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Self Discovery: How To Find Your Business Personality

teacher avatar Teresa Cole, Online Business Strategist.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Objective

    • 3. Mastering You

    • 4. The Big Puzzle

    • 5. The 4 Major Personality Types

    • 6. Who Are The Dominators

    • 7. Dominator Characteristics

    • 8. Dominator Key Biz Strengths

    • 9. Dominator Motivation

    • 10. Dominator Celebration

    • 11. Stay In The Red Lane

    • 12. Red Examples

    • 13. Who Are The Expressives

    • 14. Expressive Characteristics

    • 15. Expressive Key Biz Strengths

    • 16. Expressive Motivation

    • 17. Celebrate Expressive

    • 18. Stay In The Green Lane

    • 19. Green Examples

    • 20. Who Are The Supportives

    • 21. Supportive Characteristics

    • 22. More On Blue

    • 23. Supportive Key Biz Strengths

    • 24. Supportive Motivation

    • 25. Celebrate Supportive

    • 26. Stay In The Blue Lane

    • 27. Blue Examples

    • 28. Who Are The Analyticals

    • 29. Analytical Characteristics

    • 30. Analytical Key Biz Strengths

    • 31. Analytical Motivation

    • 32. Celebrate Analytical

    • 33. Stay In The Yellow Lane

    • 34. Yellow Examples

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About This Class

  • Wouldn't it be incredible to finally understand who you are?
  • What if I gave you the total-keys to your personality power?
  • Do you want to be a better leader?
  • How would you feel if you could strategically put yourself into a position where YOU always Win!

This course will turn on the control switch in your life so you can finally get everything you want. 


Recent studies reveal that clarity about who you are helps you achieve intentional results. Honestly, you're going to get results from your day-to-day actions even if they aren't the results that you want. You are going to land somewhere even if it's not where you want to be. Les Brown said, "your best thinking has landed you where you are today."  Secure your future results with a sure-fire, direct destination.

In this course, you'll discover your personality type. You'll find out what makes you thrive in life. You find your business strengths and weakness. You'll even find out the specific businesses, jobs, and tasks that you should avoid at all cost. It's all inside! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teresa Cole

Online Business Strategist.


