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Self Care during Stressful Times

Brittan D., Artsy Yogi Girl

Self Care during Stressful Times

Brittan D., Artsy Yogi Girl

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11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Self Care - Intro

    • 2. Creating Your Self Care Schedule

    • 3. Deep Breathing Techniques

    • 4. Simple Self Care Ideas

    • 5. Yoga for Self Care

    • 6. DIY Sugar Scrub

    • 7. Meditation Techniques

    • 8. Favorite Place Meditation

    • 9. Loving Kindness Heart Opening Meditation

    • 10. Affirmation Meditation

    • 11. Self Care - Conclusion

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About This Class

With everything going on in the world today, we could all use a little self care! As a certified yoga instructor and holistic health practitioner I will teach you my tips and tricks for staying relaxed through stressful times. With so many of us being stuck at home, now can be the best time to start a regular self care routine. In this class you will create a self care schedule to commit to making time for relaxation. You will learn breathing techniques to help calm down in times of distress, simple self care ideas and meditation techniques. This class also includes a self care yoga flow, a DIY sugar scrub recipe and three guided meditations! This class is designed for anyone who is looking to find peace and take care of their mind, body and spirit. I look forward to helping you on your self care journey! Thanks for watching, stay happy and healthy!!!

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Brittan D.

Artsy Yogi Girl


Hi, I'm Brittan! I am a certified adults and children's yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner and aspiring artist. I have been creating art all my life and have been teaching yoga for about 3 years. I am eager to share what I have learned with you and hopefully help you find peace and creativity on your life's journey! 

