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Secrets of SEO Exclusively for Photographers and Bloggers

teacher avatar Navdeep Soni, SEO Consultant

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preparing Your Website Using Free SEO Tools

    • 3. Keyword Research Strategy for Easy Wins

    • 4. Bonus Keyword Strategy to Increase Keyword Ranking of Already Ranking Keywords

    • 5. How to Write an SEO friendly Article

    • 6. Power Booster for Your Website

    • 7. What’s Next

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About This Class

Many creative professionals like photographers use their websites for showcasing their portfolios. But a website has a lot more potential than being just a portfolio website.

In today's class, I will take you through some basic and actionable tips to build traffic for your website using free SEO tools.

It is an era of social media where everyone putting all their efforts into building a community on a platform that is owned by a company. The website is your own online real estate that does not get much attention from its owners.

It is time to grow your website and build more traffic. We all know more traffic means more business.

For more details and step by step instruction, do check out my SEO Ebook on Amazon

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Navdeep Soni

SEO Consultant



Hello, I'm Navdeep Soni. I am an ex-software engineer turned wedding photographer and an SEO enthusiast. I am also the author of an ebook on SEO available on Amazon.


SEO Ebook:

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1. Introduction: If you have a, let us say there is no way you're going to ignore SEO. But then we do teach you some practical tips to very graphic to your photography website, or in fact, any website, a blog. You're running. All these open BoolMin Dennis and how we use by many of my students have enforcing implementor of these on my website. And these are so simple and yet it's tragic that anyone can learn these highly. My name is Lonnie and I'm a wedding photographer and I'm a software engineer, DON reading photographer and an SU enthusiast. Additionally, of affiliate sites which I run and I'm going to teach you some of these Davidson tricks. You must be thinking, What are not the, I don't want to invest money into these expensive as CO2. Well, the good news is all these dips are implemented using CO2 and you don't have to buy any tools. I will show you some key strategies to find keywords that have high chances of getting ran, as well as bring good amount of traffic using these keywords, your website with Starks tooling, ranking, and they again an authority or whatever period of time as you build authority in your name's, Eddie becomes sit a little easier and faster. And the suture, this glass can be useful even if you are planning to outsource your SEO work, you will be able to ask genuine questions. We ought to SEO guy and avoid wasting money as well as day. We'd all in all more vegetated trafficking means more business. So let's get some traffic to your website. 2. Preparing Your Website Using Free SEO Tools: The important project requires some amount of groundwork to be a success. Before we started implementing all these strategies, we need to prepare our website with all these effectively. All of the steps that I'm about to discuss are available in the project worksheet. So make sure you follow that as well. You will need a Gmail ID that we can create. Gans, although one is Google Search Console or GSC, is a propensity to Broadway you some very valuable information about your website data. I'll even costing us single Benny less VN. We're dot com slash webmasters and sign in with your Gmail. Scroll down and find Search Console under the Tools section. And yes, you have to move that. Keeps on genuine gets you to the position of the search console and me and very ordered a period of time. Under the main menu. Select, Add property, select b fixed, and enter the URL of your website. So if it is HTTPS, use HTTPS, if it is SDP, then use HTTP on the next page. Download the HTML file, but please do not click verify. We need to compete one more step, our Lord, this HTML5 will your referral directory using FTP and then click verify. Once read flayed in, GSE will start collecting important data off your website. I know some of you might have a nematode excess energy off your website, but it's not that difficult. Although it is very easy where afforded a newbie, I would still recommend that contact hosting provider, customer gear and ask for help because it's very easy and they would help you all uploading this SDM of five. So now let's move on to a number to Google Apps or do ads dot, and create a free account. Now scroll down and switch from Smart more, export, more. Again, the position of the Export mode may vary or whatever period of time. Not wonder foods in settings, you will find keyword planner. This is what we're going to use later. And the third and the last step is installing your plug-in. So if you are not using a WordPress website, you can skip this step. But if you are using WordPress website, this is again important for you. So all you have to do is log into your WordPress account, go to plug-ins and add plug-in, search for yours and install this free plug-in ones who added the login, go to the US Settings, select jonah, then features and Dylan on all the features, not acidic taxonomies under such as silicon nor for sure God agrees. And select nor for dogs as well. And click, Save. And this is all you need to do in this module. 