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Self Defense M.A.A Black Belt Certification

teacher avatar Jonathan Wright, Self Defense made easy for men and women

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Safety Disclaimer

    • 3. Knife Attacks

    • 4. Back Attacks

    • 5. Joint Manipulations

    • 6. Take Down Defense

    • 7. Jiu-Jitsu Basics

    • 8. Karate Basics

    • 9. Gun Attacks

    • 10. Striking

    • 11. Vital Areas

    • 12. Sky Defense

    • 13. Extra Material and Closing Comments

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About This Class


What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to defend yourself in real life situations.
  • You will be able to defend yourself aboard an airline plane.
  • You will learn defense against knife attacks.
  • You will learn to defend yourself from gun attacks.
  • You will learn the best takedowns from my experience.
  • You will learn precise striking locations.
  • Karate basics.
  • Jiu-Jitsu basics.
  • Joint manipulations.


  • Zero. Just be open minded and ready to learn the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family.


1.  Back Attacks -  This section features two ways of attacks from the back. One from a rope attack and the other from the pulling of hair. Both have repercussions that are explained and in further detail in later videos.

2.  Knife Attacks -  In this section you will learn how to make the attacker attack themselves. what does that mean for you? No jail time!

3. Gun Attacks - Same thing as knife section. We focus the weapon on them while they are still holding it. We also show you with a real gun and how to grab it while an actual gun is fired. No fake plastic guns here.

4. Joint Manipulation - Here you will learn very basic ways to bring people down that are grabbing you.

5. Take Downs - This section revolves around basic take downs that anyone can do against GIANTS!

6. Jiu-Jitsu - Here is the part where you may be on your back. Do we wanna go to our back? No! But.... you must know what to do when you get there.

7. AIRLINE DEFENSE - This part is very unique, I have traveled the world in planes for two decades. I have learned a lot. What I will show you is very simple yet very useful. Not only could this save the plane, but also wake you up to reality.

8. Karate - Point blank! I have done three Karate types. Tang Soo Do, which I am a Black Belt in.

Kenpo - black belt

Thai Kwon Do- 4th Gup

I can teach you karate from experience. You will learn in video.

9. Striking - Here you will learn how to strike without damage to yourself.

10. Vital Areas - In this part you will see the best places to strike...... PERIOD!

11. Closing thoughts - These are things most people do not think about. I explain very unique things to look for in the environment you are in. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jonathan Wright

Self Defense made easy for men and women


Jonathan Wright has been a martial artist and a self defense specialist for over 20 years. After serving in the U.S. Navy he continued his training in multiple attack arts. Jonathan has black belts in both Kenpo and Tang Soo Do, a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and is 4th gup in Thai Kwon Do.  He is also the author of  "This Book May Save Your Life" and is the president and founder of Multiple Attack Arts Academy Inc