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1. Trailer: Hi guys. T. Davis, cold here with an epic self-discovery. Chinese. Get excited. Okay, get excited because you're going to be discovering your identity traits. I. So what we're going to cover in this course is the importance of identifying your personality traits. Okay? And we're going to discover the primary types of personality traits. Also your professional capabilities, your natural contributions to society, and your personal and professional situations. There should avoid. 2. Objective: All right. So my objective today my objective today is to help you establish clarity in your personal and professional purpose. All right, also to help you understand your strengths. To help you gain more confidence in your leadership capabilities, and to help you take authority in your life by operating in what you do. Alright, so it is important for you to understand your personality traits, alright, and your personality type. Because as an entrepreneur or an online business professional, or even out there in the corporate world, you're going to be making decisions. You're going to be building relationships. And you're also going to be leading others in this course is simply going to help you understand your personality type and understand your ideally traits. So that way you can understand how you thrive. Because you also will be able to understand the various personality types that are out there. That when you're speaking to someone or communicating with someone, don't teach business transaction. You are able to understand how personalities affects your interaction with others. Ok, so this is going to be a great communication training that's going to help you communicate more effectively. 3. Mastering You: All right. So when you are out there, right, whether you're again, you're building businesses on the internet, which is what I specialize in. Or whether you're again out there in the corporate world of inside of different organizations and things like that is difficult to communicate with others and also to even lead others without fires discovering yourself, right? So you have, you must master yourself first before you can lead someone else. So when you do understand your personality traits and do understand why you do certain things and where you derive this Good graphs on who you are, you have clarity or where you go in, know what projects you should be doing and which project you should be, you know, outsourcing, Alright, so now you're gonna get more progress because again, you're clear on who you are, where you go in, and how you personality reacts in various situations, okay? 4. The Big Puzzle: Alright, so live, go identify, you already must go identify you. So there are various, you know, pieces to the puzzle, Peter, I remember a friend of mine's her father told me this when you're growing up and he's since passed away. But he said the world is like a big puzzle piece AND take your piece and you do what you want to do that these deposit. So we want to know where a piece of the puzzle are you and how are you going to use that piece of the puzzle to be the more prosperous, successful, and how you going to contribute to other people's eyes when the piece of the puzzle that you have, okay. 5. The 4 Major Personality Types: There are four major personality types, ok, for major personality types. The first personality type are the dominant personalities, okay? And they are, our worry is okay, the secant personality type are, are expressive personality types. Okay, those are our grains. The third personality type are, are helpful personality types and those are our blues there. Fourth personality types are our analytical personality types in those are our yellows. Okay, so we have red, green, blue, and yellow. And that equates to dominate, expressive, helpful, and analytical. And so when you put the effort into developing your amazing qualities jar you possess right, that are very present within your price. And now maybe you have a high impact on yourself, Right? In also the world around you, you have a high impact on you sell and the world around you. And you're able to put yourself in situations where you win. Alright, so we're going to dive right into this training. We're gonna start with those reds. I write it to the dominant personality type. 6. Who Are The Dominators : All right, so jumping right into the red personality. Now you guys out there where personalities are dominant, ok, you are leadership masters. Leadership masters, okay. All right, so you dominate because you are out going. You are task oriented and you are direct. So I'm going to talk about outgoing. That means you're able to communicate with people to say exactly what you mean. You are task oriented. That literally means you don't like to waste time. Time is money, right? So you get irritated with little details and things that people bring to you because you feel like you need to be focusing on the big picture. So that is you, that sounds like you, then you are ready, right? If you're very task oriented, very direct, very outgoing, and it just means you, again, you communicate in. You're able to connect with people and get things done that will make you a real personality. Alright, so you have a very, again, that dominant personality, your app or person. You know exactly what you want and you don't stop until you get it. You the type of privacy in the density matter, how long it takes for you to get something. If you want something, you get it right and people are like, wow, do you just do something else or try something else but you like No, this is exactly what I wanted and I will get it and our figure out a strategy to make that happen. 7. Dominator Characteristics : All right, so if you are a rare personality, you're very courageous, right? You're very courageous. I gotta put the rages on there because your voice is like thunder and I don't mean Lau, But I mean very well. I'm looking for a word is very direct, but which are voice. When you speak, people know that whatever you're saying is going to happen. So wherever why you want to fight for their courageous in a way that means when I speak it is going to happen and I'm not speaking for my health. I'm not speaking for just to say something when you speak, it matters. Any accomplishes what it was set out to accomplish you very focus, right? So when you set aside a time to get something done, you will probably tackle parsing, will cut out a phone call or social media. You are very focused on whatever goal is in front of you to get things done. You are actually taken you the type of price and you probably say no taking notes right now to see what you can apply to rely to get something done. You're not going to sit there and watch our personal development and training. And you say, oh, that was a good training. You're the person that you're looking for the action words. You're looking for the strategy behind the tree so that you can go out there. However, the training is saying that you can get done and again, a communicator, you are able to get up, speak effectively, get the key points. You make a great keynote speaker because you get the key points. Our right, even if you miss all the little details, the key point of the training or the point of the speaking and engagement, or whatever it is that you're doing when you're communicating is really translate it. Ok. People can understand exactly what you emit, say. They get the gist of the whole point of whatever it is that you do. And again, you read away. That means you are like all the little fuzzy talk in the middle. You just want to say the Boolean like whatever it is, whatever the main point, that's what you want to do. Your very decisive. So if you go out to a restaurant, you know, one of those people who's gonna look at the menu say why you realize right, time is money. So even if it is in against me that you set aside time for where this even a social gathering. You don't want to be there all night looking at the menu, you know which you're going to order, what you went, and you're going to try and, you know, I'm going to sit there equity share last meal. I think you think about it. How do you feel about the meal? Right? It's like you, the Parsi who go you ready to order while everybody else is still working? In our Justin did not just when it comes to or an amino, but you decisive in other areas of your life relationships, right? Whoever steps to you, they better still caret because you're the type of privacy that missing limbs already. You probably went that wants to get clarity very early interrelationship. And when I say early, I don't I don't mean the same day because it also takes you time to trust somewhere. But once you do develop their choice, you want to know what it is so that you can know how to gear your emotions. Because again, emotions or energy soccer, right? So you don't want to use your emotions on someone who is not into you because again, it's draining your energy that you need to do. The other thing that you're trying to do. And I don't wanna waste time even thinking about this guy or this woman is not for me because I need that time to do other things to move my life for my vision, for how I want to use mg on something that's not going anywhere. So you need to know why now so that you can determine what you need to do, okay? So there's you, alright, you cut the roads. When you deliver a message is literally, you know, very kind GI, right? I didn't like that because, you know, I went like this because I mean, you're very cut throat. And so one of the hard things about the way that you are, if someone's drawer with you, you get upset when the wave is actually makes you emotional. Because if someone came back, you would save energy that you go out to others. You can't get really pissed off, right? They couldn't say it better or whenever. So again, it drains your energy because someone made you angry. So they're angry is now inside of you for a moment and you're trying to figure out how to get over there so you can get back on focus and get back on tests or whatever it was. Did you do it? So I mean, it is very good. Very good to be honest about wherever you are. Wherever you are and it is or whatever you're trying to convey. But at the same time, keep in mind, you know, how you say things to people because