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1. Self Care - Intro: hi and welcome to self care during stressful times. My name is Britain. I'm a certified yoga instructor and a certified holistic health practitioner. I'll be guiding you through this class today. With everything going on in the world today, we could all use a little stress relief. The project for this class will be creating a self care routine that we will commit to doing on a daily basis different little self care techniques that will help take care of your mind, body and spirit. In this stressful time that we're all going through, I encourage you to take notes. So let's grab a notebook, a pen and let's get started. 2. Creating Your Self Care Schedule: hi, everyone, and welcome to creating a self care schedule. So you'll need a piece of paper or a planner or a calendar, a pen in some markers and some good music in the background when creating a self care routine. It can be really easy to be very committed at first and then to get caught up in our daily lives and forget to put time into our schedule for that self care. So we're going to make a commitment to ourselves to write down an actual schedule for ourselves, care and maybe even program a reminder into your phone each day so that you always remember to work that self care in. So we're going to begin our schedule by taking a piece of paper and writing down each day of the week up at the top and then dividing it into sections per each day of the week. Now, obviously, if you have a planner or a calendar that you plan on using instead of a single sheet of paper, then you will be able to skip this step and just add in your self care schedule into your planner or calendar. But if you're using a piece of paper. This could be a nice way to do it, because you can hang it up on your fridge or somewhere really visible that you'll be able to see it first thing in the morning. And then it will remind you which self care practices you are doing that day. As you begin making this commitment to yourself, you want to choose a reasonable goal for how long you'd like to do this in a row. So for now, I started out with just two weeks of writing out myself care schedule, and then I can always come back and do another one later on if I'd like Teoh. But during these stressful times, while I'm stuck at home, I'm gonna at least commit to two full weeks of self care. So choose whatever works best for you. Maybe it's just one week. Maybe it's a month whatever you'd like to do, but just start writing out each day and make a little section for it. Now that you've written down the days that you're going to commit to, we're gonna pause here. I'm gonna show you how I wrote out my self care schedule. But I'd like you to not start writing anything into your schedule yet until after you watched the rest of this class. So the rest of this class in the different sections, we'll give you more ideas and techniques to be using to fill in that self care schedule. And then once you do, get to the point where you're done watching the class and you've had a lot of notes on which techniques that you like and that you might want to implement into your schedule, then you'll go ahead and come back to that self care schedule and start writing in the times that you're going to do these techniques and what exactly you'll be doing on each day . When you do start adding in your self care routines to your schedule, make sure that you're not bombarding yourself with too many things in one day. So I would say 123 self care techniques Each day is a great goal tohave, and when you do write down these goals, you want to be specific, so right down the time in the exact time that you will do each technique each day. That way you can really hold yourself to it and be like, Oh, it's nine o'clock. I am late for my yoga class with myself. Better get going. Also keep in mind that I will be giving you a lot of different techniques and tools for self care during this whole class, so don't feel like you need to do each and every one of them. Pick out the ones that air really speaking to you and feel free to repeat those self care routines more than once in the week so you can do them multiple times, or you can do a different one each day. It really doesn't matter. It's up to you. One more thing I'd like to mention is that you might want to get the whole family involved . So since we're going through a bit of a global pandemic at the moment, and lots of kids are out of school and lots of people are working from home, maybe you can get your spouse and your Children involved in this self care routine. Have them make one for themselves or have them hold you to yours. So have them help you remember what you're supposed to be doing on each day and have them remind you if you forget. So I'm gonna go ahead and speed up the rest of this video here. But stick around because at the end I will be showing a picture of what my self care schedule looks like for the next two weeks. I hope you have fun making your schedule. Go ahead and use a lot of different colors and maybe do some doodles and drawings on it and make it beautiful. Make it something that you are going to want to look at something that will inspire you to do it each day. So thank you so much for sharing yourself care schedule with me. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video. 