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Self-Publish Books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Today!

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14 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome to Publishing Books on Amazon with Kindle and CreateSpace

    • 2. Why learn these skills, tools to get started, and speed up production!

    • 3. Learn how to take a finished manuscript to publishing and where to get help

    • 4. Once you title the book it is pretty easy after that

    • 5. Finishing the description strong

    • 6. Finding keywords quickly

    • 7. Uploading the manuscript files to Kindle for the book and cover

    • 8. Choosing KDP Select

    • 9. Kindle eBook details finalized and categories

    • 10. Setting Pricing on Kindle

    • 11. CreateSpace is easy to do when publishing on Kindle

    • 12. Finishing publication on CreateSpace

    • 13. Making Sales on Amazon and Audible

    • 14. Thank you for finishing this Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Book Publishing Class!


About This Class

Will you see how I self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle and paperback with CreateSpace in less than 2 hours?  With now 10+ books self-published on Amazon Kindle at which are also available in print on demand format through CreateSpace, I am honored to quickly show you how to make the final step to getting a book self published today using Kindle Direct Publishing at along with  The best part is that once the books are available in these formats, I can then upload audio versions to Audible which are currently making more than twice as much revenue!  See how easy it is to get the title done, write the description, pick a few keywords, and finish the book production process.  If you need help with the formatting for Kindle, visit  For help with the book cover, visit  Hiring a freelancer out of my partners or on Fiverr can make this process much easier as I explain in the class especially if you prefer to dictate the books like I do.  Combining freelancer help with formatting, cover art, and transcriptions with GoTranscript at makes it easy for me to just make a video class today, get the audio transcribed, and then send it to Michel Gerard, one of my partners, for putting the book together.  With a Kindle version finished, getting a paperback done with CreateSpace is also simple requiring some additional formatting which the same freelancer can easily handle combined with an extra 5 or 10 minutes as shown in the class to publish on CreateSpace, an Amazon company, which prints paperback books on demand with no inventory required!  Having the Kindle version then allows me to put my audio book on Audible which is where I currently earn 2 to 5 times as much income as I get from Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace combined as seen at at  Audible is based on Gold and Platinum membership levels which provide a credit to use each month.  I love Audible and have been a member since 2011.  If you decide to sign up for Audible, would you please buy one of my books first at because Audible gives me $50 if one of my books is your first purchase?  Thank you for learning about how to self-publish a book on Amazon with me and I hope this is helpful for you!


