Secrets to an Awesome Tech Career | Jason Wood | Skillshare
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13 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. What is your awesome career?

    • 3. What do employers, customers and peers want?

    • 4. Pick an area of expertise

    • 5. Education

    • 6. Important character traits

    • 7. Engage in social media

    • 8. Get involved in your area

    • 9. Write apps and tools

    • 10. Blog about the stuff you are learning

    • 11. Find a local conference and present

    • 12. Start a podcast

    • 13. Putting it all together


About This Class

How would you like to build a career that has incredible opportunities that you only dream of right now? Does having this type of career sound far fetched to you?

It shouldn’t!

The "secrets" to creating a killer career in technology are not that arcane or difficult. In fact, they aren't really secrets at all. They are what some of the most successful people in our fields do and they do it right in front of us! You can do the same things and start seeing the incredible things happen in your career.

Getting there takes some solid skills, a plan, a bit of stretching and the willingness to make things happen. The Secrets to an Awesome Tech Career will teach you the high impact ways to take control of your career, steer it in the direction you desire and provide the security and stability you want!





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Jason Wood

Security and IT professional, Speaker, & Mentor

Jason Wood is security consultant with over 15 years of systems administration and security experience with the Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems. He has spent most of his career in security, application and infrastructure roles.

Jason enjoys presenting on security topics at conferences and in classes. He has presented at Derbycon, MIRcon, OpenWest, SAINTCON and several Security BSides conferences. He has taught classes on penetration testing, security operations and vulnerabili...

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