at the same time when it is done to you, you get very upset and you're more upset about the time that it takes to process the energy behind the fact that you're angry, then you are about being angry about what we see. Alright, so you are also higher working, you're, the person is going to burn the midnight oil. Alright, so you're going to burn the midnight or you're going to stay from night or morning working and giving things because for one time, right? You want to get it down within a certain time frame. And you want to display Excellence and you want to complete the task in the mission. So that means ludicrously movie, TV time losing whenever you care because you look at the bigger gain and you believe that whatever you work, no, it is ability a there all of these things that are going on around you, right? You're able to tune it out. You are one of those rare people who can do there, okay, you'd have high energy. Could be crashing down around you. And honestly, you could be in a situation where you're not even being will allow people don't even agree with your regal. What do you do, what you're doing? But you still smell. Wow, this is he crazy or is she crazy? You know, know, like she just lost our house or, you know, Herman has been just left out or he lost his house wife just left him or whatever the case may be. But you're still smiling is too energetic. You still focused on the goal, right? Because you don't want to spend too much imaging sulci because you need the energy, again to accomplish whatever those visions that you're working on. So high energy, even if it seems crazy to other people, because you are in KG is something inward, right? Is something you have a light flaming within you all the time. You very passionate, you very focused. You vary. Again, you now have been very di2 by the things that are going on around you. You don't care, people agree with you. You're still going to be happy and energetic because whatever vision you have is important and more important than energy is being spent on what others are thinking. You are very opinionated, very opinionated. Okay, So you are the type of piracy who's going to again say what's on your mind? And even if the whole world is going right, you would definitely go live because that's your opinion in S-R, you sell Valley you and care about what the costs are. High. You know, sometimes you fall for them, but sometimes you may end, but you don't even care. You've got all your chips in here and put a modeling or what you believe and what you want, your opinion is about something, okay? Sometimes you day around to the view ever by now you know whether or not you are read, write, and have you ever had such a strong opinion on what you see and how you see things. And you have the contentedly Wang and then you feel like a total donkey, right? Donkeys, but we can, as you like, you were sown again, very good voices again like that line in like war. So you were extremely bolster is about your opinion. So everybody knew you wrong. So now as I tried to keep a team around you. So there you can have other, other people's perspectives, right? Because sometimes you can get a very narrow tunnel vision and sometimes you're wrong. And when you are building a big company or business and you put all your chips in one basket and you're not listening to anyone else. You have your own opinion in S day, that's what it's going to be even if it's just completely going to crash your whole company gray. And you will find it to the end and bandwidth the year the cat and it goes down. You don't care, right? But when you think about other people's lives and new thinking about how great your decisions are affecting others. You need some well-rounded colors around you. Ok, you're going to need the helper that expresses the analytical thinker. They say, I know this is your opinion, but here's the data, right? So you need this around you think, please, please keep that in mind as you're building businesses or as you point out when a corporation is a wherever, hire other personality though, not like yours, right? So you can be a team of leaders who can see all the perspectives around you, okay? 8. Dominator Key Biz Strengths: Alright, so your key business strings, okay, is that you are high energy and our rate, right? So you focus and you shine. Those of you who are key business strings. Because when the team is tire, you still go in with something needs to be saved or the hard decisions need to be made. You the person they can get it done. And you focus on getting the overall goal achieved. That just makes you shine as a person and okay. All right, so your dominant personality will perform based in career fields that allow you space to shine. Women show, and it is hard for you to accept the fact that you need a team and to listen to the advisors around you. Because you are so dominant and things of that nature. You are the spotlight on the show. But again, like I said before, once you are aware the personality that you have, you can also zone in on your strengths but also your weaknesses. So you know, in your aware. When we started to think, oh, I got this, I don't need a team. I don't need my team's advise urea, right? You could start to remember the old Asthma personality tile, but it doesn't always make me caret. So having that we'll round it, team around me can help me see all those blind spots that are my MS. So once you know your personality type, then you can actually use logic to combat the areas where you need additional hill. Alright? But because you are they dominant, namely, you make great athletes. Okay, so athletes have to think hard. They have to be hire workers, they have to be willing to train beyond a normal pricing would do you know, when you think about a Libyans and journalists and people who do all these different things that require great mental, physical strength, you will be that power same. There'll be willing to do the work to go the extra mile. Okay. You will make a great military personnel. Because when I say military, no, it would be hard for you in the beginning if you joined the military because you don't like being told what to do and you definitely don't like being dictated to. But once you earn his bio because you are the hard worker and you will work hard to earn high level positions within the military, you'd be great making commands as to where it needs to be done. You may grain politicians because again, you're going to be farmed out rate, you're going to be able to get your point across. Again, a politician without a team is not a good idea as array, because again, you're gonna miss those blind spots that you seem to catch. However, as fire putting everything together and you're getting out there in front of the whatever area you're leading in, in, in politics, you would do well with a team who's looking over things. And so let's just say you come up with a big idea. You know, the person who's gonna be the, do the small work on editing the speech and looking over with whatever the policies and procedures are, you going to see the gist of this is the policy and then you're going to let the people, the other people on the team work out all the logistics as far as making it happen in wanting everything. So you definitely don't want to look at the little smiles WTI price and you get irritated. Do small, tedious projects that require you to focus on one minute details, ok? But because you arguing that person, you do shower will in front as a leader, you are clear and direct. You are able to articulate exactly what you want to say. You very, very much able to get a point across. You will make good politician and a good spokesperson. Alright? You also make good sales person because you are going to focus on the main point of the product is being sold, right? So you're not going to sit there and you're going to be like, this is a great car, a, B, C, D. And so people loved it and they will be with, you know, whoever's writing up the deal. And they would get all the other small details about the car or about whatever you're selling. Alright, so, you know, you make great CEOs because that's what CEOs do. They come up with the big picture and they may pass a hold of the maddening details of making sure it's all executed out to the team to get it done. So you will, you would make a great CEO. 9. Dominator Motivation : All right, so you are motivated by your ability to win. If you are a challenge to be better than average, you aboard in unfulfilled, you don't, again, do well in situations where you are like the secretary. So rare personality who sit in bed looking at paperwork, foundings, heading two, store files on a computer and seen emails, that would drive you crazy. You be completely unhappy because you need to be out there. You need to be out there representing the big idea. You need to have secretaries and people who do all those things for you, virtual assistants and different things to do. All the small things like putting your PowerPoint together, adding images, editing your video, that would drive you crazy having to sit there and edit a video, you know, but remember, you need to build an online business or you're new to whatever cooperation you joining or whatever the case is. Sometime who you are can be there motivating factor for you to get the skill set necessary so that you can lead in B then motivating factor to get your business to replace so that you can afford to outsource. So you may have to just bang away to be satisfied with having to do the mining things that you don't wanna do it until you're able to get to where you want to be when you join a corporation, you might have to be the underdog for minibatch and motivation is literally, this is the socks. How would we do this? There is there, but those situations having to do the small details, but it's just not your personality. So it is very hard for you sit there and do that. All right, so as long as you're in a situation where you're able to, when you are able to challenge and grow and you can see yourself being at the top, the URL, okay, but if anything, there's worse. You're stuck in the same position for five or ten years is now doing something that's allowing you to focus and be the leader that you are. The less money you become extremely boring of a field. 