3. Deep Breathing Techniques: deep breathing for self care. Deep breathing can be such an important part of a self care practice, especially if you're prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Deep breathing can really help calm you down and bring you out of that state of panic. So go ahead and write down these four different breathing techniques. And if one of them calls to you, maybe work that into yourself. Care routine. So even 5 to 10 minutes of deep breathing can really help set the tone for a great day and start your day in a positive way. Three. Part breathing. This breathing technique is best done lying down or sitting in a very comfortable position . So get nice and comfortable you close your eyes at first. Just notice your breath. I just noticed how natural rhythm of your breath is. We're going to start feeling our breath in three different parts of our bodies, breathing in on the inhale, feeling the air, travel up through the nose down the back of the throat into the chest, letting chest rise and then letting the belly rise, filling the belly up with air, letting the belly deflate, letting chest ifly come in feeling the air travel up with the throat out through the nose on the exhale. So trying to feel that three parts of your breathing and instead of taking shallow breaths , trying to take a nice deep breath, inhaling, filling the belly up with air and exhaling, pushing the air out of the belly. Who could take a little bit of practice to do this type of breathing? But it really is a nice way to calm yourself down. Try that again, closing the eyes. Inhale through the nose. Keep the lips closed, feel the air, travel up the nose down the back of the throat, trying to make the chest. Fill up with air on the inhale and feel the belly with air on the inhale as well. Exhale. Do you fleet the belly first, then the chest. Love the air. Come out. You can take a few minutes with that. Breathing didn't just practice it on your own. So take notes on how to do that breath, and then I encourage you to practice that one on your own. If you like that. But the next breath and going to teach you is alternate nostril breathing or prana Yama. It's going to take our hand like a little hang loose side and bringing up close to our face . This was a little funny, but it really helps to center the mind and bring peace and calm. This one you want to do only for a minute, or to take a break in between, do some normal breaths and then maybe do it again for another minute or two. So this one you don't want to hyperventilate. So you want to take breaks in between and only do it for a few minutes. But what you gonna do is your Bring your thumb up to one of your nostrils. You're gonna plug that nostril. I'm gonna breathe in through the opposite pastoral. Then you're gonna switch to the pinky, plug this pastoral and breathe out the other master, then blood this one. Inhale this one X here, breathing plug. Breathe out. Three days plug pretty. Now take a moment to close your eyes and try this breath on your own. Release the hand and takes a normal deep breaths in between the next brother going to teach you is a seat telly province So centime prana Yama is a little bit silly, but this is a cooling breath, so it can help when you're really stressed out. And if your body gets really hot, intense when you're stressed out or angry, this one could be a great one to calm yourself down, cool your body. So what? This Italy breath is if you want to make a little hot dog shape with your tongue like this . You know, if you can't make that hot dog shape with your tongue, you're going to do a big smile, shine all your teeth as much as you can like this like a crazy person. Then we're gonna bring the tip of our tongue to the back of our team. And then we're gonna breathe, aiding and pull the air in through either that hot dog or they're those teeth with the tongue touching the back of the teeth like this. And then we're gonna close the lips, breathe out through the nose. We'll show you that again with the hot dog time Khloe's lips exhale through the nose. Or if you can't make a hot dog time trying the teeth as you do this breath, you could really feel the cool air coming in through the mouth and can help cool your body down and de stress. This is another primary on a technique that you wouldn't want to practice for too many minutes at a time. You do for maybe a minute or two and then pause, take some natural breaths in between and then come back to that city. Really? If you choose to do another minute, the final deep breathing technique that I'm going to teach you is an O. J Prana Yama. So this is one that I use in my yoga classes. Every time we're going to start with a nice deep breaths started deep in your breath, close the eyes and A J is a soft restriction in the back of the throat. Seacon practice like your fogging up the mirror so over the mouth and breathe out like you're trying to father from here. Then try to breathing with that same restriction in the back of the throat like this, I kind of feel that restriction throat. Anyone close the lips, try to make that same breath room that knows, but still feeling it in the fruit. So should be inaudible breath. You should be able to hear yourself breathing, but not so loud that someone standing next to you could hear so nice and almost like an ocean sounding breath. So practicing and giant breath can be great during the yoga practice, or just in a time where you're feeling stressed out. Any of these deep breathing techniques can be done on a daily basis. You could do that multiple times a day if you like. So if one of these deep breathing techniques has called to you and really enjoy it, then maybe start to add it into yourself care routine that we started writing down for our class project. So maybe start with 5 to 10 minutes of deep breathing at the beginning of the day. That could be a great way to start or end of the day or even take a little mid day break. Thanks so much for watching the deep