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Self Healing and Balancing with Crystals

teacher avatar Katy Batt, Find your path and achieve your goals.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Using crystals for self healing

    • 3. How to choose the crystals you need

    • 4. Doing a crystal meditation

    • 5. What balancing means

    • 6. How to tell which chakra is out of balance

    • 7. Using a pendulum to check your chakras

    • 8. A balancing meditation

    • 9. Root chakra

    • 10. Sacral chakra

    • 11. Solar plexus

    • 12. Heart chakra

    • 13. Throat chakra

    • 14. Brow chakra

    • 15. Crown chakra

    • 16. Thank you

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About This Class

We all have elements of ourselves that need healing.

Throughout life we collect emotional baggage.

This course is what you need. You can begin your own healing journey.

Using crystals as the tools to guide you. Using crystals has the tools to support you.

Identify the areas of yourself that need attention. Learn to recognise energy imbalances in your body. Clear out the baggage and keep your energies clear and balanced.

Release what no longer serves you. Embrace you for you.

During this course you will build the confidence to listen to your own intuition, and tuning into crystal energies will become second nature.

You can heal past emotions and bring balance back to your body.

By the end of this course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need for your own self healing journey.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katy Batt

Find your path and achieve your goals.


Katy is a certified holistic therapist. She has practised crystal healing for several years, working with a wide array of clients. Katy has now turned her attention to teaching others how to incorporate holistic methods into their lives, tune into their intuition, find their path and achieve their goals. This is through running many successful workshops and holistic retreats, and online courses. Over a thousand people, across six continents, have benefited from these methods. Katy releases a podcast weekly called, Crystals & Coffee.

Katy has a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Bachelors degree, with honours, in Psychology. Katy deeply believes that a healthy mind is essential to be healthy as a whole and this is the focus of her practice.