1. Welcome to Publishing Books on Amazon with Kindle and CreateSpace: Would you like to learn how to get your books published on Amazon Kindle, Get your books available and hard copy on Creates Base and even get audio books published on Audible. I'm Jerry Banfield. I'm grateful I have something like 12 or 13 books out that are available, eight of which are on Audible and then 12 arm or are available on Amazon Kindle and in hard copy. What I'm going to do is show you how I published these on Amazon Kindle and publish them on Create space right here. Now, if you want to be able to publish books on Audible, which I think is an amazing opportunity, it's where I make the most of my book sales, and the most of my money is from selling on Audible. If you want to be able to do that, the first step is to have a Kindle book and preferably a matching hard copy with it. And then you can put the audiobook up. I'm grateful I make anywhere from $500 a month at the lowest to a few $1000 a month, selling my books each month through Amazon Kindle purchases. Amazon Kindle Unlimited and then I also make money selling the books on Create Space and Hard Copy. But the most of my or earnings generally come from audible, which requires having them set up practically. There are other ways, but practically. You need the book on Kindle and you might as well have a hard copy. It's pretty easy to do that as I'll show you. I'm grateful that even though books aren't the main thing I dio I consistently earn an average of 1000 plus dollars a month from selling books. And if you love writing, if you love that narrating your own books air just dictating books I will share with you here how you can get this set up now. Thank you very much for getting started with me here. Would you like to see in real time how easy it is to publish on kindle and create space? If so, keep joining me here for this class. Thank you. And I'm excited to get started 2. Why learn these skills, tools to get started, and speed up production!: what is the fastest way to produce books by far What I found the fastest way to get the most amount of words in my unique voice with the least amount of effort is to simply dictate. And the beauty of dictating is that when you just narrate your book, you can actually do the process and reverse that. Most authors do it. Most authors take the time to write the book, which in my experience is quite challenging. And then they have to go back over and narrated. The easiest solution I've found to get out as many high quality books in the least amount of effort is to simply dictate the book to begin with. Now, if you have trouble public speaking, if you're not used to talking, if it's hard to just freestyle, speak like I do right now with no script, no other preparation and waking up this morning and thinking this be a good class to teach today. The easiest way to think about is just to imagine talking to someone you love and care about. Think about talking to your mother. Hopefully you love and care about your mother or your partner or your Children or your best friend. Think about talking to them. You don't script what you do with them. In fact, they probably have to try hard to shut you up. Sometimes they probably have to fight to get a word in. Because you talk so much, you just they're excited and it just all comes out. It's just like, Oh my God, Here's what I did today And that's what this person is doing. Oh, man, what are you doing? I'm so excited about this. Now, why can't you just do that with the computer? What I do is I picture that I'm talking to essentially my best friend here, you Hello, best friend. And then I just end up getting to talk naturally. Now, the trick is with this, I have to speak the truth doing this because it takes a lot of effort to try and lie and make myself look good and clean up every little error. When you really talk and share with people, it's so fast. This is an executive summary of how I do things to get out all these audio books I've published all of these except the video game addition stories. But Technically, I narrated that butts first simplicity. I've published all of these in less than a year, and I've published the majority of these books on Kindle in the last year as well, while primarily doing video classes. If you want to be able to get out a lot of books and to get out the highest quality, which is an audio, the easy way to do it is simply just narrate a book dictated straight off a Ziff talking to your friend, and then you just need to get it transcribed what you can do yourself if you don't have any money at all, the painting one else or you can get it done for under a dollar a minute online with many of the different transcription services. I'm grateful today that that's what I do. I just dictate in audio. I make video classes, actually, and then get them stripped down into an audiobook in some cases and then from the audio book into a Kindle book. Now the problem is, I have to publish it backwards. I have to publish the Kindle and the creates based version. I don't have to have the crease based version, but I choose to, then I'm able publish the audiobook. I hope this is helpful for motivation, especially because, ah, lot of the time I've been working online, I've thought, Well, why bother with all of the work to get a Kindle book up? Why even full around and waste my time trying to put up a Kindle book? Why not just do a video class in terms of the revenue? You might not think it's a big deal to have a Kindle book out there compared to other formats. For example, on the Kindle I make between the Kindle and Creates based, I make about $300 a month on those, whereas the audio books, even on a bad month, is usually $600 a month, the video classes on a bad month or usually several $1000 a month. I have a lot of people reading lots of different books and buying books, and some people I just can't reach with the video class. People have scheduled calls with me, spend thousands of dollars as clients and who have become great partners. They say they found my books on audible, which is not possible practically without getting the book first on Kindle. So if I never taken the time to put some books on Kindle, I never would have been able to get the books on Audible at all. Kindle by itself can have some fantastic potential. And I think when I match up my entire workflow together, then that gives me the ability to do some amazing things. If you would like help getting started with this particular aspect with the filming and recording, I've got a resource is Paige. It tells you everything I use on it, and I'm keeping it continually updating. I'm aiming to make this page a masterpiece where you can go one stop shopping and look and see everything I use. For example, I've got the microphone I'm recording on now. I have the sound processing in pre empt the USB audio face. I'm using the headphones that are right here on my desk. I've got the monitor that this is on the web Cam. I'm using I things like battery backup. I'm actually recording this with wire cast seven pro for Mac. I've got all these things I use on my website. Help me do things faster. And if you want the exact transcription service I use. I use it Go Transcript for clothes, captions and for transcripts. This allows me to narrate at 10,000 words an hour. I can only write about 2000 words an hour, but I can narrate five times that fast if you want to, then get your audio transcribed or your videos transcribed. Would you use my goat transcript link because you get a $10 credit, you can get it down to his little A 70 cents a minute for a transcription with $10 in credit from using my link. And then I get something like $10 if you sign up and place an order. This is what I used. And I hope this is helpful in showing you both motivation tools that you can use to get started and a way to scale up away toe work really efficiently, which I am grateful to use today. 3. Learn how to take a finished manuscript to publishing and where to get help: What am I going to show you here? In terms of the technical details? What I'm going to show you is how, in real time I take a Kindle e book file and go through the publishing process with it. I'm also going to replicate that same process on create space. However, Amazon Kindle direct publishing now allows also putting out a paperback. As you can see with this message that says, you can now publish paperback versions of your books with Katie P. Learn more about these beta features. It might be worth you taking a look at that instead of doing creates based. If you have not gotten account set up, I will show creates based here because I already do have an account set up. And for your consideration and using this method create space is an Amazon company, and what they do essentially is published books that air print on demand. That means there's no inventory. When I have my book available on Kindle. I obviously don't need any inventory because that can be read on mobile devices as well as computers. When I have a print copy book, though, inventory comes into my mind and I don't need any inventory. When I publish on create space, they simply print the book when someone actually buys it. How cool is that? I'm not going to show you how to actually put the files together. Why? Because this is something you need to learn on your own. This is something that Amazon has tutorials about. This is something that I don't know how to do. I will show you the publishing process here. Now if you're like me, I don't know how to do this because I'm not interested in learning how to do it. I think I published one book on Amazon Kindle on my own. It's not that hard to put the actual formatting together for you conduce