breathing. Let's move on to the next section of our class, which will be focusing on simple self care techniques that you can practice every day 4. Simple Self Care Ideas: simple self care techniques to do at home. One of my favorite things to do to take care of myself as a yoga instructor is to do yoga or exercise. So even though many of us are stuck inside of our house for a couple of weeks and can't get to the gym, that doesn't mean that we can't still keep up with our exercise routine. There are plenty of different exercise videos that you can look up on YouTube. I myself have my own YouTube channel. It's called Artsy Yogi Girl. You couldn't look me up on YouTube, but I have a couple of different yoga videos that you could watch there. So that's a great place to start, especially if you've never tried yoga before. Watching YouTube videos at home can be an easy way to start up a yoga practice. I will also be including one of my yoga videos. It's yoga for self care, so it kind of goes perfectly with this class. So if you're interested in starting up the yoga practice, that video in the next clip would be a perfect place for you to start. Another great self care technique is to use Epsom salts. So either Epsom Salt bats or you can even use Epsom salts in the shower. So sometimes, if I don't quite have time for a long relaxing bath with ABS insults, I will actually plug up my shower dream and with Epsom salts in the bottom of the shower while I'm showering so that way kind of soaks into my feet and travels up my body and relaxes muscles that way. I love Epsom salt, especially if you're having a really stressful day or going through a hard time. It could be a great way to relieve tension in the muscles and just give some time to yourself. You can also take those Epsom salt baths and crank them up a notch by creating a whole spa day for yourself. So creating a spot like environment in your own bathroom, using those Epsom salts in a bath and getting some nice, relaxing music in the background. Maybe use a face mask that you might have lying around, or you something like honey. As a natural facemask, you can also create a D i Y sugar scrub to use during one of your spot days. So in one of the following video clips After this video, I will also be including a little short video on how to make a D i Y sugar scrub using essential oils to help you relax during yourself. Spa Day. Getting some sunshine is also a great way to relieve stress. It can so help to get out in the sun and get that nice vitamin D. It'll help cheer you up and make you feel really great. So anything that you could be doing out in the sunshine, of course, this depends on the weather in your area at the moment, but it is spring time since starting to warm up, and there should be some sunny days ahead of us. So even if you're not leaving your house, he can go in your backyard. Go on your patio if you have one, maybe take a walk around the block. Just soak up the sun. You can play with your pets outside. You could garden start a veggie garden if you have time for this spring. Those were some great ways to get out in the sunshine, at least for me. Listening to music can be one of the most relaxing things that you can do for yourself. So creating a nice play list full of your favorite music and then putting down shovel doing something in the background. Whether that be doing some arts and crafts, maybe you're starting a new hobby that you would like to try. Maybe putting that music in the background of your spot a or your D I y sugar scrub making just listening to some music around the house can really help lighten the mood. If you've never tried it before, creating a Gratitude journal can be a great way to pass the time. It can also help you put things into perspective and help you realize how much you do have in your life to be grateful for. So just starting a list, maybe in a journal are on a piece of paper on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and writing down everything you can think of that you're grateful for. The more we express gratitude for what we have, the more likely we will have even more to express gratitude for. Also, if you're interested in journaling for self care, I have created another skill share video on my skill share channel. and it's called manifesting Your Drink Life through Journal. So you might wanna check that one out if you're interested in manifestation or journaling. If you are a very organized person, doing some spring cleaning around the house or organizing your house can be very relaxing. For some people, meditation can also be a great way to help ease anxiety during stressful times. So after the yoga and sugar scrub videos, I will be going over a bunch of different meditation techniques. And then it will have a few clips dedicated to guiding you through a couple of those techniques a little more in depth. So if you're interested in evening meditation techniques, check out the other clips in this class. Siri's something I heard that was a really good point to the other day was that we should limit the amount of media coverage that we're looking at on a daily basis. It is easy to find ourselves attached to our phones or to the TV's and watching the news at every possible second, trying to get every little bit of detail that you can about the situation going on, and even though it is important to stay informed you do want Teoh, think about your mental health as you're doing this. Obsessing over these stressful times can really create more anxiety than is needed, and it can also lower your immune system if you're more stressed out. So to help you de stress, it can be a good idea. Toe limit the amount of time