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1. Introduction: 2. Safety Disclaimer: 3. Knife Attacks: This is our knife section of the video. I want to show you a couple of minutes about knives, especially when karate is concerned. Should do a lot of stuff like this. This is a fake knife. We don't use real knives. Okay. We want to use something. That's metal, though. Because of karate, They used rubber knives. Okay, Rubber knives aren't gonna teach you anything. They literally bend on your neck. Wouldn't nights. You want to feel the cold steel? You know, it's more realistic, you know, but yeah, this is a fake knife. Anyway, in karate tongue shadow, for instance, Number 21 9 moved. You got a guy, he goes, Oh, the other guy's gonna doing this. Keep his hand there while you miraculously taken to the ground with joint manipulations. I'm gonna tell you right now, if you have ever seen a knife fire been in a knife fight, nobody does that. It's chaotic. Denies are all over the place. Okay. You don't know what's going on. Well, you get cut. Maybe, maybe not. Everybody will tell you you're always going to get cut in a knife fight. That's not necessarily true. You might be way better than the other guy, and you don't get cut and you just stab him first. That's what it works, you know? Anyway, this is my fiance, O'Hara, and should be helped me do a couple of different things that my friend later taught me a soldier to hold the knife to my throat. So she's got to get the knife to my throat. Probably up against the wall or something. She wants my money. Right? So what's the first thing we're gonna do? You given the month, okay? Your life is not worth your money. That's number one. And you always want the person. You don't ever want to grab anybody like this. If this is a big guy, a £300 man, you think it's not gonna deny you think you're gonna move somebody's wrist? That's £300. You're wrong. It's not gonna happen, I promise. So do you think this is good or you think it's bad? It's actually good because she's threatening me. She just wants to take my money, OK, and I'm gonna give it to her. But if it gets to the point where I literally have to do something than it's go time I do something right. So you don't want to wake anybody up, Grab do all this stuff that they teach you Karate. Okay, you just be real quiet. You're talking to the person. Say you don't need to look at the night. You know where the knife said It's on your throat If you don't know what a nice that you've got some serious problems. Okay, so I was just keep your hands really relaxed, real relapsed. Everything's they're gonna they're gonna cut themselves. Okay, so it's just really relaxed and blue slice right through a rest. She's holding the knife. You know what that means? You don't go to jail. She cut herself. That's not my problem. Maybe Maybe maybe I just want o decide how it's to be Erica. I'm I don't have the cutter. You gonna just going to decide I could even go heater or I could just run away. Just another example. Um, from the back, this is this is a pretty bad place to be in. Would you say it's pretty bad? But here's a good look to put it right on. So in this position, you don't have a whole lot of options a day. But you have these two fingers. These two fingers are very strong. And we'll go over that when we do enjoy manipulation stuff. But if you just grab right here with these two fingers and keep your elbow down, it's very difficult for her job. Slit my throat. See it? You have no leverage, right? No, no. Once you want, you don't want to. Just like, but I'm sorry to have about you Anyway. You don't want to just grab into this, okay? It's kind of one motion. Okay, so we're gonna do it like this. This Now she's on her. Were on her throat. Now see this Now I could run. I could cause damage. Or from in this position like this, I don't even have I could stay and just average through if I want to. If not, I'm just gonna run away. Okay, Here's another situation. You're a hostage situation, OK? You got somebody like this? They're gonna scary with this knife. This big knife in your back. You do that. So you got it? Doesn't matter what side, right? You know, with a knife. So it's in your back. Don't you always get a free look, but don't even bother, You know works. Okay, You know, that's person's arm is right here. So you want to walk and stop a little bit? Walk. Stop. And about 1/3 time, this is all you gotta do. Just keep your arms down. It's like this and just you have to do anything. Just you literally show it again, my papa Water. There you go. It doesn't matter where the knife sad to be down here doesn't make a difference. All you're doing is turning on leaving. And you could do bad things from here. We'll go over that stuff, take down that section. Um, as faras all this slashing and dicing. If somebody comes at you with a knife like this, worry. You need the worry. If somebody's coming at you like this, most likely they don't know how that fight this. This is an experienced knight fighter. Somebody's coming in like this. If somebody comes up to you like this and they have their hand on the back of your neck and therefore are right here there since they want to sense movement with their arm, that's an experienced person. Those type of people. You just just be very careful. Hopefully, you never have to encounter them. A lot of Navy seals and stuff know they're taught to do things like that, But yeah, you don't want anybody that has a knife like that. Just trying to avoid them at all costs. So, what do you want to do? You want to get away from the person. This is not gonna kill you. That this is what kills you. The person. Don't worry about the night. The knife is not important. You did this one again. Like this different angle. Same thing. Okay, She she's gonna kill me. That this knife. If I lay it on the table, what's it gonna do? Nothing. It's gonna sit on the table, collect dust, right? You don't just just become okay. You know what's gonna happen. She's gonna get her. Risling, what you gonna do now? Go like this for the rest of day? I think the fight's over. You could even go like this. Now, once you take that night from somebody and you're stabbing them now you gotta deal with lawyers. You gotta deal with police. You don't want to deal with that. So just the one cut. Believe me, if you slit somebody's wrist, the fight's over. There could be like they're not gonna be like I'm gonna get, you know they're gonna die very quickly because they're gonna believe that that especially if you do, it's a beer cut. But the thing is, is when she's got this night, she's already wanted sliced this way. So I'm just gonna go in the same direction. The only difference is I grabbed this hand and pushed life into it. Now, if it's just a minor cut or whatever, I could disarm. Move away and get on the situation. If somebody's got a knife usually like this, this is your weak spot, OK? Just like when you're grabbing somebody, you always want to go. Now, obviously, I don't want to take it from this direction but this side. And if you got a double edged blade, it's gonna be a little different. You're gonna crimp your hand like this and pull, Okay, But this isn't It's a single edged blade. Most people use those Anyway, most of the guys that we're gonna attack you're gonna be looking for drugs. They're poor or something like that. they're gonna pull out a knife very similar to this. You know, a little foot about knife will, hunting knife or something like that. They're not gonna pull out micro text on you, because if they can afford micro tech knives, I don't think they'd be robbing in the first place. Right? Unless you, like, took their wife out to dinner. But anyway, even if she you know, even if she just make sure you hold on tight, I get to decide. I get to decide where the cuts are made, not her. But once you take it out of hand, they need to deal with law enforcement. Same thing goes with guns. You're going to see if situation everybody thinks you take the gun away from somebody and they could shoot him. No, you can't do that. Now. You're the aggressor, not your student. Except especially