Secrets to Arranging a Beautiful Flower Posy | Kelly Newbery | Skillshare

Secrets to Arranging a Beautiful Flower Posy

Kelly Newbery, Creating beautiful plant displays

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Everything you need

    • 3. Preparing your flowers

    • 4. Putting your posy together

    • 5. The finishing touches

    • 6. Caring for your posy

    • 7. That's a wrap


About This Class

Arranging flowers doesn’t have to be an art reserved for trained florists! Today I want to share with you some tricks of the trade to help you create your own beautiful posy arrangement that looks natural and like it has been just picked from your garden.

We use glass bowls as the base for the foundation of our posy, but you can easily swap out a fish bowl for a jar or other glass vessel. Either way you’ll learn how to make a sweet little posy presented in a glass vessel.

This is a quick class perfect for complete beginners who want to display stunning floral arrangements. We won’t be using any scientific or technical language in the class, it really is designed for people who have no experience working with flowers.

What will you learn at this class?

  • Tips for preparing flowers
  • The secrets to creating a beautiful floral arrangement
  • Hands on tricks in composition
  • How to care for your flowers so that they last.

Are you ready to turn any old ‘bunch of flowers’ into an exquisite floral masterpiece? Enrol now.