Oh, it If you're doing everything on your own, you can simply read the tutorials on Amazon offers and you can put it in the right format in the same thing with create space. If you're like me and you do not want to do it yourself if you just want to do video courses and narrate the audio and give someone a transcription. I have a friend named Michelle Jihad. He does all this for me he's got all of these books. I've given them to him with transcriptions, and he puts them together and gives me back the files that I'm going toe upload. If you don't want to do it yourself and you do want some help, I recommend Goto my partners Page. Go down here and find Michelle's name. Click on it and then you'll come to his website. If you want to hire him, then click on the Hire Me button. Go down here and put in your name, email and message and tell him in your message. Say, Hey, I saw Jerry's video course. I would like you to help me publish, Kindle and create space books. Michelle will then be available. I would imagine, based on what kind of I would recommend letting him know what budget you have to pay him. To produce the book, I recommend a minimum off $3 per finished page. For example, if you're create space book is 230 pages long, then I would recommend a minimum of $690 and the budget. I put that in there because Michelle already has clients. He's already working with me he already has his own business. He's more likely to respond to you if you give him everything you have in terms of the budget and your project up front. And then if for some reason you can't whether work with him, just save that. And you can find a freelance or somewhere online, maybe even in my Masters and online business administration. Facebook Group, which you get access to, is a partner, and if you click on the group on the Partners page, you'll be taken over there. Then there is a link to go join the group if you want to join the group and in the group. We've got plenty of people like me and Michelle in the group tour available and answer questions and help you with your entire business online, not just with publishing Kindle books, but with any different part of it. I hope I've clearly set the expectations for what we're going to learn in this class, because I know that helps me as a student. What I hope is helpful in showing you this publication process to show you it's not that scary. And to give you some tips on exactly how to do it. Now it's up to you to produce the book content and formatting. The book is not that hard. It's simply putting it out in the right file format. Amazon makes available different formats, as does create space. You can do that part of it, and that's the majority of the work for you to do. This work, though, might seem intimidating. You might think that even if you put out if you had a word document that just needed a few formatting changes that you might not think realized how easy it is. So I'm gonna show you how easy it is to take a finished manuscript and stick it in kindle and create space. And then, boom, you've got a book or like me. Now you've got, like, 12 or 15 books. There's something that people can order from you online, and then you can get into the bigger money with audio books 4. Once you title the book it is pretty easy after that: thank you for continuing your journey with me in this class. It's time to show you in a Realtor time how I publish a Kindle e book each step of the way . No editing or shortening things up. What I've got prepared before this, I have the cover already done. I have the book file ready to go, and I have the summary of it. You might think, Well, that's all the hard part, isn't it? Well, it's up to you if you're going to publish a book to get the book done. Obviously the cover you can easily get done on Fiverr or in my masters of online business administration group. You can ask for helping there, and there's people who are happy to make you a cover in the group is, Well, that's where I got my cover Done was by member off my Mastermind group and then writing the summary. Once you've wrote the whole book, it's not a big deal to write the summary. The book is the main part, but this is what I think is likely to stop you. So let's show you how easy it is. I click over on Kindle e book here. And this is the screen that comes up now. I've done nothing before this. I'm gonna walk you through every single part of it from start to finish. And I've made lots of mistakes doing this before. I've literally put the title in wrong on a book. I've put it in so wrong that I had to go back and make a request to get it edited after it was published. It had two words thrown together somehow. Whoops. So what I try and do now is copy and paste. But that's how I originally had the problem. So what I do, I'm a copy. I've got my menu script up here. So I have the complete manuscript over here, which is 525 pages long. That Michelle went through and completed all of this. I will put that in directly right through here. Speaker meeting 2017. If you have any experience with addiction or just depression, anxiety, fear, frustration, alcoholism, sex issues, money, gambling, overeating, compulsive behavior, like video games, even overworking. Ah, motion anxiety. All these things we struggle with in life I think you might love this book Speaker meeting 2017. I honestly share about these things where I put in the nasty things that I've been through in my life without editing out the things you'd most be interested in hearing about. That's why I'm so excited to publish this and show you exactly how I do it. So I start with the book title right here, Speaker, meaning 2017. If you mess it up a little bit, it's no big deal. You can go back and fix it now with the title, I like short, simple titles, especially for the book title. Now, if you want to throw in and keywords stuff in the subtitle, then go for it. For example, I like How Tim Ferriss title his book, Tools of Titans. Three words. That's the book title, and then he essentially keywords stuffs in the subtitle. The tools, tactics and tricks of billionaires and something I can't remember it. It's so long, I think it's important. Have a memorable book title, one that it makes sense and one that you can easily pass on to others. No one has to learn, for example, out a spell speaker meeting. If I tell someone, my books called speaker, meaning 2017. That's pretty easy to remember. Especially I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day. There's a specific meeting format called the Speaker Meeting. I literally named my book after that, being that it's a speaker meeting in 2017. Therefore, any recovery program. Someone searching simply for speaker meeting has the possibility to find my book title. I also searched, and there's not a whole lot of speaker meetings, as I can easily show you in the other window if you search for speaker meeting and my video already comes up towards the top, and if you actually go books in it, there's no books titled Speaker Meeting. There's almost no competition. There's some things about speaking in public speaking, but it's pretty much wide open. The book title is an essential part of the book. However, it's not worth obsessing over. It should come fairly naturally. This came fairly natural to me. The book is essentially a speaker meeting created in 2017. Ultra simple. Some of my book titles I've stuffed I've put in other things, like on my face book book, book book on my book about Facebook. Aziz, you can see if I pull the title in, Ah, Facebook Marketing Advertising. 2016. What works? My Facebook page of two million likes the book titles not going to determine as much. Rather, you get good reviews or not. I've put lots of different titles in, and you can See the Complete You to book one star review here on it. I don't know what happened with that, but, hey, I don't worry too much about the reviews any more. I do the work creating the book. I put it out. I bet there's a significant amount. Most authors probably never get past the title of the book, so here we go. This is the title of the book. This is how easy you enter it and come up with it to start with. And then once you've got the book title in, well, everything else is pretty easy from here. 6. Finishing the description strong: thank you very much for continuing here with me. I made a couple of more edits to the description, which I feel like, Well, that doesn't really count because you come with a full description, as you can see having a full description that really helps for getting this part done. Now that I worked on the first sentence so much, I then put a little more effort into really explaining exactly the big value my book offers and what I did to share that. I first explained how I created him with the exact phrases people might use experience, strength and hope. These air things people often talk about in a especially related to addictions, candid detail. And then I explain which I think will be helpful for you and identifying similar challenges your life and overcoming them through our combined experienced. And then I put in for the first paragraph if someone actually goes to click on. So I've clearly explained as fast as I can, exactly what I hope the value will be. And then if someone clicks create mawr. I've tried in this next paragraph to explain exactly how I was inspired to create this so What I said in this paragraph is the exact motivation that got me to put this out. I think if you can isolate the exact motivating factor that got you to produce whatever it is you're creating, this could be extremely helpful for selling people on Why toe Watch it. So what I did here as I explained exactly why I wrote this, I said, when reading books