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Secrets to Wings: Grilling, Baking & Frying

teacher avatar Scott Groth, Food Blogger & Cooking Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Cooking Cornerstones: Secrets of Wings

    • 2. Class Overview: Equipment & More

    • 3. Wing Prep Made Easy

    • 4. Grilling Wings: Smokey Satisfaction

    • 5. Baking Wings: Crunch Munch

    • 6. Frying Wings: Classic Buffalo Style

    • 7. Happy Eating: Let's do this.

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About This Class

WINGS WINGS AND MORE WINGS! Learn how to get crunchy, delightful wings every time you cook them. I'll share tried & true methods in a step-by-step format to really up your game when it comes to these delightful little morsels.

This is the second installment in the Cornerstones of Cooking series... here is what we will be covering in this class:

  • Preparing Fresh Wings: Learn how to separate wings with absolute ease with a lot of other tips added in along the way.
  • Grilled Wings: Fire up the BBQ and experience some of the tastiest wings around!
  • Baked Wings: We'll explore how to get crispy wings right out of the oven.
  • Fried Wings: Let's take the anxiety out of frying and learn the secret to EXTRA CRISPY wings just how they are served in restaurants.

Join me and explore the super tasty world of preparing mouthwatering wings any day of the week. Full recipe cards and resources are included with the class.

PLEASE NOTE: The PRINTABLE RECIPES and RESOURCE GUIDE are located in the CLASS PROJECTS section of this class for download! Thanks so much-

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Scott Groth

Food Blogger & Cooking Coach


After working as an executive in the corporate world for almost a decade, I left it all behind to follow my passion for cooking, opening my own catering company and cooking school. I am my best with a knife in hand and delicious ingredients under it, and love sharing my culinary creations with the world on my blog I'd Rather Be A Chef.

After years of running a cooking school and catering company, I'd Rather Be A Chef is my online venue to continue sharing my original recipes with a wider audience. The focus of my cooking is straightforward: delicious recipes made with fresh, whole ingredients. While each of my unique recipes is gluten-free, my cooking appeals to a vast audience of all levels. Additionally, I teach basic cooking techniques like braising and grilling, mak... See full profile