10. Dominator Celebration : All right, so red get excited because you have strong leadership capabilities, okay? You have those very strong leadership capabilities. Celebrate yourself because you know exactly what you want. You go after what you want, and you don't stop until you win. Okay? So congrats you're reading, you should be our winning and leading in life. Don't let anyway, hiding in the shadows because you belong at the front of the line. 11. Stay In The Red Lane: Alright, so let's go over a couple of things here. When I'm talking about stain in your lane, stay in your lane. This is going to help you this portion of the Triune because it's going to show you what you should be doing, which you should not be the one I just talked about that just a little bit earlier. But your platform, Xia ha you as a leader again, their CEO, that person that is running things, that person that has the big picture right? That promising that kid outline a strategy, sent it to the secretary, it have it all printed out, type to where you're going and for the people. Okay. You should focus on the big picture. The big picture, please. Again, don't ask me your time doing those details unless you're not in a position to to do otherwise. But if you are not in that position, you should strive to get into a position where you are not focused on the details. There are other people out there and we're going to go through there who were really great at it and have been highly successful, focusing on the details. But you were blind to make executive decisions, okay, executive decisions, you should hire a creative team to iron out the details. And I already talked about that. From your personality. Yeah, I'm definitely personality. I have learned to deal with my what you call the my, my issues will be an array, but I do little b in a way I'm very proud to be arrayed in no matter what color you are, no matter what personality type you are, you should be proud to be who you are because you are, you are great enough to do and be exactly who you will call it to be. Again, with the ways we're going to go into the other personality is a little bit later, but with the wrist, just wanna make sure again that you surround yourself with people from different products, analogies because you have a way of getting in your own way. You have a way of, again, focusing when, you know. You might not necessarily see all of the avenues where it could be problem a, but that's just a small portion of who you are when it comes to the issues associated with your personality type. Overall, you have an amazing personality because I'm worried, I know I have an amazing personality. And I know they again, you should be the leader that is focused on the big picture who's out there. Hiring people to iron out the details. 12. Red Examples : Okay, so some examples of well-known personalities will be Hillary Clinton, Robert scenario, and Donald Trump. Okay. All right, so to continue this course, go ahead and continue to the next section. 13. Who Are The Expressives : So now we're going to be talking about personality type two. These are our green personalities. You guys are master communicator's in our hall. You expressive. Alright, so we'll get right into these training. When you are expressive, right? You are enthusiastic, you are when two, you are friendly and optimistic, okay? And so it just means that you have a good and positive outlook on life and things, right? So you could be in a situation where it seems like, you know, everything around you is going wrong, but you still want to have a great attitude and still be out there meeting people, still live in your lives through doing you're, you're thinking, okay, so you're able to influence people, okay? And you're able to get people to pretty much do what you want them to do because they, you approach life with certain Amazing positive attitude there. You know, people would just drawn to your energy. You'd only we have to really go out to find success is almost just attract it to you just because of who you are. You SMOW, give a firm handshake. You go around the room, you meet everyone in the room. You are very friendly and very high energy, and I mean super high energy. So you are friendly and you again have that very positive outlook on life. 14. Expressive Characteristics : All right. So you are a master communicator. You know how to name your price and get people to pay it with a smile on their face. Hugo's sale or a $100 pins is somebody because just the way you present the product in the way that you're able to communicate and keep the energy up there. You know, people are greedy things and have dinner later like wow, why did I even agree there? But then they were like, OK, oh, well it's a little reprise, but he was really nice or She was really nice. So you are the person you are able to again communicate. You are able to walk around, you're able to get things done. You able to name your price in life, okay. All right, so you are expressive. We had said they're enthusiastic. You are very free. And when I say free, you are very like a person needs a lot of freedom, OK. You can't be bound by, you know, a lot of restraints are being stuck in a box, okay? So you need your freedom more than anything in the world because you're spontaneous. So you'd like to juice spire the moment oh, and get things done right, or dispersion the moment you want to just take a trip somewhere. So here's Sydney, are you watching this video or you listen to listening to this training by REO and you know that you are promising naked just like wiggled from an app and just decided to go to the city that make city for a drink or go to the next city to meet someone or go hangout or go me, the client. And then there will be, you definitely would be the green personality. You're also very competitive. So everything for you was on the client? Yeah. Okay. That's from mean people to how you do things. You are the kind of price in when you're really excited and happy, you may commit to a lot of things within because, because everything's are fine, you commit their obeying the DM When it comes to like a week later in, in sort of reminds you, hey, you committed to 30-30 VGA candlelight. Wow. Now really wasn't really thinking of the details, right? So you can find yourself class and if you don't get a handle on your schedule, they realized, you know, some of those spur-of-the-moment decisions do come back to you a little bit later. But you are getting that a person of influence because you bring so much in z to the room and people will remember you, they remember what you said and they're very excited about whatever it is that you are presenting, ok. So that there is really, really good to know because you are master communicator, you are, you are they green express a personality will make a very great salesman or saleswoman. Because again, you're able to present the product, you're able to work the room. You're able to get people excited about things. They probably wouldn't be excited about it. They head and talk to you. You're a storyteller and that just means that you love to tell stories about different things. So if you add cyber crime scene and you aren't, you're always saying like when data's guy and he started telling the story, you get a whole room captivated by the stories that you tell that is an amazing, amazing maize and quality to have. Because a lot of the industries are built around stories. If you watch a commercial, right there is the story going on there. If you go to a conference or seminar, or even if you are a webinar, is someone who starts out with a story that touches your heart, is sort of draws you in and it gives you emotionally prepare for whatever it is they're going to present to you later. So you do have a strong ability to do there, to draw as people, you tell them stories about life. They feel warm inside, they believe you. They're excited about whatever it is that you do in, but they just shouldn't call you a weak layer to ask you anything about it because you've and to a new experience, If you definitely are thinking about the details of whatever you say it. I mean, you are very one, very exciting products and to be around very, very good energy. Ok. You are that fly by the seat of your peers typos in it. It means, you know, paying today is a new experience and I'm going to leave it to my beers and I'm going to enjoy it. I don't really know what I'm gonna do today, but I know it's going to be great. So you might want to work on one hand and when those blue personalities on your team to help plan out your schedule so that you can focus on the funding in exciting things that you will be doing. Because anything very tedious like plan is scaled rules, editing, you know, writing things that you have to do long projects and things like that. Those things do not work well with your personality because you definitely don't like sitting for long times and you don't like projects that go on in oil and in oil and oil and you'd be a great process if in a vehicle is going on and you were a speaker for their 90 and when you're done, you don't want it to go. And I after the speaking now you gotta collect the paperwork and now you've got to write out. Now you're not the person who wants to write out the contrary exit the e and you just want to close the deal, leave the room or go on me. So new people there and I just kinda Hangout. Okay. So that would be you. 15. Expressive Key Biz Strengths: So your business streets, how I your ability to communicate and make these heavy. You are definitely someone they accompany will want to have around or even having your own company, you will do great being on the front end definitely agir habit team around you because you're not appeared to the details. You're going to forget about commitments that you've made it. You're going to be irritated when things are lengthy and very tedious. Okay. So let's see here, saw the green and laying the green Laney. And so you're expressive personality will perform bears a career fuels. They allow you to be fresh sooner you definitely are the star of the show. You share your spotlight with no one, right? Because your functionality is grown to over shine anyone in the room. Everyone's gonna be jaunty you and you will be able to present wherever you go, I present it saying whatever you're gonna say, people will listen and they will love it and they will pay. Okay? All right, so you make