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Self Help & Improvement Course | Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps

Melissa Of Natural Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Author, Podcaster

Self Help & Improvement Course | Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps

Melissa Of Natural Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Author, Podcaster

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction :-)

    • 2. Step 1. Loving your true self.

    • 3. Step 2. Fueling that body of yours.

    • 4. Step 3. Busting a move.

    • 5. Step 4. Getting off the hamster wheel.

    • 6. Step 5. Taking back what's yours.

    • 7. Whether baby or giant steps, just move forward.

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About This Class

I wrote my short ebook, Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps in order to help remind others that achieving a happy and healthy life isn't as hard as we've come to believe. To make it even easier, I created this video-based version of the ebook to further emphasize the message and to lend a helping hand to those who are willing to take that first step - but aren't quite sure which one to take!

What to expect

The chances are you've heard of some (if not all) of the steps, but weren't interested, never 'saw it through' or lacked the motivation to implement them into your life.  But now, with the information simplified down and explained in a way that can be easily integrated into your existing life - those 5 simple, yet different steps will - when combined - become a tour de force for your life.

I absolutely love the fact that you don't need any previous healing experience to learn these simple techniques and you don't need anymore time in your day - you just need the desire to improve, and the rest will be easy! What's more, this course is self-paced and completely digital, so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. 

Please note that this is not an intricately 'in-depth' course on health and happiness, it's a course to help open your eyes to see who you truly are and to remember that you do have the power to improve your life!

The course covers loving yourself, taking care of your bodymoving your bodyresting your mind and self healing. Perhaps there's a little tip or suggestion somewhere in this course that can make all the difference in your life! Once enrolled, just download the ebook, written by Melissa: Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps (PDF). The book is short and an easy read - so make sure you download it to reference offline or anytime you need!

What's more, I provide my 5 Minute Guided Meditation (MP3) to help you relax in stressful times - when needed! Once you've gone through all the lectures and completed any 'exercises' when prompted, you'll be able to see how easy it is to inject healthy improvements into your existing routine!  

Some of the additional benefits you may receive from taking this course include being able to finally love yourself for who you truly are, become more physically healthy, become more centred and calm, achieve an overall happier state of being which can attract abundance of all forms into your life - and much more! 

Lastly, whenever I add more helpful information to this course, you'll have instant and lifetime access to it! Enjoy the journey! #biglove

Meet Your Teacher

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Melissa Of Natural Healer

Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Author, Podcaster


What's Natural Healer™ ?

In short, Natural Healer™ is an online learning institution providing easy to follow self-paced, online training in the glorious fields of energy & natural healing!  Founded by the loving energy healer & Usui Reiki Master Teacher Melissa Crowhurst in 2014, Natural Healer™ is a board certified accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA).

All Natural Healer™ -issued certifications are accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), the International Natural Healers Association (INHA), the International Association of Therapists (IAOT), the Natural Healer Society (NHS)... See full profile