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1. Welcome: Hey, lovely Andi. Thank you for joining me and welcome to self healing and balancing with crystals. Course. My name is Katie. If you've not seen me before, I'm a crystal healing practitioner. I've been practicing with crystals now for a 45 years, but I have loved crystals since I was a teenager, so they've always been a love of mine. I has no other courses that I've done as well. Andi. The purpose of doing these courses what I feel is I learned so much from using crystals on have obviously learned a lot of becoming a crystal practitioner. There's an awful lot you can do with crystals that you could use for yourself. You know, everyday life that can really, really help on. I want to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with you so that you can go ahead and use these wonderful things for yourself as well. So the purpose of this course is to look into crystals at how you can use them for self healing and also how we can identify when things might be a bit off with our energies will be looking at the seven chakras centers or energy centers the shackles of the body on. We'll be looking at each of those, in turn, in detail on how to look out to see if they're acting a bit up of the acting. Okay, on crystals you can use to help each one individually, so there's a lot going on. Um, so take your time there. It's completely at your own pace. You've got access to it for as long as you want. Will forever, Really, So you can dip in and out. You can run through and pick. It's out. I do recommend at least once during all the way through. Did he get complete understanding of it on then, as and when you need a little refreshes or you want to just check up on the odds jacquard and you can just use that particular video. So I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you learn a lot. Andi, that's get started 2. Using crystals for self healing: so using crystals for self healing. Let's talk a little bit about a bit of a recap off how crystals actually work. Why is that? We use them so you may already be familiar in that there are hundreds, if not thousands of different types off crystal available, some more common than others. So all crystals Ah um working? No. All crystals with most crystals are growing in the ground. Some artificially died or in hearts, but most of them will have originated in the ground. They grow geologically in rocks, and they combined all over the world. Different parts of the world are home to different types of crystal, so these rocks and mind out on they are. Then they can be sold as one peaceful there, cut down into lots of pieces of, says Vega. Like your rock, rock, rock clusters and raw pieces on. They can also be cut down into smaller pieces and highly polished. It's how you get your shine tumble stains that it's a very common or most commonly used for in healing sessions. So as every single crystal is grain, Andi, it's formed in rocks on its the geological process. Um, each crystal just dropped it. Each crystal has its own, um, unique molecular structure. So as with everything around us, little, absolutely everything, including us, made up off lots and lots and lots lots, lots of molecules that are all buzzing together, and that's what forms everything. So that is what happens with crystals. Each one has its own molecular structure, so each one is giving off its own unique energy reparation. And it's that energy vibration that we chewed into with healing on its eso. Those unique energy vibrations have different healing properties attributed to them. So that's why certain crystals a good for certain things. So, um, this is how we this is. That's how crystals work it's about. Tuning into the energy is an energy therapy on tuning into crystal energy just takes practice basically, and that more often you do it on the more often you exercise your intuition, the best your grains get at it, and the more confident you'll be with it on the more and sensitive you'll start to really recognize different feelings and sensations, the more more use your intuition, so there's not really any substitute for practice of these things. It's a little bit trial and error as well. Trying Teoh sometimes determine which crystal it is that you you really need because, like I say, when you're starting out, it takes practice so they help in so many different ways. Crystals could help you on a physical level, the help of physical ailments that could help with emotional, mental and spiritual a swell all relating onto, um, which energy centers which shack crew you're working on or what have situations you've got going on in your life on which type of crystals that you use on. And they are a tool to help you with healing, so you're not going to be able. I will tell you now you will not be able to pick up a crystal on. Everything magically gets better. That's not how they work. They They're a tool to help you to uncover root causes off certain situations. You may have physical elements that are being brought on by emotional aspect. Such a stress, grief, things like that. So it's about uncovering the layers, getting right down to the crux of it on solving that issue, which will then have a knock on effect on the other things that that you're concerned with all the bothering you on crystals could be there with you every step of the way. They can help you start up that energy. It could help cleanse that energy you cannot crystals with you that help keep your strong and help acute feeling safe and confident throughout the whole process. So there's a crystal that could help you every step of the way. But it's no a gap one magic cure. It's a process, and that's what we'll talk about throughout this whole course. It's about embarking on and committing to a process off healing, so we'll go next in Tiu, the next video about how we go about choosing or identifying which crystals you been made. 3. How to choose the crystals you need: Okay, So how do you go about using choosing the crystal? It is that you need to use the right crystal for you because there are so many on you may already have a crystal collection of a number of crystals on. Sometimes you know completely sure which ones you want to use or you've been using the same crystals for a long time, and you're starting to maybe feel that not having, um, the same effect that they used to it may be that you need to changed. So the best way Teoh choose a crystal Adam mentioned earlier is through energy and intuition. And this is something that comes with practice. Andi is very simple to practice. It's very easy process. There's nothing complex about it. It's just about listening two or tuning into how you feel about Mr what. The best way to do this is to lay crystals your crystals out in front of you. Maybe it's a group of Christian. You can choose from the whole collection. Or maybe you're in a crystal shop where they're all set out on display in front of you. If you're comfortable doing it in that situation, then then please do you'll be encouraged to you anyway, If you're in a good crystal shop, they'll know why you're while you're doing it. So the best way to do it's very simple. It's, too. If you are able to close dries and just clear my head a little bit, take some deep breaths, get yourself nice and calm, and then you want to take your dominant hand, the hand that you write with and hover that over your group of crystals on with with your eyes closed to possible. So that eliminates distractions and all today, you know. Then, looking at the crystals, you're really just going on the what you feel so you have your hand over the crystals. Andi, just see, just basically see what you feel. Some. It's different problem. Some people feel a tingling sensation. Some people feel heat. Some people feel they're just physically drawn to it. Some people just feel need to stop. Um, and don't don't be itself up. If you don't feel the straightaway, it takes. If you've never exercised this area before, you've never exercised intuition in such a way. It's going to take practice. Minute will come, especially if you're open to it, and it's what, on your focusing on it, it woke up. So then you just go with wherever you feel. The sensation you feel drawn down to It may not be one question in particular, maybe two next to each other. Crystals can work very, very well and complement each other. You shouldn't ever really be