that you allow yourself. Watch any media coverage, so pick a number. Whatever that may be to you, maybe you do really want to stay informed. You wanna watch 30 minutes of coverage a day or even an hour a day. That's fine, but I'd say anything more than that. You could catch up on the next day so you could make it as little as 10 minutes checking your phone just to see the daily updates and see what's going on today and then put your phone down and come back to it the next day. So that way you're not really scaring yourself and putting too much attention on the negative side of things. I hope you have found some simple self care techniques that really resonate with you, and if you have, go ahead and jot those down and keep them in mind as you are creating yourself care schedule. Think how your favorites, whichever ones you would like to do and incorporate into your daily routine. And if some of your favorites, where the yoga go ahead and watch this next video will be on yoga. Then we'll have one about a sugar scrub D I Y. And then we'll have some tips on meditation techniques. Thanks so much, and I'll see you in the next video. 5. Yoga for Self Care: hi, everyone, and welcome to yoga for self care during stressful times. My name is Britain, and I'll be guiding you through this class today before we begin. I'd like to touch on the fact that we all are going through such a crisis at the moment in the world today, with the spread of the Corona virus and so many of us unfortunately, losing our jobs, at least for the time being because of the spread. In times like these, it is so important that we care for ourselves. Yoga can help connect the mind, body and spirit and keep every cell in our body happy and healthy. So let's take this time for ourselves. Grab your yoga mat, getting some comfy pants and let's get started. We're going to begin in extended child's pose with the knees as white as the mat toes come to touch and relaxing the head down. Start to connect to your breath and deep in the breath, taking a longer inhale on a monger X as you deep in your breath. I'd like you to repeat the following affirmation to yourself. Today I will send her myself in peace. I will look for a way to be peaceful in every situation I encounter. I will stay centered in the serenity of my heart and not allow anything to disturb my tranquility. Leaving the left hand where it is, bring the right arm under the left arm in turn unto the right side of the head. Keep reaching over with the right hand to feel a nice pole in the shoulder blade. Next, inhale. Start to bring that right hand back to center. Exhale. Bring the left arm under the right, turning onto the left side of the head again. Keep reaching that left hand as far over as you can. Keep connecting to the breath way inhale. Pull that hand back to center and slowly bring yourself up into a tabletop, stacking the wrists under the shoulders. Knees right under the hip points. We'll begin with a little cat cow. Inhale dropped the belly. Gaze up towards the sky for cal pose, Exhale round and arch the back for Capt. Flow in and out of this pose with your breath, maybe finding some creativity with your cat cow, bending one elbow than other. Maybe swing the hips side to side or even making a big circle with the hips. Come back to a neutral spine. Take the right foot in between the hands, slowly walking forward, then lifting up onto the knee. Take your hands to your hip bones and slowly pull the left hip bone forward so both hips are pointing forward. Both arms come up to the sky. Deep breath in. Relax the shoulders away from the ears and maybe do a little back bend. Here. Exhale. Bring the arms into cactus arms, spending at the elbow at 90 degrees. Inhale, reach back up and exhale and a cactus. Both hands come back down to the mat. Now slowly start to walk the right foot all the way forward, straightening out the leg, pointing the toes up towards the sky and melting your head down towards your need, stretching out the back of the leg. No, start to bring that knee back down to the ground, then flow through another little cat cow to neutralize the spine. Coming back to table top, then bring the left foot in between the hands. Work your way up onto your me, taking the hands to the hip bones and guiding that right hip forward this time, inhale both arms. Come back up to the sky, drop your shoulders, maybe take a little back bend. Exhale into cactus arms. Inhale reach back up, flow through this with your breath. Another moment thing. Both hands Come back down to the ground. Start toe. Walk that foot all the way forward, pointing the toes up towards this guy and melting ahead down towards me. Slowly walk your left foot back and set the knee down back to table top, going to reach the right hand forward out in front of us, left leg back behind and find our balance for a moment. Then inhale open Oppa's faras. You can exhale round everything in bringing me toe elbow flow in and out of this with your breath. Inhale reaching forward. Exhale rounding in said that handed me down. Then switch sides left hand forward and write like back behind, this time again flowing with your breath. Inhale reaching. Exhale rounding next. Exhale said that hand and me back down on the ground. Curl the toes under and send the hips all the way up to the sky. For downward facing dog, start to pedal it out, bending one knee than the other. Get the hip says hi to this guy as you can gaze up to the top and make your way into a forward fold. Grab the elbows and start to sway side. Decide for ragdoll. Inhale halfway lift. Nice flat back. Exhale, fold. Inhale halfway lift, exhale, fold. Inhale arms Come all the way up to the