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1. Cooking Cornerstones: Secrets of Wings: Hi. My name is Scott Growth. And welcome to the cornerstones of cooking secret two wings class. In today's class, we're gonna be going through three different methods to cook chicken wings. The first is gonna be grilling. The next is baking in the last is frying. Now this class is set up mainly for beginners. I'm gonna take you through how to prepare the chicken wings. I'm going to take you through how to grill them, how to bake them, how to fry them. But if you're more advanced at home cook, you'll find some tips and tricks that you can easily pick up and incorporate into your daily lives in these videos as well. Now, if you love wings as much as I do, this is a great course to jump into. I encourage everyone watching to go ahead. Take some pictures of the wings that you create after this course, upload them to the class so that everyone can see and participate. I run a food blogger called. I'd rather be a chef dot com on my block. I share low carb original recipes that I follow myself. And in the past year and 1/2 I've lost £135 following and eating the food that I'm creating every single day in my kitchen. My family and I love chicken wings. I mean, we really love them. We love them dipped in blue cheese. We love them with hot sauce. Added, We love them. Baked, fried, grilled whichever way they come. Really, We are a wing family. So I hope that you enjoy this class as much as we enjoy wings and you can pick up some tips . Two could wings at your house or for an upcoming event. Our party. Just Aziza. Leah's ideo coming up next is the class overview. Now, in this overview, we're gonna talk about who this class is exactly for we're gonna walk through the difference between fresh and frozen wings. We're gonna explain a little bit about what you're gonna need in order to accomplish this class successfully. And lastly, we're gonna talk about the dangers of deep frying wings and the caution that you're gonna need to take in doing that. So I invite you to watch the next video, and after that, we're gonna jump right into preparing wings 2. Class Overview: Equipment & More: Welcome back. This is the class overview for my secrets to win class here on skill share. As I mentioned in the previous video, this class is really for beginner cooks or cooks who are really interested in learning a little bit more about how to cook wings. What we're gonna talk about are some of the things you need to be able to do these three recipes today successfully. Now, since we're grilling, baking and frying, we're gonna need a grille. We're gonna need an oven, and we're gonna need some type of Friar Now. I've used this frying unit. It's a fig or unit. It's a wonderful, affordable at home fryer. You can also fry in a heavy bottom pot with a thermometer that keeps the oil at a constant temperature, at least allows you to monitor that oil at a constant temperature. Now, if you really want to use a pot to fry, I suggest you look up a YouTube video or something like that, cause we're not really gonna cover that in today's class. I suggest using one of these friars, which you can purchase and use at home. For this and for many other recipes Now, in addition to the grill, the oven and the fryer, we're gonna need a few other things. The first is we're gonna need a good quality boning knife or a good quality chef's knife that is sharp. I'm going to be using a boning knife throughout these videos. It's not necessary. You can use a chef's knife or any type of knife that gives you leverage on the cutting board. We're also gonna need a bowl in some tongs. We need to have something that we can coat the wings in and toss the sauce in. So a good metal mixing bowl is really important and the tongs for mixing them up. And I use a second set of tongues for when I'm grilling or when I'm flipping in the oven. Eso that I don't have to go and wash the tongs while I'm cooking as well. We're also gonna need to have some fresh wings. I get packs of between 12 and 14. They come joined with the drum and the flat joined. When we're done, we're gonna have anywhere between 24 28 wings that are available for us to cook. I'm using fresh wings in all three recipes today. The reason that I'm using fresh wings is number one that readily available Number two. They're easy to work with, and number three. I know exactly what I'm getting into. The reason I say that is that frozen wings sometimes come breaded or with some type of seasoning or preservative that's added to them. In addition, you have to take the time to defrost those wings and do it in a in a manner that gives you enough time to be able to either deep fry them, grill them or bake them. Now, if you plan on deep frying frozen wings, you need to make sure that they're fully thought before you put them in a deep fryer because it's drastically going to change the cooking time. It's also going to impact the heat of the oil when it's cooking as well. And as the wings are defrosting, you're also gonna notice that they expel quite a bit of moisture, which is gonna cause that oil to really snap. And it might also cause your oil to boil over. Depending on if you have dr those wings off enough, I'm gonna take you through a step by step process for each recipe on how to make sure that the wings come out absolutely tasting, delicious and crunchy and wonderful. Exactly how wing should taste coming up in our next video. I'll take you through how to prepare these wings to get them ready for grilling, baking or frying. It's gonna be fantastic. 