too worried about combining crystals that catch to have a really good effect. In my course, Chris regrets and combinations to speak a lot more about that. About how you can combine crystals for a battle round. Energias Welsh. Not better. The wrong word. A stronger around energy to help him in that situation. Andi. In terms of practicing or intuition, we go into that a lot more in my instruction to use in crystals course as well. So if you wanted to have a look at that, so really have a look at in detail how which use crystals on some of the good ones to start out with, that's a good place to look. So once you started to practice that you start to feel these sensations and you feeling what you're drawn to than those of the crystals that your energy is looking out for. And it may be something you were really expecting or it might not make complete sense. That's fine, because I've had this with clients so many times where they come for a crystal healing session. We talk a bit about four had about what it is, whether there and what it is that they need help with Andi. They say why they think that their what they want to have help with. Throughout the consultation, we thought looking at Krystal's, um, it changes a little bit because oftentimes what's actually needing of healing isn't the initial on the surface symptom. It's what's going on underneath that is causing the symptom that needs the healing. So it's a bit it's it's more so not picking the Chris store of the plaster to stick over. The symptom is really to get their loot lower. Sometimes. Sometimes it's complete quite a long process it again. It depends on a person's on your personal situation, but it's about being able to just bring up these energies, get them cleared and dealt with so that this can them remedy the symptoms that others said it is a process so it may not make sense, but go with it. If it's what you're being drawn to, then it's what your energy is calling out for, and it's what you need. On some days, it will be different than maybe a Christian. You're drawn to allow the time that'll sudden you're not drawn to anymore. It may just mean that you're done with that one. For now. Now it's time to use a different one. Or you may feel compelled to give the crystal away to somebody. And that means that the crystals done its job for you. You've It's helped you as far as it can, and it's now time to pass on to somebody else. These are all very natural reactions. When you start changing into these energies, I know sometimes gonna be difficult, especially if you're feeding quite low or you're not in a great place right now. So you're not feeling your energies, particularly on point, so you really want to. You don't really feel like doing it, But again, no matter what love your energy is that the new energy will see how the crystal that it needs to get you back up, so stick with it put on and keep practicing and trying these methods. Andi, it will become second nature after a little. 4. Doing a crystal meditation: so one of the more effective ways of doing self healing is to carry out a crystal meditation. This is a very simple price that you don't have to have done meditation before. You don't have to be a master then or anything like that. It's more of a terminology thing that it's just committing some uninterrupted time. Spending time just relaxed with your crystals of loving the energy. That's what we mean when we say crystal meditation in this context. So the best thing you could do is again depending on the situation and how often you fit. If you feel that you that you need it, it's not something you necessarily have to do every day. It can be something that you do once a week to just top up your energies and just keep you keep you on an even keel. Or if there's something you particularly wanted to work through, you come by all means. Do it every day or every other day, or when you feel you need it. So again it's very personal to you and trust your intuition on how often you feel that you should do these. So a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn't have to take a really long time. It's just about like I say, some uninterrupted time in a comfortable place. Are they letting you say for lead on your bed somewhere where you can just chill out and be still and be quiet? Um, you can lay Chris the crystals that you've been drawn to on you, or you could hold them in your hands. You can leave them around you again. It's completely up to you if they on you and you're going to get some really great direct energy and holding them as well. So again, up to you do. How do you feel? Do you want to lie down with your crystals? Takes a nice deep breaths. Close your eyes unjust. Allow yourself to relax. Try not to let your mind wander. Teoh. All the things that might be stressing you out or I've got to do this. I've got to do that, really trying to bring it back to just thinking of happy things. Think of something. She smiles. It might be a certain person. It might be a holiday or maybe a certain place. Just try and think of things that are happy and keep your and lift your energies so that as to throughout the meditation, you're allowing yourself to relax and you're feeling comfortable and you're feeling safe in feeling nice and content. That's what we want. Oh, that's what we want to do during his meditations. It's supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing time so you can stay there for as long as you like. I just a minimum of 15 2020 minutes to get some really good exposure from the crystals is is really great. Andi, Um, it doesn't matter what time of day again. What suits you so following the Christian meditation, particularly if it's your first time or first time in a while, or something in particular is going on that you're trying Teoh. Help yourself with healing from, um, healing can be. It can be messy. It can't bring up feelings that you're maybe have been trying not to feel. But that is the whole point off healing. It's bringing these feelings ups, bringing these energies out so that you could become aware of them, and you have to feel them to process them. Um, Andi. So don't be alarmed if in the days following or in the immediate aftermath of doing crystal meditations. Working with crystals, you may feel emotional. Um, you may feel feel tearful. It's just a way of just getting out. It's purging. This energy is coming to the surface, and we're releasing it. You may be sneezing a lot. You may have cold symptoms. You may start. Coughing is one of these things that just trying to expel this energy that's being stood up . So don't be duped. Too alarmed. That starts to happen. Of course, if you do start to feel ill or if you're trying. If you're doing these thes healings and it's bringing up things that you're not comfortable with them, please do seek professional medical advice. Um, if you have any concerns with your physical health, the mental health crystal healing is not a substitute for professional medical advice. And the doctor it's a complementary therapy. It's complimentary advice toe work alongside professional medical advice to help you in other areas or to help you emotionally on give support throughout if you do need medication . So, please, if there are things that coming up that are alarming or you're not feeling good, Um or or you feel like that. You should speak to somebody before you do this because you think you may need professional advice, then you need to go and do that. Absolutely. 