sky. Exhale. Hands toe heart center turned to the wide side of your mat. Step your feet out nice and wide, turning the toes out and heels in, bending the knees and sinking the hips. For goddess pose. Make sure to keep the knees stacked right over the ankles. Here, we're gonna bring your hands to our knees. Sit up nice and tall on the inhale and on the X camera. We're going to dip one shoulder in, gazing over the opposite shoulder. Inhale. Sit up tall and exhale. Switch sides. Come back to center. Start to stand up straight in the heels out so your feet are parallel. Keep the back straight from hips. Fold forward wide, like it forward. Relax into your wife, but other rolling off your back walk hands forward Lived yourself a pathway, but the right hand in the center Inhale Lift the left hand up to the sky Exhale left hand comes down Inhale right hand up Alternate your hands and follow your breath Here inhale Opening the heart up to the side Exhale Replacing that lived a pathway again Both hands come out to the side Keep a strong core and lift all the way back up He'll toe you toe feet back together again In turn towards the top of the I will have a seat in the middle of our space Stretching our legs out in front of us sitting up nice and tall for staff Start to point the toes and point the hands and slowly roll down onto your back We're gonna come toe lie on the back here on start to bend The knee is bringing the feet flat onto the map Walk the feet out towards the edges of your mat and let the knees knock in towards one another. We're gonna bring your hands into cactus arms bent to the elbows and we're gonna let the knees kind of windshield wiper toe one side and then the other leaving the feet nice and wide on the mat, just relaxing the knees to one side than the other and turning her head the opposite direction of where our knees are going. I start to walk the feet back together again. Stretch the legs out well into shot glasses. Take up lots of space. Close your eyes. Pause this video if you'd like to take a longer shot. But if not, I'll guide you up in just a moment. For now, just relax. Start to wiggle your fingers and tools when you come back to get your hands up above your head. Do you think a stretch like you just woke up? Take your time, turning up onto one side on guiding yourself up into a seated position, finishing off with one last quote. Every cell of my body, mind and spirit vibrates at the frequency of love, Herstein, Health and wholeness. I thank you so much for sharing your practice with me today. Light and peace within me sees and honors the light and peace with each of you. No must 6. DIY Sugar Scrub: hi and welcome to D I Y sugar scrub for self care. This is the recipe that I used. You're gonna need half a cup of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of organic sugar, 10 to 25 drops of your favorite essential oil and optional splash of liquid coconut oil. So I've got all my ingredients measured out here. You're gonna wanna bowl and something to mix everything together with. First, I'm putting the coconut oil in the bowl and then I'll dump in the sugar over top of the coconut oil. Then you're gonna wanna mix that together you and it makes it really well to get all the lumps of coconut oil out. And then I added a little splash of liquid coconut oil. If you don't have liquid coconut oil, that's totally fine. I just added a little bit to make mine a little smoother. Then you're gonna wanna had your drops of essential oil once the coconut oil and sugar is all mixed up together and you're gonna want to smell test it and add more oil if you need to. So I added a couple more drops here just so I could make it a pretty strong smell from the sugar scrub and the oils that I ended up using where a blend called stress away some cedarwood and some lavender. Of course, you can use any essential oils that you'd like, but you do want to make sure that you're getting your oils from a reputable company like Young Living or da terra essential oils. They have the purest oils that I have found, and you just want to make sure that your they are safe for your family to be using. Also, make sure not to add to too many oils. You don't want to make it too strong. Then what I did here is I put my sugar scrub in a tiny little mason jar. So I traced the top of that mason jar and cut out a piece of paper to fit that size. And then I decorated that piece of paper and wrote self care Sugar Scrub and wrote which essential oils I put in the sugar scrubs so I don't make mix it up with my other ones that I've made. And then I did some doodles on there just to decorate that sugar scrub jar. You do want to keep in mind if it's getting wet that it could leak through and ruin your drawing on the top. So if you have a laminate er, you might want to use a laminate er to laminate that label. This sugar scrub is so easy to make, and it really feels great on the hands, especially if you've been washing your hands more than usual lately. They make great gifts for someone else or for yourself, so I hope you include them in your self care practice. Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. 