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1. Introduction :-) : there is once a time when staying healthy was much simpler. Way grew and ate food with care and without chemicals. When we were unwell, we rested, and we derived happiness from this simple pleasures in life. But somewhere along the way we got tempted away from that simpler life with the promise of mawr and excitement and fame and so on. What's interesting is we may live longer than our forefathers and foremothers, but we don't necessarily live happier or healthier. But first things first. Before I can dive in and explain the five simple steps to powerful self healing we must start at the start. And that, my friend, is you. What's the point of being fantastically healthy if you're not healthy within and when I say within, I mean within your mind body. And so this basically means there are two aspects we must attend to, and the 1st 1 being your spirit, whether you want to call it your soul, the universal energy or consciousness, your higher self, whatever it is your little me, whatever you want to call it, we must attend to that within that that is who you truly are. Your spirit. Then we must attend to wear. Your spirit resides, and that is your physical body, or what I would call your spiritual house, your spiritual house or your body is not necessarily you. It's where you live, so you have your spiritual self and then a physical residence in which your spirit lives within. However, don't mistake me. We must equally take care of our spiritual Selves and our spiritual houses, in order, achieve this overall health and happiness. Often times we may focus more on the spirit and overlook our spiritual house or some focus on their spiritual house, which is their body, and overlook their spirit. But to me, the first step we need to look at you must attend to first is your spiritual self. So in the next lecture, we're going to attend to just that, loving your spirit, always 2. Step 1. Loving your true self.: So, as I explained in the previous lecture, the first step in powerful self healing is taking care of your spiritual self. So this might be a little bit discomforting for some of you, but please stick with me on this. It will only last a few moments. Now, once I explain what I would like you to do, please pause this lecture so you can go and actually do this step. So within the privacy of your own bedroom or perhaps a bathroom, I would actually like you to go and stand in front of a mirror. Ensure the mirror is at least half length of your bodies to say maybe waste and up, if not a full length mirror. I would like you to get undressed, completely undressed, nothing on whatsoever. This includes any makeup you may be hiding behind jewelry, bracelets and so on. And as you're looking at your reflection, I'd like you to think about what are you thinking as you look at yourself? Are you smiling? Are you proud? Are you judging or are you despising? Can you easily and honestly say to your naked reflection? I love you. Please pull. Is this lecture I would like you to do this little exercise. Now. Thank you so much for doing that little exercise. I realize that for some of you, it might have been very uncomfortable. So I applaud you for actually doing it now, thinking about that exercise that you just did. Did you have any negative thoughts while you looked at urinated reflection? And if you did, whether you were judging or trying to make yourself look better in your reflection, I want you to think about why you did that. Why can't you truthfully, love and respect your spiritual house that has brought you this far in your life? Well, I think for most people it's because they think their spiritual house is actually who they truly are. But it's not. Who you really are. Is that spirit that's living with in that spiritual house that battered, beat up, bruised, tired and exhausted but yet loyal spiritual house that you're in now. I'd like you to go back into the privacy of your bathroom or bedroom. This time, you don't need to necessarily take off your clothes unless you want to try and do this exercise again. This time, though, I'd like you to step closer to the mirror. And I'd like you to look deep within your eyes. Now, really do really do look deep within your eyes and think about who's looking back Now really think about that question because who's looking back is the real you. Now, if you'd like to pause this lecture so you can don't go do that exercise. Now, please do. Thank you so much for doing that exercise toe. Look deep within your eyes to see who was truly looking back at you. Once you realize that who you truly are the beautiful soul that you truly our lives within a spiritually how is changes everything I ask if you ever forget or get disconnected from this step of remembering who you truly are and always loving that spiritual part of yourself that you come back to this step and repeat the process. And the reason I'm asking you to do that is because without loving your spirit, the rest of the steps are quite pointless. Now that we know how important it is to remember toe love our spiritual self, this doesn't mean that we discount the spiritual house are our physical Selves at all. So in the next lecture, we're gonna talk about taking care of our spiritual house 3. Step 2. Fueling that body of yours.: So, as I mentioned in the previous lecture, this particular step is all about feeding your spiritual house or your body. I believe so strongly in this that I've written a few blog's about it as well, and I'll put those links in the actual resource is section of this lecture. Now, to highlight my point about nurturing your physical