like this, I have often been frustrated with authors editing out what I thought were the most interesting parts. Such a suicide attempts mentioned without any details or shameful habits embedded in code phrases such as seeking lower companionship without explaining it further. This is why I made the book. I was listening to Amanda Palmer's art of asking, and she went into a lot of detail in her book, and I believe she was encouraged by publisher and others to cut out a lot of things. But she went into very candid details, such as sharing that she was a dominatrix for a while, and I was really impressed with that, and still I wanted even more. I've listened to lots of other books by authors, and I listened to so many books where people just essentially edited out the things I really would have liked to hurt in detail, where they said things like I just wrote in this description and that's what I said. You know what? I'd love to read a book like that, and then the horrible realization it may Well, why don't I write it? Why don't I lead by example? I think, if you can isolate exactly whatever that original factor was, even if you Well, I saw Jerry Banfield book and his book sucks, so I'm gonna do a better book than him. Put that in there, Put that in the description. So I read this guy's Jerry Banfield's books and they're horrible and I thought, You know what? Anyone can write a better book than that, So I'm going to try. I think this is the spot to be honest, to really sell people who are a little bit interested to sell them on, specifically what it is that makes your book or whatever you're writing. This four worth reading. So that's what I've said. And then I have even put whatever phrases are relevant towards your audience. For example, in Alcoholics Anonymous There's something called 1/5 step that essentially you do confession and you come clean about all those things you've done. So if I have someone who searches, who's looking essentially for a speaker meeting with the fist up, they search speaker meeting fist step Bam! They got my book. They searched depression. Fist up. I speak in the exact language that the audience is intended for. Then what I do from here is I pretty much just share summary of the book. In many parts of this description, I've literally just copied and pasted chapter titles. When there were a lot of chapter titles from here, I've pretty much done the same thing I talk about to begin. I share my life story. Next, I explore my first addiction insects and porn. I go out here intimate journey inside body shame and problems with sex. That could be a little redundant, but it's got body shame in there and problems with I could even say sexuality to get in a different key word there. Then I I look at this. This is also changing optimization here, so I just go down and share who I think the audiences for and you especially don't need to do this perfectly because you can always edit this later as well. So I just in this part I essentially put in a table of contents written in paragraph form. That's easier to read along with all the things people might search for. Someone searches video game addiction, alcoholism. Look, I've got video game addiction because that's in the book. Someone searches for a video game addiction, weight, gang fear, panic attacks. Then I've got all that in. So I simply for the rest, seek to just describe what's in the book now that the descriptions done the description to me is one of the key areas where it makes or breaks your book. You work so hard to get people to a landing page, and then often, if you're like me for many of the other books, I pay little attention to description. And guess what? I've had a hard time selling a lot of my books because I worked so hard to get people the page. But then when I put a description up here, I've often just put not put much time and energy into this. So I've put in a lot more time and energy into getting this description, both concise, which is hard for me, as you can tell, to get what I need to say in a small space, with just the minimal words and the exact language my audience is likely to use. Share the story of and boom the descriptions done. Once you've got the description done, it's ridiculously easy after that to get it published. 7. Finding keywords quickly: after the descriptions done, then, is pretty easy. You just go through and check a few things and put a couple of key words in here, and it's pretty much done. You upload the book to. If you go over here to publishing rights, make sure you check. I own the copyright. Unless you've done a public domain work like you've copied something from Wikipedia and made minimal edits, then that's a cop. Public domain work. But more than likely, just check this and don't even bother publishing some public domain workbook now keywords. Amazon suggests how you can choose keywords in here. I'm going to show you. Look, I don't fool around with keywords. I don't take a whole bunch of time entering keywords. You can enter key words or short phrases, but the keywords, as it says, do not repeat the words in the title category or description, because these are already used. How breeders find your book so I don't need to go put Jerry band filled alcoholism and all that. What I can literally do is just search for something similar. So if I search for alcohol, I can look, I get searched for I don't need to even search for Alcoholics Anonymous Game spell. Alcoholics Anonymous. Even though I go every day alcohol, they're Alcoholics Anonymous, so I can search for these. I can just start to look for some things and what I can dio I could throw in a keyword like big book. I can put in a big book over here because people that might be relevant for people in a or I could put in specifically the big book or just big book because that might be relevant. I just take a quick look around at some of the other things people might be reading, So this might be of interest to people who've bought the book Alcoholics Anonymous. I can see some of the other books they're buying, so I could do 12 steps in here because I haven't put that in anywhere else. And I can put something like living sober in here is well, or I could just put sober to abbreviate that, and I can then go over and just search for some other things. I can just go put in addiction and basically anything that I didn't bother to include in my description. But that might help Amazon understand where to put this in. So I already have recovery in their new approach. I I don't go put in other authors like I enjoyed Elizabeth Vargas's page. I'm not going to put that in so I can just look over here. Let's say, Look, this is the top search result that comes up here. I can look at some of the other words in here and see if there's anything I want to. That makes sense. So change. I've already got depression. Anxiety have got life in their recovery. Smart things to do. I could put drugs in there. There's so many different things. But the key words aren't that aren't that big of a deal. The key words don't matter that much. So I could put in something like behavior over here I could put behavior in. I could put something like psychology in 12 step programs, their sons of things. I could put treatment in here. That's pretty good. Just throw that treatment in. I could. Healthy is good, but I might have already got that in a description. So I go search up here. I did not put healthy and I can go put healthy in there, and I could even weight gain diet. Something like that holistic approach natural I could throw natural. And the key words aren't a huge deal because most of the key words in here are already the description in the title, so you don't need to obsess over those. So there I finished the keywords that quick, so I don't think it's necessary to put a time enough time and energy into the keywords. Just search for some related things real quick. Throw a couple of words in there and if down the road, you absolutely Oh, my God, I have to change it. Then feel free to go in and change your keywords. 8. Uploading the manuscript files to Kindle for the book and cover: How do I finish getting my book published on Amazon? At this point, all I need to do is get the e book content done what I'm actually going to do with the first step. It says digital rights management. I'm going to turn off digital rights management. I don't want it to be annoying for customers to try and move it between different devices, and it says you can't change this. So I do not want to inhibit unauthorized distribution of the file. I just m okay, if you want to share it, then go ahead. Then when I need to do, it's time to upload the manuscript file. So I go over here and I do. I've got thes e pub files. You can put it in so many different types of docks. There's a E pub file of Moby File. There's all these different Kindle book files. So which one of these do I want to put it in? While the e book file, the pub file is the very smallest, and it's got the Mobi file to its got all these different files, so I'll throw in the the E Pub file. It's the very smallest which theoretically means that should process the best. So now Amazon has to process it. Now, I also need to upload a cover. So I go over here and I throw my cover in here and hope my designer put it in the right format. And because this is the first time I've worked with them, it's done. It looks like the cover photos uploaded successfully. Nice. So now I don't need tohave an I s bien and I don't need to use. And it says important. Do not use an eye ESPN from a print edition for your digital edition. So I don't need to bother with any of this right now, including the publisher. If you're self published, there's no reason a full around the publisher. So I hit, save and continue, and then Amazon has to continue preparing the file. Sometimes this can take quite a while. For your own planning, you might want to just do this and then not have be just sitting there waiting for it. So if this is a good time, if you copied your information to be able to get your create space set up, so if you've copied everything over on it. You can set your creates base up while this is happening. And from here, it's really simple to finish. All you have to do is pick your price than and submit your almost done. I'm so happy to share this with you. I'm excited for your book to be able to be on Amazon. 