if you have a black belt. You go to court and you have a couple black belts under your belt. Say they're gonna look at us that experience fighter. And after you take that knife away, they're gonna ask you why did you Why did you kill that person? You didn't have to, you know. So that's pretty much what I want to show you about knife attacks. Some of the myths 4. Back Attacks: thats part is gonna be a couple of tax from the back. A lot of people, you know, they think Oh, my God. I got a rope attack. What am I gonna do? Yeah, it's very easy, guys. Okay, when somebody's choking you with a rope that around me wrapped up pretty good, right? Their first instinct. This they grab this they want do all this stuff. That person's got two hands on that rope. Okay, Look where your hands around right here. Just It's a certain just how I'm right here. Right in her throat. I go to a karaoke armory. I can even at this point, joint manipulator, whatever. I could do a lot of stuff from me. Okay, But just turn around. It's real simple, and I'll show you. This happens to a lot of women, especially in jail in place like that. It was You could have a pony, Taylor. Just long hair like this. Okay? They're gonna start pulling the girl's hair. Right? And what do you do? Well, what is a regular person? Normally do they reach back and try to get the person's hand off their air? Right. That's what they tried, but No, just turn around my hands on her hair. Who? And Yeah, believer not throw strikes taker. Okay, so when you're doing these little throw strikes, pull your middle finger back, pull back, and then you're just going right here. Right? Right. Throat right. The windpipe take practice on yourself. Not full force, please. Or your friends. She hit me, you know, pretty good, which is normally where we wouldn't do that. But White don't see anyway, uh, take take your even a credit card, your cellphone, anything that gets strike from. I mean, listen to be talking, it's It's horrible. I just got my fingers on their right. But believe me, when you strike somebody with one of those in the throat, that's pretty much the end of the fight. And then you do what you want from there. I just want to show you a couple different ways that people get attacked from the back 5. Joint Manipulations: All right, Now we're gonna show you some joint manipulations. Hands, elbow, basic stuff. Basically, if a joint, I mean, take your finger. If you pull it back like this, everything's fair in street fighting. Could do whatever you want, but even a finger you could pull back. I'm gonna show you basically easy ways to joint manipulate people. It doesn't matter where they're at, where they're grabbing. Just pretend like your thumbs are a little remote control like you're playing old school Nintendo and grab the top of their hand like this. And of course, I mean, you could break their risk very easily at that point. It doesn't matter which side it's at. You do the same thing as long as these thumbs like this, you're going in the opposite direction. I'm not gonna go full force, obviously, because she's pretty tight. So even like this, where you have the elbow like this and somebody's grabbing you, you just press up a little bit and you could hurt him. If they do this, then you get elbowed. Us never want to move like this. It's bad, right? Even your rotator cuff doesn't want like that. If the person's arm is like this up like this, and I step a little bit behind. I could bring her down like that, too, because it's just not a normal way that the body works. So something's gravity like this. Of course, you could just do all this like I showed you before, Which is what you really want to do because it's a big guy. You're probably not gonna be able to do all this stuff. Either. Side could reach room. Remember earlier I was talking about these two fingers. Well, if you reach over and grab just underneath there pretty strong, you could group really hard. And then all you're doing is twisted hand this way over grabbing the elbow and walking it out. And at the same time, you want to push pressure on this hand, and then you always want to have leverage. You know, you stepping into it, they're going to probably go down to the ground, wants to get down to the ground. Then you could break it if you need to. If not, just do whatever you know. I'm not gonna tell you what to do at that point, but yeah, any type of manipulation like this. She's grabbing me like old school police, you know? Do they always do this to people you got? They want to push this arm up like that. All this crap when your hand is near your hip down here, you have a lot of power. When you shoot out, it doesn't really make a difference how hard they grab you. You could shoot right out. As soon as you do that, you can re grab their wrist and now they're there. If you want, I'll do it quick. Just a kind of see how it works. So it's it's like that. That's very much all there is for joint manipulation, type things. I didn't want to put too much on you all once, uh, when we did, you get to, you're gonna see some some points of manipulation in that as well. So I don't want to put too much out there 6. Take Down Defense: Okay, we're gonna show you a couple takedowns that I think are pretty good from karate. At least what I've taken from it was a simple sweet. So if the person's here like this, it doesn't matter where they're at. If they're throwing punches at you or whatever, you're gonna basically at the same time that you put your leg back here, we're gonna sweep with top. So basically what it looks like it's slow. Motion is this And then you have their arm, which is really good. You get dropping into our bar, which I'll show you how to do that. You get to part next, but yeah, all it is is you're stepping behind the person using a little hip and just pushed him over . So it's actually really easy now that the person's really tall. You're not gonna be able to do that. It's gonna be really aren't. You just don't have the leverage to do it. So that's why I must say this. It's called a body full take down. It's a part of Fujitsu, really. But mostly have a lot of people. When they're in the streets, they take somebody down what they want to do is they grab your on the ways and they stick their head right here. That's not good to do. Don't ever do that. And if somebody does that, I'll show you exactly what to do. In ju jitsu, it's called the guillotine. It's really easy. Don't even have to drop to the ground. Can actually submit a wallet standing still. But if they push your downing's wrapped up obsolete. Um, anyway, body full takedowns like this person is coming at you. They're thrown punches, whatever, don't you think? But what you're doing is you're going around their waist with this hand, and you always want to make sure that this hand is around your wrist in this direction. Otherwise they could just push your arm off. You don't want that right, because if you were like this, they could just push your arm. So he's got to remember coming like this, latch on like that and when you're when you're pulling in your hitting in right here into the chest, so you're not putting your head on the sides either side. It's right here. So you're pushing and pulling at the same time. It works on huge guys trained with a bunch of guys that £285 out California towards, and they can't do anything. If the person's really tall, you just keep chopping away until you get town. Eventually the guy goes down. That's a really good one. It's usually used when you're trying to close distance. So, like jiu jitsu, you always wanted, like, throw a punch. But not by stating there. I said, While you're standing there, Can you hit me from there without moving your feet like that? Yeah, See, you can't help me because she's far away did. So you want to be either far away? You thought you want to be really close? This person can really hit you from here. I mean, they can. It's not cause much damage. You're minimizing damage. Show you another one. This is also from karate. So if somebody's coming behind you and they're trying, do all this deal, this was pretty easy. Just kind of bumped