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Self Portraits: Telling Your Unique Story

Tabitha Park, Really good at airline sudoku

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7 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Description and Word Web

    • Equipment and Technique

    • Behind the Scenes

    • Lightroom Edit

    • Self Portrait Slideshow

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class we'll dive into a self-exploration exercise to define a story we can tell about our lives through self portraiture.

For the class project you'll need to choose a theme from your life to portray and then orchestrate a photo session where you are the subject!

I've included several tips and tricks throughout this course to help you along the way. I've also shared a collection of my own self-portraits that I've taken over the years as examples.

I hope that you choose to share your images with us! It can be hard to put yourself in the spotlight but we grow so much through sharing our art with others.

I can't wait to see what you create!


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As with all of Tabitha's classes, there is a lot of really helpful information that is broken down into easy to follow and humorous steps - she takes the scary details and makes them manageable. She's also a pleasure to watch and listen to because of her energy and positivity and passion for the work itself. Take ANY of her classes - you will not be disappointed!
Another great class by Tabitha!
Lucie Duclos

Design + illustration

Thank you so much for this class! It was super easy to follow and I love the photos you took! I had been racking my brain on how to take a creative "selfie"... but came up very basic. I am super excited and had to stop the video because I had a flash of inspiration because of you and I was able to take some photos I was REALLY pumped about! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!





Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku

Hi! I'm Tabitha and I teach photography classes. I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer for a living and I make that living in the gorgeous state of Utah! I love plants and I knit and I had my appendix removed in 2014 and sometimes I worry that I might need it later to talk to aliens. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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