9. Choosing KDP Select: I'm very grateful. The process went so fast that this finished between when I stopped talking and when I renamed the file and went to film the next video. So this process can go really fast, depending on what types of files you upload, depending on how long your book is. Depending on Amazon's processing. Sometimes it's taken a while to finish this off. There's a program called Kindle Direct Publishing Select Kindle Direct Publishing. Select is Amazon's way of making exclusive content. Amazon says these books are only available digitally on Kindle, which means it's kind of like exclusive relationship. You can throw your books out there in digital format and however you want. Unless you click on the Enroll my book and Kindle direct publishing Select, In which case you agree to tell Amazon. Look, I will only give you this digital book. I won't be selling another bctf event on my website. I won't have it on whatever rival there is. I don't know whatever one there is. No, I won't have it on whatever rival one there is now. Amazon makes arrangements to get their Kindle books on all different devices, so be assured in all different formats. Kindle gets out there. But if you check this now, what's the downside? The downside is that you're not allowed by the terms of the program to give your own book away. I mean, you could give it away, but you're not allowed to sell it in different formats. And probably giving it away outside of Kindle is not a good idea either. Now, what's the advantage? If you happen to get your book ranked really high, Kendall will try harder to promote your book. From what I understand, you can reach more readers on more money. Maximize yourselves. If you get lucky and have one of the top Kindle books, Amazon will also give you a huge reward. It's something like $25,000 available to the number one author. You can get huge amounts from Ken if you you have the chance to at least get a big reward. So I always enrolled my books and kindle direct publishing Select, and this simplifies my business. I'm not going to sell any pdf files to my books on the side. I'm not gonna put him anywhere else. I'm just putting my books on Amazon Kindle direct publishing available through Amazon. I don't put it anywhere else that keeps my life simple. I do the same thing with audio. My audiobooks are only available on Audible. Then I have video courses I can put videos in, so I always check Kindle, Direct Publishing Select or KDP Select for the territory's. Then this is pretty simple. I have the rights for publishing now. If you don't have the rights for publishing, might want to select. But I just select worldwide and all territories. I also enroll my book in Kindle Match book, and then I just put it for free. So that way, if someone buys my book, for example, if they buy a hard copy of the book, then they get the Kindle book for free. I think that's a good deal. If you're gonna pay $27 for my book, I want you to have the Kindle book for free. And then I allow lending off the book to friends and family. I save this as draft them. Then there's Onley. One more thing I need to fix, then I just need to fix the pricing. So that's a whole another conversation, and that's the final part of the publication process 10. Kindle eBook details finalized and categories: continuing. We're just about done. All we need to do is pick a couple of more categories and put the book up here. One thing I haven't mentioned yet. Use this savers draft button down here in case your browser crowds. I've used that several times. Use that to make sure you save between putting all this work and you'll notice I've got a word document year that my descriptions and that's my backup. I always keep a backup. There's a few things that drive me mawr insane, then losing my work. And if you notice it's already short trip for me to go insane, especially with the book I'm talking about here not, ah, bunch of additional effort. So there's a minimum for the age grade and range Now. I could put an age grade and range on here. It's optional. I'm not going to put anything on it now. I talk about a lot of grown up stuff in the book, but I think a lot of people would be better getting into some of this honest grown up stuff . Some of things I talking about in the book happened as early as three years old and then if I'm not allowed to read or learn or anything about them and tell him 18 years old, I was pretty messed up by then. So I'm not putting anything. It's optional. I'm not going to put anything on there with the last thing to do on this page is set categories. So again that these aren't a huge deal, these will help. But you just want to put them in as accurately as possible and then go from there. It's not essential to go tagged them into one specific thing or another. So, you know, I just look around in here, biography and autobiography here. This is This looks like a good category and then I can put general in here. I can put educator historical. I can just look down and see what's the most related category? Ricin. Very mess. There you go, Jerry. Put that in Rich and famous, baby. That's it. I can just throw general in here this autobiography, so I'm just gonna put general now I get to select one more category and I definitely like to find something about addiction. Now Amazon has so many different categories. How are you even supposed to just go in there and try and figure out all these things. So I just browse around. I'm kind of looking for alcoholism. If it's got that in there, if it doesn't, that's not a big deal. I don't see anything in addiction and health and fitness. I could just put general in there. It's not a big deal. These are not this. These aren't a huge a holy, sacred deal. You just throw these in again. You can change these as neither. There's diseases down here, all drug guides, education and training. I mean, I've got a fairly simple thing, and yet it's kind of complicated almost to go get all the rest of this in eso I look around , find something music, nature, performing arts. Self help is probably where I want it. I still don't see anything addictions in here. There's compulsive behavior. Here we go. Sex and pornography, addiction, gambling. Now this looks like we're in the right category here, but still it doesn't get in alcoholism, mood disorders that could go in here. So this is tempting. Let's just throw it in general, self help. I don't see anything. Were there specific addictions, Jerry over there, Jerry. Jerry, I'm gonna put it in general because there's so many other areas. Now, I could go substance abuse and addictions here, but I'll just put it in general because, well, that's accurate. So I hit. Save their. That's done. I've got this whole page done. Now, this is the bulk of the work. As long as you've got the file done. This is the bulk of the work. So all I have to do over here is saved draft. And guess what? All I have to do now is upload the work I hit, saving, continue. And then I'm ready to start up loading my work. I'm very excited about that because that's that's the last step. Essentially. And then I can go over. Not quite, but we're almost done now with the Kindle Book. So thank you. And I'm excited to finish publishing this book with you. 11. Setting Pricing on Kindle: Are you ready for the final part of the publication process to get a Kindle e book out there available on Amazon and everywhere Amazon has distribution. This is the final step is to create a price. So the pricing is one of those things that you can waste a lot of time and energy on. You can try and view service. What's the easiest thing for me to do? Look, I put Meyer books that are just kind of inspirational. For 2 99 I put most mile their books for 4 99 You can put your book to try and get the absolute lowest price. There's other strategies you can use as well. So the easy way to do it. You just start selecting these and take a look and you just all you need to just put in some kind of price. So let me put 4 99 and see how much I get. And then on the other marketplaces at all scale. Oh, so if I pull my book at 4 99 on the 70% royalty, I get $3.44 every time it sells. That's really sweet. And the delivery on it is just ultra cheap, to which I need to go at it, mile their books and fix that on the delivery is how much Amazon essentially charges you toe to deliver the book out there. Now, if you choose the 35 there's no royalty rate, so I just play around with these numbers. So I'm real happy with the 4 99 price point. To me, that's essentially a real offer in terms of its not like a throwaway purchase, like a 99 cents or a dollar. I think it's a good range, though. Now, if I put it up to 9 99 then sure, I'm going to get a lot larger royalty. But how many people are going to be more hesitant? Divide at 9 99 I don't know. It's quite an in depth book, a long book that I hope people would share. Is that worth putting it up to 9 99? I don't know. Honestly, I've done it several different ways, so I look at the royalty if I put it at 9 99 Amazon's taking $3 if I put