Secure VPS with DigitalOcean, Nginx, Letsencrypt &Ubuntu 14.04 | JuanD MeGon | Skillshare

Secure VPS with DigitalOcean, Nginx, Letsencrypt &Ubuntu 14.04

JuanD MeGon, Professional Instructor and Web Developer

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48 Videos (3h 25m)
    • ​What You Are Going to Do and to Learn

    • DigitalOcean is Not Required, but Why to Use It?

    • Why to Use Nginx

    • Why to Use LetsEncrypt

    • Creating a Pre Installed VPS

    • How to Establish a Connection with Your VPS From Windows

    • Your Own Domain and How to Configure It

    • Configuring The Domain From The DigitalOcean Side

    • Obtaining Help and Instructions for a Specific Command

    • Browsing Through Routes

    • Listing the Contents of a Specific Location

    • MANAGI~1

    • MANAGI~1

    • Managing Packages and Updating the System (apt-get)

    • How to Restart the System

    • Upgrading Retained Packages and Grub

    • Processes Management The Service Command

    • Installing Git for the VPS

    • Installing and Enabling Some PHP Packages and Modules

    • Installing Composer to Manage Dependencies

    • Creating SSH Keys for Remote Connections

    • User Accounts Management

    • Giving Admin Permissions (sudo)

    • Assigning Permissions in The Right Way

    • Installing and Configuring UFW

    • Ensuring the MySQL Server

    • Removing the "Daily Message" and Updating the System (Again)

    • Where is Nginx and the Configuration Files

    • Creating Domains and Subdomains (Part I)

    • Creating Domains and Subdomains (Part II)

    • Enabling and Configuring the Gzip Module

    • Establishing the Expiration Headers

    • Solving a Privacy Problem With Nginx

    • Hiding Details About PHP in the Responses

    • Avoiding XSS Attacks on Nginx

    • Mitigating DoS and DDoS Attacks

    • Obtaining the Laravel Project Structure Using Git and Github

    • Installing All the Dependencies of the Project With Composer

    • Creating the Database and Configuring the Environment

    • Executing the Migrations to Build the Database Structure

    • Configuring the Domain and the Folder Permissions

    • Testing and Fixing the Project

    • Obtaining and Installing LetsEncrypt

    • Obtaining Free Certificates, For Every Domain, With LetsEncrypt

    • Installing the Cetificates To Nginx

    • Improving the Security with dhparams

    • Using Fail2ban to Avoid Brute Force Attacks

    • Upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


About This Class

Create and configure your virtual private server (VPS) from scratch and step-by-step.

During this course, learn to create from scratch your own VPS server, set it correctly, with security measures best suited and most appropriate mechanisms of operation.

Deploy your services and sites on a fast server like Nginx, with PHP or whatever you require, just perform and learn all that you can do with a VPS.

Displays all your projects with your own domain, with endless possibilities, because it is your VPS and your rules. Keep your own space in the cloud for all your work, projects and ideas; all in the same VPS.

Create your own VPS with DigitalOcean, installs and deploys a complete system with Linux / Ubuntu, PHP Nginx, and MySQL besides obtaining TLS certificates completely free and automated through Letsencrypt.

With your VPS, you can install all that you need, and require. Learn how to do that and deploy all the projects that you want.

Why choose this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to deploy your own VPS server very quickly and easily, using very powerful tools, innovative and safe (Nginx, Letsencrypt, PHP, MySQL, etc). You will have your personal and professional projects online without additional costs, because no matter how many domains, subdomains, or projects put on your VPS, the cost will remain the same because you can do all that you need in a single VPS.

Upon completion of all classes, have all your projects under a VPS server, completely safe with HTTPS / TLS connections, completely free through Letsencrypt.

Do you want more details? Here is everything that you can get from this course:

  • Create your own VPS server with DigitalOcean or the service that you prefer.
  • Have a safe and friendly fast system with Linux / Ubuntu on your VPS
  • Deploy a Nginx server in minutes on your VPS
  • Hardening your Nginx installation
  • Install a MySQL server quickly
  • Configure and easily use Git to deploy projects on your VPS
  • Get external packages and install them globally (composer and Letsencrypt as examples)
  • Create and set up your domain and unlimited subdomains in a single VPS
  • Point your domain to your VPS server, configuring DNS entries
  • Connect to your VPS remotely, quickly and safely
  • Learn to use basic commands (cd, service, cp, sudo, mv, rm, mkdir, reboot, etc.) directly on the VPS.
  • Learn to efficiently manage your packages with apt-get, keep updated your VPS
  • Assign permissions for folders in the right way
  • Kepp your VPS system updated (retained packages and grub)
  • Managing user accounts for the VPS
  • Manage and assign administrative permissions (sudo / su) for users
  • Connect with third-party service from your VPS, through SSH keys
  • Quickly set up a firewall and dramatically increases the security of your VPS
  • Set up your services to make them safer
  • Set headers expiration for your projects
  • Enables system Gzip on your server
  • Set up your services to reduce possible attacks DoS and DDoS
  • Avoid CSS / XSS
  • Install security certificates. HTTPS / TLS connections for your projects in your VPS
  • Use Letsencrypt and get easily free security certificates
  • Create domains and subdomains easily in your VPS
  • How easily deploy any project in your VPS
  • How to deploy complex projects in the VPS (Laravel as use case)

It does not end here! You are going to have lifetime access to all the current and new classes that are going to be added to the course, keep updated your VPS with the latest packages, versions, and systems.

Finally, but not less important, you can contact me at any moment; I will always be pleased to help with any problem or project.

Do not wait to be an expert and keep your services and projects in the cloud with a VPS.

Join to the course now and see you in class!





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JuanD MeGon

Professional Instructor and Web Developer

I enjoy transmitting knowledge and skills to the people through classes and contents. Then, see how they build their projects and tools using the concepts learned.

Continually work on improving my speech, looking for the best way to reach out the students with the central concepts and skills, I love easy but effective ways to transmit every single idea.

I appreciate every minute deloping, especially when I can use my skills to implement projects that can help other developers to...

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