your butt out like this. But bump your but this is just grab your leg, pull it up in between your legs and gently putting her down. Really? You don't want to do that? We're talking about the groin wouldn't work so great on her. But yeah, you could just do the old growing stop there, or you can go into a best you Jensen will take care of that next. 7. Jiu-Jitsu Basics: Okay, Um, did you get to I'm just gonna show you the basics. Like rear naked choke guillotine, Kimora, Um, our Mars triumphs. Okay, The different positions that you could be in and how you can manipulate it from different spots. So we try not overwhelm you with too much information. So one way down black here, right street? This that work. Nobody will ever do this for you in real life. Just Hey, buddy, can you, uh, lay down for right here, Second arm bar you a lot of people when you're this is I'm full mounting her right now, which means my legs are inside. Uh, you want to always keep your hooks into if they turn over, keep your hooks in, which is your feet. And that way you could take the back. They turn over a lot of people. If you're punching them like this, the first thing they do is they're gonna roll to their stomach, and then you could take their back. You never want to give anybody your back. Ever, ever. I don't care what Marshall arguing. You can't see what's coming from the back so people will try. Put put. She walked them like this, which for them is not good, because you can break either one. These arms and all you do is you put both your hands on their chest like this, and your circle this leg around when you circle it around, you're coming down like this and you're just using in between your legs as a little pressure point and you're gonna pull it down and you always want to pull down the arm in the south position, which is towards their feet, and you could easily break down. Then what you're gonna do is your push your hips up, which I'm not gonna do very hard because she was car accident, so we don't want to break. Okay, so I'm trying to be real gentle with her, but I'm sure you've seen everybody seeing an arm bar. You could do the same thing from back, which I'll show you in a second. Another move we can do right from the full now is called in Americana or Tamora. It's the same thing. Is all the different positions I could show you. But in this position from the top, they call it in America. So you Ford, you're forcing one of their hands down here, and we're probably gonna have to move back. So put your knees up. That's fine. So enforcing one of her hands down when I'm forcing her hand down to the ground, I want to keep the hit the back of the hand to the ground, and then we'll reach under with the other arm underneath her bicep and grab my own wrist. Now, after I grabbed my wrist, I could push this way. So I'm really I'm putting all the pressure on the rotator cuff and you could break. That's easy. Hopefully person taps in real life that the person taps Don't stop. It's not You're not in a rig that this actually been cage fighters that have done that. They're in real life. There are birds, something tapping. They roll off. You don't in the guy and get on top of him, you know, whatever. Here's another thing we're gonna do. I was talking about earlier getting When people rush you like this, they put their head, their head ends up right here like this. So all you do is you wrap it around like this and you're gonna go in and just pull back. See, that's That's from standing point right now. When a person sees it, you're choking on. They're probably gonna take you to Grant. When they do that, you're gonna wrap your legs like this across them. They finished him off from there, Which I'm not gonna do and her. But this is called full guard. So you want your legs like this wrapped around. Now, if you're taking somebody's back, you don't want to wrap your feet around this. You just want to keep them like this. And the reason is that the guys experience he did he could mess with your ankles. But we're not going to get all that now. What? I was telling you earlier with the arm bar, you could do the same thing right from here with either arm. I grabbed this song. I go over and I'm not gonna do it. But I can are far from here floating around. Get the Now What? I shouldn't with that Americana move when you're on top, key lock. Whatever you wanna call it, you do the same thing from the bomb. What you do is and the persons on you will push up and try to pick you up or something they don't want to do. You got a little seat belt area. What's the posture up like that? You can actually reach other, grab their wrist? And now I'm doing the same thing. Except this time I'm stooping out, wrapping my legs. Now, apply pressure against rotator cuff, just like I did before. And I just keep going with this, Um, Another one from the back. This is a triangle choke. So this is really good for any woman to nudge it to. This is another thing about duty. Get laid out. Relax. So a guy's aggressive, nor rapist or whatever. You're always gonna want shrimp out or stoop out from that position. But if you get a point toward this leg or this leg is on the other side of one of her arms , you could take this leg, wrap it around back there, leaving this arm inside your grab your ankle, pull it down, but the other leg over the top and lock it in. Once you lock it most of the time, you could finish right there. But if not, you just pull down their head like this and pick up. It's pretty. It's pretty bad condition being it's hard to get. Have Teoh. Um, so that's the basics of that. Now I'm gonna show you rear naked choke. So, like we were talking about before, Uh, you're late, late that flat. So I'm on top of this, this dude just wailing on whatever. You don't want to do that, you're not fully. But if things are going, you know, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do so fortune, and then you're gonna get your back. So when she does that, I keep my books in a more reach with one of my arms underneath, and you always want the elbow to be right under the chin. Then I grabbed my bicep and pushed down on the back of her head. You don't even have to push that hard on back. But most of time, people will roll over trying to get out of it, and you'll end up being on your back, which is even better because you can just lay there just really cranked on someone show you close up right here, right here, Like what you're standing. So a lot of people no rear naked jobs. Not that hard to do. So you're coming around under the elbow under the chin and you're grabbing your bicep, grabbed by step. Go behind ahead. Finished. OK, this is the place. The full mount position is where you do not want to be. You do. You don't want to be on the ground and have a guy, right? So get full. Now you do not want to be here because it's hard to get out. But if you look back here, I try. We don't want to do is one track this leg Because I'm a role in this way. So track this leg and the woman do is over there and disarmed if I can. And if I can't eat away, I'm just trying job now they go like this and you never want to be putting your arms everywhere out. You kind of want to be like trying to source Rex. You never want toe use a lot of force interested. All you gotta do is wait till they mess up like a torrential. They sit there and wait. They wait on a team that strike that. That's what you gotta do. You might take a few hits My screen's used to get hit all the time. Nobody could beat him No. Did you do with the King? But did you see? It is really good And one on one fighting in a cage with nobody else I could hit you if you're in a bar, Don't Don't do jiu jitsu trying not to go around, But sometimes you have to go in the ground So you might as well know what to do when you get there. But yeah, ju jitsu is awesome. So all you do to guys you know, don't come down on me when I say Oh, don't don't Did you gypsy with a bar? Anyone with a bunch of people? Well, when you're down on your back, people could just kick you in the head there snow jujitsu moves for seeing behind your head . You're just going to get beat down if the guy's got