great marketers, right? Doorway, right? So marketers, because you again, are able to close the deal, you're able to present the deal. You just don't need to put together the PowerPoint or any of the of the paperwork, a wrapping everything up afterwards. But as far as the presentation, as far as him, those key points in literally convinces on where you do need this product. We really going to accelerate your life. It's an amazing thing and I would not imagine my life without it, right? You say MSB, all people believe you in the back. So you may great trends, especially like personal development trainers or workout exercise trainers because especially SSR strangers, because when someone comes in and you're very excited to meet them, the training session may layers 45 minutes. So they're great. Short spurt of time would work better for you more so than even personal development. Because honestly, I'm just gonna take personal development alter table because even though you will be graded speaking, engagement, the long-term care concern over Klein is after they have left VAB. It may be a bit daunting to you because you don't understand why people have to be such a drag, right? Which then why didn't I happy, energetic. And you definitely are not opposing there some way that you allow someone to drain your energy were whole lot of problems and issues. So speaking of personal engagements or any other type of engagement is, as a keynote speaker will be amazing to you. That's why I have probably speaker down near, but not necessarily overall care and concern for people's loan term. I. So you'd also make great performers because you go onstage, you perform, and then you're on to the next adventure. So that's very exciting for you and also consultants because you love going out, meeting new people, shaking their hand, talking to them about the details of whatever you're offering. Guess word. Once they're consultation is you get to go meet a new person, air presented the whole thing all over again. And the more you know your current, better and more expressive, expressive you get because now is not even about what's on the paper. You've memorized the UV just pretty much perform and have a great time because you go in there with great confidence and you already know you're going to close the deal. Okay. 16. Expressive Motivation : You're motivated above fun, okay, and new experiences. And you dread long time instant Tez that OTUs and be focused on detail. That is not your thing whatsoever, not at all. Aligned in some greens gets cited because you are ready to party and when in life, right? You ready to get out there and meet people and make it. You make great entrepreneurs because you are able to just, you know, very distracted by failure. Because you understand that that's not failures. A lesson a day, you're going to get what you want. You like our policy. So you don't stop because me and say No and I'm here must still yeah, because that is here. You may even where things get you down and you don't start because mean say no, right? You write your own paycheck in life because you can do that. There is no lack of confidence, there's no lack of, you know, energy. You have, like I say, you very high energy and there is nothing stopping. You worked at room MTV. You are the person that rock in group which are head shaking his mean people, everyone notices you and you are never forgotten. Okay. So you don't start because mean saved No. 17. Celebrate Expressive: Congrats. You're graying and you should be out there meeting new people. And closing deals. Don't lay anymore and put you in a box because you're all kinds of ways defray. There's no box they can describe you. There is no box that can detain you. There is no no box that can keep you, write you the kind of person you and even if it didn't, if it was even your security like, you know, the basic necessities of life, you will find another way to survive. Maybe couple of roommates or wherever you'd have to do to go forward because you're not going to be put in a box just because temporary circumstances, you're not going to stop until you get what you want. Okay, great. 18. Stay In The Green Lane: All right, so stay in your lane greens because your platform should highlight us the star, u r star. Alright, so you want to go in and lay anyone is still your spot. 19. Green Examples: I saw some examples of well-known green personalities. Elvis Presley was a grand personality. Kevin Hart is a green personality. Will Smith is also a green personality and in the business where Mark Cuban is also agreeing personality. Okay. Alright, so go on to the next training that will be our blues personality type number three. 20. Who Are The Supportives : Hi guys. Today is coal here and we are moving into personality type three within his epic self-discovery Chinese. Okay. So as a balloon personality, you guys are assistant masters. Okay. You are the glue that holds everything together so that people can do what they do and be successful at what they're doing. Ok, so personalities, you're very supportive. And with that supportive role that you care you very carrying, very patient. You're very sincere and you're very, very modest. So you really care about other people. You show a lot of concern for how people are doing and when there is any type of turmoil or you very patient, you're the person that was patient is willing to be the first person. They say, I'm sorry or just show that you really, really care. 21. Supportive Characteristics : There's a study done when, where there was a public speaker there, but they were just trying to see based on different personalities, how people would interact with each other when it came to a seminar. So everyone will come in. You'd have that really Lao boisterous when that was talking to everyone has shaken, shaken everyone's hand. You could tell that that was the green personality, the expressive personality. Okay, then use all the ones that were just kinda sit in a room talking to anyone lives with, just kind of absorb and everybody. And those were are cool yellow personalities are I mean, the ones that were just pretty much, you know, 101 making major odd contact. They were more focused on meeting the more important people within the crowd when nothing important, not that everyone is an important thing, but they were like looking for people who weren't, had leadership roles and they were kind of connecting with them, talking, you know, be in a very sincere, contain maybe more 101. But you always cut till the blue personality, because the blue personality will walk into the room. They would look at all of the tables that we're fooling, everyone communicating and they will walk right past tables and go to the table where it looked like someone was sitting by themselves and with the little shy. So they're blue personality would walk over to that table and say, hey, I'm such as such and began talking to the person who didn't have a whole lot of people around them, right? They wanted that person to feel cared about. They wanted that person to feel like they belong in a cared about connecting with some way who maybe didn't have a whole lot interaction neither table. So that's how distinctive these personalities can be as you see them interact in a room full of other people. So next time you go to an event, okay, the next time you go somewhere, make sure you just check out the different personalities. Again, that one-on-one series icon to guide that's going to be, or girl that's going to be urea personality. That person is sitting in the bed, Me, you can always picture then with glasses, but that's a bias, right? Everyone who is analytical doesn't wear glasses, okay? But, you know, you can kinda tail, they're analyzing and everything. And then, you know, the one that's, you know, probably dressed in a very colorful way that color for shared online and they're just out there. They're gonna be seeing their shaken hands and meat and all kinds of people within the event. That's going to be your green expressive personalities and the one that, you know, go, go ahead and connect with that person that is sitting by themselves or the table where no one's really talking. There's like two or three people say near, nothing's really going away and they go introduce themselves and kind of start something there. Those would be the blue personalities Also, you may notice and the via blue personality like it. They see a chair out of place. They might straighten it out. If they see that someone spilled something, they may say, oh no problem, I'll go grab a napkin to help you wipe it up. That will be your Boom realities. Okay, so guys, you are so amazing your phenomenal people. You care so much about others. You give and give and give and you are so supportive, you sell sincere use. So mod is a carry and so that's what makes you so amazing. 