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Selecting The Right Relationship. How Women Can Save Their Heart and Their Time!

Iliana Sanchez, Relationship, Wellness & Fitness Expert

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20 Videos (30m)
    • 1 Introduction

    • 2 Course Structure

    • 3 Your Standars

    • 4 Standards & Love

    • 5 How To Ensure A Happy & Loving Relationship

    • 6 What Kind Of Man Are You Looking For?

    • 7 Who Me?

    • 8 Not Just Any Man

    • 9 The First Weeks Illusion

    • 10 Warning On Labels

    • 11 Nobody Will Change For You

    • 12 What Do You Want From A Relationship

    • 13 What If You're Not Precise

    • 14 Be Clear And Express It

    • 15 The Easiest Way To Filter Men

    • 16 The how to ask

    • 17 The When to ask

    • 18 Acecept and believe his answers

    • 19 what questions ask a man before you get emotionally involved

    • 20 You also have to let him know


About This Class

How  can you save your heart and time by only choosing the right relationship and avoid picking the wrong one?

Want to identify who is your right match?

Want to avoid investing your heart and time in the wrong relationships?

It’s usually after a relationship has come to an end that people realize that they had entered for the wrong reasons or because they didn’t know what they wanted from the beginning or because they didn’t took the time to get to know the person well before getting involved emotionally. To avoid that your next relationship is the wrong one or that collapses, I will help you to get clear in what you should be looking for in a man so you can finally have the loving and fulfilling relationship you desire.

With this course you will be prepare to know what are you looking for, how to recognize if the man you meet has what you want and need to build the loving and fulfilling relationship you wish and you deserve.

You will have the tools to recognize if he’s the ONE, and at the same time you will be able to filter from the ones that are not eligible. This course will help you to protect your heart and save your time when looking for the love of your live.   

This is one of those courses I wish it would have existed 20 years ago to help me avoid all those wrong relationships and now is here to help you find your dream relationship.

Your Relationship Expert, Author & Coach

Iliana Sanchez

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Iliana Sanchez

Relationship, Wellness & Fitness Expert

Hello, I'm Iliana.

My passion is to help women live a healthier, happier life through my personal and group coaching and now I have the opportunity to help you here with my courses.

Would you like to improve your emotional state?

Would you like to improve your physical health?

Would you like to improve your relationship?

Would you like to improve your confidence?

I truly believe that if every woman has a happy and healthy relationship with herself an...

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