friends there, so don't go to the ground if you can. And that's my basic Judit Teoh tutorial, so help he enjoyed it 8. Karate Basics: Okay. This is the karate portion, right to the point. Taken three different Karachi's. Okay, Tongue CEO, Taekwondo and Kemp got black belt too. So I'm gonna show you the similarities between all the karate is The kicks are generally they're pretty exact. The same. There's no difference. The forms are different, but tongue, pseudo taekwondo, the forms air really, really close together, they just number them differently. Even the moves were kind of the same. They just change the numbers around stuff. But, Michelle, you what works and what doesn't work so much. Okay, so we got kicks. Okay, We got basic kicks. Front kick is one of the most basic kicks for a lot of people. Don't do it right. Okay. You're coming up with your need, and then you're extending your foot and you always want to kick with the ball of your foot , Not your toes. OK, so you always want to push, push that ball for one quick. Most boom. Just like that. Now you don't have to go head height. Don't try to kill yourself right off the bat. Start low starting low, kids. Then work your way up. So that's a front kick Okay. That's in all types of karate. That's an Emam, a fighting everything else. Then you got a round kick. Very simple. You're coming up turning your body. Okay, So same thing if you can't reach head height, don't worry that eventually and only stretch before you do these kicks because you can really hurt yourself. I don't care how old they are. Wow. Maybe for 10 or 12 years old, you're You probably won't hurt yourself cause you're very flexible. I'm 42 years old, so I got stretch a little bit before I do this stuff. So his round kit, Pretty simple. And karate, They always teach you to kick with the top your foot. I'm not gonna teach you that because it causes injury to the top foot and not as much damage to the guy that fight kicking with the shin is really what you want to do. So if the guy's head is right here, my foot wants to go around here and hit him with the shin right here. I don't want to hit with foot right here. So it's like this'll around. Another kick is the psychic. I'm sure you guys have all seen Chuck thorns do this a 1,000,000 times, right? Just favorite kick. So, psychic, you're bringing your leg up, turning to the side, and you want to try to kick with the blade of your foot. So by blade of your foot, I mean, if you're writing the outside edge, it just creates more of an impact. Instead of a flat surface hitting blade, it's a lot more damaging. You gotta be careful when you're kicking, especially if it's to a hard part of the body. You could hurt yourself. So, you know, really, in a real fight, you just want to throw it out there and get in there quick. It's more for getting people away. Uh, but yeah, quick kick. I like to do step sidekicks. So I'm stepping and then throwing it instead of throwing it from this way. This way is slower turning this another kick. Crescent kick. Okay, In a fight, I probably wouldn't use oppressive kicked. Maybe if somebody has something in her hand and it's just a quick thing. I just think a crescent kid comes up around so and coming up and circling this way, you could do it low to start off with, but yeah, that's all. It all the spinning stuff. If you're sticking around, fried kicks in bars and just don't just try not to do that, okay? Because when you're spending around, people do all kinds of you could see it coming to you could see it coming those kicks air or for show showman. And you have C people like that, you know? I mean, in real life, you don't want to use this stuff getting chronic. Yeah, a few blocks. OK, One is a low block. They start like this hand. It developed another one. Hi, block. They have a middle. These blocks you will never see and spark. Yeah, they look cool. The forms look cool. You go down the mat to do all your forms of people, like, Oh, my God, he's a Marshall Orders. But I promise you, nobody is gonna be doing this. You're not gonna see any innocents. Barring it's gonna be more like this. It's not gonna look like that's what. And then there's moves and crying their absolute predictions. I mean, they're spoons literally. Were you, like, go down and twist your legs around, Come up like this like Where is there room for that? In a real fight. If you do something like that and actually hurt somebody, I'd be amazed. Okay, Most of you throw yourself all bats, what you're doing. Then you got your stances. You got four stance. We spread your legs and all these stances. Stance is a real life. You're fighting another person. You're trying to defend yourself. You don't have time to worry of your foot's in the right spot. It's this way. Real life works. I promise. You go to any any karate school in the country and watch them spar. They don't use anything, anything that they've been taught in a school, they might throw their kids right. But that's it. When they're blocking, they're not doing any of that stuff. There's some moves of karate that I'm gonna show later in the takedown section because I think they're actually good takedowns eso We'll go over that later in the takedown section . But that's karate. In a nutshell, guys, it's not much. It was 2000 years old, okay? They didn't have cars back then. They didn't have guns back then. It's more of an art, and I'm not down in karate. I have taken three. Like I said, I love karate. Make a lot of friends, and it's great work out. I mean, I probably be pretty fat by now. 42 years old if I didn't take a bunch of karate. But I'm not down. Please. Any martial lords? I'm not down. I'm just trying to tell you what works. What does not work. 9. Gun Attacks: Okay. This is the gun section. Okay? This is a really gone. It's a Glock 19. Don't use a real gun, Okay? There's no magazine in here. Okay? Laser Bean. Yes, but what we're gonna do is macaca. So he please use either, like a wooden gun, something that doesn't have a trigger or whatever they tell you to do that in karate. Uh huh. Okay. But I did not want anybody using a real gun to practice this stuff. Please do not. Okay, So Harris and grabbed the gun right hand, but a finger on the trigger and she's got put the gun. And so you grab me. She wants my money. Right? So what do we do? We give her the money, get for the money. You shouldn't put your wallet back. Doctor was put in front. Tell you story about that anyway. Yeah, this is This is not bad, guys because she's just threatened me. She wanted to kill me. Should be 10 feet back shooting 20 guys. Right? So she wants my money so she could take it. Now if she takes the money and the guns still in my head and I got my family here. My kids. You know, you gotta be careful, because if your kids are over to the right here and your wife etcetera, you might want you might want to do something like this. Move away. You don't want to draw the fight. This gun's gonna fire. It's gonna fire if it doesn't fire your Okay. So anyway, state type of were not grabbing. We're not doing any of this stuff. Okay? When we do finally grabbed the gun, we're gonna grab it round the slide, and I'll explain why. But just in general, just I'm here. If she did shoot the gun when she just did Now doctor is jammed. It's not gonna take it out. If you grab the top of a semi auto gun, I promise you, even if you just put your hand on the top and don't apply any pressure and pull the trigger , it will jam every single time. This is a Glock. They say they don't jam. Believe me, you could. If you don't know how to shoot a gun correctly and and you pull back like this, just that momentum, we'll make it stovepipe. Okay, So So yeah. Um, what I'm doing is I'm actually using her arm as a little sea salt type thing. So get a little closer. So I'm just taking the gun and it Z one quick motion. I'm gonna do it slow. It's common around guns useless down. But she didn't fire boo. I can fire right in front of her face. Just the blast from the from the gun. One messed things up. If you if you have, like a, like my friend Larry did he put a mask on Halloween, mask up and he shot