22. More On Blue: As a blue personality, Alright, so you are reserved and focus on maintaining relationships. You want to keep the peace and harmony flowing wherever you go, you know, very confrontational. So it's easy for someone's her, you feel my gaze or for you to kinda withdrawal when you feel the computation is about heavy. So again, like I say, you want to keep the peace in harmony if you have to be the person to apologize or at least to start a conversation, they could bring a resolution to a problem or an issue. You there. It has a gear why you are so amazing. You, you are the peacemakers of the world. You keep the peace in. You are the voice of reason in chaos, okay? Alright, so as a blue personality, you are learn driven in one case. So that means you really do deeply care. You're not just acting is not act. You, you really do care. You're kind hearty. You type a promising who were, you know, if you saw someone who needed something new heavily, you will definitely share your resources with other people. You're very open-minded. Again, you lie to keep the peace. What is going on when when is chaotic? You're going to be that person that is willing to be open-minded and maybe even change not necessarily your point of view, but the way you are betraying your point of view to bring peace to the situation. Sometimes you could be indecisive because you do think about how your decisions are going to affect everyone involved. So you're gonna take your time, you're gonna think everything through. You're going to weigh how you're going to do or say, or decisions that you're going to make within a business or corporation, how it is going to affect everyone. You're definitely a very sensitive person, again, avoiding their confrontation, being willing to change or child to make a resolution. So if you can't get a resolution inference and when it does bother you, you either type of partisan, they would go home and still be thinking about him in worrying about it. You might call a friend and say, well, do you think I say the right thing should, maybe I shouldn't be so harsh or wherever. So you definitely again, when their resolution, you're very sensitive to conflict and you want these resolved. You're also a very deep thinker. Again, you are that person who will take situations home with you. So try to be mindful of your personality. As you could warn yourself to merge and I can call some anxiety. So you wanna make sure that you are understanding the you own pricing that you really can't control is you and if you have may, multiple efforts to solve conflicts within your business or within your workplace. So within whatever it is they you're out there doing in the world that you have to find a way to let myself go. And you had to find a way to find peace, even if there is now offered to you on the other side of the colorfully. Okay? Alright, so gorilla passing now only go brews right? Now. Again, you will cry or be very upset over something that is not apiece. You wanted to acquire people. Now, you're not as quiet as they analytical you. Not as quiet as our yellows. Because you would answer a room of an event and you reach out to somewhere who looked like they were seeing allowed. It didn't have the support of someone, you know, to talk to them. So you will reach out to them. But as far as having to be seen, you know, that kind of posing you not the person who is out seeking to get out of the attention you definitely somewhere. It's just willing to see how you can help, how you can support it. Well, if you here, how can I help a lot in your language or if you are a you are, you know, in an IV or something like that when you hear someone using the word, I want to help ally or they're willing to get that napkin, willing to straighten up their chair women to help others within the event, that will be your blue personality. Ok. So very south spoke in. Whenever there's an arm, he may or any type of confrontation, you definitely not going to be pricing, yelling and screaming and amazing things. You're going to be again, the voice of reason, the voice really trying to find out why do you feel this way or how can I help resolve the issue? Not the aloud again, boisterous voice in the crowd. You very supportive. You are great at making sure that businesses ran effectively because you support all the little details that may be overlooked because you have the patience to make sure that the fine details are taking care of you. Extremely approachable. You'd see blue personalities, usually smiling, welcoming the comb-over. They are not the body language is usually open, is not like sideways. Pretty much they are going to have an open welcoming. Stands in as to say, I welcome you to approach me. I welcome the conversation. Are welcome. An opportunity for me to be supportive to you or for me to care about what you're saying. For me to be the person that you can talk to your device in that a lot of people who call for advice because they know that you will listen and they know that you will take very seriously the situation in you will help by giving sound advice. 23. Supportive Key Biz Strengths : So here are key business strings highlights you and how light is you generate generosity, your generous and supportive spirit. K, It allows you to assist others with, with a need. So the companies and corporations and businesses were not work well without you, right? You are the backbone of any company incorporation or any organization there. I write blue, so URI, supportive personality will perform best in career fields that allow you to help bring balance and peace to work. So you need to be in a position where you're able to really nurture and really care and really help, right? You don't want to be in a position that is going to cause you to be vindictive or, you know, very direct because you are going to care how you say things. So whatever it takes to have peace, that's what you would do. Right? So as a glue personality, you make really great nurses because nurses are very caring. They care for patients. They make sure they have what they need, they administer medication, they actually care about the overall will be of the patient. So that's why the blueprints analogy, because you are a helper, you are the system personality type. You will make a great nervous also a secretary because again, you're going to pay attention to those fine details. Make sure things get done. Make sure messages get relayed properly. Make sure situations are resolved within the workplace. Personal assistance, right? You're not going to be in competition with the person that you're assisting. You actually enjoy helping and helping that person build their business. Or even if it is your business, you actually help in enjoying helping, doing all of the little fine detail things they're making great. Alright again, administrators, there's pretty much in the same family as personal assistant secretaries. You also make the art is because when you do create art, it does help you release some of the anxiety that you feel because you have a tendency to feel other people's energy. Okay. So it does help you release some of that anxiety from, you know, when we're being so rough. And you don't understand why people are so cohort is sometimes. So this is a great way in some artist doesn't necessarily just mean drawing. You can mean Cindy can mean any type of role where you are seeing love, care, free, and just Joy. Okay, so there will be you, you would also make a great psychologists ok? Because you're willing to listen. You really take care. You're willing to x those probing questions. There's going to bring a resolution into someone's life. 24. Supportive Motivation : And as our new personality, you are motivated by Learn and passion. Okay? Learn, impassioned. You, nurture those around you and you bring peace to the world in healing. Symbolising smaller. Okay, so that is you. My lovely blue's my lovely blues. 25. Celebrate Supportive: Alright, so get excited because you're supportive. Rho is the glue that holds everything in this world together, right? Sometimes reaffirms analyses the dominators day to boot hit it. They only see things one way then I'm willing to change very opted to see others points of views. So sometimes had in there. The analogy on the team helps balance out that, you know, reflow in energy, right? You held the yellows because they are sometimes over analytical when they need help understanding that I can go ahead and just go in and make a decision so you help them, they get through, they talk to you, you listen. The expressive price analyses definitely you gotta support them because they don't care about the details at all. They only closed the deal. So they need someone who can support all of the aspects of making everything come together as a home. All right, so data you are supportive role that really does hold these together. Alright, so celebrate yourself, celebrate yourself. You are friendly and comforting spirit says you owe four sixes. I, so you are the structure that hose every great idea together. Without you, everybody literally fall apart. We'd be in one column, analytical. We england, right road without this, without that wonderful blue personality to help save us from ourselves, shows that we need to love each other and help us understand why we need to come to resolutions within confrontations. And we know that love exists because we see you and we see you showing it every single day no matter where it is going on. And sometimes you would even suffer yourself so that you can help someone else or you will suffer just your emotion, no self, so that you can bring hill into someone else. Alright? Alright, so your words, actions set the stage for successful transactions because you again, keep the peace. You bring Peace to conflict. You can bring life to impossible situations, okay? Alright, so congrats, if you are a blue out there, you should be in support of rows that allow you room to love, bringing peace. Alright, so do not allow anyone to throw you into demanding roles that restrict your ability to nurture others, right? If you're nurturing people, you're not happy. 26. Stay In The Blue Lane: So stay in your lane. You're clapping timeshare highlight your nurturing abilities. You focused on building the people coming into the beans. And that's why you see this young lady here with the hinder settling may great customer service representatives. People fills a warm and fuzzy inside when they talk to you and they know that their problem is being resolved, they feel like you really care and they know that you are doing your best to help them. Alright, so just let someone else all their marketing and sales because you belong in a role where you support it. So it doesn't mean that you always had to be in the background. Because like I said, you could build a business around being a psychologist or helping people overcome themselves, helping people find peace, love jury, you can be great at writing books or just doing small group talks to help people feel loved in, you know, just go into new levels and new dimensions in being happy in life, okay? 27. Blue Examples : Alright, so some examples of well-known Blue personalities would be Mother Teresa. You know, she was all about peace and love, heaviness, wellness, joy in all of those things. And also Oprah would be a great example of a blue personality because her shows in everything that she's been doing has been all around helping people. Helping people if asked in levels happen, people overcome themselves, helping people go deep inside and resolve issues so that they can be free because it makes her happy to help them do that. Dr. field also will be another one. So start digging in their direction. As when it comes to your business strings in your business weaknesses. You definitely thrive in positions where you're able to