South, I'd like you to think about a few questions. Firstly, do you expect your car to run? Well, if you put the wrong fuel in it, say you have a gasoline car and you put diesel in it, would you expect it to run? Do you think that you'd be able to successfully finished a triathlon without any training whatsoever? And do you think that you might be able to recover well from a surgery if you did not rest and take care of your physical self? It all afterwards Now there might be some exceptions to these questions, but overall, most of us are going to say no. We wouldn't think the car would run on fuel that wasn't meant for it. We wouldn't think we would successfully and safely finished a triathlon if we didn't at least somehow trained for and that we probably wouldn't heal as well after a surgery if we didn't rest and take care of ourselves. That's all very logical. So let's actually take a look at what we can do to turn those negatives into positives. So let's discuss that first question fuel. Using the right fuel is actually what's going to make your body run at its optimum. So just like the car, if you put the wrong fuel into your body, how could you possibly expected to run at its optimum? So if you're not putting the right fuel in your body, you have a very unrealistic expectation for to perform well for you. So use the right fuel every time you can. Our bodies are designed to ingest clean water and fresh fruits and vegetables. I realized for many people, making changes could be difficult, especially when it comes to diet because it's linked to budget and convenience. However, just remember this step. If you can't actually put the right fuel in your car day after day, you won't possibly think it's going to run mo for you, and eventually it might break down your spiritual house. Your body needs the right fuel day in and day out in order for it to run well and last the link of your existence on this physical planet. Now, if you go to the appropriate section in the book supplied with this course, I actually give you some examples of what the right fuel is for your physical self. I also go into some basic detail about the difference between alkaline and acidic when we're talking about food and keeping your body balanced between the two. So I really encourage you to have a look at that because remember, you want your physical self or your car tow last the distance in your journey, so make sure you always put the right fuel in it. And when we think about the question, I asked about training in the triathlon. Now I know what all of us are going to need to train like we're going to run a triathlon. However, we must remember that we need to actually keep ourselves physically stimulated and moving 4. Step 3. Busting a move. : as I asked you in the previous lecture, Would you honestly think somebody could complete a triathlon without doing physical damage to themselves without any training whatsoever? Now, unless you're one of the very few gifted people on this planet who could do extensive physical exertion without hurting themselves for the rest of us, that answer is going to be no. So you may be eating the right diet. But are you moving your body? And typing on the keyboard doesn't count. We're dynamic creatures when we surge forward. When we move, when we're in motion, it feels good. So if we stop moving and becomes stagnant, just like water, we get a bit stale and a little bit icky. Now I know we live busy lives after the end of the day. You don't feel like doing push ups or yoga or going for a run. And by the time the weekend comes around, there's laundry and chores and all these things to do. And you know what? I kid that I sometimes don't feel like it either. But when I stop and think about it, when I think about how tirelessly my body works for me without me, even having to think about it. My heart beating my blood, circulating it, healing a cut, doing all the things that I ask it to do that I just think about like my arm just moving then, right? It just does what I wanted to do tirelessly, day in, day out and despite it being worn out and tired, it's still there for me. And after I think of all of that, I can easily say she I can give this house of mine 15 minutes of love today. So if you can find the time in your day to watch TV toe, look at social Media to do the dishes to take a shower, you have a few minutes to squeeze in for that physical house of yours, too. So this third step in powerful self healing moving your body comprises of two things. The first being exercise, the other being stretching. When I say exercise, though, I'm not saying that you need to go off and get a gym membership and spend hours on, and they're working out every day or every week. On the contrary, I actually don't think you need to exert yourself that rigorously unless of course you want to. I think taking more gentler exercise moves to take care of your spiritual house is probably a little bit more appropriate for what our goal is doing. Something simple, like walking around the block, doing some push ups or sit ups in your bedroom, or maybe even teaching yourself some basic moves of yoga. Now, a lot of times, people don't find the time to do these sort of things. But I myself when I've had a busy day, oftentimes confined that couple of minutes in between the shower and getting into the bed or just before going into the shower. So find whatever feels right for you and try and put one minute, start with a small little block of time and then build up from there. Your physical self will thank you greatly by just moving your body that little bit more, pushing yourself that little bit more than you've done in the past. The other