Self Leadership: How to work smarter using journaling | Victoria Walsh | Skillshare

Self Leadership: How to work smarter using journaling

Victoria Walsh, Empowering positive change and balance

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Module 1: Overview of Journaling

    • Module 2: Creating the journal

    • Module 3 The process of journaling

    • Module 4: Time to journal

    • Module 5: Taking action


About This Class

Embracing the self leadership strategy of journaling you will be able to increase awareness, challenge your thoughts, behaviours and habits so that you can create changes to the way you work. With smarter working you can start to close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be as defined by your vision of success. 

On this course you will ;

  • Be introduced to the concept of self-leadership and the foundation of awareness as the starting point of working smarter

  • Look at what journaling is and my recommended layout, format, content and process

  • Learn and apply a series of questions which will spark curiosity, reflection and guide you to interpret the personal intelligence you discover through your journal.

  • Raise personal and situational awareness which will allow you to recalibrate to work more effectively and smarter post journalling.

  • Create a 5 point action plan which will help you start to make the changes required to improve your working day and overall effectiveness

  • You will need 14- 16 days to do this work and the project you are tasked to do is to create a journal and a 5 point action plan. 

By the end of this class you will have engaged the leader within and will be more aware, confident, inspired, accountable and motivated to take control of working smarter.





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Victoria Walsh

Empowering positive change and balance

Certified Executive Coach Practitioner/ Certified Everything DISC trainer/ University Lecturer/ Speaker / Experienced Business Leader/ Marketing Strategy and Communications Expert/ BA Honours Business Studies Graduate Kingston University, Kingston Business School/

Hello, I'm Victoria and I'm looking to help you create positive change and balance at work and at home. As a coach I work with m In everything I do my intention is to ensure that I help create a transformation for o...

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