heal, love, and nurture. All right, so that would be you go to the next section to see, believe we're going into the yellows, the analyticals next. 28. Who Are The Analyticals: We are on the fourth and final personality type or the major personality types. Ok. And that will be our yellows. I so you guys are analytical masters. Analytical masters, yell personality. I so we have a jump right into this section here. I'll I so your clinical images mean you care about being accurate. Okay. You care about being accurate. You're cautious in your language and what you say. You're very logical. So you're going to think everything through before you make statements or before you make decisions. Alright, so your counter Plato in edges means there are you taking your time, you'd think in everything through, just making sure that you're accurate like this, the most important thing to you. Okay, so let's move on. Iso, yellow personalities, You are very reserved and task or unity. So when you do sit down to get something done, you focus. And you also focus on the facts, the rules, and the data. And you came for the successful outcomes. So you and I are very motivated by Jews grandiose ideas. You really wanted to see how it's gotta rollout based on when the facts and figures in the data. So you're not the person to talk to you about dreams or hopes. You really want to know what the outcomes could be based on the information you have. So before you may interpret decisions, you must have enough information to base their decision of, okay. 29. Analytical Characteristics : All right, so as a young personality analytical master, your very detailed, okay, you're very fact driven and your critical. I am pessimistic and perceptive and data-driven. So detail, that just means that you're not going to rush and do anything you want. Take your time and think about it and make sure it is correct to make sure is when you wanted to put out there, you're going to go over that a couple of times. You may be type person who might sleep older idea wake up just to make sure that you're now overseeing anything and you're gonna take your time. Make sure all of those details are caret in air URI, gain your fact-driven. You also like allow shows about different effects and stuff like that. So you'll be one of those people who would watch a lot of these just to know different things. But if you were working on a project within a business or even within a corporation, you definitely will be the go-to person for that to be drawn as to whether or not decisions are going to be good decisions or not. Alright, again, a critical illness, that means the, you are pretty critical in New Jersey. So you don't know by Jiaotong, you may say I don't think is going to work because ABC, so you're not a dream killer as far as this telling people that things aren't going to work, but you do have reason and data behind your decisions. When you say something's not wanna work or when you can see how it could work. Alright, so pessimistic you not that pricing that like our green personalities for a lot of energy edges always work in a room. You'll definitely the counterparty Sam, who is more pessimistic in a way that you want to make sure that you, you walk in a room, you understand the environment, you see what's going on inside of that room. You wanna make sure that whenever you do present anything, even if it's just shaking someone's hand, that you know, their name accurate, you had opposition accurate. You also wanna make sure that you observe everything so that you can procedure self in a way that is definitely accurate. So again, a perceptive, that means you do think deeply about things just to, and when I say think deeply, you're not just sitting around thinking you are researching, you are. If someone says something to you, you want to look at to see if it's true, right? So, all right. So then again, data-driven to make sure that every decision you make is an accurate decision. And so yellow personality, you are an expert. So that means you definitely can take whatever you say to the bank because it is something that is true. It is something research, it is something that can be better with logical explanation is based on research array, again, accurate and I continue to say accurate because there is a Papi for you. You want the whole world to be accurate. You want everything they said to be accurate. Even in joking conversations, you want every little part to be accurate. So hopefully, as you do recognize your personality, you can realize that there are other personality types out there and you will be able to know when you're talking to your read, you know, when you're talking to your blue and you also know when you talk into your green. So you can't inspect and expressive. And the analogy would be really completely accurately on everything. But you would make a good part of a team with him and, you know, just you going over the information to make sure and maybe pan pointing to them where they missed it. Ok, so there will be a great thing. But also again, like I say, a be very cautious in, you know, in how you interact with others when it comes to your expertise in an elite analytics and things of that nature because other people do have different personalities. And you can, you know, kinda stand back and see the different kinds of personalities and know who you dealing with so you can know how to approach them to tell them they're wrong. Okay. All right. So then when you also normally dealing with the yellow UR predictor, so you can predict what's coming up. Because you just, sometimes you are, is all the research that you do. Other times because you're so good at probability, you can kind of factor things out in your head and see whether or not something's really good or not. All right, so then also informative. So you are going to provide a lot of information as to why you came up with your idea. If someone is waiting on you to move very quickly and making a decision, they malice will go home. We're going to do it under any circumstances. You want to take your town, you're going to think about it, you're going to analyze it, you going to research it. You going to sit there and make your Take your time making your decision essay in putting out information. Alright, so you're very focused when you are fact checking and all this stuff. You kind of get everybody when you get interrupted because you are focused or wherever it is that you wanna do. And whatever you want to study, whatever you want to learn about and whatever you want to predict next, okay. 30. Analytical Key Biz Strengths: All right, so key for you, key business strengths for the yellow cardinalities are so high, am I right? The ham I is your accuracy in high standards. You are amazing. Abby, accurate. You do wonderful job. Again, researcher and get the data on various topics and subjects AS situations to predict their favorable outcome. You have very high standards about your world. You have very high status about your word. Whenever you say something it does, it is able to be backed up by data. So you have the highest standard AU also, why everyone else to deal with you in the same way. You again, like I say, I do consider other personality types out there. Alright, so it allows you, you highlight, allows you to increase gains and minimize losses. Because a lot of times again, a read is so focused on one way, right? You are able to look at the whole situation. They'll tell the totality of the situation. And you're able to bring a sounding board, right? You're able to bring facts, figures, and different things to help people to actually execute on their ideas, but just do it accurately. So there the gains RB in the losses are minimum, okay? Alright, so your analytical personality will perform best anchoring fields that allow you to take fakes and be accurate. That is the yellow lane. All right, so yellow Lang, your analytical price and now is he performance based EEG reveals that allow you to check fakes and be accurate. You will now be happiest situation where you have to make decisions very quickly without first ensuring that those decisions are actually good. Sound decisions are rightly so yellow. These you make a gray engineer because you are able to see things as they unfold and you're able to see problems within different plans to do things. So when you think about bridges in just how they're built, right, you are able to see how to engineer that brief so doesn't fall in one right. Even when a job job Gaza drywall. So you're not going to die down there and do it. But you will be able to look at the plan and say, hey, this is faulty here because that is not going to stay in on top of there and that's going to eventually break down cause on a collapse on the north end of the bridge. You know, you, you can see how it's not going to work based on data. You make a great scientist again, because you are analyzing, you are looking at data and facts and you are able to prove a lot of science, a lot of science, or at least come up with a great hypothesis. So that's why you will be a great scientist. Also an accounting, because you are able to pay such great detail paintings in a search by detail. So you're able to make sure that, you know when it come, when it when it's tax time, everything's accurately. You are also able to provide business advice because you can tell someone where they're headed financially based on their activities, right? You can look at the previous years and maybe even forecasts somethings in. And you can also help people discover where they can make a different decision to, again, capitalize on those gains, minimize those losses. I in an NGO own business piracy. And definitely you will be very articulate and you will be very focused on making sure you make it those good, accurate decisions. You would need a team around you because you definitely need this in that green personality out to close deals because you're going to be thinking a lot about what someone's saying. You're going to be more quiet during the conversation and maybe that's the main goal response because you take it, it all lean in and you think about, I'm going to research that. Let me, you'll make an emitter note about this. You gotta go back. You're going to research the price in their ideas, all this stuff. And they may seem, and I think that you're not really into them because you are thinking the whole time about every single word that is being saved, right? And so that sometimes when it comes to closing deals and things like that, you nice away. Who cages pretty much go on the data and research that you've already provide a goal and closed the deal. Alright? So you will make a great data annually is of course, even an astronaut. Because you are great at predicting things. Criminology is honeybee person. Those crime scene is wide open and soften cars. It's often cases because you can walk in a room, you can see what's happening. You could think about and look around and just kind of, you know, based on everything that you see. And then you go home and you do some more research. You could put together everything that happened in that room. So you are definitely on the scene. You are definitely a grey hair there. 