Secrets, Tips & Tricks to Finding Your Voice as an Artist | Marie-Noëlle Wurm | Skillshare

Secrets, Tips & Tricks to Finding Your Voice as an Artist

Marie-Noëlle Wurm, Artist, illustrator, stargazer

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14 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My story & the issue with talent

    • 3. Using what you know

    • 4. What you need for the class

    • 5. Secret #1 — Relearning how to see

    • 6. Secret #2 — Inner pressure & the 10000 hour rule

    • 7. Secret #3 — The Everything Book

    • 8. Exercise part 1 & Demo — Collecting inspiration

    • 9. Exercise part 2 — Visual brainstorm

    • 10. Demo visual brainstorm

    • 11. Exercise part 3 - Finalized drawing

    • 12. Demo finalized drawing

    • 13. The takeaway

    • 14. (One more little secret) Paradoxical truths

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About This Class

Whether you're someone who has been drawing for years, or whether you just started drawing, we are all familiar with the feeling of fear. Of doubt. Of not knowing how to move forward. Of being scared that the result will be terrible. Of what that says about us. Of what that says about who you are as a creative person, and that maybe you're not as creative or unique as you thought. But you are.

In this class, I'll share with you secrets, tips and tricks to help you find your voice as an artist and keep the negative self-talk at bay, including one of the most important tools I use, something I call "the Everything book". Together, we'll do a 3-step exercise to see how you can move from inspiration to finalized drawings — how to use what you know and do on a daily basis as the starting point for fun and enriching drawings. 

Negative self-talk is so common and yet so destructive, because it sets up all these barriers within ourselves, building up walls before we've even walked onto the path ahead. The classes I teach focus on overcoming these inner hurdles and exploring the full potential of your inner creativity, which is a limitless pool of ideas and colors and lines and shapes. I want to teach you the same secrets, tips and tricks that have allowed me to unleash my creativity, so that you can learn to unleash yours. Like everything, it's a process, a step-by-step of moving forward, and then moving back, successes and setbacks. Those parts that we don't like, the failures and fear and self-doubt are actually indications that you are GOING SOMEWHERE and THAT is already a huge success. :)

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