make your own plagiarism. Always. Make sure you get this. Because if Amazon comes back, at least you've got a report that says, Well, I had a check and here's the Yeah. It's definitely worth doing a plagiarism report. Description. No. No. For $10. If a description was $5, I'd go with a poor No, don't don't do it. We will make our own descriptions a lot better and more formatted. So that's one. Now for fiction books, the sweet spot is about 30 thousand words. You can do less. You can go 20 thousand depending on what type of niche marketing for us. Just check what your niches have a look at the books that are on there that are selling well, and just see how big those books are. And then you can obviously match that with the way account. So then when you've done that, you click Add to Cart. I've got a code which will get you, I think it's 5% off your first order. So I'll give you that as well, just so that if you do wanna use these guys, as I say, these guys are pretty cheap compared to a few of the other goes right? And companies both, uh, how about issues in the past with them? Is just it depends on your budget rarely. Let's have a look at the next one. So these guys are called the airborne These are really good. They're very professional. They cost a bit more than eraser solutions. Paul, I've never had a problem really with the documents that I got back from them. Now the only thing with the urban writers is that. They have quite a few options that you need to be aware of. So Premium Package, you pay 289 per 100 words and you've got your top package to 69 per 100 words. And the urban package, which is 249, and the rise and package at one 99.. To be honest, I normally go with either the fiction package or the rise and package. Let's go with the tablet to look at the rise and package. So choose your word count. So we'll see how much the differences in price. So 20 thousand. Let's go with non-fiction. And then you can choose like what type of niche market that you're looking for. Obviously you fill out all the details again. Outline, again, make sure you attach you document. Because that is really important. Basic description in terms of either probably charge you for that, so probably select, nope. Now the next one, the next company that we're going to look at, fiber. Now, a lot of people are very worried about using fiber Fuego shrine, and that's rightly so they're very, they're very open. So a lot of people can just create an account and start sounds something without BM checked. So there's no background check like with right and company. Obviously they check their writers, they make sure that they're not plagiarizing content. Whereas with five or you can come on, you could sell plagiarized content and then get band, and then just create another account and keep doing the same thing. And they do. It's a big thing on fiber that there is plagiarized content B and sell, sold it. We do it every just type in ghostwriter until Soviet-type ghostwriter. You'll notice there's a lot of options. So what I would normally do is this is just from experience. If ghostwriter has an underscore, I wouldn't use them because a lot of writers on the score, it's possible that these guys are legit, bought. From my own experience. I've had a lot of people who have scam me with an underscore in their title to have like a name with an underscore between or after the write in. Yeah, also, this kinda made me sound really racist. But if you have a ghostwriter on fiber from Nigeria, it's, I'm not racist. It's, it's a big thing over there at the moment. There's a big scam where people will sell you. You'll ask them for a book. They will go onto a website which has people uploading their own stories. They'll copy that content, which is plagiarism. They'll, they'll run towards the cold Bill, format it so that Amazon can't check if it's plagiarized. And then they'll send it to you as your private work, which will also, you can run it through a plagiarism checker. And it will be a o pass every time. Poor. It's not legit content is plagiarized. This just they formatted in a way that stops the Checkers from working. And obviously the Amazon find out that your book is plagiarized, you will be banned. So, yeah, just don't buy any book from Nigeria. If we click just a random person. Sorry to pick this guy. But yeah, that's fine. So I'll probably go. That's no problem. It's just if they are from Nigeria, just be careful. Make sure you know what you're buying because you're going to be spending a lot of money. Yeah, that's pretty much it guys. So this these three companies that I used, the two of them are really good at. The third one is really good. If you can find someone that you trust, you can get a really good cheap, a mean get cheap prices. And sometimes the content is really good for the price that you pay. It's just, it's a risk. You need to be sure of what you're buying before you buy. But yeah, guys, what we want in the next video, thank you very much for watching. Hope it helps. 5. Convert EBook To Paperback: Hi guys, welcome back to the video. So in today's video, we're gonna take a look, basically conveying our e-books into paperback books. So Amazon makes it very easy for us to be able to just take the content that we have for our ebook and convert it into a paperback. The beautiful thing about Amazon is that we don't have to do any of the shipping. We don't need to keep any stock because Amazon does print on demand. So as soon as someone orders your paper back, they will create the book and printed themselves. We literally have hands off, which is exactly what we're looking for with passive income. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take you guys into Amazon. I'm gonna get you the templates because Amazon provides the template for the book sizes. Basically you'll have to choose a size for your book. And then we will convert the e-book into that paperback size. I normally go with six by nine just because it's a normal-sized book, basically, it's the most commonly used size on Amazon. So let's go over and tell you guys how you can get the templates and how you can also get the Where'd plug-in so that you can convert your e-books a lot easier than if you were basically just copy and paste them into the template. So let's go ahead and have a little log. So this is my k DP dashboard. Normally you'll have your Kindle e-book like this will be live and you'll be able to view it. And underneath you'll have similar to this where it says create Kindle e-book Link, existing Kindle eBook will be here, and it'll say create paperback. All link paperback. You'll want to click create paperback. And then I'll go in and I'll show you guys exactly what you need to do. So once you do it, a lot of these texts will already be filled out. I can't change it because the books published, once you publish your book, you get locked. Because obviously if someone buys something of you and then you change it, they're kind of stuck with that product rather than being able to update it on a Kindle. So what we'll do is we'll have the book title the same, this subtitle b the same. You're obviously the author name will always be the same anyway, the description. So I normally copy and paste the description from my previous From the e-book. Basically, you want to select I own the copyright keywords, obviously exactly the same keywords that you had for your e-book and the categories. I'll leave that up to you. I normally just put the same categories as the e-book. It's slightly different with paper buck, but as long as your target and the same a niches that you're looking for then work. Obviously select No on other content depending on what your book is. Obviously, if you're publishing Jurafsky, you're gonna put yes. Next page. So this is where we're going to have to slightly edit our ebook so that it fits into a paperback. So on the print options, you want to select black and white interior app selected color because this book is a cookbook and there's a lot of pictures of food and etc. And we have to have collab, otherwise it just looks very amateur. Select six by nine. Obviously that's my favorite book, says, no bleed. Sometimes you will need Billy, please just means that it goes over the edges so that AB prints. You don't get like a weird slightly