it at 4 99 Amazon's Onley taking I dollar 50 then, so they're taking a 70% either way. Therefore, if I sell it to the customer for 4 99 I get $3.5 out of it. That's a pretty good deal. So first simplicity. I've got most all my books listed as 4 99 and if I want to look for relevant books, I can search for best sellers and see how much they're selling. And then I can even just I can search specifically for Kindle if I want to. I can go into the Kindle store and just search for I don't know. I search for addiction. See how much other books? So if you want toe, check the other prices you can see there. This one is 6 99 This one is 9 99 and then these also have Kindle Unlimited, so you can read for free. These this is 10 99 So a lot of the addiction books on Kindle are actually of what you might think of his fairly expensive for the Kindle addiction. And then there's this one hot addiction for 99. So I'm actually thinking based on reading that many of the top ones are. This one is one of the top ones. It's 9 99 So why not try my book and 9 99? Why not ask for 9 99 on it? Because I'm confident of someone. Convey for 99. They can pay 9 99 on it as well. Then I get a $7 world tea out of it. And that means every most of the people who are likely to buy this book are going to do it on something like word of mouth. And then if I give it away and it gets up to the top, then I've got better odds at making good, making enough money with it to essentially be able to sustain my business. So I'm going to put this for 9 99 and then I've got it for free. If you buy the paperback version of it, you can buy it for free. And then, if you notice down here, you have to make your book available for lending. If you do the 70% royalty option, so that's it then. So this is really exciting. Then, every time I sell the book I get $7. That's a really healthy Ammon, and this is something that should be able to be sold indefinitely. So now I hit Save draft. Now I've got everything done. I got everything done for this whole book, which is amazing. So now all I dio and you can change the price later if you decide you set your book price too low. If you go back and search and see that other books in your category higher like I I was going to set it up for 99. But after looking at how much others air charging on addiction books and I I don't see any reason not to just put it at 9 99 so now. But if I want to change it later, I can. I hit publish Tyndall Book now and now it's done and you see right here Congratulations. It can take up the 72 hours for, and I can zoom out to hopefully get a more accurate thumbnail image. And there I've got the I've got it up. It's ready to go, and from here Amazon offers me the ability to start my paper back. And if you don't use create space. You could just start paperback now and follow through with Amazon's process there or I use Creates Basin. Then I'll show you exactly how it's ridiculously easy once you've got this done on Kindle to get this done on create space. So thank you very much for watching and seeing exactly how I submit a new book on Amazon and how I've then it comes in review. So far, I haven't had any issues with review. However, that doesn't mean I won't have one. They might review it in age restricted or who knows. But the nice thing is, it's in review. It's ready to go and then you notice you cant hit anything on here with it. So I have published to create space version before, so I actually in real time. I already have finished this Now in the book. I'm in the course of this. I'm going to show creates based next. But what I actually do is do them both at the same time because once you submit this, you can't go hit it, and you pretty much just need to copy and paste the Kindle version in to create space and then you can have a print book and almost the same amount of effort, and then on Amazon, you're listing includes both of them. So if I go back over here toe one of my other books, you'll see people in easily switch from Kindle the paper back on the same listing. And then once I get it on audible the same thing as possible. So I'm grateful I've submitted this book. I've shown you exactly how it's done, and then I'll show you how to do the same thing on create Space in. I think it's only like 10 or so extra minutes of time. 12. CreateSpace is easy to do when publishing on Kindle: on create space. Ah, lot of the work is extremely similar to Amazon kindle, which makes it ideal. I always go through and do them both of the exact same time now and I literally do it while in publishing the Kindle version I go through and do that create space the same time. So do the create space. I go over to add title. I click on add a new title and then what I do, I do the expert set up and then I literally copy and paste from over on my Kindle book. And I go through and copy and paste from the Kindle book before I submit it. Because if I go submitted, sometimes it won't let you look at it for a day or two. So I go and do them at the exact same time. So I put the name of my project down here and then I clicked get started on the experts set up. So I've got the name over here. I clicked get started on expert. This allows me and I click paperback. This allows me to be able to do everything at the same time. I can put in the subtitle in the description than this gets really fast. When combined with what I'm doing on Amazon, you'll notice it has all these incomplete categories, but you can hit, save progress. So on creates based. The first thing I want to do is actually just a sign and I spn and then it's easy to just copy and paste things so I can just do Jerry Banfield over here. Then go add contributor and I go toe edited by And then I put my editor in here. Hopefully have his name right now and then down here. I just thought the publication date in today. Now I go over here to the interior file. Now this you have that figure out. But look, if you don't know how to do it, there's all kinds of great help and tips on this. This is really straight form, so I go over to browse over here, I go in tow me Shana's God's folder. I go over the speaker meeting. I grab the paper back now this has to actually upload and save. So this is why I do this first. Then I go over here and grab the covers which are up here. Another level. And it needs to be an actual pdf cover, which this is a great moment to realize I didn't get it in the right format. So I start with what I have. I hit save progress right here. And meanwhile, I can convert my pdf cover using Photoshopped from the format. I received it in to a pdf cover. So I save all this and get the interior uploaded, and then it will give me some additional options I can work with. 13. Finishing publication on CreateSpace: as we continue and create space, create space has a helpful interface that carefully explains exactly what you haven't have not done. So Create space shows you exactly what you need to finish, and then you just go through and complete thes and then you can submit. So you need to upload the book file before it gives you all these different options. And then I also need the cover on here is well, so thankfully, I've been able to very quickly create and put the cover on in create space out of a PNG. Now also, I have the ability. Now I can simply copy my description over here, and then I can just pace that directly in here. And that's the nice thing. When you work on all these things for Kindle, it's very easy to just paste this over in here. Now I've got a category to choose on this one also so I can go. This has biography and autobiography. I can just put this in the A similar category. Our I can throw it in self help and throw it in there too. So I'll just throw it in self help general again. I don't get too excited about that. I choose country publication here. Now. I have the search keywords in here that I can use exactly the ones I already worked on over here. So once you do the work over on this, then it's pretty easy to just copy these over. So I just copy these keywords over Sober Natural, and I literally then just copy each of these from what I did before. This is why I love trying to not do the work twice. Just do it once and copy. And I think there's not as many keywords allowed on create space. Now, it says contains adult content. Now what do I put this on here? Your product may be suppressed, so I'm not going to put that this contains adult content on it because it's simply description of my life of what happened. So if I if some of that describing honestly what happened in my sex life is adult content in some people's minds, then I will deal with that later. But if I put contains adult content in here, you see, it's I think it is suitable for minors under the age of 18. I I think it is easily something that could, and perhaps I would have benefited from reading a lot at about 13 years old. So I'm not checking that it contains adult content because that's what my belief. So I'm selecting these distribution channels. Then you'll notice that says, not eligible but I need to do is hit save progress again. Let it upload the cover. Hope that I have working with a new graphic designer. Hope the cover actually works properly and then save this. Let it work. And then now I just have to complete pricing, and it also you'll see bookstores and online retailers is available. So I select that and I've got everything else done now, which is amazing how fast this is once you use it on Kindle. And now it says the minimum list price for this is 17 90. I like to put everything consistent on my prices, So I just go over here in search and see one night list milder books for 2193 on this one. That one had to be listed higher because it was such a big book. I