Self-Publish Your Novel in Simple Steps | Jason DigiNo ☑️ | Skillshare

Self-Publish Your Novel in Simple Steps

Jason DigiNo ☑️, Online Income Paradise

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9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Print or Ebook...or Both?

    • 3. Createspace/KDP Account

    • 4. Formatting

    • 5. Cover Design

    • 6. Upload to Createspace/KDP

    • 7. Upload to Createspace/KDP

    • 8. Amazon Author Central

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class

Become a self-published author after finally completing your novel is full of benefits. Here are just a few:


  • Great way of creating passive income (earning money whilst not working)
  • It’s free to self publish online
  • It’s a chance to convert your book out there for people all over the world to read
  • It’s simple...especially when you have a class like this!

I imagine that after hearing those benefits, you are raring to get started.

In this class I will take you through incredibly simple steps to take your novel from a word document to a book you can hold in your hands.

If that sounds like something you have always dreamed of, prepare to be blown away by how simple it is.

I'll see you in class!





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Jason DigiNo ☑️

Online Income Paradise

Newly graduated and seemingly unemployable; I spent my days writing the story I always had inside me.

Eventually I finished 'War Drum'. I finished it because I didn't stop writing it - simple, ey?

It was a war in itself, but during the battle I picked up essential novel crafting strategies. These tools and tricks can help you also write the book you have always dreamed of holding in your hands.

To help alongside your author career, I can also teach how to make a part-time...

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