3. Keyword Research Strategy for Easy Wins: Keyword research is the crucial part of building and maintaining of website that will fetch traffic. Books done, not the random words or phrases, which you can haphazardly and expect websites to grow graphic. In fact, these needs to be researched and whether the target keywords that will increase your chances of getting ranked higher or restart the keyword research by Ben stopping the keyword ideas. Who is starting the keyword research by brainstorming the keyword ideas in your expertise. This one simple aspect which will sort of be bootlegged or give a dumbest as really, really important. I don't want you guys to mess this one. As your brainstorming session is, we'll go do ads dot and open the Keyword Planner are putting these keywords into their discovered new keyword ideas and see what Google has to offer the land and reassure you that D blends with the kind of competition they have and the search volume shortly stinky versus with higher volume can be very tempting, but you need to await this. Choosing keywords with low competition should be our priority, even if the sludge volume is your competition is that key? Rather than fighting for the space for high competition keywords, we should opt for loop on partition B words and start ranking higher on those. Once you start cranking on low competition keywords, your chances of getting banked higher on high competition keywords will improve over the period of time. Another thing you need to keep in mind is choose long-tail keywords which are more intentional in nature. For example, weighted brainstorming, one of the keywords, undermining, which has vetting predominantly would be reading photographer or reading photography. This would be the brain out of one of the primary keywords in my keyword list. But more importantly, does choosing reading photographer that as making work will be really beneficial. Not really. I would rather be more intentional and more specific with this keyword. Let's see if I am based in New York. So the war intentional keyword would be varying photographer in New York. I went off or keyword vetting photographer in New York in my case, which will bring in the right kind of customers. You may website If I start ranking for the keyword, let us take another example. White wedding, so dusky but as standard umbrella cosin of search volume on monthly basis, where if we choose a long mid-60s wherever the water specific indent lake wide reading guns with monthly surge of 800, we have a better chance off a ranking or here for desktop if keyword and data scheme, once you decide your keyboard, make sure you leverage the power of Google autocorrect and Google related to feature. Now how do you do that? Google your keyword and way you are shaping your keyword. You will see the auto suggest feature appearing and it is suggesting new fuel keywords, Nandan, those keywords. Similarly, if you scrolled on the Google search results, Holderlin, unless stone at a legged keywords or the related searches. Nor Don visit electric bookie words that auto correct key words and use them in your article, this keyword research at all because I saw was that it can be complete book or a complete new class all together. But if you note down these points, start collecting your keywords that says gain of a strategy. You will see, I'll put them on her success. And her, if you had invested in a separate class on keyword strategy or keyword research, let me know in the comments. 4. Bonus Keyword Strategy to Increase Keyword Ranking of Already Ranking Keywords: Previous module, we saw the world finding keywords and visiting strategies. Work. What if I tell you that you are already ranking on few keywords on Google, but maybe on the second or third, when you're ranking on a second on a total B-H photo keyword, These are the potential winners, if not winner straight now, these keywords are the potential winners which will go feel should be ranking for on the first page. Or your content may not be good enough. So what we're gonna do is find those keywords and start using it in your article. I'm improve your article so that it starts ranking on the first speech by doing this via filling up did gada, which was renting your article, do beyond the four speech but important Christian radio noise, how do we find those keywords? This is very DAC or Google Search Console comes into the picture. So let's find out those keywords. Google, GSE and clinic performance. It would list on all the blog post. If you click on the BIG step, not clicking blogger forces for which you want to optimize. Select that tab. Queries. Queries are the key words which this blog post is ranking for and the position is the average position each keyword are this query is holding for this blog post. And yes, if you are not able to see the position and just click average position at the dog. And yotta position column will appear. Now all you need to do is find all the fevers which added ranking on position one, Bhutto, and use them in your article. 