100% recommend that if you have concerns, you do speak to a doctor. But Crystal healing has its place alongside traditional medicines on DTI treatments, because there's a lot that taking taking medicine for physical issues. Things don't necessarily help the emotional side, the mental side, all the support side of it. So that's what alternative therapies can help give you a bit more than all rounded approach . So in the days following a meditation or healing, you start to feel a bit jumbled up and things like that. Then that is all part off the healing process. It's not gonna be all sunshine and roses depended again, depending on what it is that you're your situation involves, but trust that it's part of the process. And then each time you do one of his crys crystal healing meditations, or if you go and have a crystal healing session each time that you have it, these symptoms will lessen on lesson because each time you're doing it. You're shifting a bit more energy. You're shifting a bit more energy. So that first time is a big shakeup on next time. Little less little bit less, a little bit less on their. Hopefully, you'll get to a point where you're feeling good about things on. You just want to keep up with the crystal healing and the self feeding on the meditations just to keep you aren't even keel and just to keep you feeling good. So again, that's aled gonna be different. Timeline for everybody. Um, Andi, it's not just gonna be a one off. Do you want meditation on Douala? Everything's done. I'm sorry it doesn't work like that. It's about committing to a process. Andi. Bringing these crystals into your life as a tool to help you along on they will hurt you along. They absolutely, really start using them on, and you'll be using them in many different areas of your life. Bring them into your home and your family. There's just so many ways you can integrate them for self healing, um, and trusting it as an ongoing process and enjoying it and loving that. Yet the energy that the crystals bray 5. What balancing means: So what do we mean when we talk about balancing and feeling balanced? Well, in this context, what we mean is that the energies that are rooting around in our body on the energy centers of our body are well aligned on that they're working as they should do. Onda. We feel comfortable on. We feel centered and we feel grounded. That is what we mean by balancing in this concept or feeling balanced in this context. So a lot. Well, the main focus of this is on Shack Ra's. So let's talk a little bit about chakras. You may or may not have heard of them before the shack Chris off energy centers of our body . So they are the different there, cept their seven main shack roads that run in a straight line center, a body on they. Each chakra has its own attributes, but it has its own area that it's that the energy works for, so if one of those goes out of balance, it could have a knock on effect on others. Other starts overcompensate, and you start to feel a little bit unbalanced and maybe a bit frazzled, and you just don't feel right so well briefly go through the shockers here later on. In the course, there is a lot more detail. There's a video per Shaqra talking about each shocker, a lot more detail, but we'll just go through them briefly in this in this video. So, first of all, we have first chapter, which is the root chakra. Now the root chakra is located at the base of your spine. On the energy related to the root chakra is everything that makes up you, which makes you you. So you got your value systems. You've got how you see yourself, how you present yourself to the world, your ambitions, all those sorts of things. They're all in that root chakra. It's the roots off you. Then the next one up is the sacral shack ground. Sacral chakra is just below your navel in your lower abdomen. So this is related to a lot of emotions. Sensuality, sexuality, fertility. Um, so it's all about your remote. Your emotional site is is in sacral chakra. Third chakra is called your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is just below your breastbone. The base of your revocation. The center there, it's entered your abdomen so you said a plexus has a lot to do is very much linked Wave, um, your gut on digestive system. So it is said that your digestive system is that your second nervous system is like a second brain when there are things going on in your head. Stress, anxiety, worries, excitement. Um, it reflects in your digestive system. We get butterflies not in our stomach. Stomach upsets on do all those kind of things kind of link up. So sewn plexus is, um, very much an issue sent. This is the center of your body as well. So in there is a lot to do with your motivation who drive self esteem, creativity. Everything that kind of drives you is in so plexus in the center, the next Jack Rupp is the heart chakra center of the chest. This'll chakra is relates to all things love family relationships. But more most importantly, it's to do with self love how much you love yourself whether you feel worthy of love, the love you give out. It's all related here in the heart chakra. Then we have the throat chakra here at the base of the neck. Um, this relates to oversee the throat on it relates to self expression communication, saying, How you feel speaking your truth. Um, get expressing yourself. Then we have the sixth chakra, which is the brow shop grass, sometimes called the third eye in the center of your forehead. This is related very much to the mind. There could be a lot going on in the in the brow shack, right to do with critical state of my entire thinking and how you're feeling. It's stress or anxiety on it, so it can also do without about your perspective and your outlook. On the seventh Shack wrapped, the crown chakra is on the top of your head on the crown of your head on. This is where old energy leaves enters the body. It starts here and runs down that central line. So the crown chakra is has a lot to do with your higher self. It has a lot to do with your spiritual side on and again it. It has a lot to do with your overall being, because this is where everything goes in and out in the crown chakra. So that's a very brief overview of the shack was like, I say there are videos later on that we'll talk about each chakra in detail about what could be related on how they act up and how that how you be feeling, if there in the right place and how you might be feeding if they're not acting as they should. So shackles can be comfortably open and flowing with energy, which is great just what we want. Sometimes they could get blocked and stuck when we've got energy, just builds up in there were holding things in, and we need to release it and cleanse through Andi, sometimes a shack or could be overactive because it could be overcompensating for shackles that are blocked. So it's going a bit crazy. And so this is where you summaries of your life might before. They're a little bit out of your control because something else is going on. We don't necessarily focus on closing their shackles down. What we need to focus on is unblocking the ones that blocked, and then everything should settle down and even out on become balanced. So that is, that is what we mean when we talk about balancing in the context of this course in a context of self feeling, and it's about just feeling in alignment. I'm grounded onto the overall feeling off balance 6. How to tell which chakra is out of balance: So how can we tell which chakras are acting up or are blocked or closed? Well, there's a lot of different ways is calm present itself. We can have some emotional symptoms. We could have some mental symptoms. And quite often there are physical symptoms that are attributed Teoh. Our shack was being blocked or closed or spinning a bit too fast. Um, they again being aware of these, I will come with practice and more. You learn about shot Chris, Um, Andi being able to identify these areas so that you can go ahead and maybe focus on that that shack or whether it be using the crystals that go with that shack Rare but shack words all have their own color. So it's about maybe wearing the color of that shack around, just kind of really coaxing out on bond concentrating. Focus. Given that shocker, bit of love can help Teoh cleanse them and get them and get it working again. So again, when we talk about that, it's Iran will cover those sorts of things on do You may also what which another part of the course later on is about doing a balancing meditation similar to a Christian meditation where you felt comfortable seven chakras at the same time and do a nice kind of balancing, grounding meditation. But sometimes that isn't always necessarily necessary. You could just there. There's certain areas you just need to give a bit of attention to, so you can focus on that particular shack, right? If you want todo again covered with your intuition on and what to be aware off. Andi. Common sense about how you feeling because again, if you are concerned you have health concerns, we need to have consult professional medical advice. That's OK, you can do both. It's fine. So a couple of examples of how Shaqra symptoms can present themselves in. For example, if you have issues with your throat shack crap with communication that maybe something going on in your personal life, family or work, or just you personally