can't see the basically the slices around the edge. It kind of bleeds over the edges. Glossy. I usually go with glossy with obviously as a cookbook, dependent on if you're gonna go with a fiction book, you might just wanna go Matt. Yet, whereas normally I go Matt bought a cookbook, just looks better, glossy paper manuscripts. So as I say, you're going to have to change your e-book. So we're going to head on over to this website. This is where you get the templates for the paperback. I'll put a link in the course Extra where in the coursework so that you can download this. You want to select blank templates, download, save that. And then in your downloads you'll have English. And then you want to select the size. So six by nine, I just select out. And then you've got a perfectly formatted where document for six by nine. Or as I say, you can get the Kindle where plugin, I'll show you that on. So if I open up the previous template that we did in the last video. So this was the video where we did the book outline. I've got the document here. You can select kindle, get started, and then select slanted theme. Just go with the standard warm trim options, six by nine, and then finalize your book and then click Finish. And then what we'll do is this will automatically convert your document that you had via e-book into a paperback format so that you don't have to copy and paste because normally you'd have to go in copy all of this and then go into the templates. So if we went into the six by nine template, you just copy and paste it. And then it's just another way of doing it. Or what we do then is we would upload that saved documents to Amazon here. On your manuscript. You then select the covert, the book cover. So remember when we talked about buying a covert from fiber, you pay five power more for a paperback cover. Because obviously you get in the front and the back and it's getting sized to the right scale. So what I do is upload a here once you get your cover back from the artist, we preview it. And then once you are happy with everything, so when you preview it with a paperback, normally it will take a little bit longer because it has been done already, because obviously I've tested this so it won't take as long bought when you first do it. Sometimes they can take a lot longer. And you'll also have errors here. So if you get errors, basically you just want to check the size and most areas will be that your text is outside the bounding box. Just make sure that your taxes in the middle. So if we have a little look at our paper back, you can see all all of the things we're in the middle. And it says, please check or it's not causing any errors. So I can approve that, which obviously I have. And then you go exit primp reviewed normally click a proof. That means that you've agreed that it's fine, you can print that and that's the happy few customers to receive that file. Then we will go to the saving continue. Again, this is similar to last time. You don't have the Amazon on limited because this is paperback. Or if you select a price and then click publish, and then you can also request a proof, a printed proof, your book. So just a copy of your book. And they'll they'll send it to you before you actually print it and get it published. So yeah, that's pretty much how you do it. Once you click Publish, you will then have the paperback and then the e-book as well. In the next video, we'll talk about publishing it to an audio book. So then you'll have three streams of income. You'll have the e-book, paperback, and the audio book. So it's just maximizing your profits for Rarely no extra cost. The only order cost is basically the cobra, because you're paying an extra, like an extra five pounds. But if you think about this in the long run, it'll pay for itself. Thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next video. 6. How To Format Your Book: Has it gone, guys, welcome back to the videos. So in this video we're gonna take a look at format on our books. Now, if you use one of the websites like eraser solutions or the EBM writers, you won't need to do any foreman. They do all of it themselves. That's included as part of the service. Bought. If you use fiber and you get, you know, say, a cheap book, you might just get aware document that's not formatted. And it's just basically pages of the story. So you'll need to break it open to your own chapters. And then what you do is you create your own contents and then your linker all up yourself into a book. So what we'll do is we'll go into where it will take a look at how we do that. So this is how I do it normally. It's very easy to do. So if we go on new, right? So if we basically just first of all, we're gonna put the title of the book. So I normally go Times New Roman font size. We'll go with say 48, quite big. So you'll press my book title. And then I'll bring the font size down slightly for those bit by late. So what we do now is we just press Enter and insert a page break. So this will be paid to. So for page two, I'll usually just caught my name. And then the copyright 2020. And I'll make this slightly smaller. Say like size 20. And what you wanna do is you wanna make sure these are bold. And these and we go. And again, Enter, Enter, insert a page break. And then what we'll do is we'll put a copyright page. I will give you the copyright details to put in here because it's it's pretty much the whole page. So I'll, I'll put that in an external document that you can download and paste them. It just basically says, Do not copy this material, it's illegal, etc, etc. Insert another page, break, and then we'll put our contents page. Now makes sure these are bold. And then what we do is we have chapter one, chapter two, and chapter three. So what we'll do then we'll press enter, enter, insert a page break. Now what you wanna do for the next one is for chapter one. So when you want to select heading one, and then just change it so that it's exactly the same as the other ones. What size did you go with? 20. So centres size 20, bold. And then just put chapter one and then change the color to black. Now when we're Lincoln these observe, I go to the contents page and I select Hyperlink, just make sure it's just the text. And then link, and then go place it in this document. And you've got chapter one there hadn't. So that when we select Chapter one, it will take you to Chapter one. So that on the Kindle reader, it works exactly the same. You select Chapter one, it will drag it down to this page. And I'll show you that in a moment. So then if we go, you know, you'd have all of your chapter one in here. And then we go to the next page. So insert a page break and copy and paste chapter one changes chapter two. And again, create page break. And let's go chapter three. Just, yep, let's go back up. So chapter two will put this as a hyperlink. So we link that up to chapter two. And then we link this up to chapter three. Perfect, so now if we select chapter two, it'll take us to chapter two, chapter three exactly the same. I usually put in un altro as well. So if I put a page break and say the end soil B, D, and then we'll just make that exactly the same. So center Times New Roman, It's 20 font and then just boulder. And then I also have to thank you for this was written by thank you for reading or something similar to that. I mean, I know it's a bit different, but it's similar to that. And I normally make these slightly smaller. So then we can just bold as well as all balled on bolder and there may be bold the name as well. And then you've got a bit of a nice outro. You could also put in links to other books. So this is something that a lot of authors will do, or publishers, they will put checkout, the checkout collection or check our catalog. And then they'll just have links to other books. So normally they put pictures of their cover of the other books. That's a good way of getting people to continue reading your content, especially if you're going for pageviews. Because obviously there's two different ways which we'll cover later when we're publishing. As to the kind of way you want your you do a, you want to make your money basically. So if we go back to the desktop and then we'll just save it as my book. Let's test it out. So we go on to K d p. This is one of my books. And