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See Through Your Art: how to paint on a glass.

teacher avatar Kasia Banasiak, Photographer and mix-media artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Glass paints and tools

    • 3. How to paint on a glass

    • 4. Examples and class Ptoject

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About This Class


Hi everyone,

For all of those who took classes from watercolors and would like to try painting on a glass, it shouldn't be hard to enjoy this technique too.

If you are addicted to buying those little, cute, handmade things for your house, guess what? You can make it yourself. you don't need much. you can simply start from a few colours and the outliner.

In this class, I'm going to go through the tools you need but also different painting techniques. In this class, we are going to start and learn how to paint simple shapes on a glass but also how to transfer your art pieces into the glass surface. I'm going to show you that using simple shapes you can beautifully decorate glass items at your house.

This class is for anyone who would like to learn different painting techniques but also for those who love decorating as I do :D

So don't be afraid and start watching NOW!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kasia Banasiak

Photographer and mix-media artist





Hi, my dear students!


About me:


my Facebook page---> facebook



I have been photographing since 2007. That's when I decided to move to the UK and explore. Photography has always been my love, however, at the very beginning, I wasn't great. I was trying to learn how to become a professional photographer and develop my own style. After a few years of self-teaching, I've graduated from The New York Institute of Photography course in Professional Photography and Business. My focus is on portrait photography because I think you can tell so much by looking into someone's eyes.