3. Wing Prep Made Easy: okay. In our first segment, we're gonna talk about preparing wings that come from the grocery store. Most likely you're going to see wings that come from the grocery store. Come with the drum and the flat connected. The secret is really knowing where to cut, and then the whole process becomes really, incredibly easy. Okay, So as you can see here, the wing is all in one piece. In order to really understand what I'm talking about. Here is the flat. And here's the drum. What we need to do is separate the flat from the drum and clean up the wings just a bit. The easiest way to do this is to turn it so that the skin side of the flat is against the cutting board. Then using our finger, go ahead and find the joint. Keep the tip of your knife against the cutting board and simply draw the delayed back against the wing. It's really that easy to separate the flat from the drum. Now it's time to do a little cleanup of anything that looks a little bit suspicious on the wing. We have two beautiful wings ready to cook. Let's look at what to do If the wing tip or portion of the wing tip is still attached to the wing, Here's the secret to removing the wing tip. It all comes down to moving the flat to find the joint. As soon as you move that flat, the joint is gonna turn on the wing tip. And that's where you cut. Okay, so now I'm using my knife to remove the wing tip or any portion of the wing tip that might remain. You can see here that the tip has been removed, but there's an unappetizing little bit of the tip left. Step one is to flip the wing over so the skin side of the flat is down. Then we find the joint and separate the flat from the drum, just like we've done before. What I'm looking for is where the wing tip joint will be. Once a little pressure is applied, it will move slightly. Let's take a closer look. You can see right when I move the flat, the wing tip actually moves. Then I apply slight pressure with my knife and it slices easily through. Okay, So feathers happen with wings. I've got one here with a couple feathers left on it to remove them. Don't pull. It's just not efficient or effective. Instead, slice the flat from the drum, as we've done previously. Locate the remaining feathers and simply slice them off. Okay, so now we're gonna be cutting the remaining wings left in the package. Here's a quick tip. Go ahead and take your time and make sure you keep your cutting board clean. It's gonna make clean up at the end. Super easy. Here I am, going through a time lapse segment of cleaning the remaining wings. I like to add all of my wings to a stainless steel bowl. It keeps my workspace clean. And Aiken season the wings right in the bull. When I'm done, I cut each wing the same as the last one, and I clean each wing as I go. I always keep an eye out for funny bits. You just never know what you're gonna find when it comes to wings. Okay, so hopefully found this segment educational and informative in terms of how to separate the drum from the flat. How to remove any of the tip that's remaining or the entire wing tip if its remaining, how to clean up those wings and how to segment the whole package. Let's move right into the recipes now and get started developing flavors and making these awesome wings. 4. Grilling Wings: Smokey Satisfaction: Welcome to the first recipe. In this recipe, we're gonna be making a spicy dry rub. Aleppo Pepper, Chicken Wing. It is absolutely incredible in one of my most favorite wings. Now, not only is this my favorite wing, but grilling is my favorite method for preparing wings. The smokiness of the grill, along with the crunch of that of that charred, dry rum really sets this recipe apart. It just tastes so good. Now, this recipe is really easy to master. We're gonna break it down into two steps. The first step is gonna be creating the dry rub, and the next step is gonna take about 20 minutes. And that's putting these wings on the grill and getting them to a crunchy perfection. For this recipe, you're gonna need a grille in about 30 minutes total. I break that down into 10 minutes to prepare the wings and 20 minutes to cook the wings all the way through on the grill. I'd like to talk just for one second about Aleppo Pepper. Now Aleppo Pepper is widely available, but it might not be in your local grocery store. There's a link available in the resource is section, where you can order it online. Aleppo pepper has kind of a creeping spice to it, and it's got a little bit of fruitiness and a little smokiness to it as well. So it's a really wonderful pepper. It adds a complex flavor to these wings, and I can't wait to introduce it to you if you haven't used it before. All right, so we're onto the recipe now. First, let's go ahead and put your cut wings into a bowl. And let's add all of the dry rub ingredients right on top of those wings that air in the bowl. It's the easiest way of doing it. These spices are the basis for our dry rub. The secret to big flavor and crispy wings is lots of seasoning. Now, if you don't want to mix the dry rub in a bowl, you can also put it into a large Ziploc bag. Add all the ingredients, put it in a ziplock bag, shake it up and you'll have the same effect. I like using a bowl because then I'm just transferring it directly out to the grill. I do love all the smell of the spices. It's just really an intoxicating aroma. I absolutely love it when you're adding fresh cracked pepper, it's really done to taste, so it depends on how much you like or don't like pepper. Now it's time to mix. So let's grab some tones and mix these wings up really well. Now we're onto grilling wings, and here's a couple tips to keep in mind. Number one Grilling on a clean grill Wings have a lot of fat, and a lot of juice is in them. That might cause flare ups, So let's make sure that that girl's nice and clean before we get started. The second is that we're gonna be cooking over high heat. We really want these wings to get as much heat as possible. Indirect cooking on the grill is gonna take a significantly longer time than we've allotted for this recipe. Third wings finished cooking at different speeds. You're gonna have some drums that are larger than others, and the flats will finish cooking before the drums almost across the board. So we want to make sure that we can take them off