not feeling that you can express yourself we're not being heard or not being able to communicate very well because last physical symptoms could be you regularly have sore throats or your coughing a lots or you having flare ups in your throat again if you if there's no other explanation for this and you've not been poorly or ill, then you can start to focus on the chakra. If it doesn't let up again, check in with the doctor. I know I keep saying that, but it is very important, Um, for for that to be set, it is. But so you could keep getting these on. If you have situation going on in your life, then that may be a trigger of you to think. Okay, I need to focus on the throat shot crap. Make it to kind of clear out that energy they're crystals you can use that can help you feel safe and communicating that have energies that enable you to be able to communicate and express yourself. Andi, I do suggest crystals for each chakra in the activities as well. So at another example, if you having a lot off, um, tension and stress in your life, a lot of anxiety. You could be suffering with a lot of headaches. Then again, this can't be something to do with your with brown shack grass. You may want to focus on open that up and just clearing out some energy in their Andi releasing some of the stress and some of the tension, so there will be different ways that shackles will present themselves and there are different characteristics to look out for on. You can do it all over healing every now and again Just keep you in check on. Then there are different things you can do to help each chakra in turn as well. 7. Using a pendulum to check your chakras: so another way that we can check our chakras to see what's going on with them is a a tool that I use as a crystal dinner as well. On that is a crystal pendulum. So I use these in every healing session to just run over the shack Chris and see what their role up to on you may. You may already have one of these, and you may have one used for divination. You can ask pendulums questions, and they can answer for you. This pendulum is a rose quartz because Rose Quartz is a very gentle, loving stone. It's one of the master healers. It communes with so many things, So it's a lovely. It's a lovely, almost almost neutral stone. It's something meeting use for everything that is a lovely one to use to check your shack, Rose S O Ro's sports or clear courts would have the same swell and maybe even an amethyst. So I I have Rose quartz and and with this pendulums that I use. So the way a pendulum is used for the shack raises that it's held over the chakras on wait to see what movements it takes on what the energy from that chakra is doing to the pendulum for their tightened and tell us what's going on there. So as a crystal healer arduous across the entire body, do a healing session with the crystals. We cleanse Ishaq roundly infusing shocker with new crystal energies and then we'll recheck it. I recheck it with a pension, um, so that we can see that everything is aligned and balanced at the end. So if you wanna have this kind of full body healing and Kristen infusing and everything, then it is always great to go into the crystal practitioner if you wanted to. But there are ways that you can do this yourself at home. To a lesser it is maybe to a lesser extent, but it's still gonna help. It's still gonna help you in your self healing journey. So because if you have your suspicions off, I've got these symptoms. I just feel like this shocker must be outbound. Until something's going on there. You can pick up your pendulum, check that one chakra, see what's going on on. Then he'll help with her self healing accordingly. So I'm not suggesting that you go along and you do everything crystal He'll never do. This is so you could check in for yourself when you feel like one of your chakras is out of balance And you just wanna do you want to check it? And my which crystals you feel you need to grab. That's what it's all about. So have a pendulum If you have one to check your doctors live. What we do is we hold it. So it's a my back of my hand is just just the shocker area We just hold it above But so far Onda we just see what movements is gonna make So I'm gonna make it move to show you the different movements Now, Andi, explain a bit about what they are. So when I'm in a doing healing session if I was to hold a crystal above, um above the chakra Andi there was little to no movement. So if it stayed still like that, or did it ever such a slight clockwise May vermin, I'd be quite happy And that's it. Nice, happy chakra! My sin. I was uncomfortable. I was open. Not a lot going on in that doing so nice. Smooth movements. If it starts to move anti clockwise. Then I would say that that means that Chris, that that chakra is closed. I don't need some attention to get eyes open again if it starts to do very big movements like clockwise movements are really big like this. Then that would explain that would show me that that Crystal was overacting. It's overactive. And it could be it's compensating for another crystal. The crystal. Sorry, another Shaqra that may be closed or blocked. So it's it's doing. It's working a lot harder than it needs to. Anything on energy is spilling out. That's chakra. So we need to maybe check. So the shot cruise, um, to see where the imbalance is. And there's also, um, if it swings in a straight line was that is like an elliptical swaying, Um, it can show that again. That's a sign that the chakras imbalanced and he's a little bit of attention, so it's like closed or or just not completely closed and blocked. But it's out of balance. It needs a little bit of attention on if it if it goes the other way as well. Side to side, it could just mean that it's like partially open and again means of of attention. So our recap those So what? I'm looking a pendulum on it barely moves or doesn't a very gentle clockwise movement. I'm quite happy with that chakra that seems to be in balance to May. If it starts moving anti clockwise, then the shocked crowd, um, is closed up. Well, there's a lot in there that needs to be drawn out. If we start to have some big clockwise movements like this, like quite erratic movements, quite big then then that chakra is overactive. Andi, there's other shackles that are under acting on. This is compensation for it. On def, we have straight line movements back and forth, side to side. Then there is a slight imbalance in there. You may just want to just give that shack rescind Attention. Missing crystals Just Teoh give a bit of a boost, basically. So that is how we would check our shack wrists with a pendulum. So if you've been getting symptoms and you just thinking or just I feel like this is, uh, something's up with my solar plexus on. I just want you can just check it by using this. If you don't have a pendulum. Don't worry. You can still, if you feel that if again it's on its own. Intuition is how you feel. So again, If you have an intuitive feeling and you're just reading know something's up in here, Mr Plexus and it needs clearing, then then give that the attention. You're not gonna hurt anything by paying your chakras some attention with some crystals. Just if you do have one of these, then you can also kind of double check what's going on. 8. A balancing meditation: So you may want to carry out your own balancing meditation from time to time just to make sure that you're feeling dissed, give you that kind of chakra cleanse and getting cell for balanced on. It's just something you might want to make a regular practice off. So it's very similar to doing a just a regular crystal meditation that we talked about before. You can use your pendulum beforehand if you want to, to deceive which one's which areas might need a bit more attention. But we're gonna be hitting all of the shockers here, so you don't necessarily need to do that. Um, but you can if you want to do any good note in a journal. So I'm going to give you some recommend just a little example off a crystal to use each chakra again. So you may want to start off with this and then tweak it on DSI. Which Christians you have Which ones adapted for you. But it might be in my starting 0.40. So if you total your back, um, lie the crystals directly on your body, right from the from the root chakra up to let down, I would have them in place for the 15 20 minutes minimum, like we discussed before. So your route shut