By watching my classes you can learn useful tricks and techniques to make your pho... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hello, everyone. My name is Kasha and in today's lesson, I'm gonna teach you how to paint on the glass. I'm going to explain what kind of paint I'm using. What kind of brushes you need and what the outline, er is in this lesson. I'm going to teach you basic techniques in a glass painting. I'm going to explain what the outline, er is and how it works in this class. We're going to transfer our art onto the glass. We're going to practice simple shapes so you can see how beautifully you can decorate your glass with not much effort, I'm also going to teach you how to correctly spread the pain. So you get smooth, see through surface. By the end of this class, you will learn how to chest for your eyes to the glass, how to paint on the glass and then outline it. How to spread the pain to achieve smooth sukru surface. The project for this class will be to decorate the glass surface using simple shapes. So if you'd like to experience something totally new, don't hesitate on enrolled in my class 2. Glass paints and tools: So what do you need to start? Glass painting? First of all, need some glass objects? It could be an empty giant after the sugar or after the jam. You will also need some water because the gas pains are what is soluble. Now let's talk a little bit about the paint you need. I'm using the CBO Betray 160. If you buy pp 160 instead of the regular one, it means you can take your glass paintings in the open. Why would you want to bake your glass painting senior oven? Because it makes them heat resistant, which simply means that you can paint on the glass you are later going to use for the hot liquid. Oh, you can also wash in a dishwasher. You also need at least one out liner. I usually buy silver and gold because they're the most decorated, but the black one is useful as well. That's how you should hold your outline. Er, make sure you squeeze the tube from the bottom. Make sure the top off the tube is quite hard, so it gives you resistance while you squeeze it. Use the finished brush you can get finished and better because it helps you with spreading the pain properly. If you're just starting out with the glass painting, you don't need to many colors. You need just a few what I always do. Abi started Cates because they come in really nice box. You can store your paint in. It's really great value for money and you get everything you need. You get so many colors, you get brush and you get outlining. You can also get a great variety of mediums. I bought Matt Medium, which gives that milky glass effect. You can also get that cracking media, which gives you that broken glass effect. I'm also going to show you what X chattels you can get. You can buy a glitchy or you can get a sponge responses really useful in applying the math medium to the glass. Which gives you that milk. Glass Effect leader, however, has nothing to do with the glass painting, but it's often useful for the decoration. Are you ready to get started? Let's go. You will need some water in the fin brush. This is the next truck and get if you are going to be painting in a picture. Former. This is a lead strip you can put around the corners of your picture to create the frame, - but the piece of paper and all those tools you will need to create beautiful pictures or the lettering you would like to transfer to your glass. I have recently started with lettering, so I'm not going to teach you how to do it. However, I'm going to create my own art to transfer to the glass. First of all, we have to measure out the paper so it fits in because we then have to tape it into the glass. When it's finally right size, you can start painting. Remember, simple shapes and simple letters will work the best for the glass painting. Maybe it's not the most beautiful letter in the world, but it's my own, and we will learn how to transfer it into the glass. Use the masking tape so you can easily remove it afterwards. When you finally finished with that step, it's a time to start to warm up your outline. Er, squeeze your outline a tube from the bottom so the pain goes to the top. If you don't use your outline, it for a while, you might find that the tube is blocked. Then simply take a needle and push the outline of proof like this. Then try outlining on the paper became for because with the first squeeze you might get excess off the outline. Er, after that, just preface simple shapes and lines on the paper like this that the king is to leave the pain behind. Don't push it and try to lift outlining from the paper or the class. As you can see, I'm painting the way I'm leaving the outlining behind me. I'm bathing from the bottom to the top. My normal speed off painting on outlining is as you could see at the beginning, this is just fast forward, so I don't bore you to death. Once you finish your outlining, let it rest. It needs few hours to dry on. Don't attempt toe paint with the paint inside before it drives because you can mess everything up and you will have to start from the beginning. If the paint is still fresh or outline er, you can easily remove it with the tissue. You can also remove it with the hot water if you like. to start all over again. Here have cute candleholder. I have painted the heart shapes with my outline. Er the outline er is completely dry and ready for the next step. Just the car you wants to paint with. In this case, I'm choosing Red. Get your brush ready and let's start. Don't ever shake the bottle, ever. It's gonna create loads of bubbles we don't want And I explain you Why in a second, roll it instead. All roll it on the surface. 3. How to paint on a glass: Now, when you know a little bit about paint you need about outlining what it is and how to use it. But excess you can get. We're gonna move on to the practice bit. Have you outwork ready? Remember, it should contain simple shapes and lines. That's the best for the starting out with the glass painting. Like with any art, You should really have an idea what you gotta do beforehand, especially with the glass painting. There's not much room for mistakes off course. You could easily corrected at a certain stage, but if you're gonna keep making mistakes and removing your product, you are going to spend a lot of money for the pains. Now it's a time to learn how our paint behaved the paint itself. It's quite runny and quite liquidy. However, it also dries quite quick. That's why I try to keep the lid closed all the time. What I do, I'll pull a rabbit off the page on the top of the late, and this way I can dispense it easily on a glass. Try to always clean around the edges of your job before you close it, because the paint dries quickly and hard later on, you might not be able to open the jar again. You have to gently skip the paint out from the jar, turns out of your brush in the paint. Try to just gently mix it because stabbing will create loads of bubbles we don't want. Also don't make shots with your brush. Try to spread the pain gently and evenly. Because the paint is quite spin and runny, you can create bleeding effect. Just put a few more jobs to the same point and let me down. - If you want to mix your paid on a piece of paper, also, gently scoop it out and gently mix. Don't grab it When you are applying the pain, you want your brush to be close to the glass. Sort off like spreading it. You can also makes this pain with a little bit off water. It will make it more thin and more transparent on we're back again to our cute candleholder . First, we're going to pull some paint out on the top off the judge live, and now we're ready to go. Make sure the object you're going to paint its stable in this case had to prevent it from moving by, blocking it with a pen. Remember, gently scooped the paint out and layer it on top of the class evenly spreading it out. Don't rush. Take your time. Remember, don't happen because you're gonna create bubbles. If it happens that you can't create a bubble, you can sort off, stretch it out the empty space off the glass painting. Then it's gonna disappear. However, the aim is try not to create bubbles, so they have to fix it later on. And this is our finished candleholder have finished only one piece because I have to wait for it to dry. That's why glass painting takes time. You have to let one side try first before you wanna paint another one. I hope you have enjoyed that little introduction to the glass painting. I'm gonna show you more examples in the next lessons. 4. Examples and class Ptoject: Now I'm going to show you how to paint on the rounded surface. You can use light colored marker pen, which is not permanent toe. Outline your work first and then use the outline er to run over it. Remember when using outline er, try toe. Always leave the pain behind. Don't push. It was the outline is completely try. You can take cotton pad to soaked in nail polish remover and run over it so it will remove their market pen and you can have only the outline visible. As you can see, we are also using simple shapes. Make sure you're out liners drive before you gonna use the pain. It's easy to forget that it's not dry. It's easy to destroy. Believe me, it happened to me many times. Now we're going to paint on a different type of the candleholder. It could be also the ashtray or whatever you want. If you're not very good at throwing, any want to learn how to recommend many off this crucial classes To learn how to draw properly, you name it time. You can use easy illustrations like this one. You can also use pictures from coloring books. They're great for the glass painting because it's easy line artwork and it's easy to outline and color and transferred to the glass. You're back again to our cute candleholder. This time the red side is dry. Now I'm going to use the purple. Remember, gently scooped the paint out and layer it on top of the glass. Even these credit in each every corner. But be careful because if you are going toe paint on top of the outline, er it's gonna get colored unless you are using the black outline. Er, now I'm going to show you examples with their black outline. Er, this is a little cupboard for keys. I bought it very cheap on eBay. You can check this out, or you can go to charity shops. You can really get good bargains. The technique is also the same. Gently skip the paint out and layer it on top of the glass. Spread it very gently so you don't create bubbles. However, in this project, I would like to show you what happens if we add water to the pain, how its fins it down and makes it more transparent for the middle off the dragon fly amusing their metallic paint in the blue collar, which is not transparent. But because the Colbert is mainly closed and it doesn't give that see through effect anyway , I'm gonna have nice child in front of it. Now I'm going to mix that metallic paid, which is not see through with the see through turquoise color paint. I'm gonna mix it on the top of the class so it creates that Grady in effect, and this is how little cover it looks like when it's finished on the bottom left wing, we can see a little bit off. They're see through cholera on the green area. It's because I found the paint down with the water, so that's what effect it gives. And this is my new sugar die. Things got a little bit messy. That's why it's important to take your time. Have painted this face by dropping the pain down. I used a lot off pain. I mean a lot, but it was worth it. I really, really like it. That's one of my favorites have used the brown paint and gold paint. I was hoping to achieve the effect off the chocolate running down, and this is our toe jam guy. Once it's painted, you can use whichever clothes you want. You can use different sizes off circles. Just play with its simple shapes. Really Do work for the glass paintings. Thank you very much for watching, and I hope this class was helpful. I hope from now all you won't be afraid of glass painting for the class project. I would like you to decorate anything. Anything you want, anything you have at home. It could be an empty jar after the coffee. Empty jar after the sugar. Just anything this simple shapes and colors to decorate it on. Take a picture and upload under the project section. Have lots of fun decorating your glass and I can't wait for your projects.