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4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Seeing Light

    • 2. Rule of Thirds & Framing

    • 3. Leading Lines and Shapes

    • 4. Patterns, Symmetry, & Detail


Project Description

Photo Challenge Portfolio

Seeing Light

  1. Photographing Time of Day

    For this challenge, you will need to take outdoor three photos of the same subject at three different times of day: early morning, noon, and evening. Pick either your morning or evening photograph to shoot during the Golden Hour. You can calculate the golden hour by using the link in the resourcd area. You subject can be anything of your choosing. Notice how the light changes the look of each of your photos.  Post your three images to the project gallery.

  2. Front light, Back light, and Side light

    Take three photos of the same subject, one backlit, one frontlit, and one side lit, outdoors, using only natural light. Upload your examples to the gallery.

Composition, Part 1

  1. Practicing Rule of Thirds

    Pick two photo subjects. Photograph each of them using two different rule of thirds hot spots, as well as one photo of the subject centered in the middle of the frame. Upload your favorite set to the gallery and describe which you like better and why.

  2. Framing

    Take and upload two different examples of framing. 

Composition, Part 2

  1. Shapes

    Find and photograph 5 different shapes. Try to not repeat the same shape more than once. Bonus: Can you find more than five shapes? Upload your images to the gallery.

  2. Leading Lines

    Find and photograph two examples of leading lines. Upload to the gallery.

Composition, Part 3

  1. Pay Attention to Detail

    Go on a scavenger hunt photographing examples of texture, symmertry, and detail. Upload your five favorites.

Additional Resources

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