crap it's on. The base is just fine, so obviously don't want to be lying on a crystal. So if you place it just above, unlike the very basis of your hips just above your pubic bank, as if it's in line with the base of your spine, you can place your root chakra stone there. So I said before, the root chakra is everything to do with you. So it might be quite nice to use a stone such as families and black tourmaline. Here it's a protective stone. It's helps block negative energies, helps repel those sort of things that tryingto get into your psyche and nickel you and just protect you from from outside energies you just don't need so you could have backed or money sacral chakra. Carnelian is very much related to emotions, to fertility and all of those sorts things, so that's quite nice to place on your sacral chakra, which is just below your navel. Then we've got some sick dream here, which will work very well for your solar plexus because it writes to everything with motivation and drive on just feeling good. Uplifting. So place that one soda plexus, which is just below your breastbone. Then we've got Rose quartz here. Just the love stone relates to everything emotions and loving relationships. So that's a great one of your heart shot grounds in the center of your chest. Then the angel lights should recommend for the third shot. Approach is based your neck here. It's great for expression and communication, soothing and calms that's a nice ones to use for their theme. The brow chakra center of your forehead Pregnant fist is again. This is all about this. I am a student in very well with the mind, um, to help relieve tension relieves stress. It helps stop calm down worries and busy mind, and also helps with sleep. That's the great ones, the brash at crap. And then, lastly, for the Crown Shack crap. Clear quartz Because again, this being excuse me, this being the, um, enter and exit would energy in the body. Clear. Quartz is a very is a cleansing stone. It's very, very positive stone and up lifting. So it's a great once a place if you're let down let you just place it a like above your head there. So it's touching the top of your head on during your meditation to place the stones, same as you would for a regular Christian meditation. Take on just takes most control. Just nice control breathing. Andi. Let your mind to wander Teoh relaxing places things that make you feel nice on. Try and train your mind away from thinking about things, the wrong things, that stressing you out so you can lie there for as long. As long as it's comfortable. Ast time allows for you, but as I said, minimum of 20 minutes is great. 15 20 minutes, um, and carefully removed the stains and sit up slowly because you've been moving a lot of energy around all over you during this meditation. Specially come to get up slowly on DSA in your legs around a place your feet by the bare feet or with just a stopgap measure. Use. Place your feet flat on the ground on Stomp your feet a few times, and this really helps ground you after that meditation and bring you back. Teoh to the president and I have not called the novel of the excess away on gonna sweep away and energies that come out. So it's important that you do that to Andi. Take a so glass of water as well to help flush through again energies that have made and its waters were great flushing out toxins. So make sure that you comes to slowly you soppy fee and you have a nice big glass of water after carrying out one of the shot from meditations. 9. Root chakra: Okay, so let's talk about the shot, Chris. So far as well, let's talk about the Route shack where, as I mentioned before, it's located at the base of the spine. On the related color for re chakra is red. So if you're thinking about using crystals for your root chakra, then read on Blackstone's black being for protection our great issues with this shack crap , depending on which one that you were drawn to. So if you're root, chakra won't detect it with your pendulum or just by hearing these symptoms, and you don't need to pay attention. And this is what to look out for. So if you're rich, chakra is to open. Got this big movements on the on the pension, for example, were experiencing feeling. Feelings have been quite self centered. Maybe that's completely out of character or overly materialistic. If you have these feelings and you don't know where they're coming from, and it's not normal for you, that could be a sign that your root chakra is way too open and it's kind overcompensating for something, and that's blocked unclos, and there's a lot of energy, and then it just needs to be freed then you can become emotionally needy. Um, quite low self esteem. Low confidence in yourself. Well, almost fearful about doing things, because again, low self esteem not feeling it very good. You know, good enough acceptance. You're really shackles blocked, and it's no swirling this lovely energy off of you, the essence of you basically. So it stopped that. And so therefore, you stop feeling yourself. So that's what happens when your root chakra gets blocked. When it's, um, well, the root chakra is operating fine on its balance, and it's working as it should do. You'll feel grounded, unhealthy on ah, full of high energy, and you'll have great self esteem. And you just feel good about you, for example, crystals that you can use for your re chakra aside, discussed in the balance of meditation videos got black tourmaline, which is great for protection against negative energy. We have carnelian, which it's get color wise, is great with the root chakra on. It helps with again with those emotions of low self esteem and things. That and then we've also got red jade, which is fantastic for inner strength, Andi staying strong to what you believe in and doing what you want to do. So that's so That's another great stone for those who that's the chakra 10. Sacral chakra: Okay, so the sacral chakra, um, sacral chakra is placed us below your navel in your lower abdomen. On the color in related to the sacral chakra is orange, so orange stones are work of this and wearing orange on just having orange around is grateful helping your sacral chakra. So if you're cycles chakra is to open, Um, then you need to be aware or feeling emotionally unbalanced. You might feel you're being manipulative. You can get sexually addictive. Basically, emotions are running on high Andi. They are just being very over, um, active compared to how maybe you usually feel if the sacral chakra is blocked, then you will feel overly sensitive. You will feel quite hard on yourself. You'll feel guilty for no reason to be quite emotional. Beat yourself up about things. Um, that's what happens when your soccer shot crazies is closed or blocked. If it's working OK and everything's fine in your sack a shopper, then you'll feel trusting. You'll feel expressive of your emotions. You'll feel in tune with your feelings. You feel creative, and you just feel it all round goodness in that area. So as I mentioned it being orange, there's a couple of orange stones that you can use with your sacral chakra Conneely. And again, it's very good with with feelings of emotion so that that works in that ties in really well . You're sacral chakra. Then we have Sunstone, which is great for helping you feel better. Feel reassured. Uplifting energy full of vitality is that's a great one to use. This one is an orange, but it's very, very good for the sacral chakra because Secretary Acker being related to fertility, particularly in women using the moonstone, is great because as the moon works on a cycle, a woman's body works on a cycle. So tuning in with that slight click, all energy on its very feminine and the GN immune stone as well is really great for that area of your body. 11. Solar plexus: So the title plexus, its own practices found just below your breastbone. A center of up there in the center of your optimism on the color association instead of plexus is yellow. So we're looking at one. We're thinking of stones that you may want to drive the sort of plexus than think yellow. The yellow group of stones are always very relatable for that shot ground. So if the shack rose acting up and it's it's far to open its being, it's overcompensating. It's a bit erratic. Then you may feel angry. Metal controlling you may be judgmental of other people on do. You may have a feeling superiority. So these are. These are traits where you'll start to