Selenium Webdriver User Interactions

Nikolay Advolodkin

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22 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. 01 Introdution

    • 2. 02 What are user interactions in Selenium Webdriver

    • 3. 03 What are the different kind of user interactions

    • 4. 04 How to create an Actions class in Webdriver

    • 5. 05 Analyzing our application under test

    • 6. 06 Writing the drag and drop test

    • 7. 07 Finishing the first drag and drop test

    • 8. 08 Executing the first drag and drop test

    • 9. 09 Starting to write the 2nd drag and drop example

    • 10. 10 Writing a 2nd drag and drop example

    • 11. 11 Running a 2nd drag and drop example

    • 12. 12 Drag and drop quiz question

    • 13. 13 Drag and drop quiz answer

    • 14. 14 How to do a resize action with selenium webdriver

    • 15. 15 How to open developer tools with selenium webdriver

    • 16. 16 Running a test that opens a network tab in firefox

    • 17. 17 Drag and drop with html 5 quiz question

    • 18. 18 Drag and drop with html 5 answer part 1

    • 19. 19 Drag and drop with html 5 answer part 2

    • 20. 20 How to draw on a canvas with selenium quiz

    • 21. 21 How to draw on a canvas with selenium quiz answer

    • 22. 22 Conclusions for course


About This Class

Who is this course for?

Are you working on automating mobile or tablet testing? Do you have an application developed in Angular JS that has a lot of complicated user interactions? Do you need to perform actions like drag n drop, resizing, and drawing? Do you know how to open the developer toolbar so that you can monitor network traffic of your application? If so, then this is the perfect course for you.

Even if you are not working with these actions yet, you will need to know them in the future as mobile and other complicated frameworks grow.

"The best tutorials I have ever seen, simply awesome. I take off my hat in front of you, you are an gorgeous professor, I am speechless to express how satisfied I am with these tutorials." -Lisbey

What will you learn?

- Drag and drop with Selenium Webdriver

- Open developer tools to monitor traffic during your automated tests

- Resizing objects using Selenium Webdriver

- How to draw on a canvas using Webdriver

- How to perform a click and hold

- How to perform a double click

- How to work with HTML 5 for drag and drops

- How to pass different keys to the application

- So much more...

What my students are saying:

"As an Automation Engineer in the process of switching from Java to C#, I found this course interesting. By starting off with the basics of developing in C# and then progressing through unit testing and developing an automation framework, this course delivers everything you need to build a foundation to become an automation engineer. As if the development knowledge wasn't enough, the students are provided with a section about Scrum and a wealth of references about the business value of automation. I have already recommended this course to my proteges as a way to reduce their learning curve and improve productivity." -Shawn

"Great Video I have ever seen on YouTube. You are so so clear and honest in presenting the material. I had no idea how important it is to use QTP from different angle, that is via scripting. Great Work and Thank You so so so much!" -Mohammed

Crafted to perfection

Every course of mine is crafted with extreme dedication. See how this course compares to other Selenium courses

- Udemy


"This is an excellent course for beginners as well as seasoned automation experts switching to C# in my opinion." -Student


1. Certificates of completion

2. Certification as "Selenium Webdriver User Interactions Specialist" on your LinkedIn profile upon successful course completion

If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, contact me within 30 days and I will refund all of your money without a question!