the direct heat of the grill and put them up on a shelf as we're cooking that way, the spices won't get burned and the wings won't get to charter dried out. Next up, we're gonna load in our dry rubbed wings. I just load them all in. Then I flip the flat's skin side down so that thicker side of the wing cook's first. If we were to do it the other way, the thin side tends to stick to the grill and tears that skin to begin with. So we want to try to avoid that. After about seven minutes, check the progress of the wings and rotate them all. If you see any wings that are getting flared up or that there's little flames happening below them, go ahead and move the wings away from that area of the grill. At about the 12 minute mark, it's time to start moving some wings to the top rack. They aren't done cooking yet, but we'll continue to cook on the top rack, but the dry rub won't burn on them. You see here that I'm picking up a lot of the flats and a few of the drums at about 17 or 18 minutes. Move all the wings to the top rack. They should be just about all the way cooked through, and we're gonna finish them on the top rack. I let them rest on the top rack for 45 minutes. Then I piled them high onto a platter because it's time to eat. Look at the steam on those. Those things are awesome. The's spicy Aleppo Pepper Grilled wings love a fresh blue cheese dressing. You confined my recipe for homemade creamy blue cheese dressing on my website or by clicking the link in the resource is section up. Next, we're gonna be baking wings in the oven. They're gonna come out crispy, an absolutely packed full of flavor. I'll show you how easy it is coming up in the next video. 5. Baking Wings: Crunch Munch: Okay. Our second recipe for today is our baked garlic Parmesan wings. Now a lot of times baked wings when they come out of the oven or a little bit soggy there, a little bit funky, I can tell you from experience. Having made this recipe countless times, they come out crunchy, delicious and packed full of flavor every single time. As with the Aleppo Pepper Wings recipe, this recipe is really straightforward, and we're going to tackle this in three steps. First, we're gonna season the wings. Next, we're gonna bake them for about 40 minutes in the oven, and lastly, we're gonna broil them to add a lot of chris Penis and texture. For this recipe, you're gonna need an oven. If you're not convicting, it needs to be said it 375 degrees. If you have a conviction oven, set it at 350 degrees and turn on the convicting fan. You're also going to need a rimmed baking sheet that's lined with some parchment paper. If you're making this recipe now, this is a great time to start pre heating your oven. First, add the wings to a bowl that's large enough to coat then or use a large Ziploc bag. Combine all the ingredients directly over the wings at the pepper to your desired level of taste. I happen to love pepper, so we add a little bit more in our household. We're gonna gently mix these wings until the coating is really stuck. Toe all the wings that you have to remember that wings kind have nooks and crannies in them , and you really want to make sure that you're tossing those wings up. For this recipe. I often times use a Ziploc bag that I can really shake and get that coating really all over the wings. Now let's go ahead and place those wings on a single layer on our line and rimmed baking sheet. I happen to separate out the flats from the drums. It's really more of a thing that I just do for myself, but you don't have to at home, but make sure that you place the flats with the skin side down on the baking sheet again, just like with the grilling, the skin side is a little bit thicker, and it's gonna prevent tearing of the skin when we go ahead and flip that after about seven minutes, you're gonna want to move the wings around on the baking sheet so that they have asthma much room as possible. We really don't want to try toe overcrowd this baking sheet. Here's a couple of tips on baking wings. Number one. We use a rimmed and lined baking sheet. The reason we're gonna line are baking sheet is that wings love to stick to everything, so by using a liner, it's gonna prevent a lot of that sticking from happening. The second tip is to place the flats with the skin side down. Now the reason that we're doing this is that the skin side has thicker skin on it than the opposite side. If we were to put it with the non skin side down, there's an increased risk of the wing sticking and tearing when we go ahead and flip this wing the first time. The third tip is that we're going to be continually flipping to prevent sticking once that skin tears. There's really no going back, and you're not gonna get that crispy exterior skin that we're looking for. Okay, so now let's get to the cooking. Let's place the wings in the center of the oven. You want to allow them to cook for 12 minutes before turning them the first time. After 12 minutes, we're gonna flip all the wings. You'll notice that they will not stick to the parchment. We're gonna let these wings cook for another 12 minutes, and then it's time to turn them again. You'll see that they're starting to brown up really nicely. I mean, they're looking like delightful wings. My suggestion is that you protect your hands at this point with some type of oven mitt or oven glove. Some of the wings will grip that parchment paper just a little bit. And you want to make sure that you can hold the pan very steadily while you're flipping the wings. Now, after this last 12 minutes, go ahead and check the progress on the wings. If they look like they're done, go ahead and turn on the broiler, broiled the wings for four minutes, being careful that they don't burn. You really want to keep an eye on? Now that they're done, go ahead and pile these wings high on a plate. I can promise you that they're not gonna last long. You're gonna love just how tender and juicy these chicken wings are with a nice crispy cheese and garlic crust coming up. Next, we're gonna learn how to fry chicken wings and then toss them in a classic style buffalo sauce that is just incredibly satisfying. 