a gun like, four inches from it. It blasts the whole face apart. I mean, you'd be surprised. You don't want to get really close to a gun, especially a revolver will tear your hand apart. This was a revolver. Never, ever grab where the bullets were located. Because I promise you it's gonna blow your hand apart. It's just like a firecracker. Uh, don't do that. Always grab the risks. Don't have a revolver and show you. So did the other side. Anyway, So I'm calm. Gadgil. I know my family is not right here. Now I got to go, right? I'm not pointing out face. I'm over inside But now I got control right now. If I shoot her, I'm going to jail. Just remember, people tell you, they'll tell you all this slapping techniques. You slap it right out of her hand. That's that doesn't work, does it Doesn't work. And if anything, you don't know where that gun's gonna go. Literally just hit, you know, same type of situation, right? I know where the guns. That's right. Here. Right. All I can do is lower the gun. She shoots herself. I I didn't do nothing, right? So from the other direction thank same exact situation. Okay, as long as you know you're not gonna want to shoot your wrist, obviously. Right? So, you know, you gotta get it. Practices a lot is not something you're just gonna learn overnight, Okay? But literally you're gonna use this thumb, and when you come up, trigger fingers right there, it is not hard to find. So and I show you this again from this side, basically, all doing is pulling down, pulling her trigger fear into her own arm. So she shot herself. No lawyers, no cops, nothing. Okay, that's a difficult one to do and do it quick. you really gotta practice law. So even in even even if I miss, she pulls away when she's supposed to not do. But she pulled away. I still had the top go. So now I could literally pull out your wallet on. Of course, it's away from everybody. I pull the trigger. I could just stand right here, you know, taker on Jan that gun. At least 30 seconds. I've gone out. So another thing. Don't try. If you do, I'm just saying Don't try. OK, But I'll show you in. I'll go outside, and I'll actually do this with a gun loaded and hold it and show you how every time it will jam up. Okay, I'm out here with your protection on safety glasses. I just want to show you what happens when you touch the slide and you actually grab a slide of a Glock 19 or any other guy. And he's semi auto. Let's see what happens. Grab the top. Look, Obama tried should begin. I can't shoot it 10. Striking: you guys are different ways to strike people. Some are not that great. Like with the fist into hard areas of the body. Like the stall, the ribs, anything that could possibly break your knuckles or hurt too in the face. You really don't want to use any type of novels. You've seen people from school growing up. I'm sure they have bloody knuckles that they've been in a fight, right? That's not what you want. Okay, so Hammerfest, just coming down like that alleviates all that problem. Also, this little part of your hand right here, the little knife hand area especially constructed back in that corroded artery. So we got that. Now I'm not saying punches or bad to the stuff in the stomachs. All soft tissue. You could literally hit somebody in the stomach and cause a lot of damage with your fists and you won't be heard. It all did. You have, you know, hook punches this stuff, it's all great. And you have See, you have padded gloves. You have a referee in the ring. There's rules and real like this. No rules. Okay? You don't get to do that. So are you gonna hit somebody in the chain with your knuckles. I don't recommend it. Can you take the hell calm right here and strike him under the chin and knocked them out? Yes, you can. You can also do with Hammerfest from the side. You could do it from this side. It doesn't make a difference as long as you're hitting the chin and it's going past the shoulder and your calls or not, this forest Kicks of concern, Um, kicks. You never wanna injured your toes. So you always want to keep your toes back. Especially with the front kick like this that came out my camera so fast. That's just But you never want a hit with the toes, does your break. If you throw all that force into somebody with your toes, it's gonna break your toes. I guarantee it. So you kick with the ball of your foot which is right on the bottom, right with toasted. If you don't know what the ball, your foot is gone Problems right. So rounded. We're to go around again same day. But you want hit with your shit. You do not want hit for the top your foot like the teacher karate because it will hurt you , I promise. So you're throwing it and we throw it. You want to make sure that your foot is either behind their head behind their body and you're hitting with this part Shit, That's a national. Not if you hit with the top your foot. That's not It could not somebody out, but most likely it's not. Get him with that shin. It's gonna knock him out, especially right here. If you watch UFC, they always head kick right to here. And the foot's always behind the neck. Did not. Almost every time. Now, with front kicks, when you're going right up the center, you're going for the chin, the face built. Charlie knows all this area right here, which costs a lot of damage. It's going pretty much stopped. Fight. Um, another thing. When I was talking about strikes, especially the hammer office in this part of your hand right here, right there. That part is very, very hard. It can cause severe damage, so I recommend and Onley if you're in like a bad situation. If you have somebody down and they're back, you're looking at their back on their heads down and you strike them to the back of the neck with this, it's gonna put him out quick. But you got to be really careful because if you do something like that, it's possibility they could die. So you be careful, OK? Sometimes you get stunned. Somebody like that. I was gonna tell you earlier with sides of throat Karajan arteries. So if you come in straight like this instead of going like this Big one, that big ones don't knock him out. This little one coming in a little quick one, it's gonna stun them once they're stunned. You have about 34 seconds to worry to do whatever they hell you want. Pretty much, uh, that's when you go into your other joint manipulations. You don't want to hurt the person, just want to take him out of commission. You want them to stop doing what they're doing to you or the other person? Um, done a couple of things we got. We got all these spinning kicks, you're gonna show all these different kicks. So you have pressing kicks that do this and then come up need to all these junks, you know, it's that stuff doesn't work in the bar. It doesn't work anywhere. If you try to do that on the street look like Jackie chan. I promise you're gonna get your ask it in about five seconds. It won't work. You don't want to go to the ground. You don't want to go on the air. You know, spin because every time you spin, you show the person you're back. Never give your back to anybody. That's the worst thing you could do in any martial art or any fighting technique. You'll see it online. Look up, fight with bullies and stuff like that. The person will always be hitting the person. They can't even see what's coming there. Just pounding into their head over, over and over. They don't even try to turn over. Why? Because they don't want to get their faces, but really the most dangerous spots to get hit or actually reining back. But they're afraid so they cover their head up and they go down and they just get scared, hoping that somebody's gonna break it up. Well, that doesn't happen in real life, especially when you're in an alley in the Bronx, New York. That happened. You're just gonna die or bleed to death. It's real life as the way it works. You know, in schools, one thing you might have some teacher come down, they'd be like, Oh, yeah, I would break this fighter. Well, that's great, But that doesn't happen when you're out of high school. When you're out of college, you're in a bar. Somebody pulls a knife down sticks in your throat. What do you do that? That's when you have to decide what to do. I can't teach you what to do in that situation, but I can give you methods on how to strike and not get her with your own hands, elbows except. 