31. Analytical Motivation : I saw you're motivated by facts and data. Other things seem kinda boring to you, right? You've spent a lot of your time watching the news useful, a lot of your time watching facts and data which shows right? You're also focused on end. You like reading articles. You liked seeing things that actually make logical sense. Something that you can prove, something that's tangible, something that you can support with data. Alright, so you make the tough decisions. They aren't based on emotions book Probability. You definitely not emotion driven. And they can also make you seem like a vehicle parsing. Because your eyes, because your idea of who you are, is all about, you know, being accurate. So emotions have to take a backseat to accuracy, okay. 32. Celebrate Analytical : All right, so get excited, get exciting yellows because your analytical role is the mastermind behind accurate calculations though it keeps everything from collapsing. I e. So you are the mastermind behind the accurate calculations when we drive over a bridge or we walk into a building and take an elevator up to the first floor of the top four. When we do these different themes that require someone to grow structures or two, how the probability or the outcome of how things were, that would be you, you are the master MA behind me was You are amazing because you are able to help calculate things that again, keeps things from clamps and literally around us. I saw your accurate calculations allow you the ability to manage multi-million dollar corporations. They definitely call you when, when they don't want to play games, they want to sit around a table. They want to talk about ideas. They want to see what you think about it. They want a day, they're willing to wait a day or two. You can bet whichever response and your printout saying you're all these things you gotta provide to bag why you responding the way that you are. You're just down the business. You just want to, again, make sure that everything that you say is going to be able to be sustained, sustain the test of time. Ok, so your ability to delegate tasks within an accuracy inside of a corporation or something like that, helps grand ideas evolve. So a lot of the other personality types, especially the red and the green, have really big grandiose ideas, right? You are able to take that idea, run an analysis and discover the probability whether they, or if it's going to be wonderful tank. Then you also can put together a plan that would delegate tasks among people to get those most profitable ideas of him running ingoing. Alright, so you definitely not the process who will be out doing these different things you delegate or you delegate things. You're not someone who's spending the time actually building out the things that you thought of, the things that you've researched. But you will assign people to get things done. You are the thinker behind everything, you are the brains behind everything that goes on, okay. 33. Stay In The Yellow Lane: So that is the yellow personality. I saw yellow celebrate yourself, celebrate yourself, right? Because you are pessimistic view is the sounding board for global development is, and I put the emphasis on global because this is no small feat, right? You are out there thinking about global warming, you out there thinking about structured and how they're being built. How cheeky people say, you know, you're out there, planning strategies for going to the Space Station and making sure that things don't oh, cry as they are now headed such fast speeds. You're out there making sure that companies are making good decisions. Because those decisions not only affect the company owners and CEOs of companies, but they also affect all of the people who were working for the various companies that they're making decisions for. So you definitely do care about, you take it very seriously. You know, you care about your decisions and how they affect people. I, so you bring balance to ideas and reality, right? So you're the bubble Popper, right? So whenever you add in the bone, because you want to bring a balance and make sure that the idea can become a reality. Okay. So that is you as a yellow. I saw congrats. If you're out there, you're yellow. Alright, so you should be an analytical rounds. They'll allow you to compare data and make accurate decisions. Alright, so do not allow anyone to criticize you for being too series because that part of you is where really makes you stand out in his work is sure major contribution to the world because you're able to again, be the series on the board, see those decisions and reality of those decisions in the outcomes of those decisions and how they affect everyone, okay, so you help orchestrate greatness in the world, so you're great. And I want to put too much hype into your section because you don't like, All right, you really just want everything is straightforward. All right, so my demos just stay in your lane, right? Because your platform should highlight your critical thinking abilities. I you should be focusing on making accurate decisions and ensuring safety and security old again, the world. So whatever you're doing, whatever as you're making, whatever research you do and whatever data you're analyzing, it really does have an effect on people in how they live in and the enlarge mass is right. So let someone else handle the dreams you now the price and sit around wringing about these and thinking about things and hoping about things. You'd have near them when saying, hey, OK, let's pick this one idea because the probability of this will move in is going to be great. So this is y. So there is you. Okay. 34. Yellow Examples : So some examples of well-known yellow personalities. Okay, so at the top of my list will be Bill Gates. You know, Bill Gates is definitely yellow personality. Mark Zuckerberg. He's definitely a yellow personality. And Jeff Bezos, I'm not sure if I'm saying his name correctly, but he is the owner of Amazon. So when you start to think about the impact that they're having on the world. It's not just about money, it how much money they made, but it's about how computers have changed and lives, how the accuracy in data, how Microsoft and I will specifically speak of Microsoft because there are different types of computers. But when I'm thinking about Microsoft and how this impacted my life in, in other people, and how it's impacted their lives in how people are able to get one line and use that software to create things and do things. So we'll see, you can see how being accurate in the programming and all that mirrors how Amazon of fix the role, right, is global. And so the convenience of getting packages the way that we do today, and even being able to leverage the pill form two burgers businesses and things like that. And they mark how he has revolutionized the way people socialize on the internet. And then they're engaged in different areas of the world. As a philanthropy is making a difference in the world. And even though a lot of people may not agree with everything that they do, they are major players in our global events happening today. So yeah, so just think about that. You have, you are, oh, you should be celebrating new cell because your personality again, literally rules the worlds that you have completed this curse, right? Whether you are a red, a green, a blue, or yellow, whether you had a dominant personality, that expressive personality that, you know, assisting or helpful personality or the analytical personality, you are gray. It takes all these personalities. So I always takes all of us to make a difference in the world, right? I have a friend. Her father has passed away. But I remember when we were younger he told us. He said The world is like a puzzle. You take your piece and do whatever you want with it. So you take your peas in, you embrace who you are, embrace your personality type. Embrace other people's personality type year. Not only pricing on the planet and you're not the only personality type on the planet. So now that you have a better understanding of the different personality types that are out there. Try to be more patient and more kind and more understanding how people communicate. Because when you understand that, then you can be more open-minded in getting things done, maybe not your way, but maybe, you know, building a little bit in a way that another personnel may communicate so that way things can flow, right? So having this knowledge is very powerful, impactful, whether you're gonna utilize it within your own liabilities as you're dealing with different clients and people with you are going to be out there doing webinars and seminars or if you're going to be doing Park KS, responding to people on the internet are going out there meeting people. You definitely need to leverage this knowledge so that you can make everyone feel welcome, any help them accomplish their goals based on how they communicate and how their personalities are. So like I always tell you if you continue to take when is still right once though, every single day, your online business goals or wherever your goals are out there. One day you were looked at and you will realize how far you have come. I, so this has been, its heat wave is called, This has been a big ng, wonderful self-discovery. Cheney, I'm so glad, so excited that you're here, that you finish the course giving, give yourself a pat on the back and you could definitely see me or reach me at www dot t Davis or www dot totally my