Secrets to Wings: Grilling, Baking & Frying

Scott Groth, Food Blogger & Cooking Coach

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Cooking Cornerstones: Secrets of Wings

    • 2. Class Overview: Equipment & More

    • 3. Wing Prep Made Easy

    • 4. Grilling Wings: Smokey Satisfaction

    • 5. Baking Wings: Crunch Munch

    • 6. Frying Wings: Classic Buffalo Style

    • 7. Happy Eating: Let's do this.


About This Class

WINGS WINGS AND MORE WINGS! Learn how to get crunchy, delightful wings every time you cook them. I'll share tried & true methods in a step-by-step format to really up your game when it comes to these delightful little morsels.

This is the second installment in the Cornerstones of Cooking series... here is what we will be covering in this class:

  • Preparing Fresh Wings: Learn how to separate wings with absolute ease with a lot of other tips added in along the way.
  • Grilled Wings: Fire up the BBQ and experience some of the tastiest wings around!
  • Baked Wings: We'll explore how to get crispy wings right out of the oven.
  • Fried Wings: Let's take the anxiety out of frying and learn the secret to EXTRA CRISPY wings just how they are served in restaurants.

Join me and explore the super tasty world of preparing mouthwatering wings any day of the week. Full recipe cards and resources are included with the class.

PLEASE NOTE: The PRINTABLE RECIPES and RESOURCE GUIDE are located in the CLASS PROJECTS section of this class for download! Thanks so much-