exhibit them and will always aware of it. And it may take someone else to tell us that that tower behaving or you may think handle. Second, This is really out of character Warmack Behaving like this. Those thoughts of traits can be related to needed to put some focus on your solar plexus. If your chakra of certain taxes is blocked, then you can feel insecure, have fear of being alone. You may feel you need reassurance for everything that you care too much about what people think of you because you've got all your insecurities of coming to the surface. So that shows that there's a lot. There's some energy that it needs to be cleared out on some great positive solar plexus. Haven't she? Needs to be infused in there when the solar plexus is working well, and it's as it should be nice and balanced, you'll have a respect for yourself. Respect others. You'll have a good drive your feel like a personal power. You won't feel inhibited. And don't use that you you feel you want to do your full creative and you're just fell Bage uplifted and, um, anesthetic. So a couple of stains that will help with this are in the Yellowstone family. We have yellow former lean, which is which is a great watch. I don't actually have a piece here to show you, but that is a really lovely one to use with your solar plexus. Once I do have here to show you got citrine, um, wonderfully vibrant. Yellowstone is great for the solar plexus because it links in really well with that motivation. With that Dr helping battling fatigue brings in creativity on that spark. On that up lift Sosa, Trina's is grateful means feed into, um one. Once you started to cleanse out cement Cem energy, there is. It's a great energy to put back in on saying the Tigers I tigers. I was a little bit more emotion based. It's a balancing stone. So those readings of feeling insecure or you think very controlling or judgmental and you don't really feel in control of your Imation's, then Tiger's eye is a is a great one to use because it is a very balancing stone. It bring all that back in to check on help. Level that out for you. The two together even better, because you're hitting both both sides of the coin. So using them basil again, pick them up, touch them and see which ones you're jaunty on. But they will look for getting me with your side of Alexis 12. Heart chakra: Okay, so the hotshot crap right here in the center of your chest, related all things love on emotion on relationships, the color sunshades it with the heart. Chakra is green. Um, So again, if you can wear, um, right green crystal jewelry, you angry using corinne crystals and green clothing can all help enhance that chakra, but also pink because there's a lot of pink crystals that will relate to the heart chakra because they are off that nature. A lot of pink crystals are related to love and emotions. Andi healing around those areas, so think green and pink for your heart. Chakra eso. If your heart tracker is to open doing too much, then you may have feelings off possessiveness. You may give your love with certain conditions attached. You may, um, withhold emotion, Andi. Maybe the overly dramatic about things as well. If the chakra is blocked, then you would be feeding fair of projection. You don't feel that You'll, um why would they have receiving love in return? You give out love too easily because of this kind of, um, I love too much, but you feel unworthy of having it back, which then puts you into a cycle and you can end up feeling self pity for yourself as well . If the heart chakra is is blocked closed once the heart shocker is working, well, that is balanced. Then you feel compassionate. You can love unconditionally. You feel by the of receiving love in return, you have kind of self worth. Self love, self respect, good self esteem. Um, they feel nurturing. I'm wanting to care in love other people. If you have a well by, let's talk shop crowd so crystals that you can use his, um, got a couple of pink ones and green one, which are very, very common crystals, very easy to use. You can get them also in jewelry if you wear a long necklace over the heart. Chakra is a great way on, ladies. Keeping these pink and green Christmas in your bra is also very good because it keeps it near this chakras well on your heart. So kind of a given for the Heart Shack overview of rose courts because it is the love stone . It helps with everything in this arena love and emotions and relationships. But most importantly, it helps with your feelings of self love and feeling worthy on, therefore worthy of receiving love in return. So this is a great one, I'd recommend. Everyone has raised courts with them pretty much all the time anyway because of the wonderful energy it gives out and surround you with. So this is a perfect one of the heart chakra Greenstone, which is great for the heart. Chakra is adventuring green. Venturing on. This is a very, very healing, soothing stone for the heart chakra. I describe manufacturing as a stone. It's almost like a hug in a stain. It's It's like that, huh? You get election, everything's gonna be alright. That's the energy that you get from a green adventuring. So that's a wonderful one of your heart chakra on and another pinky one we've got here. What road tonight? So Road tonight is a great one for the heart chakra because it's too. It helps with heartbreak. It helps. Where is emotional emotional trauma by breakup of abusive relationships, those kind of really negative connotations that you could hold onto, um, that alter your outlook on what love is and how it's being for you. Then road tonight is a really great one, to help with shifting those feelings and keeping with you to sort of bring love back soon, heal you from that trauma. So that's a great one and again works really well put together with roads, courts as well. That's a little checker. 13. Throat chakra: the threat. Shaqra. So the third shot crowd is located here in the base of your net. Andi. It's related to all things expression. So on the color related to the throat, chakra is blue. So again and wearing, um, blue crystals using blue crystals. For this is great wearing blue crystal jewelry on a kind of a short chain around the neck of wearing blue scarves. Onda having blue around you is really helpful if you need to work on this chakra so throat chakra. If it's too open, um, you can become too talkative, maybe to the point of being arrogant but self righteous, but kind of imagine being on your site books all the time. Um, that's happens when you'll thread Tracker is is to open, and it's overactive if it's closed down. If it's blocked, then it's the complete opposite. You hold back from self expression, you'd be unreachable. You go communicator. You know you're not being able to say what you think and you're keeping it all inside is what happens when you have a blocked start. Shaqra. If three tracker is working well and it's balanced and everything's OK in the area, then you feel quite. You talk quite easily. You're able to express yourself easily or good communicator. Be contented. You're not afraid to say what you think, but you say in a nice, controlled, contented manner on got kind of in a sort of shooting your mouth off, type away, but you are able to get your point across, and you are able to say how I feel. Eso throat chakra is very, very common. One that people get issues with energy being stuck there on Block two. They were in situations where they don't know what to say. Oh, they can't express how their feelings. So using Blue Stones is great for that. I have a couple of examples, so we have angel lights, which I mentioned earlier on. It's a great one for using here because very soothing and very calming. So if you're worried about expressing itself for saying how you feel that this can, this brings a very comforting safe energy and helps sort of open that up and clear that out so that you're able to express yourself but feel OK doing it. So this is a lovely, reassuring throat chakra stones. Then we got blue lace a gate again. Very, very similar. It helps with communication and expression. Um, it is very healing, and it brings a lot of commas. Well, so that's another. That's another loving one on, then, another wonderful beliefs stain, which is quite comments. Getting jewelry is Lappas last July, so it's quite easy to find these Onda necklace if you wanted to wear them in the throat. Chakra Lapid's last July is again Fantastic Communicator. It's on. It's great with of helping Teoh diffuse stress on it brings calm when communicating, so those three are perfect tease with your sort grabs. 