just going to replace it with my book for now. Just to show you guys. And then m, we can go through it and have a little look at how it works. Sometimes this can take a little bit long, hopefully it won't take too long. And once it's converted the o with the Kindle format, ALT you through to the preview page. And then we'll just go through it as if you're reading their offer Kindle. Drill useful. There we go, right, it should load now. So on the front page of always got you cover. This is the equivalent goes on the actual book itself. So there's the text that we've made. Lee Davis copyright 2020. Copyright. Obviously you'd have all your copyright content in here. And then you've got your chair, the contents and chapter. So looking at this first glands are probably increased the font size a bit. So that's the good thing about Tet trials and tribulations. Just keep testing it, tested the intestine it until you're really happy with what you've got. So chapter two takes us to chapter two. And that's pretty much a I mean, let's try Chapter three and just make sure. Yep. So it's all linked up correctly. And then you've got the AMP page. So that's pretty much all there is to it with four martin. Yeah. I mean, that's pretty much it. So thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next video, which is. 7. Cover Creation For $5: As a young guy. So in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can have your covers created for your books for just five pound. They look really professional. I've used this artist many times and she creates rarely good covers. And you also get a bit of creative control as well, which I really like. So I'll take you over to our web, my favorite website, which is fiber. Now what you wanna do is you want to type in Olivia Pro design into the search and then select search usernames. Now this is the artist that I use for pretty much all my books now because she's really fast. Turnaround takes a two days and the covalency provides is usually exactly what I'm looking for. So you want to select this option? Now just so you know, I'm not affiliated with despair and I don't make any money from referring you guys there. I genuinely user for all my orders. So what you do is if you select ebook, so this is just one page cover. So this is just for ebooks only, cost you four lb and three pens. You can choose the standard which will give you the, basically the paperback cover. So it'll have a back on a front and you can just upload that Amazon. And it's the full book covenant premium. She lost. You'll use more pictures, so the picture will be a lot more unique on your cover. So you can choose up to three stock images rather than just one. And she'll mix them together and make them look really good. Normally, I just go for the basic because I prefer to do ebooks rather than paperback as well. It takes a lot of time. I don't get a lot of paper back orders for the ones that do. So I've decided for my business, I'm gonna focus on e-books, basically the views. So that's what my business, my strategy is at the moment. So what you'll do is when you place an order with Olivia, you go over to Deposit Photos and then you can type in what image you're looking for. So normally I'll type in and say If I'm doing a Vg and cookbook or type in vg and Cuba. And then you get images like this, which you can then send to Olivia and she will use these images which are completely licensed. You will have to she pays for them so you know, you don't have to pay anything for these images. And then what you do is you select there and you know, something like this where she can put text in the middle. And that, that's what you're looking for. You really want like a nice design that will pop out when people see it. Because obviously your Kobe is your sales pitch. Sumo, click on your book because of the cover. It's probably one of the most important aspects of having a book written is having a really exciting cover. So once you've selected image, say this one, you click on the ID. And then you basically copied out image URL and send it to Olivia and she will use that image. You can also tell her what kind of book cover you're looking for. So if you go on to Amazon and find a really nice book cover, send it to her, and she will try and make a book similar without copy and it associates. She'll make it She knows what you're looking for then. And she will create the art around what you're looking for. Which is really useful. Because there are some really good book covers and you'll see them and you really want something like that. So I normally send that to us and then send an image that will match and she'll make a unique cover based on that. Now another website that you can use if you're not looking to pay a lot of money. So as I say, you can pay for pound, normally about 5-pound AC with fibers commission. But if you want, you can go to a website called camber is a really good website and it will cost you around 80 pencil cover. So if you go on to create a design, then click on book cover. And then you get a lot of templates that you can click on and adjust. So say if you wanted to create a vegan cookbook into something like this, and then you just change the text and the image at the back. And then you click Download and they take, it costs around 80 pens. Come Purdue have a premium option. Bore our, To be honest, I just normally pay for the cover for eight depends. And then that's a I don't normally go for any other premium options. But yeah, I'll show you one of the causes that Olivia may for me, just to show you the kind of quality, this is one of my books. It's obviously a keto diet book. And you can see it really professional. I also had, had converted into audiobook as well. So she'll make the Cova into an HEX cover as well for a little bit of an extra charge bought. It means you won't have a stretched image for your audio book, which I really like. But yeah, thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next video. 8. How To Publish Your Book: How's it going, guys? Welcome back to the video. So in this video, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take everything that we've learned so far and we're going to publish our book to Amazon. So by this part, we've sent everything off to our ghost writers. We've had it back or happy with everything. We've checked it reformatted there and we're ready to publish it on Amazon. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna take you through the process of what you need to do on Amazon once you've got all the documents that you require. So if we go over to Amazon, this is my k ADP page. And we select on a new Kindle eBook, you'll have the exact same on yours. Now, this is the page that you'll get. So what you need to do is for the book title, this is where everything is important now. So your book title needs to have the relevant keywords. All of everything that we've talked about in previous videos needs to be a new book title. So your target and saying keywords, everything goes in here. Subtitle exactly the same. You want to put some keywords and make sure that your target and your perfect audience. So for now what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna pull my book. So let's say vegan, my Vg and book. A 101 delicious nutritious recipes for vegetarians and vegans. So that's the kind of thing that you do, but obviously a target all the keywords, series. So this is basically if you're going to have multiple books that follow on from each other, normally it's done with fiction. So you know, you have book one, book two, you basically have say, begun book. And then you'd have number one for this. And then in the second book you'd have that and you just change that to two. And then what Amazon will do for you is they will basically put the next book as part of recommended or suggested books. And also you'll get this page where has a breakdown of all the books that are included with the series. And people can select by all. So it's really useful if you are going to help us, Aries. But for now, we're not edition. We can leave this. This is basically if you've got an old edition and a new version of the book. But for now let's not important. So I'm going to put my name and then contribute. Contributors is basically if you've got another