7. Meditation Techniques: in this section of the class, I'll be going over a few different meditation techniques that I enjoy, and I hope you will, too. So one time I think that you could do for meditation is finding a guided meditation or guided imagery to listen to on your own. YouTube has plenty of different guided imagery and guided meditations that you can choose from. I recommend going through a few of them and clicking on them, listening to the first few seconds of each one to find one that you really resonate with and fighting on that someone's voice that you like. I find that when I'm looking for a guided meditation, sometimes it takes me a while to click through and find one where I enjoy the voice. Because if the voice off the person just doesn't flow smoothly to you, that you may not enjoy that meditation and you might want to find a different one. I also will be including three guided meditations after this video clip before the conclusion of our class, so stay tuned for those. Those will include a favorite place meditation where we will reflect on our favorite place in the whole world and try to put our mind in that place and allow ourselves to relax in that place for a moment. The next one will be a loving kindness or heart opening, meditation and an affirmation meditation. Another easy meditation technique that I use. I like to call it accounting meditation. So how it works is it works with your breath. You'll inhale and count to one exhale count, too. Inhale Count three, exhale for and so on is over. The goal of this meditation is to count to 10 without your mind being distracted. So if you find that your mind is wandering, you're thinking one and then you're like, Oh, I have some grocery shopping to do. You are all I need to get this done around the house. Oh, then you have to start over. So no matter what number you were on, you have to go back to one. So you're breathing one to three. And if you get distracted, you go back to one. So it can be really difficult to count all the way up to 10. This could be a good one to get your own enough of the stress of what's going on in the world today. You can also meditate while coloring. So if you have any of those adult coloring pages, Or maybe you steal a coloring page from your kid, Or maybe you're just drying in doing something on your own, you can listen to music and make this a meditative practice of its own. Just because you're meditating does not mean that you have to completely clear your mind. So coloring can be a great way to focus on one thing at a time. Be super mindful with your coloring, listen to music and just relax. Another really easy meditation technique is a gratitude meditation. All you have to do is lie down or sit down in a comfortable spot. You know, listen to your breath and start to control your breathing. Take deeper Gratz, center yourself and then start to list everything that you're grateful for off in your head . Kind of like that Gratitude journal, except you're just doing it in your mind and trying not to distract yourself. So you feel your mind wandering just like that counting meditation. All you're gonna do is bring it back to the gratitude, so let that do not go Don't judge yourself for losing your train of thought. Just come back to that gratitude and keep listing off anything you're grateful for. And if you get stumped, you can even think of easy things. Like I'm grateful for the state I live in. I'm grateful for clean air, fresh water, stuff like that. I learned in the yoga teacher training that you can turn pretty much anything into a meditation. If you're mindful enough, so one good one can be a walking meditation. You could take your dog on a walk or go by yourself. Walk around neighborhood. Or maybe you don't even leave your property. Maybe you're just walking around in your backyard, but what you want to do is walk nice and slow days of the ground. I just noticed every little thing around you just make a note of everything you see in your mind. Keep breathing nice and deep and walking, walking nice and slow. Just noticing your surroundings. It could be really peaceful. To do this. You can also do this kind of meditation technique with anything like washing tissues. Wash the dish very slow. Just notice everything about it. Take your time. Listen to your breath. Make anything in meditation. You could do a mindful evening meditation. Take one bite of food. Notice everything about it. You didn't. Nice and slow take more shoes than you normally would. Just be mindful while you're I hope that you have found some of these meditation techniques to be helpful. If you're interested in listening to some guided meditation techniques, stay tuned for the next couple videos in this class, Siri's and I will be guiding you through a couple different meditations. Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video. 8. Favorite Place Meditation: Hi and welcome to our favorite place meditation. Start out by getting in a comfortable position. Lie down or sit in a comfortable spot. Start to close your eyes and start to notice your breath at first not attempting to change . Just observing. Slowly starting Teoh. You start to think about what your favorite place in the whole world would be if you had to pick one place. Where would maybe it's Please never been before. Put yourself in that place. You're imagine every aspect of that place. Let any memories that you have from this place over Todo What? Everything. You remember this? Please. Is there anyone with you? Family members, friends, pets? No, that always bring yourself back to this. Get stressed back in this and happiest nos being stretched like you just woke up that morning. Start to come back to the I hope you've enjoyed that favorite place Meditation. Know that you could always go yourself back into that meditation and stay for as so much else you in the next video 9. Loving Kindness Heart Opening Meditation: Welcome Teoh loving kindness. Heart opening meditation. Let's start out by getting in a comfortable position. Are there lying down or sitting somewhere? Close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing slowly, allowing breath too deep in taking a longer inhale a looker. Exhale No. Start