thing I mentioned was stretching. I personally love Stretching. Stretching is a great way for you to release attention. It's a great way for you to unlock your muscles to kind of help your body hit the reset button, if anything at all, I recommend you at least stretch every day to keep this physical self of yours limber and ready for the next day. So if you think about your posture for the majority of day, you might want to think about a stretching move that compensates for that posture. So if you're sitting at a computer all day long like this when you stretch, you're not gonna stretch like this. You would want to stretch the other way. And if you're always standing upright all the time or you're doing a particular type of motion, think about the fact that your body, your physical self, those muscles are always in that position all the time. In order to get the right balance with stretching, you'd want to do the stretching moves, of course, in the opposite direction, if possible and it's safe for you. But please remember, always stretch your body to your own standards and not somebody else's. Don't do anything that is extremely painful or that will hurt you. Just go that little stretch beyond what you're used to just to get your body just that little bit more stretched out of its comfort zone. Can you see this isn't as hard as you might have thought. This isn't about radically changing your routine. It's just about inserting small, healthier steps into your existing day and little bit by little bit. You will feel better and better. Remember, start off small and stay the course. Don't over commit. Don't try and do half on hour. If you don't have half a Knauer, start off with one minute of exercise One minute of stretching. I think you confined to minutes for that beautiful spiritual house of yours that works so tirelessly for you every day. So, up to this point, we've covered off Step one, loving your spiritual self. Step two. Providing the right fuel for your physical self and step three. Moving your body. So what about nurturing your spiritual self? Well, that's what Step four is all about. 5. Step 4. Getting off the hamster wheel. : now the topic of spiritual growth is so vast that I'm not even going to try and cover it off in this lecture. But what I'm going to do for Step four is instill the basics around taking care of your spiritual self through rest and meditation. If you remember a few lectures back, I asked you if you thought it was realistic for somebody to fully and completely heal from her surgery. If they did not rest on, I think you know what the answer is. There wouldn't likely he'll fully Orosz quickly, as they could have if they had just rested themselves. And while I know that's a physical example, the metaphorical or spiritually example stands true as well. In today's world, if it looks like you're doing nothing, it is frowned upon by pretty much everybody. It says. If you must feel every single waking moment of yours by doing something outwardly productive. But my dear friend, if you don't consciously stop to rest that frantic mind of yours, you will grow more and more weary over time because at some point you must get off that hamster wheel to rest and recoup off course. I am not condoning laziness far from it. As a matter of fact, what I am urging you to do is put aside some time where you can actually quiet your mind, meditate and relax by doing meditation and rest for your inner self. By quieting your mind, you are giving your spiritual self the nourishment, the rest and that stretch that it needs now, just like the previous lecture where I talked about moving your body. I'm not asking you to commit hours and hours of time each day to do this. Even the smallest gap in that incessant stream of thoughts that you have can revitalize your spirit. Now, if you're new to meditation and resting now, I know that probably sounded a little bit weird, but in all honesty, many people don't actually rest. What they do is they go, go, go, go! And they were so physically tired by the end of the day that they just collapse on the bed that is not resting. That is sheer exhaustion and desperation. So when I talk about actually resting at your spiritual self, I'm talking about conscious resting, just like everything else in this course. We're going to start off very simply, Just by the power of your focus, are we going to rest that spiritual self of yours? So what I'm gonna ask you to do next, you can simply overlay what you already do every day, having a drink of water or taking a sip out of your cup of coffee. The next time you're going to have a sip out of your drink, I'd like you to focus as you pick up your cup, how you wrap your fingers around it and the texture of the cup against your fingers. Focus on that feeling, and then, as you raise the cup up to your mouth, focus on how it feels the weight of the cup. Is it heavy or isn't light? And then, as you put the cup to your lips, notice how it feels against your lips. Is it a paper cup? Is it a ceramic cup? Is it glass? How does it feel against your lips? And then as you drink, notice the way that it the liquid feels in your mouth. So warm or cool? Is it creamy? Notice how it swirls around in your mouth and it goes down your throat now you drink anyway . So all I'm asking you to do is, instead of unconsciously drinking and putting it down, I'm asking you just to slow that motion a little bit and think about everything you do to have that sip you'll be amazed at by focusing in on that simple action. Having a step to drink will actually stop, slow down or reduce the amount of incessant thoughts that clutter up that mind of yours. That is the first