person helping you with the book, I don't normally put an atom in here. You don't need to include an anthem description. This is massively important as well. Also, like your cover. Your description will help sell your book. So you, what you can't do is most people will just write their descriptions in here like this. You'll get a very plain description. But if you go to this website, there's a lot of these websites. If you go on Google and type in KDE book description generator. And what you can do is you can actually use PDB code like HTML doc, HTML code to create more fancier descriptions. So it's more appealing to the eye. So if I put, say, my Vg and book. I'll put a link in the description of them included with this lecture. You'll be able to copy it from there. And then you'll have like my recipes. And then that may be a list of what's included with the book. So like starters, mains, desserts. And then you can make it a bit fancier. So you can have like Header one, making my recipes to Claeys family. You can make like add some bold in to each of the Text. Yep. So things like that. And then you can also lake, you know, you can make it look a lot fancier than he can buy just Ryan. And then what you do is you just click former Yale Tana into code. You just copy the code. Paste it into there. It looks, it doesn't look like it won't look like this when it goes live on m on the Amazon store, it will look like the way we had it before. So what you do is you slept. I own the copyright and publishing rights because obviously we've paid for it, we've done it. Keywords. This is massively important as well. So keywords, people search for a new book comes up in their search results. What people don't know is that normally people are poor keyword like vegan recipes. And then they'll move on to the next one's a Vg and food vegetarian legit here, varying cookbook. But what you can actually do is you can actually write it in a lot more in each of these, so you can target more keywords. So we can have begun recipes, cookbook, veggie, vegetable, vegetable recipes. So you can fill each of these with keywords. And I recommend you do because you're targeting a lot more, a bigger audience. Categories. Again, really important. You want to make sure your target and the right people service like non-fiction, goes to food, cooking. And obviously we wanna go into somewhere like vegetarian and vegan. Seasonal maybe if it's like holidays, vegetarian food. But make sure that your target and the rights, the right group of people that will fit perfectly with your book. You can have too, by the way. So make sure you select two boxes, say cakes to vegetarian KC book. So here you can have, you know, you wanna set an age or not. To be honest with our book, it depends on what your content is, but normally I don't say anything. I'll just tough to us, no problem. And then you click, I am ready to release my book now will go to the next page. Make sure you fill out all the keywords. And then here you click Yes for digital rights management because you want it to be protected. Digital, right? Managing just means basically that people can't view it with our term patch center. So upload your manuscript. So I've created a little templates for you to download just with the breakdown from the last video. And you can use that to basically paste the text of your own book into and just to make it a lot easier CS for yourselves. So I'm just gonna put that one m. You can use co-creative creates a book cover with Amazon, I recommend you don't. I'd say definitely get one made professionally. And then we'd select an image. So let's go back. Comment's going to rename this as JPEG. And then we'll go back, upload you cover file, and then just put your M Jacobo picture on here. I'm not sure why it's doing that, but normally when you get your JPEG, this will upload. No problem. He's click Launch preview. So what we'll do is I'll go normally I'll have you pictured here as well before and then you'll have your page. They'll take you through your copyright. You can copy this from the template in the last video. Chapter 123 will have all of your content in. And then what you'll do is once you're happy with it and it looks okay. We'll go back to Bach details. And then we will select, Save and Continue. Now obviously, I'm not going to publish this book because it's not a book. It's just the template. What you wanna do is you want to select the enrollment booking KDE, select what this does is it lets you m revenue from people, download your book for free as part of the ADP select program and you get paid pair page. I think at the moment it's 0.0037 pence per page. It doesn't sound like much, but when you start getting a collection of books, it does our Dope. I make most of my revenue now from from the KP select views, which is great because it's just basically passive income. And that's exactly why we're doing this business. Normally the sweet spot, so depends how long the book is. Well, you don't want to pay too much for an ebook. Most people won't. I normally put my ebooks or for 29. Make sure you allow lending of this book. Then. Basically what you do is once you're happy with all, you click publish your Kindle eBook. I'm not gonna do that because there's no book there. And then Amazon will take a couple of days to go over your e-book, makes sure that they're happy with it. And then after that, AOB published onto the KD, onto the Amazon platform. So that you can then basically people compared to say around the world. And that's pretty much it. So what I'll do in the next video is I'm going to show you how to convey your Kindle books into Audible books, audiobooks. And you make a lot, a lot of money from Audible because the competition is really low. Ball. I'll go over that in the next video. Alright, thanks for watching guys losses and the next one. 9. How To Convert to ACX: As a gong guys, welcome back. So in this video, we're gonna take a look at how we can maximize our profits by releasing our book as an audio book. So for no extra cost, we can do this, we can release it on The way we do this is we use Amazon's platform, a CX. So the website is a Would go with that website. We login with our Amazon account. We claim the books that we have on Amazon. And then we can literally just release them as an audio book. We will have to get an aerator or we can erase it ourselves. Now, I would recommend that if you can generate, then do it yourself because you can keep a 100% of the money. Obviously there's other options, so you can use AC x to find the races. You can give them 50% of the profits, lifetime profits, which is not the best. But it's always there. If you haven't got the money to pay up front, you can offer them 50%, which is to be honest, I do that because audiobooks or just an extra bit of income for me passively, they are not. The more books you have, the more money you're gonna make obviously. And it started to adopt to a nice passive income alongside the eBooks and the paperback. So I would definitely recommend doing there. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take you through the process of how to do that. So let's have a little looks. If you go to a, it will first ask you to login to your Amazon account, and then you'll be greeted with a page like this. They'll say 0 here and 0 masters. So if you click on 53, Well, if you click on projects, you can click on add your title. So if you select at your tie on, what we do here is these are all the books that are on Amazon. What we do, we take a look, I'm just gonna importantly neighbours of E j. So this is one of my no contempt books, which is another course that I'm going to create a different time. So this, I wouldn't really be able to create this as an audio book because it's a book of paper, basically different shaped paper board just to show you guys, I'm going to load this one and select this as my book. Now, this is the options that you have. You can either upload it yourself so you can record the audio, keep a 100% of the profit for yourself. As I say, a massively suggests that because if you're gonna give some on 50% of your profits, it does a lot of money. So obviously you can cut out the middleman, do yourself get a 100% of the profit. And obviously you've got more money than which is brilliant. But if you don't have the skills to do or you don't have the time. What I would do is I would select this one. I'm looking for someone to narrate and produce my audio book. So this is the one I'm going to select for now. I have read. Now, here is where your description would normally come up from the Amazon page. You'd have to delete all of the HTML code. So just, I literally just take it out. Obviously, you can change it to whatever you want. This is my book. Obviously in here. You do want to put some keywords because Audible is very different in there's no ads that you can run for audible. So everyone's in the same boat. But the beautiful thing about Audible is that there is no competition. If you literally go on auditable. In fact, let's do it together. If we go to and then we go on, let's say Amazon. I'm just going to change this to the Kindle Store. And where are we? There we go. Okay. So let's first of all, let's just search. Began Quito 54 results. So that is 54 in the weld. Now if we type Vg in Quito in the Kindle store, over 1 thousand results. So you've got to think how massive the am, the competition is on Amazon compared to Audible. If you can get a book on audible in the right keyword, you can make money without even promoted it. As long as you get it on the first page, then you can make money. Yeah, so I definitely recommend getting inaudible. As I say, let's go back here. You'll put your name here, you'll put the copyright year. So 2020. Lee Davis, let's say non-fiction. And then you select what category or book is, say, health and fitness. Yes, I would like to receive auditions for my project. So what this will do is it will push out your book onto a SEX for the narrators to search for. And they'll send you an audition script. So you'll have to upload an audition. Basically just take some of your book and copy it into a Word document and then just put it onto here. So then you'll select like English that you can actually choose the accent that you're looking for. So you can get the exact kind of person that you want. So let's say Australia, adult. And then the exact vocal style as well. So you can get a really good narrator based on the exact thing that you're looking for, additional comments. So I normally put here, I will be looking to partner for multiple projects. Now the audition script, as I say, this is where we will pull the piece of your book that you want people to read out so you can hear how they sound. And then you can pick an aerator. Then you click continue. And then what will happen is your book will appear in the on unlisted and then you have to click post to a SEX. Once you've done that, your book is then ready to receive auditions. Or if you want to do a quicker, you click on search, click producers for hire. And then you can actually search for an eraser that you like. So you can click on vocal style announcer apply, and then you can listen. This is your wake-up call. So you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you. Thank you and welcome to everyone's there. So, you know, you can click on these and then you can select their names. Now, there's two options that you can do it in the races. I should cover this. You can pay them 50% of the royalties or you can pay them pair our. So when you put the amount of wet, yet the amount of weds into the ICX platform. Because the next page it would ask you, how many words does your book have? You select? Say 10 thousand. And it will put it into how many hours it would take on average to cover 10 thousand words. Then you will pay the narrator pair Our based on how much they are looking for para. So it, it varies. So we click on them. They say 50 to a 100. You'll offer them, you'll say, Okay, I'll pay you a $100 for two hours. And if they come back and say yes, you literally just send the book to them, they'll come up as an offer. You click it and a contract will be done on HEX itself. You don't even have to write the contract. It's all done on the platform, makes it very easy. So let's just go back. So a backbone here. I'm just gonna go AAAA. And just going to make a quick word document just so that we can uploading cover this sort of a new blank document file, Save As to the desktop as audition script, browse audition script, and that's literally what you would do. You just copy in some of your book. So we've got this scanf or viruses that only takes a second. Next. So here is where you put your chapter name. So I normally just do chapter one, chapter two, and chapter three because all my books are in the same former Three because your narrator will do this anyway. So here's where it asked how many words, let's say 10 thousand. That comes to an average of 1.1 hour. So it's not a law. It doesn't yeah, it doesn't try and M scam you out of how many hours it needs to do. It's very reasonable. So 1.1 got the rights, the weld, if you've got the Normally I do select this because you do have the weld writes exclusive. Now this is the thing that you have to be very careful with. If you select exclusive distribution through audible, Amazon, and iTunes, You'll get 40% of the royalty. So every time an audio book is sold, you will get 40%. Amazon gets 60%, which is fair because we're not actually doing any promotion. They are doing. Everything because it's an audible and there's self promoting. All we're doing is putting our book on, which I think is fair. You can select non-exclusive. So if you ever want to release it on a different audiobook platform that's not audible, Amazon or iTunes. You can do that bought. You'll only get 25% of the royalties. And Amazon owns 80% of the audiobook market. So I always select exclusive. You're not going to be released in anywhere else. Now here's where you choose. You wanna pay your narrator per hour or you want to pay them 50% of the overall royalties. Or you can select both. And this is how the producers will find you. So I just like royalty share. Don't slack royalty share plus no. And then saving continue. Now you would select post HEX. I'm not gonna do that because this book is not an actual book. It's a paper book, like lined paper, boy, it's cross plan. So it's not an audiobook and you can get in trouble if you do know content audiobook. So yep, don't do that. So I'm gonna go back to my projects. Now, once your narrator, You've accepted an offer with a generator. So I want to remove this in a second. You can then send the manuscript to your narrator, LPN in production. And it'll come up. You need to send the document, you send the book where document to them. And then they get to work on an array. And then you also need to choose how long you want them to take doing the book. So if they break that, you can actually cancel the contract. So make sure that you select a reasonable time. So I normally do a week and a half for the 15 minute margin because you have to set a 15 minute margin and then the full book. And then after 15 minute margin, they'll send that to you. And you can check over it, make sure you're happy with how they do in the whole book. So I will do that. And then I normally do three weeks for the full book. So it will take time for all your books together onto a SEX boy. It's so where, as you can see, I have done no promotion. I don't advertise audible. And I've only been on it for a year and a half. And I've gotten nearly 3 thousand sales. So that's, you know, it's just passive. I don't do anything. It's just extra income at the moment and make about 500 pounds a month of audible 3x. And I'm not doing Earth and it's just sitting there, so it's definitely worth doing. Well, yeah, that's basically audible In a nutshell. Once you've done that, your book will be on You'll be able to search. And then that's a URM. People can buy it and that's when he looks dark and sales generated. But yeah, thanks for watching guys in the next video, I'm gonna show you how you can maximize your profits again for no extra cost. So thanks very much guys. I'll see you in the next video. 