to imagine that you have a small light growing in the center of your chest, right in your heart. Space is your inhale. That light glows a little bit brighter and pushes out to more of your body. Keep inhaling and letting that light grow bigger and bigger until your whole body as you inhale that light expands from your chest outwards into each and every cell of your. You start to imagine your whole life. It's glowing with this healing light. As you inhale again, push that leg outwards permeating through your skin out into the universe around. Allow that light to spread through the whole room, the whole building your outwards to the whole state that you live in. Extend that loving kindness to everyone in the country. Imagine that your loving kindness from your heart wrapping around the whole world that light is spreading over the world, connecting everyone in peace and tranquility. I'd like you to imagine one person that you love, Whoever that may be. Imagine where they are in this moment. Maybe they're in the room next to you, many miles away, wherever they are. As you inhale. Imagine your heart center connecting to their heart center and imagine yourself sending that love and light to that person. Imagine silly, their whole body up with your love and light. No, I think of someone neutral tiu someone that you don't necessarily love. That you don't necessarily dislike. Just a random person that you've crossed paths with. Maybe the cashing in a grocery store, maybe a neighbor that you don't talk too often. A neutral person, that person. No. Start to expand your loving energy to that person, allowing your love and like to fill them up, allowing it to bring a smile to their face. Imagine wherever they are right now that they're feeling your loving energy, they don't know who it's coming from. They don't know what it is. They feel something good. You start to think about someone if you're comfortable, who you dislike. It was not your favorite person. Maybe someone you've gotten into an argument with that work. Maybe someone who's pushing you out of the way to grab the last roll of toilet paper at the grocery store. Think about that person that you don't necessarily like. You know that whatever disagreements you had with them, maybe they have something going on in their life that has brought them to that trying to push past that and send your loving energy to that person. As hard as that may be, be the bigger person, then to be filled with loving energy. Start to bring that energy back to yourself. Focus again on your heart space. Breathe into your heart, allowing that loving light to pulsate in your body. Repeat the following affirmation. I love I am safe. I am secure. Take one final deep breath. Start to come back to the room with your fingers and toes linking your eyes open. Hopefully, you feel a little more heart centered and at peace after that. Thank you so much for sharing your meditation with me. I look forward to seeing you in the next video 10. Affirmation Meditation: an affirmation. Meditation can be a great thing to incorporate into your daily life. It can really help you relax in times of stress and even help you fall asleep at night For your information meditation. You want to pick two words that really resonate with you for that particular moment or that particular day. So a lot of times I will use the words love and light or health and happy. So the way the meditation works is you're going to inhale. I am love. Exhale I am light. So thinking this in your head but replacing those words with something that has more meaning to you. So maybe I am happy I am healthy. And then you just keep repeating those phrases over and over again, has your breathing. I am happy. I am healthy, repeating them in your mind so you can really focus on your breath. I found that it really helps you relax and helps you staying were centered and peaceful throughout the day. I will use this technique if I'm ever having an anxiety attack, and it can help me bring myself out of it. I also used this technique when I have a lot running through my mind or I'm really stressed out as I'm trying to fall asleep. And I found that as I keep doing this inhale exhale affirmation, it really helps my mind. Relax. And then I'm able to fall asleep a little bit faster when I use this technique, so I hope that you can incorporate it into your daily life. I hope you enjoy this meditation technique and please stay tuned for the next video, which is a conclusion, and finishing up our self care schedule. Thank you so much. 11. Self Care - Conclusion: in conclusion, I would've first thank you all for sharing your self care with me today. I hope that I have given you some tools and techniques to stay mindful, present and peaceful in this hard time that the world is going through. Remember to keep breathing. Come back to those deep breathing techniques whenever you need to. Can always re watch these videos for those breathing techniques and those meditation techniques. You can always come back to that yoga video and watch it as many times as you like. Remember toe live in the amount of media that you're watching each day to stay healthy in your body and spirit. Keep incorporating acts of self care wherever you can into your life. Make sure to create a self care schedule that you can hang up somewhere that you'll see on a daily basis and remind you to take care of yourself. Make it pretty. Make it something that you would like to look at and make sure to commit to yourself. Take a moment for yourself every day if you can, and I hope that you all can stay happy and healthy during these stressful times. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day