6. Frying Wings: Classic Buffalo Style: welcome to our third recipe, which is frying chicken wings. Now you can fry in the deep fryer like I am or in a heavy bottom pot. Now, as I mentioned the class overview, this class does not cover deep frying wings in anything but a readily available deep fryer . For this recipe, you're gonna need a deep fryer. You'll need a stable oil to fry in, which is preferably not olive oil. This recipe takes about 25 minutes. I'm giving about 10 minutes to prepare the wings and cut them and another 15 to fry them. Please note that deep frying is dangerous and that you should be using an abundance of caution when doing this. My suggestion is to follow the manufacturer's instruction on your deep fryer to ensure the maximum level of safety. Okay, so I've appreciated the oil. It takes about 25 minutes in my deep fryer for the oil to come up to temperature, and now we're adding the wings to the basket now have split the number of wings in half. So I'm frying 12 wings now, and I'll do a second batch of 12 wings. I found that if you put all 24 wings into the fryer that the temperature drops to drastically and you end up with soggy wings, which really nobody wants. As the wings are cooking, it's a great time to make the buffalo sauce. Now this buffalo sauce is incredibly easy to make, and I have not included it in the video. For this class, it's very simple. You need 1/2 stick of unsalted butter, 1/2 cup of Frank's red hot hot sauce and two tablespoons of mustard. All you do is add them to a saucepan, heat them up over low heat, stir to combine and it's ready to go. It's just that easy. Here we are at the seven minute mark and the wings air cooking away. They're not quite done yet, though, for the buffalo sauce recipe. As with all the recipes, please check the resource is section of this class, where they're available for a download that you can print the wings air done cooking at 11 minutes. Carefully remove the frying basket from the oil man. Don't they look delicious? Here are a couple of tips on frying wings. The first is to use an abundance of caution when you're frying. The second tip is to maintain a constant oil temperature. What you'll see is if your oil temperature falls too far, you get really soggy wings, and if it increases too much, you'll have burning on the outside and the wings will remain raw on the inside. You want to maintain a constant temperature of about 365 degrees Fahrenheit. The third tip is for extra crispy wings. Watch this next segment on how to get it every single time. Great. I'm glad you've continued watching him. Let's talk about the secret to making extra crispy, deep fried wings. After you've removed the wings from the oil, you're gonna want to let them sit and rest for 3 to 4 minutes. After three or four minutes, we're gonna drop that fryer basket right back into the oil and cook it again for another two minutes. This is going to result in a wonderfully crispy skin on these wings. After the two minutes of cooking time, we're gonna remove the wings from the oil. Let's go ahead and transfer the wings from the frying basket to Iraq. That's over a plate or rimmed baking sheet. We want the excess oil to drain from the wings and for them to stay nice and crispy. If you place them directly on a plate, they're going to start to get soggy where they're touching the plate and nobody wants that . Okay, so I've moved the fried wings from the cooling rack into a bowl. We're gonna pour about 1/2 cup of the buffalo sauce that we've prepared over the fried wings. Let's go ahead and reserve the remaining sauce for dipping or pouring over the wings in a few minutes. Any extra sauce that you have will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. It's wonderful on pulled pork or shredded chicken or any number of things that you want to add buffalo sauce to, and it goes fantastically with blue cheese. Now that we've added the buffalo sauce to the wings, let's grab a bowl and start tossing. Don't be shy. Toss these wings as hard as you want. They won't mind at all. Get these wings nice and coated. They're gonna look glossy and beautiful when you're done showman. So go ahead and pour some extra sauce over the top. Eat these fried wings while they're still hot for maximum impact. Man, are they incredible? Up next, we're going to sum up the entire course, Talk about how you can share your own creations and more. 7. Happy Eating: Let's do this.: I hope you enjoyed today's class as much as I did, and that you picked up some tips and tricks on how to cook chicken wings in your house a little bit easier or a little bit better than you might have previously. We went through some pretty easy steps on how to separate the drum from the flat on the wings. We put together a wonderful recipe for some spicy Aleppo pepper grilled wings. We had a delightful garlic and Parmesan baked wing. It's one of my family's absolute favorites, and lastly, we went through a little bit on how to deep fry and add in that classic style buffalo sauce . I hope that you really love these recipes as much as we dio. I'd like to encourage you to take a picture of your wings that you've come up with and upload them. If you have any questions or any thoughts about this class, please put it in the comments, and I'll be sure that I get back to you Justus soon as possible. I also invite you to check back on my other steal share classes to see if there's anything that might interest you, including the secrets to saute in that class, we go through a delightful onion, zucchini and chicken sauteed dish, which is absolutely fantastic and ready in no time flat for your dinner table. It'll make you look like a pro again. Thank you for joining in, and I look forward to seeing you in our next class.