simple step towards actually resting your mind and heading towards meditation. Now, as you're able to do small moments of time like that more regularly, whether it's drinking something, eating something, brushing your hair, having a shower, you can start expanding that focus into bigger gaps of time, such as when you laying down to go to sleep. Actually thinking about your breath in and your breath out feeling how your bodies against the bed, how it's weighing down, how the sheets feel against your body. And by focusing on those moments, you are breaking the thoughts stream in your mind and prolonging conscious rest for your minds. The longer that you could do that, you stretch into what we call meditation and you'll find it's so rewarding and so enriching that you will look for a little moments of time in your day. But just like everything else, we must actually find the time. So that's why we start off with focus. And we just overlay the focus on activities that we already do to get ourselves in the habit of taking that next step of nurturing our spiritual self. Now, as you move into this phase of rest full awareness, you may end up enjoying doing something like a meditation every day, or joining a meditative group or perhaps getting CDs where you can listen for longer lengths of time. But the goal for this step is not to become a meditation guru unless that is something that you would like to do. All it's about is taking that step towards nurture in your spiritual self and then move on to the final step, which is self feeling. We'll talk about in the next election 6. Step 5. Taking back what's yours.: somewhere along the way, we lost our confidence and our ability to heal ourselves. We now rely so heavily on taking medications for relief, getting surgeries to remove the keys and listening to doctors. Give us grim facts about our situations and what we need to do. Now. Don't get me wrong. I am not blacklisting those things off course medications, surgeries and doctors have a very well respected and rightful place in our society. What I'm asking you to remember and perhaps rethink, is that they aren't always the first port of call that we must go to when we're talking about healing. You were born with everything you needed to heal yourself. And this earth of ours has been able to supply everything that we need in order to supplement that healing. Of course, if you have a broken leg or had some sort of injury, or if you need some particular medication or if you feel that is right for you, please do not think I am asking you to stop that or to not do that. What I'm asking you to do is in addition to what we are used to doing in our culture today , is to remember that you have the power to heal as well. So if you have undergone the four steps up to this point loving your spiritual self, fueling your spiritual house with the right fuel, moving your body and exercising, as well as giving your spiritual self that mind of yours a breakthrough rest in meditation . This step will actually crown the rest of those steps. If you don't do the 1st 4 steps, this step can still be helpful. But you'll find that all five steps combined together or what make self healing so powerful , self healing step I'd like to give you now while you're at rest, which is like Step four is to firstly, get in a quiet, comfortable place and close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful soft white light engulfing your entire being. Now, while you bask in that beautiful light, I'd like you to place your hands on a specific area of concern that you have. Or if you have no specific area of concern, perhaps just place them on your heart and affirm what is rightfully yours, which is I am healthy. I have a perfectly healthy body. I am re energized. I am revitalized. I am worthy, I accept, and I am grateful for my health. It's always important to end that self healing session with riel Gratitude. Now, of course, I believe them more than merrier. So if you have an opportunity for someone else to help you heal or to be a part of your healing efforts, be that a doctor or some other natural healing modality are perhaps the prayer or the loving intention of others. Then, of course, if it fuels right for you, accept that additional love except that additional help towards your health. No, please do not dismiss the wonderful effects that energy healing, loving intention the power of focus meditation can have on your life. I'm not talking about platitudes. This is actually part of who we are. My believes Air stemmed and supported a lot in scientific fact, and I will put some blawg post links to this lecture as well, so you can read a little bit about why I say that. But what this is about is remembering that energy healing, the focus. Everything I talked about in these five steps can bolster your true health and your true happiness. So you may live the loving, abundant life that you so deserved 7. Whether baby or giant steps, just move forward. : started Step one and progressed through each step at your pace as it feels right for you. And you will feel that little bit better as you get used to committing that love to yourself, your spiritual self and your spiritual house. It will get easier over time, and it will eventually be a part of just the way that you live. Take out of what I have taught you. What serves your greatest in highest? Good. If that is just one component or all of the components for every moment you feel better, my friend. We all feel better. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this process with you. I truly hope that my book, Powerful Healing and Five Simple Steps was insightful and helpful for you.