think I've went with 29 $21 in something on most of my book. So I look over here, I see how much the paperback is. Does Amazon offer some arbitrary discount on it or not? No, it's just 2192 there. So about 21 95. How about that? Let's calculate and see. And then what it will do is that's the price toe, actually, by a physical copy of the book. So if I sell it on amazon dot com, I'll get $6 you can see these different options. I get it here so I could put the price up. I want to 24 95. This is a 250 page book, so it's pretty big. You see, if I put the price up $3 then I get more up here. I think 24 95 reasonable for a book, anyway, that I the pricing again. You can just put it at whatever you want to. I like to play around with and see if I put it at 29 95. Where does it make a big impact and how much I actually earn so sure it doubles the expanded distribution If I put it up to 29 95. It's significantly higher on Amazon if I put it up to 29 95 so I don't see any reason. It can't be a 29 95 for a book. I could put it that it doesn't really matter. So I think 29 95 fine. I've sold paperback copies of my books at all Different Price. Is this a bun to Lennix Books Consistently sold for $27. I've got many of my books at 21. I'll put this down, say, 27 65. There's some random number there. Calculate again. See what it says. I get off of that and then it will bring it in. And it's not a big deal exactly what you get. The royalty you can play around it up and down. But look, Hey, I get almost $4 by selling through expanded distribution. But most realistic Leggett, $10 almost through Amazon. That's really good. So I'm going to leave it there. So what I do, I hit save progress now, and once I've got save progress hit, then I'm in really good shape to have this book done so I've got saving complete. You'll now see everything is ready for review. So all I have to do is double check this area. I am not sure how many key words There I was, right. It's five keyword phrases. So I've got everything is now written out. Double check that This description is exactly how I want it. That I didn't edit things too many times or forget to paste over the word document. I go over, read all these different books. I think it's good. So I've got all of this in here. I think it looks very good now. So I missed one enter. I want tae it there, so I had saving Continue on this one. I think it looks absolutely beautiful now. So I've got all this set up here and now I hit. Submit for review and this will submit my book for review to the Create Space Team. Now what it means when you submit your book for review, it means that they're going to take mostly a basic formatting. Look at it. It doesn't mean they're going to read your whole booker by any means, but they will take a brief overview of the book, mostly to check that your set up information is correct in your files are printable. Now you can order a copy of it and I will order a few copies of this so that I can give it away and prove my book. I'm grateful you've learned how to publish on creates based with me you've seen now in that short of a period of time in real time how powerful it is to combine publishing on Kindle the same time. And look, all I have to do is approved the proof of it. And then I've got a hard copy book available that is 526 pages off my life. 14. Making Sales on Amazon and Audible: Jerry, Jerry, How do I make sales on my book? I go put all this effort and know how to actually sell it. The simple answer is. Start with who you already have. Don't start with Facebook ads or Google ads. Star with the people you already have and analyze exactly how you go about buying someone else's book. Be willing to buy someone else's book. I'll ask you right now to demonstrate, would you please buy one of my books in whatever format you prefer? Amazon Kindle Die Hard Copy book, or you can get it straight on audio. I have it at jury banfield dot com slash books. If you want a direct audible link, each of these that has inaudible link has a direct audible. I prefer to listen to books directly on audible. However, I realize you may prefer a different format. So if you look on my website, what I have is a paid Dr Got all of my books listed here, and then I consistently asked people to go look at my books. I consistently asked people to buy my books. You see just how I asked you to buy my book. Will you please go buy a book. And at the same time, I'm open to being told. No, If you say Jerry, you know what? No, I've got enough books to read right now and listen to I'm not gonna buy your book. Then I still will love you anyway. You don't have to go by any of my books. When I found is that it's easier for me to understand the selling process when I'm willing to go by other people's books when I'm sitting back and not buying anyone else's books or or Onley buying bestselling books. And I'm not looking at how I'm buying books from other people. If I'm not willing to buy ah book from someone else like me, then it's hard for me to sell my own books. It's gotten a lot easier for me to sell my books because I ask people now to buy my books and speaker meeting. I go to a meanings every day speaker meeting. The book I have published here is a great book that I can then actually give away. I'm going to order hard copies of it. I'll bring it to every meeting and then if someone wants to. If they like what I share, then look, here's my book. Have my book. Therefore, I think one of the best ways to make more sales is to give your book away. Give it to people who might love it. Give it to people who might thoroughly enjoy reading it and listening to it do some very targeted give voice, not just throwing it out there. I'm not just throwing all my books out there on the Amazon, but another thing I've done that's helped is to give away my book. So if I go over here to promote and advertise, if I go over to promoting advertise on my Amazon and I click on that, then what Amazon also allows me to do is give my book away. I can do a free book promotion, and these have been fantastically helpful for me to get more sales, because what I do every three months or so is I give because Amazon only allows you to do a free book promotion. Every so often, I create a a new free book promotion, and then I give away all of my books at once. As soon as I get my speaker meaning book finished. So I'll go back to my bookshelf as soon as this gets approved. What I'm going to do is give all of my books away for free. When I give all my books away for free to my whole audience online, then it helps me rank higher in the Kindle store. If I go over the reports, I can show you the data behind this. So what I did is I gave all my books away and when it once I gave my books away, then my sales have went up quite a lot. So I gave my books away in December. On before December. I had very few days where I got that many sales in your nose. I actually had one day where I got nine sales in March. So when I'll update the report here when I since I've given my books away, I've had a lot better sales days. I rarely used to sell more than one or two books a day, but since I started giving my books away, I've had several days of getting many sales, as many as nine cells in one day. And if you're self published author just getting started. Selling nine books and one day is pretty sweet. And then there's the Kindle ized normal pages. Giving books away also helps get activity on the books, and getting activity on the books helps them appear higher and search results helps Amazon recommend the book. And giving the books away gets a lot of that initial activity on them. So my strategy to sell more books might sound counterintuitive, but I'm actually aiming to give more books away to just give my books away online and then give my books away in person because if I've actually made a really good book, people will start sharing it with others. If my books are just crap, if you go to my website and buy one and my books are just crap like this. Facebook audiobook has gotten a lot of reviews, suggesting it's just crap. It's also got some reviews, suggesting it's very good if you look down here and then you can see some people must listen to book here and this says not do Facebook ads was so boring and each chapter was 50% off some people. This book will make you wanna hang yourself It's not a book, it's a diatribe, motivational, not practical. And then this person says, highly recommended. Another guy's offended. Don't lecture me. You see, if you've made a book that people don't like, then all your efforts to sell it are just going toe lead to bad reviews of it. If you made a poor people really enjoy. If you've made a book that makes a big contribution, as I hope, my speaker meeting book has made a big contribution or if you make a book, people enjoy the reviews on the book from the people you give the book to. The reviews on those very first sales will then start attracting more sales, and there's no point advertising a book until it's got. I mean, this book essentially is ready to be advertised. It's got 24 reviews. The average of 3.8 stars it's got. I haven't even read any of this sum up. Awesome book, authentic some down, Ah, human approach, these air, some really some good reviews and then it's nice to It's nice toe. Have some bad reviews because people want to see. I know when I read a book, I want to see what the people who hate it and love it are saying so. To me, the key to selling books is giving them away first, because when you have a book people love, they'll recommend it to their friends. How do I buy? I have hundreds of books and my audible library and a huge percentage of them have been recommended to me by my friends, my friend said. Read