See how your users are really using your website with Hotjar | Sofia Michili | Skillshare

See how your users are really using your website with Hotjar

Sofia Michili, UX Savvy Product Manager

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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Setting up Hotjar

    • 3. Analyzing user feedback

    • 4. Heatmaps

    • 5. Recordings

    • 6. Funnels

    • 7. Other features

    • 8. Class project


About This Class

Hotjar is a new state of the art free tool that helps companies of any size understand what users do in their website and where they can add the most value. In contrary with other analytics tool that provide only statistics, Hotjar gives deep insights to your user analytics and lets them give feedback for your website.

Hotjar is easy to use, and meant for non-technical people, so anyone can use it. Join the revolution and get customer feedback and insights easy and fast, by adding Hotjar to your website.


Hotjar's documentation on funnels: 

List of compatible and non-compatible tools with Hotjar: 

Wanna find out more about user research? Check out my class on UX Research





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Sofia Michili

UX Savvy Product Manager

Software Product Manager in the telecom domain, experienced in UX, Agile methodologies and Business Analysis.

My mission is to help create great products by using user-centered techniques and listening to customers.

Happy to share my knowledge and passion for usability with the Skillshare community, follow me if you are interested to know more about UX, usability, product management and agile methodologies.

Let's connect:


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