Selenium WebDriver With Java Programming

Kumar L., Learn Teaching

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About This Class


This course is desinged to help you in learning advanced techniques for testing web applications with Webdriver (Selenium 2.0).

Selenium Webdriver is one of the most well known testing frameworks. It is an open source project that allows testers and developers alike to develop functional tests to drive the browser. Selenium Webdriver can work on any browser that supports JavaScript, since Selenium has been built using


  1. Configuring Webdriver in Eclipse
  2. Running Sample code using Webdriver
  3. Firefox profile, WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class
  4. Close and Quit, HTMLUnit driver
  5. Xpath and their usage with Webdriver
  6. Xpath Function, Absolute and Relative Xpaths
  7. Xpath finding Links, Buttons, Input box, Radio buttons, Checkbox
  8. WebDriver, WebElement Interface
  9. Handling drop down list using Select class
  10. Taking Screenshots with selenium Webdriver
  11. Finding whether object is present on page or not
  12. Implicit and Explicit waits
  13. WebDriver Wait Class
  14. Expected Conditions class
  15. WaitUntil Condition
  16. Handling Multiple Browser Window
  17. Handling JavaScript Alert
  18. Attaching files with Webdriver
  19. JavaScriptExecutor






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Kumar L.

Learn Teaching

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