5. How to Write an SEO friendly Article: And making an SEO friendly article as crucial. But first, there are a couple of things which you need to take care of. Number one, make sure your website mobile friendly. And secondly, you need to be sure that your website has a good site speed or don't these magic to proofread towards bought all these links are available in the worksheet. Our new guess, your lives saved or defectors to fall, you need to stop being audited as SEO tactics and stuff. Old directly spammy stops stuffing keywords in your article. Don't get backlinks from spank them. Let's start with those. Search into debt. What does certain things understand the silicon dandy, understand why they use it as searching of particular Dell auto keyboard? Does my article really fulfill the needs of the user that he wrote and seeing what kind of articles are ranking on the first page of Google search results. That will help you to understand what kind of articles are ranking, whether it's unless forced or even a YouTube video on maybe a long form or short form off on them. What are hypnotics are being governed by all these articles? And you need to improve your article accordingly. So let's begin with the depth on holder Ada, SEO friendly article. Number one, use groundbreaking work in your URL. Strain many keyword in the URL. And the first paragraph, and one of the subheadings off your article on to use the keywords in your activity which you have shortlisted in Google autocorrect, Google. Queries are know your Google search console where you want to improve your ranking. Fabrycky, and remember all these keywords should appear. And actually in your Arctic saw your article accordingly. And number of images. If you're a photographer laid me images can be bought off your blog post. But if you are not a photographer or your blog or website is not a war photography step. Make sure you use at least two or three images in your blog post and make sure you name them according to your brain. Weak keyword, for example, is short blog was abolished. Wage reading guns. Make sure you lean him Yoda image as weight reading gone dark JPEG. And secondly, your image size should be as small as possible and make sure it doesn't gross 100 kilobytes. This is because bigger images will increase the size of your blog post and your site's speed. Slow down. Number of blog or should have or three links going to other blog posts in your groups. And these should belong to the same category. And let me put an example. Let's say you on blog was about chocolate cake recipe I didn't use should be something related to chocolate lake or your cake recipe or food fights Jake recipe and yes. Lingo. Other verbs saying that schools do to your blog or your website. Now you might be wondering way that LinkedIn is sort of important. See, read or understand. Nothing but a big James Webb off VIP is born and interconnected to each other. It will have woo-woo crawl all the websites and blog posts easily and venue made things easier for Google. Going to reward you in some way or the other. 6. Power Booster for Your Website: We have recently last module of this class, and I want to discuss lens of bed for them. That is one more kind of link which can boost your rankings. In our fairy BigQuery, it's quite backing. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it is one of the top ranking factors in SEO. So what are backlinks? Bad things are nothing but the links provided by other websites through your website, these battling side of handoff, ward off a toddler, be related by the other websites. Your website, more battling Sue have easier to landfall high competition keywords. So make sure you find these more backings. Raid guest posts on other websites. But make sure all these websites which are giving you a backlink should be high authority website and not somewhat at random, spammy websites. And also if these websites art from your niche, beggar boost and make sure these backing. So coming from that a gentleman means, for example, if you have a photography website idly that backlinks should becoming from photography related quick. Another bottle will still for your website could be GMB or Google. Google My Business is crucial for local SEO. And if you're a photographer late me, we'll have a studio on an office. Then you need to have Google My Business. All you need to do is Kim, your Gmb by reporting of address, phone number, and a dope say Kyoto, including poor SEO ranking for local queries. You can create a free account, OK, cool slash business. 7. What’s Next : We have reached the end of this class. And there are few things which you can do evil review because it is going to help me in designing my next class and also reaching out with your questions in the discussion section. I will be happy to answer all your queries. Also, if you want to go more in-depth and more details with practical examples, you can check out my eBook on Amazon. The link is in the About section. And lastly, due jet on my YouTube channel that I am also very active on. Instagram and Twitter handles are in the About section. I will see you around.