11. Vital Areas: This is the final striking spot of the video based going to show you this skull in a couple different things. But the 1st 1 we're going to talk about is the chin. The chin is a great spot, not somebody out and also heard them once the chin it struck for either side and the head twists and the chin actually goes back behind the shoulders. That's a knockout, guys. Same thing goes for an uppercut. You had somebody with an uppercut from the bottom. It pinches Solomon doula in the back of the neck base of the skull, which causes or not. Now we're going to the temple. The temple is obviously where I'm showing in bread above the I will get back. And if you strike there, we don't want to strike with this. But that's a knockout as well. Now look at the top of the head. The top of the ends, good on the career causes brain swelling, etcetera, Same thing, the skulls there for a reason. Right, guys, to protect the brain. So Hammerfest at the top of the head could not somebody out. It's also gonna hurt very bad as well. Now we're gonna go with the nose. The nose is not gonna knock anybody out, but it'll make their eyes to Europe. And what happens with knives to Europe? You can't see You can't fight saying to you now. Obviously, we're gonna go with the eyes. You can't see, can't fight. Don't worry about there's no dirty fighting guys on the streets. If your family is in jeopardy, poke him in the eye ball. Not only does it hurt, but they're not gonna be able to see anything. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go back of the skull. We're gonna look at the base of the skull because that's what they do is located. Now, if you strike the medulla, it's didn't cause death, actually, but it most likely will not them out. It's not a good spot to get hit. Okay? The medulla is very sensitive, and it controls a lot of different things in the body. Especially bounce. So we do not want to get it there. Bare that deal. Now talk about the karate artists, which right around that area, um, they're not so far back. They're coming Ford a little bit, probably at a 45 degree angle from back in your. So when these air struck, it's not good, especially when they're really struck hard. You will get knocked out because it disrupts the blood flow to your brain. So that said, you're done if you hit if you attack them or hit them like I'll show you later in the video exactly how to do this. But you can stun somebody really quick and do what you want from there. But yes, if you look up online, you'll find videos were different. Marines and things like that are knocking each other out by hitting each other with back. And it's probably one of the best places to knock somebody out. That of the granddaddy spot where? But he's taught, uh, Teoh, and that would be the groin area. They teach it in our women's self defense classes. Dry your name. I'm sure we've all been hit there before. It doesn't feel so good, but it's not gonna put Jack Commission. I've been hit there tons of times, especially while sparring or in real fights, and it just makes you more breasts. A little make could produce more adrenaline and you'll just fight through it and I heard a little bit later, but on a £400 man didn't get taken down ticket with nuts. It's not gonna have family jewels. Whatever you wanna call it, it's not gonna happen. Is just gonna come out until he's done doing what he's gonna do. Now. Can you knock him out? Yeah, you could knock him out, but I would recommend this spot. I'm not saying Don't hit there. Just say it. It's not the best. Now the solar plexus, which is located right at the bottom. Your cage. If you've ever benefit there, you'll note it can take the wind out very quickly. It's great. Spot the punch. Somebody don't recommend punching it with your knuckles. But it's a great place to strike, especially with me. You won't get her hit with me, but since it is hard and rip cage, you could possibly damage your hand. Basically, that's all the main spots that I'm gonna teach you, because if I teach you too many, you're not going to remember them. Teach you just the crucial spots to hit. Then you'll remember, uh, Hope you enjoyed the section and learn some stuff. We'll see You probably knew all these spots anyway, but it's important to some people don't, and I got to make sure that you know the correct spot to strike. 12. Sky Defense: Okay, guys, this is the airline portion of the video. The a part that's a little bit sensitive. Topic a lot. People lost a lot of lives and certain situations in the United States, And I thought it be nice if I put something together. It's where I travel on a plane. OK? I have been traveling for 10 years. I fly on probably 10 planes a year, and I sat, and I think some of these flights of 13 hours to New Zealand, Australia seven. So I got a lot of time to think. And there's not much that they give you on airport. Okay? You don't have much to work with. You get the magazines. Okay. Usually two or three, right. And some instructions on your gas mask, things like that. But there's another thing you get is well, your seat cushion. If you pull your seat, cushion up on the back, there's two straps. Okay. Obviously, I'm gonna teach you how to defend yourself against some kind of knife for any sharp object attack. And what you're gonna do is bring a roll of electrical tape on a plan with you. Okay? Just a little roll like This is fun. Okay? It's easy to put in your carry on bag. I suggest you put it in your pocket so you can access it right away. You're thinking electrical tape with the help? Well, duct tape makes a big sound when you open it up as well as an axe. Imitate any other kind of tape. Really? Electrical tape is very quiet. Open up. So I know what you think magazines. How they protect you, Believe you. They protect you a lot. So what? I'm gonna show you. It was basically you're gonna use these as shields. You want to get the biggest magazine you could find, and you're gonna sit there, and even your passenger can actually help you. But you're gonna get this literally wrap your hand or four immunizing. Of course, it's not the easiest thing to do. Especially when you're panicking. So I was that on their first strap around this? No magazines? No, it wasn't a sense. But if you actually try to cut through a magazine with a razor blade, it's not gonna go through. You could stick it on a hard surface and it won't go. Okay, here's some micro tech knife. OK, $600 night that morning. Meal through. That's that's me trying to slip my own rest. So if you do try to cut through magazines, please be careful. Were safety glasses or anything. Kid plays the blade breaks. And be very careful work gloves. I'm not telling you to do that, but you can. You can always. If you don't believe me, you could try out. Okay. Uh, what, do you have your hands wrapped up? These magazines? Of course. I don't have an airplane cushion. Okay, but it also they don't come with cactuses on them. You know, in their point, they maybe should've your final taxes or something. But anyway, your seat cushion, the larger business and a lot tougher. Okay, Has made the flotation is like, phone type stuff inside of it. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna grab these straps like this, and you're protected on your arms. Now, you want to push out like this that nobody can get to you? Okay? They're gonna come around. They're gonna try to cut. It's not gonna do anything. Okay. Um, this is again. This is something I just thought up on a plane that could help you out. There's not a ton of things you could do because you don't get anything. And I thought this would be a pretty interesting charity. Just something I came up with. You know, while observing you have literally, like, 14 inches of aisle space. So if you think you're gonna be doing any karate in there besides a front kick or something , you're not gonna be rolling around a huge It was Well, I mean, there's limited room. You could barely even get on a plane at the time. Guess what? That guy next year, Something doing all this You don't have a lot of room to work with. So I think the shield system help. You know, your put you could push away the guy at least and not have to worry about getting cut so much. Will you get cut? I don't know. That is just like any night fight. People tell you every night like you, you know, you get cut. That's not true. OK? You might not get cut. You might not even cut the other person And people status have never been held by a knife. They've never experienced anything like this? No. Also don't use real knives playing right here. Use okay. We're gonna be wanting to use, not real knives, But these air also their metal knives. Okay, but there's not sharp it all. I mean, you could do whatever, but I feel that it's important to actually feel the steel on your throat. It's a lot more realistic. I mean, you know, in karate class and self defense classes, they have these wouldn't knives, and they have these rubber knives rubber it, bends. You put that the somebody's throat and try to slice the throat. It's guys, it's made of rubber. I mean, it's not gonna work, but this saying it's a lot, lot more realistic. Something with guns have these guns. There's no triggers on them. And so real guns have triggers. And they tell you, don't put your finger in there because it will break and things like that. Well, that's the idea, like we're trying to get rid of these people. Anyway, this was pretty much all I can show you about air travel defense, and I hope you enjoyed it on to the next session. 13. Extra Material and Closing Comments: section is just little tips and things. Just things that people don't think about, general. Like parking your car. Okay. When you park your car and it's nighttime, you really need to watch where you're parking. Okay, First of all, you don't want a parking. A unlit area. You don't want to be walking by large groups of people that seem to be loitering around. Um, you want to make sure that when you park your car that your door, your driver's side door is facing the store. So say, I'm here. I'm walking out the sore, my car parked to the left so I can actually see my door. Reason being is somebody's hiding behind your car waiting to attack you. They actually have to travel quite a bit of distance to get you to your door. If it's part of the other inside, they can hide right by your door. Now you have barely any time. Okay. The guy's right on. Okay. Just give you a few more seconds. Just a You know, you could still get her. I'm not saying if you put your Carlos position that it's gonna be your safe. I'm just trying to give you just a little extra few seconds just to help out Another thing . Don't. If you can avoid going out at night, then do it. Do your shopping. In the meantime, okay. Don't carry purses and your wallet in your back pocket. Don't open your wallet in the parking lot. Don't show them what you have when you're at the register. Now, this is a true story. I was in Jersey City and I'm just about to move out to California, and I was used to carry my wallet in my back pocket. Well, I'm not the register. I had a bunch of cash because I was gonna take a trainer, Some sitting there counting. See how much money I have left, Like a fool. You know, everybody sees all all this money. I put it back, my wallet in my back pocket. I go outside and boob gun right to the back of my head. Two guys took my wallet. All right. If I wouldn't show how much money I had, that probably wouldn't have happened. Also, if I would have been looking and checking behind myself like you should, that also probably wouldn't happen when you see people in your walking and your in a position to where there's another die coming a girl Be anybody. Okay? But you're by yourself, thereby. You're themselves. You always want to look him in the eye. And the reason is is because that person knows that you've seen. Okay, if you're looking down, looking away, that shows lack of confidence. Number one and number two, you can identify them in their club. You in the back of the head or do whatever you always want to look him in the face. You never want to stare away. Okay? Now you could have some guy said, What do you look at? Whatever. Just stay yourself. Just keep going. Keep turned on himself for 30 seconds or so. Just look. I mean, when I walk with my kids in the parking lot grocery store there I was like, Dad had come here turn around because I don't wanna get attacked. Um, somebody I know asked me why I have a security system in. They're like, Why do you have a security system? I don't want to stand because you've never been broken into. That's the point B a proactive. Okay, this is clearly not a very smart person. Uh, you live in a gated community? Yeah, I do. But guess what? There's people inside the gates that could you? Just bad things. Don't think you're safe. Don't ever think you're seeing a security system will make you say I've got different things in my house that do help quite a bit guns and things of that nature. The I just never, never think that you're 100% safe. You could be with your friends and some guy could just pull out an A r 15 and just start shooting up a place you don't know in today's world. Unfortunately, that is happening all the time. It just happened. It just happened. And I know you know what I'm talking about and it's my heart goes out to all those people. Uh, if I could put a gun in every teacher's hand, I would because it would save a lot of problems. But that's a whole another issue. We're talking about self defense now, right? So I just don't think because you have a black belt that you're automatically not gonna get her, you could beat anybody. It's not the case. It takes years and years to get a black, though. Okay, this programs, you know, we give you a black belt in everything, and we give you some tips to get, you know, And, uh but, you know, some of my bicycles took six years ago. It takes a long time, a lot of dedication and a lot of money. That's why I'm making this. I just want to read everything out, OK? All the fancy flipping things that really don't work in real life, the size doesn't matter. Thing was, size doesn't matter, does. That's why they have weight classes. Okay, to make it there, you take a woman. That's Ah, £90 put a £400 man in there. She's not gonna be able to do it. Okay? The odds of her getting out of the ring alive is slim to none. Another thing you're in a ring. One person more than a referee. You don't have to worry about anybody kicking him in the back of the head. OK, when you're on the ground in real life, in a bar situation, Jiu jitsu is not so good now, is it good to know fugitive? Absolutely. Because want at least be able Tow. Take care of somebody if you do get taken down. But you can't be under the myth that okay, I'm a black belt. If I go around the grounds guy in a bar, I'm safe. No. His friends are gonna come kick you in the head and face. You happen to see it comin? Okay. No, No martial arts. The best. Okay, way. Just try to learn as much as we can to keep ourselves in our families state. That's all trying to do here. So for people to travel like me, people who don't have a lot of time that work a lot like me or for people that just don't feel comfortable around other people training or I don't know, there's a 1,000,000 reasons people don't take martial arts. Most of them are just excuses. I think everybody should take martial arts that get people. Not bad people like Karate Kid Colbert time. Not like those type of people. All right. We never want to use what we know. Toe hurt other people unless our lives in jeopardy. Okay. And this video, this is not promote any type of violence whatsoever. We're just trying to help you defend yourself. Okay? I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you get something out of it. At least 12 moves right. But, hey, 100 50 bucks. Not too bad for what you get. I'd say I'm sure getting a lot of ridicule on different websites, but that's fine. I'm really worried about worried about this. Okay. Tell you have a good day. My name shopping, right?