10. How To Market Your Book: Has it gone, guys, welcome back to the video. So today we're gonna take a look at how we can market our book. Obviously, we are going to be launching a book on Amazon. There's a lot of competition. So we need to make sure that we've got a marketing strategy that is watertight. So what we're going to take a look at is how we can use Amazon's tools and other SEO unmarked and tactics to make sure that our book ranks high in the first week of launch, which is the most vital. Obviously, if you can get it right in the first week, Amazon's algorithm will take your book and boost it. If it doesn't do so well in the first week, it will drop in the ratings, which is what you don't want to, you want it to be up there at the top making lots of sales. And that, that's what we're gonna do. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take you through Amazon's tools first. So we'll take a look at Amazon's promotional tools. We can run Amazon ads, we can run a free book promotion, things like that. And that will definitely help you in your first week. So let's take a look and we will go through a few ideas of how I've had a few successful books. And I'll show you guys how I did it. So first of all, we want to head on over to Amazon's website. So I've got the website here. If we select on where are we? Yep. So you see on the Kindle e-book, if you select promoted and advertised. And then you wanna make sure that your book is enrolled in the current KP select status. Now, there's two options that we've got. So you've got a Kindle countdown deal or a free book promotion. Now a Kindle countdown deal is basically where save yourself the book for ten pounds. You can run a countdown deal, which will make it 99 pens for say, a day. So people compare just the book for 99 pencil and you'll get quite a few sales. But the only problem with that is once the deal is over, I'm going to be generating anymore sales unless it's boosted your Rankin. So the best one to go for which I use is the free book promotion. The good thing about the free book promotion as you're getting your book out there, which helps people download it, quite a lot of downloads. And then hopefully people will talk about your book. And then other people will download it for free using the Kindle unlimited program, which is where you get paid per page film. You get paid. Yeah, pair views, which is really at the end of the month, you've got quite a few books. It's a good payout. And when I get around 56, 100 pound at the moment from just the Amazons views. Which is really nice. You know, it's, it's not thousands of pounds for it definitely helps at the end of the month. And also you've got the sales on top of that, the audiobooks. So you've got quite a nice stream of income communism. So what we need to do is if we clicked Create a new free book promotion. Now I normally do three days, so I'll do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I want to target the weekend when everyone's off work because if the room work, they're not looking at my book. That's the way I see it. And I've always had more success with the weekend. So yeah, you just select January 24th, 2026, that's the weekend. And then when we save LB down here. And then basically what will happen is on those days, your book will be completely free for three days. The good thing about it is it will help your rankings people say it doesn't help because it's free and the paid are separate. But this still, you'll get people viewing your page, your book, and they'll come back to it later. Lockable bookmark it, come back to it later and that'll still help your rankings. So now the other option that you've got, once you've got your free book promotion and place, you're going to want to tell people that you got a free book promotion. So what I normally do is I go to Facebook. There's pages on Facebook that you can target. So I normally go on to like say for VG and food, I'll go into vegetarian groups and say, you don't want to spam by the way, because it's very easy to cross the line from promoting your book to spamming. Just make sure that when you go into these Facebook groups, you're just telling them that I normally go in now say, okay, I'd really like your feedback. I have a free book promotion. You can get my book completely free. If you download it on Friday or Saturday. Just, just don't say my books out now please buy a jacket free here. Because you will get either banned from the Facebook groups or yield gap. Yeah, a lot of people know happy where they are. So also Instagram. Instagram is a really good tool. I normally go into Instagram. I'll post my pictures of the cover. Allow put tags for like vegan, vegetarian health food, things like that. That's a really good way of getting leads. And obviously I have a link in your description of where to go to. You also want to head on over to Twitter. So Twitter is a good one. I'll usually put some Twitter posts with some hashtags. And two parents with the red is a really good one. If you can get into a good Reddit group, just put it in and say I've got a free. In fact, there are Reddit groups where they, they actually look for free books from Kindle on Amazon. So that's, that's a really good way, is go into these groups and just put a post, say in my book is free on Friday, blah, blah, blah. And then put a link to it. And then on that day, hopefully we'll get people sign up. A really good way actually, of January in Leeds is through an email marketing list. So what I'm gonna do is in the next video, I'm going to show you guys how to create an email marketing page, just the single website, one-page website with an email sign-up. And then what will happen is there when people sign, put their email address, it will save it into like a list. You need to be very careful because people with GDPR obviously, you need to be very careful with how you weighed it. So make sure that we're gonna make sure sorry that when we actually put the e-mail sign-up underneath, we're gonna pour a statement that basically says, if you sign up, you will be informed of future books that I release and the free release dates by clicking except you are signing up to this just so that you've covered your own backwards GDPR as well. But yeah, guys, that's pretty much it. Make sure that you target the social media. Social media is your friend with books. You rarely want to promote it as much as possible on social media. Make sure you pass the book over to your friends and family. You want to ask them to, you know, check it out if they're happy where they leave a review, that kind of thing. And if you get reviews, your book will sell. The hardest part is getting reviews. So make sure that you ask your friends, your family to check out your book, leave a review if they're happy with their. And then what will happen is we'll start to generate algorithms. Amazon's algorithm will start to boost your book and put it to the top of the page. And that that's what we want. Yeah, as I say in the next video, I'll take you through how to create a London page and how to generate leads for your books and your future books, which is what you really want. I will probably say star creating a London page first before you even release your Facebook so that you've got leads, Communism. And that, that's a really good way of boosting your M, your initial review, getting initial reviews is from an email list. Because if you have a following of people who follow everything that you do on that email list. They will leave five-star reviews for your box, which is really useful. But yeah, guys are split. In the next video, we'll go through the whole London page, create an email generation, sorry, an email list to generate leads. And yeah, I'll take you to the next video. Thanks very much. 11. How to Create A Lead Generation Site: Welcome back to the course guys. So in this video, we're gonna take a look at how we can create a website, simple one-page website that we can use to generate leads for future books so that we can market to the people that sign up. It's very easy to do. You can use a website called Wix, You can use their templates. Super easy to do. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna take you through the process of actually creating one of these websites and how you can use it to generate leads. So if we had an over two weeks, I've got an example. This is one of my landing pages. So it's a simple one-page. It's got the name of the book. It's got like the logo of the company behind it. And then you've got basically, if someone signs up, they're gonna get a free copy of my book. And you can see that here. So when I actually first launch this page, I went onto Facebook. Well, my wife went onto Facebook and she put all proposed saying, my husband has given away a free book, vegan cookbook. If you'd like to get a copy of it on launch day, simply go to this website. This one, it was basically WWR festive began at the time. I haven't used in awhile, so it's gone back to its standard Wix website. Or at that time, on one weekend, that this page generated one hundred, five hundred signups. So I had one hundred and five hundred people of a selected niche. So every single person that signed up that website on that day was interested in big and recipes. And I know that because they, I got them from a vegan recipe Facebook group. So now that I've got them in my list, whenever I create a book that's based on egotism or vegetarian or anything along those lines, I have one hundred, five hundred people that I can send an email to. Say, would you like this book? Please collect, GET this book here. So it's an extra to good way of getting directly to your customer. And it's really important with publishing, because future books that you produce, you're gonna want to get them into the eyes of people straight away. And as I say, Amazon rewards you for bringing customers to their platform. So if you've got people coming from outside the platform, so say for your people are often Facebook. They're common to Amazon. Your book will get ranked higher because you're bringing them from an external source. And that's how Amazon's algorithms work. So what we're gonna do is we'll create a simple website to have you stand up to, go to create new website. And then over here on the left, you just want to select new or most popular. This one will be perfect, so just click edit. And then basically we'll get our own copy of that template that we can play with. And we go now, say we are creating a logo with what I've been gone with the whole course. A begun Vg and Quito cookbook. What we'll need to do is we just clicked the page, hide this at the bond. Change strip background. Go to image. Those immediate from Wix. Now we're going to be organism. So we want like health, plants, vegetables, that kind of thing. So let's have a look at what kind of background we can use. So if we type in, let's say, but vegetables, I'll come up with a whole host of images that you can use for your website. So this one would be pretty cool. I think we could use this one. So it will change the background. So there we go. So, you know, it's not very key though because it's got bread. But let's just say it's vegetarian. You can play about with it as much as you want. Well, delete, delete this. I'm going to actually delete all of the top row as well because we just want this to this, but you could also put your logo and the top-left. So if I change this text and just port, Actually this is a button rather than texts on when to keep a good design. Yep. Let's just switch your bow for now. And we'll go to customize design, Fill Color and we'll change it to say, yeah, quite like that one would use the texts. Let's go with them. I'm the now much the page just to keep maybe like a dark gray area. Change text and go begun. So this would be like say your company name. This is just one of just made up. You'd also have your logo because it looks really professional if you have a logo in the top left. And then here where it's got 50 zones without the name of the book. And we'll change this to like a dark. Great. Let's just go with some reason has reverted back, leverages changed up, but still got big and Cookbook and was going to bring that up here. And underneath we're going to have a little slogan that says, and then we've got grab a free copies a day signup. So if we just change that to the same color, then just Center. Now underneath here we're going to need something for the person to put their email address. Because that's what we need to capture is the person's email address. So we click add, and then we go to contact forms, subscribe. Now we can select one of these subscribed. Let's go with this one. I'm just going to bring it down a bit. Close that center again. And then click on design. So customized design. And then we can change it so that it blends in. So we go to the Fill Color and capacity. Let's go with the background. Where are we? Can enable a shadow on it. You change the text. So Form background. I'm just gonna make it completely transparent. And then what we'll do is we could change this to maybe much the colors here. So because the edit field, Actually no, we need to go to layout. So we click Edit layout, the design, customize the design. Fill color. Let's change that to like this, like a light gray just to match everything else. There we go. So now if we preview this, this is what the website will look like. Obviously, we can delete this pair as well, or we could keep this in and just change it slightly. This is the basic concept is you have a page for people to come to make sure that you offer them something. It's called a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that a person subscribes to get something free from you. So by signing up, they're going to get something from you for free. And you can do this automatically. So Wix has in it an email management system. So what you can do is when someone signs up, you can set an automated reply that sends them a file. So if you've got a PDF document of your book, they sign up and then they get a free PDF copy of your book. And it is basically a way of getting people to put their details onto your site by offering them something that they are going to get for free. So that's basically a Guys, it's very simple to do. It doesn't take long. And as you can say, from my own personal experience, you can generate a lot of emails from this to use for future marketing. But yeah, thanks for watching guys. I'll speak to us in the next video. Thank you. 12. How To Create Bundles: Welcome back to the course guys. So in this video, we're gonna take a look at how we can maximize our profits by basically converting our old books into new books. The way we do this is we take our old books that we've published. We take the manuscripts and we put them into a bundle. So a bundle is basically, we'll have more than one book depending on the length of the book. And you'll put them in your, put multiple books into one new book. So you'll have like three books, which will become one big book. And this is perfectly legal on Amazon. I actually asked Amazon, I emailed them and said is this okay to do. They wrote back and said, not only is it ok, they actually they want us to do it. They actually said it was a, it's a good idea to do it. So since I've done that, I have made so much more money on Amazon than using single books. Because the really good thing about it is you're not paying anything extra. This is just purely extra cash. And because the books alone, people obviously get more value for money. So you could offer a slight discount if they pay for three books in one, and people will pay it. So your, your revenue share will be a lot more. And also you get in the views again, for the views of the book from the Kindle unlimited program. So you'd also get more money from sales. You get more money from views. And you also get more money from Audible because you can have three. You can happen. It is a new audiobook as well. And the good thing is if you go on a 50-50 split with the generator, you can basically just say it's the amalgam 50-50 on the audio book bundle as well. And they'll just do it because they've already got the audio files ready. It's it's the best way of making extra money. I've reached my ROI on all my books. Because of bundles. Bundles will pay for your books. All four of them give you more money, but then you also get a more revenue from each individual book sold separately. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you how to do this. So we'll go onto wet. Now what I've got here is this is the template that we did in the former cause. So let's take a look. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a new book, use a multiple. So this will be book one. Let's say you've got Book one. All we do is we're going to just put in a page break here. Knock that down. You're going to take this. So let's say your books are on. Let me just take this hope. And then centered up. I'm just going to page break this one down here. So this will be a bundle. So what we're going to name it is, let's say your books around Vg and Quito. Because I always use this as my example. Vg and Quito window, but you can obviously name it something else. Then what you'll need is, let's go back down here. We're just going to take this. For a page break, because this is your new book, so this is also copyright. So I put the copyright, let's just leave the copyright on the actual books. That's fine. Now the contents you wanna copy that, go under here. And then just pull a page, break, paste the contents in. And then we'll have book one, book two, and then book tray. So there we go. So what we do now is we need to convert this into a header. So if we go to the home and just select heading one, and you want it to be the same as the way it was before. So if we just check what the format is, Times New Roman 48. So go here and just go center. Times New Roman 48. And then just make it black as well, just to blend then an emboldened as well. So there we go. So we've got book one. Now what we do is we just go to the contents page and we remove all the hyperlinks, electoral moved them just because it can get a bit em, sometimes it can go away off. So let's just take each hyperlink of say it's already like a bit weird Microsoft Word when you try and remove hyperlinks. Right? So I'm gonna do is I'm just going to copy over this and then go to Link place in this document. And you link into book one, not Chapter One, Book One. Save that. Now we click book one. It will take us to book one. Now I'm just gonna copy this. If you've got three books, let's say three books, you want to copy all of this. So this would be copying the entire book basically. Now obviously, what you're gonna do is you're not going to copy book one, book two, book three. You're going to have three separate books written. So you'll have book one, book two, book three. So bookworm, let's say book one is on. So we've got book one on, which is Vg in Quito. And will have this as say, a recipe book that you began Quito recipes. The next book might be vegan Keith Quito fitness, how to stay fit while being on a beak in Quito diet. So what I'm gonna do is just delete this, check our collection part. Paste in this. So this would be a separate book that you'll paste them in. And we'll change this to book two. I'm gonna copy all at basically copy OLAP or avoided. So just gonna go to the bottom, insert hyperlink. So insert a page break. And then we'll go to the third one will be booked three. Now. Basically, you've got three books now. So remember you're not going to copy and paste. One into three books. They have to be separate books. If you copy and paste three of the original book, you will get bound on Amazon because it's clusters scam in the system. So this one could be big in Quito fruitless. And then maybe let me just go into the center. Began Quito. And then our ideology would say that. And then you've got three books now. So this will be three separate books that are written now. You'll need to format the chapters in each one, because sometimes that can mess up as well. So we'll go back to the top. You got book one with hyperlink, book to end as well. So you select here book two, and then select book three. Now, if you formatted correctly, should be able to just click through, go to each book. And this is how it will work on Amazon as well. And then we'll link books rate. Yep, there we go. So that's that's all the booklets. Just test it. Yep. Perfect. So now you've got three books that are one book. Now the beauty of doing bundles is that you've gone from Harvard and 8 thousand with a single book or more, depending on how long you and you bought. You've now got a 24 thousand word book, which translates to more money on, on Kindle unlimited because people are going to be reading more. So you're gonna get the page views from the original book. You're also going to get the page reads from the from the bundle. So you'll get all the views coming in from multiple directions. As I say, the best thing about this is you can also convert this book into an audio book. So you'll have a book, let's say you've got an 8 thousand word book that's like an hour long. You've now got a three hour long. Bono. People buy audio books based on their land. Because the people that used the audible premium, when you get a point every month, you pay like a quit a month, and you get a point to spend on any kind of book that you want. So what you can do is the longer your books are, people think they get more value for money obviously. So they will spend their, their points on your books and you will get paid. Which is great because it maximizes the amount ammonia making. It also increases the ROI because you'll get your money back in no time. Now, really big secret is that I found out that what you can do is you can take a bundle. And then when you've got, say, five of these bundles, you can turn that into a mega Bono. So then you'll have, again, let's say you've got five of these bundles. So let's do the math. So we've got 8 thousand in one book, times by three, so that's 24 thousand. Then we've got five of these. So let's say taus five, you've now got upon though, that's got a 120 thousand extra where internet. And you've also got a new audio book that is like, so it says three hours per bundle. So you have 15 hours, obviously, you've got a 50 an hour audiobook, which will sell massively because of the length of it. Obviously people are going to spend their points because they gave them 15 hours worth of content. Now, I do this all the time. My super bundle makes more money than any of my individual books. And its costs 20 pounds by people, by a lot. Yeah, you got like seven pound royalties from it. And people do buy a put the money comes from the views mostly because that's constant, constantly have used for that. And we are guys definitely do this. I hope this opens your eyes to the possibilities and this is completely legal. The other, say I've checked with Amazon as long as you're not copy and paste and the first book and utilize multiple books, you won't, you'll be fine. As long as it's three books, then that's a bundle. That's absolutely legal. But yeah, thanks for watching guys. I'm gonna do a video just to summarize what we've gone through for the whole course. And obviously you guys can give me a feedback. This is my first course on Udemy and also on any of the platform. So I hope you guys really enjoyed it. And if there's any feedback, please let me know. I'd love to improve. I want this to go forward. I want to create more courses. And yeah, thanks for watching guys and our species. And the next one, which is. 13. Summary: Hey guys, thanks very much picking up my course. I just wanted to say if you've got any further questions about Amazon Publishing or you're still uncertain about what we've discussed in the course, please send me a message. I'll do my best to get to anyone who messages me. I'll be answering any comments that are received. If you've got any kind of feedback on the course itself. So if there's things that you think I might have missed or things that I didn't elaborate on properly. Please let me know because I'd love to find you in the course and make sure that everyone is happy with it. If you are happy with the course, please leave a review. It really helps me out and I'll be shorter to create more courses and hopefully I can help you guys are building your empire. Just remember that it does take action. That's the most important thing. The biggest reason that people fail is because they take no action. So what you need to do is you just need to go ahead and start publishing, even if you think you're not ready. I see a lot of comments on my YouTube. People writing comments like, I'm going to release my book in six months. Just go ahead and release it now. Don't worry about how it tends out. Your Facebook is where it starts. As soon as you've got your Facebook out the door, that's a ready to go. But as I say, please let me know if you need anything else and thank you very much person in my course, I really appreciate it.