14. Brow chakra: Yes, Your Braille shot graph. Oh, Israel's international third eye is right here in the center of your forehead on the color associated way of your brow. Chakra is purple, so we're thinking purple stones when we think off what we want around our heads and around that chakra to help us out. So if your brow chakra is to open an overactive, then you can start to be highly logical about things and stop maybe being but two over logical about things which may not be correct. Your character. You become quite authoritarian, maybe a bit arrogant in your thoughts on bond. You wouldn't necessarily come across very well. Um, if you're brush, akra is blocked closed, then you again may feel quite undisturbed. Lind. You would fear success. You set your goals too low because you're not feeling capable of achieving anything. So it's again if it's blocked in close, you're just not feeling good about yourself and you're not trying to achieve, and you just feel a little bit lost. If it's blocked or closed, your third eyes operating well on everything is as it should be. Then you will be feeling, um, quite charismatic. You'll be feeling quite good. You'll be you won't be a attached to material things. You'll see more of, Ah, spirituals signed things. You'll have a lot, a lot less attachment. Teoh. Materialism on dure feel Um, sorry, I forgot what I was going to say, but you'll feel a lot more of a higher level. You'll feel a lot more content with their thoughts. You'll have, um, you won't have this kind of overactive car overactive worrying. You'll feel much comma and you weren't befitting this got a fair of during a lot of fear of of stepping into yourself. You feel a lot more content and secure about that. So when it comes to crystals, we said purples. I've got some examples here for you. My favorite crystal off all the crystals is my birthstone, which is AM fest usar ba'athist all the time, particularly on my brow chakra, because it is absolutely wonderful for everything to do with the mind. So it's great with helping anxiety. It's helping. It helps with symptoms of depression. It helps with tension with stress. It helps to calm all those kind of intrusive thoughts, worries you have around you, then range ahead that related to anxiety among spirituals. Side tunes in really, really well with the third I Onda kind of just opens that opens up your mind to different perspectives. So am a fist is ideal for that. Andi, just you don't even have to do a full chakra meditation. Or, actually only that you can focus on one chair, a shocker at a time, and I I quite often sits with just an amethyst is placed against my head like this. I really does help on from a physical point of view. It helps verbal because it helps de stress on did relieve tension. It helps with tension, headaches as well. So if you hold it here, it can help with that, too. So that's amethyst. Then I got purple crackle. Courts here now crackle courts against type of courts, which is their artificially dyed to kind of enhance. Their color doesn't affect their molecular makeup. There's still there's still very their energy is uplifting. Andi again with the purple sinking into brow chakra again, it helps just bring you up on helps lift the energies in your mind as well. Then we've got Lapentti light, which is kind of a murky lilac, I'd say more than purple, but it's great again. Very similar properties to an artist, in the sense that it's really, really helpful with anxiety and insecurities of worrying and things like that in the petty like is ideal again for those kind of symptoms and those kind of issues. So it's a great one to use with your brash akra. 15. Crown chakra: Okay. See a crown shot ground, which is right here on top of your head or the crown of your head. Um, it's where energy enters and leaves your body. It's linked to your higher self on kind of your spiritual awakening up there. So this color related with Crown Jack crap is white. So looking at white and clinic crystals for your crown chakra, if your crown chakra is to open, then you can feel maybe a bit frustrated. You wanna have a great sense off yourself. May feel a bit depressed. Um, you may have a sense of just like unfilled, potential unrealized power feeling about if it's too open and basically letting the lesson too much out through around Check rats and we're feeling a little bit depleted on if it's blocked. Closed has a lot of salt, stagnant energy and a crown Sheckler. Then you will feel maybe but undisciplined your feel constantly exhausted. You can't make decisions. No sense of belonging again, just being a little bit lust with yourself if it's blocked in closed once the crown chakra is operative normally on ditz, it's open and it's it's common plane training there. Then you have your help. Your peace with yourself. It was like a transcendence with yourself. You have, like a magnetic personality. Energy will be a one point, and people will be drawn to you and your briefing in quite charismatic and quite magnetic and quite well with yourself on, you may feel in tune with your energies and have a good link with your higher self as well when the crown chakra is working as it should do. So we live it clearance on white crystals for your crown chakra. So starting off with clear quartz clear quartz is one that I always use in Chris training sessions for the Crab Shack row. It's always present in sessions because it's cleansing. It cleanses negative energy on it also, Then it gives out so absorbed negative energy, and it gives out a cleansing clearing energy. So it's ideal. If you need to just clear action space up, there is clear courts. Then we have satellites, which is kind of, ah, translucent like murky sea through crystal. Um, it's a very diverse virtual crystal that enhances the psychic energies around you spiritually issues around you, so if you are particularly in need of disputing a bit more than talk to your higher self. Then satellite is the pain getting It's very again. It's very cleansing. It can actually help cleanse all the signs that you put it with us. Well, so it's very cleansing structure starting to use with your crown chakra. The last one and I've got an example of here is snow course snow forces. Really pretty. It's opaque whites courts. This is in its tumbled steak success for the shiny and smooth eso this this still it is very similar properties to the clear quartz. It's cleansing. It absorbs negative energy. It brings up lift, but it does it in a little bit of a gentle way. It Zaveri. Very soothing healing, Staying Teoh, help! Just clear away the horribleness Bring in the great energy. So yes, a clear quartz, Southern night and snow courts, but will great to use with your crab crab 16. Thank you: Well, thank you so much for taking this self healing and balancing with crystals Course with May I hope that you found informative. I hope that you found it really useful on that. You're going to be able to implement the practices we've talked about in into your life. I don't forget you've got this course forever. So whenever you need a refresher or you just want to dip it about certain shack ground or have a certain reminder and you can use it whenever you like. If you have any questions for me or you'd like to talk about anything that's in the course , then please feel free to contact me. All of my contact links are below this video as also at the top of the courses. Well, eso you can email me if I'm a social media or contact me through my website. Um, and I do have other courses on effort as well, if you want to, that war is of I've got introduction to crystals cause where you can learn more about crystal healing itself. We've got crystals, grits and combinations course, but blurred about using combinations or crystals together for greater for a greater feeling of energy and also setting up grids to help you achieve some goals or bringing old manifest certain things into your life. So take a look at that as well. Um, and yeah, because there I've got all the links there. So you can follow me on instagram and you can see I have, ah, whole multitude of videos over on my YouTube channel as well. Andi, it would be lovely to hear from you on. And I really hope that you enjoy the school's thank you very much by