this book or listen to it and a lot of the sales. I get our word of mouth recommendations, and it's easy to essentially get of word of mouth recommendation when you give some on the book and they often will feel a need to repay you the generosity and you giving them the book will then promote them to give passed that on either through a word of mouth recommendation or through buying another one of your books. The advantages when I give away all my books, then some of the people who buy the book, our ah, who got the book for free or likely to want to buy the book, then the newer books in the future, or I know sometimes when people have given to me so generously, I simply by from them just because I want to. For example, Tim Ferriss has the book tools of titans. I enjoyed his podcast so much, I pretty much bought his book just because I enjoy his free podcast. If you're willing to help someone else sell their books, for example, if you are willing to help me by buying one of my books, then you can see the entire process and essentially just go back through it the same way that you've been through it with me then it's not this big experience. What I don't recommend. I don't recommend any advertising for quite a while. Even on this, you might think, Well, this looks worth advertising. It's got four good reviews. I mean, I don't see that this is worth advertising, because I would simply rather let more people read it and get a hold of it. Naturally, I would rather give it away several more times before advertising it, because what if I start advertising it and I get a one star review and then I can't make any sales to me? If things that are worth advertising generally should be something completely for free that's helpful or my very best paid work. I've had a lot of success advertising my very best paid work, and nearly everything else is completely failed. The truth is, I don't know what my very best work is. I've do so many different things. I don't know which of these is my best book, but I trust the reviewers to tell me, and that's where it's a collaborative relationship. Then it's not about me trying to prove how great I am, which I've done a lot. I've even got into fighting with people on reviews I've reporting, getting them removed on when I was teaching online on a website where you could put all these star reviews I got into and I waste a lot of time and energy with reviews today. What I do, I try and make something that's really helpful. I hope my speaker, meaning book, is fantastically helpful. That's why I've made it. If you make a book that's fantastically helpful and give it away and share it with your already enthusiastic audience, whether that's your mom, your friends, your family now I recommend with friends and family asked them to actually buy the book because then when they have an album they've made and they're looking to get their very first sale on their new album and you're like, God, I don't want to listen to this. And then they are like, Hey, you remember how you bought that I bought that book for you? Would you buy my album? And then that promotes the deeper friendship, deeper relationships when you're willing to help out other people and you, then people will come to you for all people, love you and respect you. To get that process rolling often requires being vulnerable. So while I will give some of my books out in a I'll also ask other people Hey, would you like me to give it to you, or would you be willing to go by the book? It helped me if you'd buy the book so I could give it to someone who can afford it. But if you'd really like the book and you tell me that you can afford it, I would be happy to give it to you. So I both am willing to give people my books for free and ask people if you can afford to pay for it. Would you please pay for it? So this is how I have go about selling my books. I'm grateful that I'm earning on average about if you put the audio books, which I have to have these Kindle books out and the paperback versions Nice. If you put all the books together between Kendall paperback inaudible, I'm usually earning at least 500 a month, if not 1000 or 1500 most months. I'm very grateful for your support in that. Finally, if you don't if you haven't tried audible. If you would like to try Audible I Love Audible Audible's one of my favorite ways to learn . Would you please buy one of my books on audibles? Your very first book, Why I get $50 If you do that, that makes a huge difference. To May. Audible gives a $50 bounty if someone signs up, and I'm very grateful to have the chance to be of service to you today and to share this with you 15. Thank you for finishing this Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Book Publishing Class!: thank you very much for finishing this class with me today. I'm so excited to have created an entire book Live with you Speaker Meeting 2017 submitted on create space and hopefully available any time on Kindle e book. I have a simple thing to ask you here, and I hope this will effectively demonstrate exactly how to get sales on these books that you put so much effort to be willing to be vulnerable and ask honestly and be willing to take a no Would you please by my speaker meaning 2017 book in whatever format you prefer. As soon as this is finished publishing, it will be up on jury banfield dot com slash books. If you have an open mind in terms of the format, especially if you've never tried audible, would you please buy the book on Audible? Why on audible unalterable, which you can get to with any of the audible links that will take you over. And then if you click on Jerry Banfield, you can see all the books I've got. If you buy one of my books as your first book, unalterable, then Audible gives me a $50 bonus that $50 bonuses fantastically helpful for me today because I said I only I earn I only earned I earned maybe $1000 a month on my books. If you buy the first book, it costs you $15 to get a month of audible. I have been inaudible member since 2011. I love Audible. There's so many good books on Audible, and if you buy my book first, they give me a $50 bounty for that as their way of saying thank you very much for making a book that someone bought as their very first book on Audible Audible realizes that if you buy a book on Audible, there's a very good chance you're going to buy more. Getting people to buy the first book is very difficult. Would you please buy one of my books as your first book on Audible? I have books that I hope you'll love and enjoy on all kinds of different topics. I have a books Currently, I'm hoping I'm excited. As soon as the Kindle book version is approved, I will be putting out my speaker, meaning 2017 on Audible. I think enjoying it that way is a great way to experience it. I have eight other books already out there on Audible. If you're willing to help me out, the nice thing is you're willing to receive the same help in your own life. If you're willing to help another author, just like you earn money with their books and learn from them, then you know on some deep level that other people will be willing to do the same thing for you. And guess what? If you buy my book, you're in a great position to ask me to buy your book. If you then do the same process to your friends and family when they asked you to do something, I think it's a great system to pay it forward if you've never tried. If you're already a member on Audible, then there's no $50 bounty. But I hope you might enjoy some of my books on Audible. If you prefer to just read on Kindle or on paperback, then I hope you enjoy the books on my website. If you're willing to get sold to than you're willing to also be able to sell to other people It's really simple. You do onto others they do onto you. So I'm grateful for, especially if you're one of them. The thousands of people have bought my books today who have allowed me to be here with you and share this with you. I hope this information is helpful. Would you help me teach this class by sharing your comments and discussions and creating? Put a screen shot in the class project, showing exactly what you've done and learned. Hey, look, that's a great place to promote your own book, isn't it? That's a great place to ask me to buy your book in the class project with a direct link to it, preferably on Amazon, especially if it's on audible. I have 24 credits on Audible Doesn't cost me. I've already paid uneasily. Grab your book and start listening to it. I'm looking to a start learning more directly with you. So if you've got all the way to the end of this, I've given you a very good way to make a sale of your book simply by going in the class project or the discussion section, whatever this course has and then posting and saying Look, here's what I did. I published my book. Would you buy it? And hey, I bought this book of yours for your consideration. Or I took this class Whatever you want and be okay. Well, the no answer I might say no, I don't want to learn about them. And I respect. If you say you know what? I don't want to buy any yearbooks. I'm already an auto be audible member. I already watched all your video class. I don't want to buy any of your books. And listen, those two or I I just I've got too many books. I'm ready. I don't want to buy your books. That's fine. The nice thing is, when I'm willing to ask for help, I'm willing to ask everyone for help. So if you say no, that doesn't matter. I'll go ask someone else. That's fine. If you say yes, I'm very grateful and I'll continue doing work for you. But if you say no, I'll keep trying. Anyway, thank you very much for finishing this class with me. I love you. I appreciate your being here. I hope you have a wonderful day today.